Breaking the Stigma: The Inspiring Journey of the 100 lb Sisters

Breaking the Stigma: The Inspiring Journey of the 100 lb Sisters

Short Answer 100 lb Sisters:

The reality TV show “1000-lb Sisters” follows the weight-loss journey of siblings Amy and Tammy Slaton as they attempt to shed hundreds of pounds. The show premiered on TLC in January 2020 and has gained a significant following due to its inspirational message about overcoming obesity through determination, hard work, and support from loved ones.

Step-By-Step Guide to Following the Journey of the Famous 100 lb Sisters

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration and entertainment, then the 100 lb Sisters is definitely worth following. This funny yet heartwarming reality TV show captures the journey of two sisters – Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman – as they strive to not only shed weight but also lead healthier lifestyles.

But keeping up with this dynamic duo might prove challenging if you do not know where or how to start your journey along with them. To make things easier here’s our step-by-step guide on how best to follow their incredible story:

Step One: Find Your Stream

The “100 Lb Sisters” airs exclusively on TLC every Monday evening at 10 pm EST, but who has time always? You can stream it online via popular platforms such as Hulu LiveTV through an app like Peacock from NBC Universal – all require payment details before starting any trial period so pick accordingly based upon personal preferences .

Step Two: Catch Up On Past Episodes

You’ll most likely want full context when joining in halfway into Season Three (2021). So Netflix will surely come handy providing seasons one & two available instantly which kicked off back in January till March month-end around early February respectively comprising eight episodes each throughout its running time frame .

On Hulu while still sorting season three episode upload hassle , They have got new weekly ones added regularly once aired date comes horizontally focused towards cutting cords already attached carefully above briefly mentioned streaming services previously highlighted clearly everything needed heard loud enough by now hit play button without doubts anymore worries about missing out chitchat among friends over next watercooler hour discuss points frankly!

Coming updates from what we hear; brand-new exclusive content integration probably down pipeline soon marking current success trends viewership stats collectively garnering massive expansions ahead

Step Three: Follow Them Across Social Media Platforms

Tammy-and-Amy are fairly active across social media- Instagram accounts run separately showcasing regular photoshoots compliments alongside getting to know the hosts better in their personal lives. Also TikTok as one of more preferred platforms by Gen Z with +5million views latest post available makes it a necessary tool.

Step Four: Join In The Discussion

If you’re looking for like-minded individuals on similar journeys, consider joining online communities or discussion forums that are dedicated explicitly towards following Slaton Sisters’ journey and transformation per se .


Following Tammy-and-Amy’s weight loss journey is not only motivational but also entertaining if done correctly (aka binge-watching episodes weekly conversation points). So grab your remote control device sit back relax get inspired impact has already been made across millions globally- what else can be waiting ahead?

FAQ: Answers to Common Questions About The Inspirational Reality Show, 100 lb Sisters

With the rise of reality TV shows, audiences are constantly looking for new and exciting programs that will keep them engaged. The latest show to hit our screens is “100 lb Sisters”, which follows two sisters as they embark on a journey to lose weight.

As with any popular program, fans have many questions about “100 lb Sisters”. To help you get up-to-speed before tuning in or even if you’re already an ardent follower we’ve compiled answers below:

1) What Is “The 100lb Sisters” Show And Who Are Its Stars?

“10-lb SISTERS,” litters TLC network viewers across the world since January 2019& It has Kristen ‘Sissy’ Smithand Tammy taken over World Wide Web chat rooms & blogs! They highlight this series Two large siblings from Kentucky attempting drastic surgery-aided reduction techniques after their official team reveal that it’s now threatening not just one but both their lives!

2) Why Should I Watch This Reality Series?

“Watchers can expect absolutely amazing experience through following these women who decide enough-is-enough!” That said -it may seems discouraging-at times hilarious how harmful obesity could really become-and why putting oneself at risk by being overweight should NOT be overlooked or downplayed anymore!

3) How Has Being On A Television Show Changed Their Lives (So Far)?

Thus far We’ve seen quite heartwarming transformations stories develop between episodes among Kristin’ ‘SiSSy’_Smiths-Tammy and thirdly Louisana cousin Chris Combs; Becoming beloved online personalities goes hand-in-hand with awkward media interviews-and unexpected judgement too!! Progress would require more than determination-hard work alone-not ignoring potentially-life-threatening hurdles around corner!!

4). Do These Women Have Any Health Issues Before/During Filming Of The Program

At roughly double average adult American woman-average body size levels—both sissies had developed serious health concerns hence doctors persuade them to undergo some surgical intervention. Tammy struggles with edema-lymphedema (impacts circulation in part), preventing usually easy mobility! For Kristen-she needs help managing her blood pressure-is finding daily life quite challenging now too.

5) What Would Be One Advice from The 100lb Sisters On Weight Loss Journey?

Remember, weight loss is a journey not an overnight success formula!! Healthy progress takes calculated effort and commitment despite unavoidable twists-and-turns accompanying your body’s change at all times-on the bright side it would be WORTH IT RIGHT?

Overall “10-lb SISTERS,” provides viewers tongue-in-cheek humour but also insightful reflection on what can happen when obesity keeps creeping up unnoticed-until its literally harming People like you And I!

“The show encourages people who could relate directly or indirectly gain insight into how seemingly small lifestyle changes -coupled sustained discipline-would gift anyone more than just sparkling personality!”

Top Five Facts You Might Not Know About Tammy and Amy Slaton from “1000-lb sisters”

If you’re a fan of TLC’s hit reality show “1000-lb Sisters,” then there’s no doubt that Tammy and Amy Slaton have captured your heart. These two charismatic and lovable sisters are known for their unfiltered personalities, infectious laughter, and struggles with obesity.

But despite being in the public eye for several years now, there are still some things that fans might not know about them. Here are five interesting facts about Tammy and Amy Slaton that will make you love them even more!

1) They Have Been Best Friends Since Childhood

Tammy and Amy may be siblings by blood but they also happen to be inseparable best friends who grew up doing everything together – from playing dress-up as kids to facing life’s challenges side-by-side as adults.

2) Their Love For Food Is A Family Tradition

The Slanton family loves food- it is what brings the clan together every year on holidays such Christmas dinner where tables overflow with fried chicken dinners smothered in gravy mashed potatoes steaming hot macaroni & cheese topped off homemade sweet pies like pumpkin or apple pie infused sugar spices warm flaky crusts filled luscious fruit filling creams whip cream which create irresistible aroma waft through house all day adding joy memories! And this time-hallowed tradition hasn’t escaped either sister – both citing their diets include sweets galore nd guilty pleasures lik deep-fried Oreos too!

3) Both Sisters Struggled With Fertility Issues

In one episode of “1000-lb sisters,”audience learned how sad truth brought tears: Type 2 diabetes has given each woman tough journey regarding fertility issues making pregnancy difficult having children impossible without overcoming significant weight gain hurdles (Amy actually confessed after her Gastric Sleeve procedure needed miracle took immediate positive test!)

4) Weight Loss Routines Are Different For Breakout Stars

There is often discussion amongst viewers questioning why doesn’t everyone in the show gets Gastric Sleeve procedures that Tammy received? Its answer is unique for each individual family dynamic since their health body mass index personal choices or beliefs make it challenging to make necessary lifestyle adjustments. Amy too, has trekked a different path than her sister opting Veganism diet plan going strong despite commenting frustrating at times sticking true successful transformation vowing continue journey overcoming one plate time!

5) Their Relationship Is Stronger Than Ever

Throughout all of life’s ups and downs – from fertility issues, weight loss surgeries (or lack thereof), struggles with obesity – Tammy and Amy have remained steadfastly committed to supporting each other through thick-and-thin bonding over experiences solely understood by siblings who share closest attachment without asking anything return besides love & belonging this loving companionship isn’t escaping fans hearts anytime soon!

In conclusion, there are still many things we don’t know about these two inspirational women who capture our imagination every week on “1000-lb Sisters.” But no matter what hardships come up along their changes transitions ready embrace offer strength holds heartwarming moments


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