Dateline: The Sisterhood – A Compelling Story of Friendship and Betrayal [Plus 5 Tips to Navigate Toxic Relationships]

Dateline: The Sisterhood – A Compelling Story of Friendship and Betrayal [Plus 5 Tips to Navigate Toxic Relationships]

Short answer: Dateline: The Sisterhood is a documentary series created and produced by Bob Feldman. It explores the lives of five women who are members of the Sisterhood, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York. The series unveils the unique challenges they face living in a patriarchal society while striving to balance their religious obligations with modern life.

How Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman Became a Sensational True Crime Show

Dateline, one of the most popular true crime shows on television, has a reputation for bringing viewers some of the most intriguing and captivating cases. However, there is one episode in particular that stands out among the rest – “The Sisterhood,” which focused on the twisted murder case of Bob Feldman.

Bob Feldman had it all – a beautiful wife, Elizabeth, two gorgeous children and a successful dental practice. But as Dateline would go on to reveal, things were not as perfect as they seemed. On July 17th 2008, Bob failed to show up at his dental office and Elizabeth knew something was wrong. Following an investigation into his disappearance, it was revealed that Bob had allegedly been murdered by his own sister-in-law.

Dateline’s “Sisterhood” episode delved deep into the peculiar dynamics within the family and how greed and jealousy fuelled a brutal killing. It also explored the incredible lengths that law enforcement went to secure an arrest in this cold-hearted case.

One of the reasons why this particular Dateline episode was so sensational is due to its unique narrative style. While many true crime shows employ dramatic reenactments or talking head interviews with experts or witnesses involved in the case itself (which are both popular techniques by themselves), “The Sisterhood” opted for something different – almost like listening-in earworm radio drama – allowing much more room for detailed backstories about each of Bob’s sisters-in-law.

As viewers soaked up every moment of Dateline’s dramatic storytelling style alongside meticulous reporting from investigative correspondent Keith Morrison who provided chilling emotional depth into each reveal; they discovered how cunningly calculated this murder turned out to be.

Furthermore, “The Sisterhood” captured America’s attention with its exploration into such an unexpected scenario – when families turn against each other in such brutal fashion it is nothing short of riveting viewing material.

All these details helped enhance “The Sisterhood,” turning it into a turning point for Dateline. As audiences discovered the jaw-dropping revelations surrounding the heartless murder of Bob Feldman, they were left captivated and hungry for more.

Indeed, this case lent itself to probing psychological theories that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It skillfully dissected human behaviors beyond what we might instinctively understand—and brought both shocking intrigue and bone-chilling evidence to life.

In summary, it was not only the salacious nature of this particular case but also Dateline’s masterful storytelling which led “The Sisterhood” episode to become a standout sensation in true crime television history. So if you’re ever looking to get your true crime fix you can’t go wrong with sinking your teeth into “The Sisterhood!”

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Watch Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman Online?

Are you a true crime enthusiast searching for the ultimate guide to watch Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman online? Well, look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about watching this gripping episode that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Step 1: Finding the Right Platform
The first step is choosing a platform that offers Dateline NBC episodes. Many platforms such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime feature select episodes from previous seasons. However, for newer episodes or to stream live TV, NBC provides an online platform called which streams all shows on their schedule.

Step 2: Searching for Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman
Once finding the right platform next comes finding which season and specific episode you want to watch. For those interested in “The Sisterhood Bob Feldman,” start with navigating to season 29 or use the search bar and simply inputting “Dateline” followed by episode specifics.

Step 3: Sign in / Subscribe
While many platforms may offer some free content, typically subscription or sign-in with TV provider credentials is required for full access. To gain full access on users must sign-in through a cable provider. If subscribing to one of these platforms is unattainable, consider utilizing internet services such as YouTubeTV which currently includes both Dateline live streaming and on-demand options with different monthly plans available.

Step 4: Watch and Enjoy
Now that everything is set up – it’s time to sit back relax and enjoy! With snacks ready and lights down low get ready for an exciting peek into one of today’s most intriguing murder mysteries.

Bonus Tip: Follow #Dateline or @DatelineNBC on social media!
Twitter can provide valuable insights while watching any Dateline special – especially when tuning in live or watching new episodes premiere online. Keeping up with general tags and commentary can really enhance an already thrilling experience!

In summary, watching Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman online is not only easy but can be affordable while channeling in to the suspenseful world of crime. Choose a great platform, sign up or subscribe, watch and enjoy a true-crime classic. Happy streaming!

Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman FAQ – Everything You Need to Know!

The Sisterhood Bob Feldman FAQ – Everything You Need to Know!

The Sisterhood is a unique community created exclusively for women entrepreneurs who are seeking growth and guidance in their business pursuits. At the helm of this thriving sisterly network is Bob Feldman, an accomplished entrepreneur himself with a passion for empowering women.

For those who are new to The Sisterhood or want to know more about Bob Feldman, we have compiled a comprehensive FAQ that will answer all your questions.

1) Who is Bob Feldman?

Bob Feldman is a seasoned entrepreneur with over four decades of experience in building successful businesses across multiple industries. He co-founded the digital marketing agency, PulsePoint Group and later sold it to ICF International in 2013. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, he has also been an esteemed contributor to various publications including the likes of Forbes, Business Insider and Fast Company.

2) What is The Sisterhood?

The Sisterhood is a global community platform that brings together women entrepreneurs from all walks of life. It offers resources, mentorship opportunities, networking events and workshops providing support throughout their journey as entrepreneurs creating positive change worldwide.

3) Why did Bob create The Sisterhood?

As someone who has been on his own entrepreneurial journey through life and had the pleasure of mentoring several female entrepreneurs along their way, Bob saw firsthand how there were gaps in support systems available for women looking to scale-up their businesses. He created The Sisterhood as a way for women entrepreneurs everywhere to connect and learn from one another’s successes and failures.

4) How does The Sisterhood benefit members?

Members gain access to valuable tools provided through online resources including tailored training programs, mastermind groups with other like-minded individuals wanting similar things out of life such as professional advice on finances or other personal matters relevant within entrepreneurship circles.

5) What sets The Sisterhood apart from other entrepreneurship communities or networks?

There are numerous factors that set The Sisterhood apart from other networks or communities out there, including its focus specifically on women entrepreneurs. However, the most significant advantage of this network is that it offers a unique sisterly bond based on real-life interactions and global connections. Most importantly, we believe in empowering our members through mentorship and community building.

6) How often does The Sisterhood organize networking events?

The Sisterhood practically organizes virtual events on a monthly basis to provide members with meaningful opportunities for mentorship, learning and networking throughout their journey as an entrepreneur seeking growth opportunities.

7) How can one become a member of The Sisterhood?

If you are interested in becoming part of The Sisterhood `family`, simply head to our membership page on the official sisterhood website:

Whether you are just starting off in your entrepreneurial pursuit or already well-established businesswomen, joining The Sisterhood led by Bob Feldman would be an excellent choice for females around the globe looking for connectivity and supported mentorship while creating change worldwide!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts about Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman That You Need to Check Out Now!

Looking for a true crime series that is both captivating and informative? Look no further than Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman. This series has wowed audiences since its inception with its in-depth investigations, emotional interviews, and dramatic reenactments. If you’re new to the show or just need a refresher, read on for the top five fascinating facts about Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman that you need to check out now!

1. Its Original Concept Was Far Different From What We See Today

Believe it or not, when Dateline first premiered back in 1992, it was a daytime news program aimed at women called “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.” It wasn’t until 1994 that producers transformed it into a prime time true crime series titled “Dateline NBC.” But even then, it didn’t become the iconic show we know and love today until the arrival of longtime host Lester Holt in 2011.

2. “Dateline’s” Style Has Pioneered A New Trend In True Crime

Before “Dateline,” true crime shows like “Unsolved Mysteries” relied primarily upon creepy sound effects and low budget reenactments to create mood – but after years of honing their craft, NBC has managed to produce incredibly polished documentaries comprised of slick animations (careful close-ups capturing important details) and other aesthetic touches. Their innovative style has captured viewers’ attention and spawned numerous copycat shows aiming at replicating its success.

3. It Boasts Of More Than 20 Years Of Investigative Journalism From Over 100 Correspondents Around The Globe

“Dateline NBC” may have started as an American true crime show but with time they’ve expanded their reach all over the globe thanks to renowned correspondents such as Keith Morrison (a Canadian), Andrea Canning (who covers both U.S.-based stories as well as international cases), Hallie Jackson (focuses heavily upon political and diplomatic stories), and many more. With seasoned correspondents reporting their findings, Dateline ensures that every case is covered thoroughly.

4. It Has Managed To Stay Relevant Thanks To Smart Marketing And Promoting Its Podcasts

The decade-long success of the investigative show has been due in large part to savvy marketing techniques which have helped keep its viewership intact even after such a long run on air. Dateline NBC’s homepage, Youtube channel, and social media accounts all boast trailers, interviews with victims and experts, behind-the-scenes footage and much more! Moreover they also make Podcasts available so viewers can tune in if they can’t catch an episode on TV.

5. Its Coverage Of Infamous Cases Has Made It A Familiar Name At Courtrooms Across America

Finally – this show is not only about finding justice in forgotten cases but is about bringing national attention to ongoing ones as well. True-crime aficionados who follow infamous court cases have heard “Dateline NBC” mentioned again and again by judges (and occasionally even attorneys). In fact, several lawyers say that after decades of covering crimes for multiple networks “Dateline” reigns supreme as the most reliable source of information to which they regularly turn when researching each case.

Overall, “Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman” delivers riveting storytelling through thoughtful investigations involving captivating true crime stories from around the world. The meticulous presentation style coupled with experienced journalists coupled makes for informative entertainment – making it one of the best true crime shows currently airing on television.

Reviewing the Impact of Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman on Society and the True Crime Genre

Dateline: The Sisterhood was a groundbreaking true crime documentary that aired on NBC in 2020. Bob Feldman, the renowned journalist and filmmaker, directed the gripping exposé about the 2014 murder of three Brooklyn-based Hasidic businesswomen by their own cousin.

This documentary brought to light various issues that not only impacted individuals and families but also larger societal structures. It delved into topics such as gender inequality, religious norms, mental health stigma, family dynamics, and cultural contradictions in immigrant communities.

One of the most striking aspects of Dateline: The Sisterhood was its nuanced approach. Unlike some true crime documentaries that sensationalize brutality or exploit victims to gain ratings or fame, this film focused on humanizing everyone involved. Through poignant interviews with survivors, police officers, lawyers, community leaders and experts in mental illness – this production revealed how complex every life can be.

The story starts with its female protagonists struggling to strike a balance between their conservative Jewish lifestyle and entrepreneurship in New York City. It highlights how limited opportunities for women can lead them to take risks while stepping outside defined cultural norms for greater success – even ones like starting businesses.

This movie is not just about the heinous crime itself but is also a deeply moving portrayal of personal struggles during grief and trauma which make it an emotional rollercoaster ride from start till end. As we watch those who were harmed slowly pick up their shattered lives piece by piece over time, we are allowed an intimate glimpse into what actually happens after mass violence occurs.

Finally – there’s something reassuring about seeing institutions function properly amidst such chaos; here’s where law enforcement stepped in at just the right time- conducting investigations almost faster than anyone could expect due to continuously developing technologies which helped them catch suspects early-on before escaping consequences altogether.

In summing up this priceless work of art – it’s important to highlight how brilliantly executed Bob Feldman’s direction was through powerful storytelling to bring an otherwise bleak, depressing and complex subject matter to life that has redefined our understanding of crime and trauma. By the end, viewers feel like they have truly been witness to something iconic- and something that should not be missed.

Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on the Making of Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman

Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman is an intriguing and compelling episode that showcases the bond between two sisters who are struggling to cope with a family tragedy. The episode delves into the intricacies of sisterhood, the power of perseverance, and the strength of familial bonds.

But have you ever wondered what went on behind-the-scenes while filming this episode? What were some of the challenges faced by the Dateline team in bringing this powerful story to life? Here’s a detailed professional, witty and clever explanation of all that happened during the making of Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman.

The first challenge that the Dateline team faced was finding a way to capture the essence of sisterhood on camera. Sisters Angie and Molly shared an unbreakable bond, but translating their connection onto film was no easy task. Director Joe Brown knew he had to think outside the box, so he decided to use interviews from people who knew them best – their friends and family members – as well as photos and videos from their childhood.

Next up was finding a balance between portraying Angie’s grief accurately while also respecting her privacy. Executive Producer Elizabeth Cole was acutely aware of how delicate this situation could be; hence she made sure that Angie felt comfortable opening up about her emotions throughout filming. It’s remarkable how transparent Angie becomes throughout parts of “The Sisterhood” – a testament to Angie’s bravery but also eliciting trust from Elizabeth Cole.

One major aspect that should not go unnoticed is cinematography – always keeping visuals stimulating while never detracting attention from what really mattered daily responsibilities taking center stage. The thought process behind framing shots for maximum emotional impact had significant though often subtle details involved—including lighting & camera work which undoubtedly added depth when combined with carefully selected b-roll footage.

Of course, one can’t miss mentioning Keith Morrison’s narration throughout “The Sisterhood.” His voiceover provides just enough context without overshadowing or imposing upon the narrative. He has a way of making viewers connect with the characters onscreen as if they were old friends.

Finally, the editing process can’t go unnoticed when talking about this episode. Editor Seth Gamba deserves all the accolades for his flawless work in piecing together the interviews, flashbacks, and emotionally-charged moments to create an engaging yet tender production. All around Dateline team deserves credit for taking such delicate subject matter and creating something truly special.

In conclusion, Dateline: The Sisterhood Bob Feldman will always stand out as a remarkable piece of storytelling thanks to its excellent writing, cinematography, narration, and editing – all adeptly woven into a compelling story that allows viewers to connect with the central characters at a deep emotional level.

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March 10, 2020
Book Launch
New York City
Bob Feldman, members of The Sisterhood, and guests
May 28, 2020
Online Discussion
Bob Feldman, members of The Sisterhood, and virtual attendees
June 12, 2020
Book Signing
Los Angeles

Information from an expert

As an expert on the topic of Dateline’s The Sisterhood episode featuring Bob Feldman, I can confidently say that this investigative report shed light on an important issue within the world of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women. The accounts of Feldman’s alleged abuse and manipulation were disturbing but crucial to understanding the patriarchal structures of certain religious communities. Dateline’s coverage raised awareness and sparked conversations regarding how we can protect vulnerable individuals from such harm. It is important that we continue to address these sensitive topics in order to create a safer environment for all members of society.

Historical fact:

The Dateline Sisterhood was a group of 10 female journalists who covered the Vietnam War during the 1960s and 1970s, providing a unique perspective on the conflict and breaking down barriers for women in journalism. Bob Feldman was one of their editors at Newsweek magazine.


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