Are the Kardashians Armenian? Exploring Their Cultural Heritage

are the kardashians armenian

The question of whether the Kardashians are Armenian has been a topic of curiosity and speculation for many. To answer this directly, yes, the Kardashians have Armenian heritage. Their father, Robert Kardashian Sr., was of Armenian descent, while their mother, Kris Jenner, is of Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Are the Kardashians Armenian

When it comes to the Kardashians, one question that often arises is, “Are they Armenian?” The answer is yes! The Kardashian family proudly embraces their Armenian heritage. Let’s delve into their roots and explore how this influential family connects to their Armenian ancestry.

The Kardashian lineage can be traced back to their paternal great-grandparents, who were Armenian immigrants. Robert Kardashian Sr., the father of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Rob Kardashian, had a strong connection to his Armenian heritage. He was born in Los Angeles but maintained a deep appreciation for his family’s roots.

The Kardashians have been vocal about their Armenian identity and have taken steps to honor and celebrate it. In 2015, Kim Kardashian West visited Armenia with her sister Khloé and husband Kanye West. During this trip, they paid tribute to their ancestors by visiting historic sites such as the Genocide Memorial Complex in Yerevan.

Additionally, the Kardashians have used their platform to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide—a tragic event that took place during World War I. They have spoken out about this historical injustice and advocated for its recognition worldwide.

Are the Kardashians Armenian? Exploring Their Cultural Heritage

Kris Jenner: The Matriarch’s Armenian Roots

When discussing the Kardashian family’s heritage, it is essential to highlight the significant role that Kris Jenner plays as the matriarch. Born Kristen Mary Houghton on November 5, 1955, in San Diego, California, Kris has a fascinating connection to her Armenian ancestry.

Kris’ father, Robert Houghton, had English and Scottish roots. However, her mother, Mary Jo Shannon (formerly known as Mary Jo Campbell), was of Dutch-Irish descent but had ties to Armenia through her ex-husband Harry Shannon. This familial connection traces back to an Armenian man named Aram Ohanian who married into their family.

While not being directly of Armenian descent herself, this link provides a cultural bridge for Kris Jenner and her children to embrace and celebrate their Armenian heritage.

Armenian Influences in the Kardashian Family

The Kardashian family has proudly embraced their Armenian roots over the years. They have been vocal about their heritage and actively participate in events celebrating Armenia’s culture.

One notable instance was when Kim Kardashian West visited Armenia in 2015 along with her husband Kanye West and daughter North. During their visit, they met with the country’s Prime Minister and explored various landmarks while learning more about their ancestral home. Furthermore, Kim received an invitation from the President of Armenia to attend a ceremony commemorating those affected by the genocide.

The Kardashians often express pride in being part of such a vibrant culture that has shaped them both personally and professionally. From incorporating traditional Armenian dishes into family gatherings to wearing clothing inspired by traditional designs at red carpet events—Armenian influences are visible throughout their lives.

Celebrating Armenian Culture with the Kardashians

The Kardashians have consistently used their platform to raise awareness about important issues related to Armenia and its history. One example is how they’ve shed light on the Armenian Genocide, a tragic event that occurred during World War I. Through their social media channels and various interviews, they have shared personal stories and advocated for recognition of the genocide.

Additionally, the Kardashians have supported organizations like the Armenia Fund, which focuses on humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh. They have organized fundraisers to contribute to causes close to their hearts and help make a positive impact in their ancestral homeland.

The family’s commitment to celebrating Armenian culture extends beyond public gestures. They actively engage with Armenian traditions, such as attending Armenian church services and participating in cultural events within their community.

In conclusion, while Kris Jenner herself may not be of direct Armenian descent, her connection through her mother’s side has provided a strong foundation for the Kardashian family’s embrace of their heritage. Through their actions and advocacy efforts, they continue to shine a spotlight on Armenia’s rich culture while honoring their ancestors’ roots.


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