5 Popular Animated Movies for Gen Z


Generally, animated movies are considered ideal for kids. This is the reason; you will find them mostly in the kids’ section on streaming sites and Cable TV services. However, animated movies are becoming one of the most watched and loved genres so far. Thanks to intelligent scriptwriting, relatable roles, and impeccable storytelling skills, they have become a go-to entrainment choice for families.

However, with a plethora of movies and content available in the animated section, you might skip the meaningful content and waste your time on the same old boring stories. To help you avoid wasting time, we have arranged a list with some of the best-animated movies that talk about real-life issues. These animated movies are recommended for parents, teenagers, and kids, as well as for adults.

To stream these movies, you can choose a good cable TV service or any content streaming site. However, if you are choosing content streaming sites, we would recommend Disney+ for the animation as they have the best collection. However, if you are choosing cable TV, we would recommend Grande TV as this provider offers affordable bundles, an extensive channel lineup, and free access to the content library.

5 Best Animated Movies for Gen Z

There is no doubt that you will find a lot of animated movies but very few talk about real and relatable topics. Here are some of the best-animated movies that every Gen Z needs to watch.

1- Turning Red

Release: 2022

Available on: Disney+

Runtime: 1hr 40min

Genre: Family/Comedy

Synopsis: As puberty hits, a dutiful daughter gets through a transition that puts her realities and emotions to the test, navigating through challenges, choosing passion or letting go – she needs to choose.

Why Recommended?

Turning red is a tribute to diversity, puberty, and transition. There is no doubt that people go through transition during puberty, but it is considered a taboo or curse. However, the movie highlights the importance and beauty of transition. For everyone going through a challenge in life, this is a must-watch movie. Moreover, the movie has a representation of every culture, race, and religion, which makes it beautiful.

2- Frozen

Release: 2013

Available on: Disney+, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video

Runtime: 1hr. 48min

Genre: Family/Musical

Synopsis: Two orphan sisters need to redefine their relationship amidst testing times. Making bold choices, ruling people, and learning about superpowers- all while staying calm.

Why Recommended?

While most people think that Frozen is a kid’s movie, it is defiantly something more than that. The movie explains that platonic love is much stronger than romantic love. Most animated movies are considered notorious for their knight in shining armor narrative, but this is one of the most iconic movies that enforces the independent living narrative.

3- Brave

Release: 2012

Available on: Disney+

Runtime: 1hr. 33min

Genre: Family/Adventure


Synopsis: As the princess of the tribe gets to the age, she has to choose the years-old traditional gender roles or some out-of-the-box ideas that could potentially change her life forever.

Why Recommended?

Brave is a pure tale of courage that talks about gender roles in society and their impact on the life of people who hold ambitions. When faced with real-life challenges, traditional gender roles might seem safe, but they can never work as your escape. For the ambitious women out there, this movie is a perfect example, and every teen must watch this.

4- Luck

Release: 2022

Available on: Apple TV+

Runtime: 1hr 45min

Genre: Family/Comedy

Synopsis: the unluckiest person stumbles upon a lucky penny gifted by a cat, but things take a turn when he has to get to lucky land just to gather some extra luck for her friends who are in need.

Why Recommended?

The idea of being happy-go-lucky, the contribution of faith and destiny, does not work for most people. However, there is no doubt that luck exists. For most people, this might be a single variable, but it has the power to change things. This movie intelligently juggles these concepts while highlighting those good intentions can defeat bad luck.

5- Inside Out

Release: 2015

Available on: Disney+

Runtime: 1hr 35min

Genre: Family/Comedy

Synopsis: As the teenager of a family experiences the first major transition in her life, all her core emotions figure out a way to handle the newly found emotional havoc.

Why Recommended?


The movie talks about mental health on a very fundamental level. As a child, getting happy, angry, sad, or emotional is fine, but society tries to put labels of strength and weakness on emotions. The movie intelligently portrays all the emotional transitions that a person goes through while experiencing distress. Overall, scientifically this might not be accurate, but it is a good start for kids.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that animated movies are becoming more popular, and there are a lot of animated movies that talk about real-life issues. However, we have extracted the top five for you so you can watch this weekend.


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