5 Well-Known Women Who Are Equally Successful as Their Sisters but Publicity-Less


Many people think their siblings are the sole successful family members and that they can never be like them, but in actuality, everyone is talented in something. If you don’t believe us, continue reading to see that the sisters of some famous persons didn’t fall behind and were able to pursue prosperous professions as well, albeit in completely other industries or for audiences that were quite different from their sisters’.

Because we don’t often hear about the intimate family lives of celebrities, it may sometimes seem as though these stunning and gifted people are… extraterrestrial. Whether they opt to talk about them or not, most celebrities do have siblings, even though we never hear about them. Then there are those famous siblings who are so prosperous that they truly challenge the status of their well-known siblings. Furthermore, the mere fact that they aren’t well-known doesn’t imply that they don’t lead successful careers. Did you know, for example, that a specific female mega-celebrity who lives in Hollywood has a sister who works as a cosmetics artist for the stars?

Though we may not always be aware of their identities or the fact that they are related by blood, we at Emerge Woman Magazine are here to introduce you to the five sisters of celebs who are equally amazing at what they do but without a spotlight that’s completely pointed at that other person. Continue reading to find out more about the prosperous lifestyles of famous sisters.

Lynda Lopez, an Award-Winning Journalist

“We Are One” is what sisters of the first sister duo whose less-famous person we’re going to introduce say about each other. Based on how we started the paragraph we’re sure you already guessed that Jennifer Lopez is “involved” here. “We Are One” is the hit of an American singer and actress of Puerto Rican heritage she co-made for the men’s football FIFA World Cup in 2014 and performed live during the opening ceremony of the event marked by one of the most glorious World Cup single-match results ever when Germany embarrassed the host nation and favorite of bookmakers’ at a time – many of later which gave way to the top-notch modern online operators gathered at Bookmaker-Expert.com – Brazil 7-1 in the semifinal. Jennifer isn’t the only star in her family though; her younger sister Lynda is also well-known, albeit to a lesser extent.

Renowned New York journalist was even honored with an Emmy (“Outstanding Morning News Program”) in 2001 for her journalism. She also co-founded “Nuyorican Productions”, her sister’s audiovisual production business.

Lynda started her career as a radio broadcaster on Long Island and she’s performing this role even now, working as a daytime news anchor for New York City’s all-news “WINS-AM/FM” since February 2023. At the very beginning of the ongoing century, she moved to TV to work as a DJ to her boyfriend Chris Booker, correspondent, and co-anchor, but left the industry in 2007.

Lynda wrote the book “AOC: The Fearless Rise and Powerful Resonance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” in 2020.

Antonia Kidman, TV Presenter

Perhaps her name is unfamiliar, but in her home country of Australia, the younger sister of a six-time Golden Globes winner and one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, Nicole Kidman, is well-known.


Although Antonia was also an actress, her career has been limited to Australian TV programs, first as a researcher, and then as a reporter. Despite this, she has produced and presented TV shows, written two books (both about parenting: “Feeding Fussy Kids” and “The Simple Things: Creating an Organised Home, a Happy Family and a Life Worth Living”), and is an accomplished producer. She’s most famous as a TV personality on the Australian show “From Here to Maternity”.

After realizing that life in their native nation was becoming too much for her and her family, Antonia decided to relocate to Singapore in order to be away from the spotlight. She wed businessman Craig Marran there.

Savannah Miller, Clothing Designer

In addition to her career in acting, the British-American actress is also a fashion designer. And who better to collaborate with than her own sister, Sienna Miller, a 2012 nominee for the BAFTA Television Award for “Best Actress” and the Golden Globe Award for “Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film”? Thanks to the elder sister’s experience, Savannah started the “Twenty8Twelve” clothing line in 2007 along with her. However, they gave it up in 2012.

Savannah, a talented designer, began her career in the industry under the tutelage of renowned designers Matthew Williamson and Alexander McQueen. She now owns a line of bridal gowns under her name.

Kayleen McAdams, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Beginning acting career has changed the life of Rachel McAdams. The same is true for the younger sister of the 2015 Academy Award contender for “Best Supporting Actress”. When Kayleen observed the makeup artists working on her sister’s movie sets, she knew she could turn her passion for makeup into a career.


She currently works for the productions of renowned fashion magazines like “Vanity Fair”, “InStyle”, and “Vogue”, but also for numerous celebrities, including Kristen Stewart, Sadie Sink, Diane Kruger, and Sofia Vergara. They all choose Kayleen for their red carpet-appearances. She’s one of the most well-known makeup artists in Hollywood.

Gesine Bullock (Prado), Pastry Chef

In the food domain, the younger sister of the highest-paid actress in the world in 2010 and 2014 and a winner of both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe, Sandra Bullock, is also well-known on American television.

Before we describe what’s her main occupation, we’ll mention that, just like her sibling, Gesine was involved in the film industry. Given that she practices law, she served as a legal representative and vice president of her sister’s film production firm, “Fortis Films”. Gesine co-produced two movies and helped develop numerous others. In 2004, she moved to Vermont and departed the film industry. She ran a bakery named “Gesine Confectionary” in Montpellier, the state capital, from 2005 until 2008.

In addition to being a judge on culinary events, such as “Beat Bobby Flay”, Gesine is a well-known pastry chef and host of “Baked in Vermont”, a show on the “Food Network” cable channel. In addition, she serves as an instructor at her own baking school “Sugar Glider Kitchen”. Gesine has published five books about confections but also autobiographical pieces.


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