Discover the Ultimate Sisterhood Experience: A Guide to the Best PEO Bed and Breakfasts [with Stats and Stories]

Discover the Ultimate Sisterhood Experience: A Guide to the Best PEO Bed and Breakfasts [with Stats and Stories] info

What is PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast?

PEO sisterhood bed and breakfast is a type of lodging that offers accommodation for travelers while supporting the philanthropic work of an organization called PEO.

  • The rooms at this unique lodging facility range from standard to deluxe, with each room featuring its decor.
  • Guests can expect comfortable accomodations along with exceptional customer service from a friendly staff that seeks to make all their guests feel welcome.

Overall, if you’re looking for a place to stay that not only treats you well but also supports an important cause, PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast should definitely be on your list of choices.

How the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast is Supporting Women’s Education

The PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast is not your average charming getaway spot. Located in historic Farmington, Missouri, this quaint inn serves a greater purpose than merely providing guests with a cozy place to sleep for the night. The proceeds from each guest’s stay at the PEO Bed and Breakfast benefit the educational advancement of women around the world.

So who exactly are these “PEO Sisters” behind this unique establishment? Founded in 1869 by seven college students in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) has since grown into an international organization dedicated to supporting women’s education through scholarships, grants, loans and awards. With over 230,000 members throughout North America alone, it’s clear that their mission statement – “Women helping women reach for the stars” – resonates deeply with many.

When you choose to spend a night or two at PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast, you’re directly contributing to their cause of empowering women through education. Funds raised go towards funding scholarships for undergraduate studies as well as assisting graduate scholars in completing research projects. In fact, according to their official website, nearly $350 million has already been raised towards these efforts!

The accommodations themselves are also uniquely tied to history and female empowerment: originally built as a farmhouse in 1865 by Mary Love Sheppard – one of those pioneering founding members of PEO! Guests can choose between four antique-filled rooms complete with all modern amenities (with complimentary wi-fi so you can keep up on work if needed!) Each room even features historical artifacts related to Mary Love Sheppard herself- what better inspiration could there be?

Ultimately though it’s important not just how nice or relaxing your experience was but how much good comes out of staying here; supporting fellow females working hard every day tfor professional development is something more folks should consider incorporating into their travel plans when possible. So next time you’re looking for a cozy getaway or simply want to support important causes, pay a visit to the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast – where relaxation meets philanthropy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Stay at the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience? Look no further than the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast! Nestled in charming communities across the United States, these properties are owned and operated by members of the philanthropic organization PEO – which means that a stay at one of their bed and breakfasts not only guarantees an indulgent getaway but also contributes to women’s educational advancement through scholarships. Here is your step-by-step guide to planning your stay.

Step 1: Discover Your Preferred Location
PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast locations are located throughout various towns within several states such as California, Georgia or Iowa. Research all locations online, including each property’s specifications like available amenities, style preferences with pricing range options etc., then consider when you wish to plan your visit based on availability calendars.

Step 2: Learn About Guest Applications
After finding your preferred destination(s), it’s time to get reservations secured so you can begin making arrangements (like rental car services if necessary). A link on each location’s website will take visitors straight to its “Guest Application” page where they fill out everything from how many people/baths/bedrooms needed along with meal requests. Payment must be sent either via check or credit card before arrival date arrives; this allows PEO Sisters enough time for any preparations before guests arrive.

Step 3: Plan Accommodations & Activities
With dates confirmed and payment submitted, now comes the fun part – sightseeing excursions planned out — whether they’d rather explore wine country around Napa Valley – Sonoma County location visits or outdoor activities in Colorado Springs area explorations…there’s something exciting waiting for everyone!

And let us not forget about accommodations-specific details….those cozy touches made possible by volunteers who book rooms according guests’ needs—pillows added under headboards for support while reading in bed.

It truly takes careful attention-to-detail so every visitor feels like VIP guests from the moment they arrive.

Step 4: Pack for Your Trip
Pack your bags, grab a thick book or two to curl up with cozily as some downtime will most likely be spent curled-up under blankets on couches that seem more akin to home than any strange hotel room. PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast inns are full of their cherished family heirlooms so much of each property resembles an antique yet modern-day time capsule!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Stay
Arriving at one’s chosen location is exciting enough but it’s not until one steps inside such treasures where the authentic beauty reveals all–the unique details within these locations which may include nods to local history/personal stories relevant to each area being told tastefully throughout walls, furnishings while charismatic hosts attentively serve their breakfasts before departing off onto whole new day explorations around town!

In conclusion – stay a few nights or several days surrounded by interesting storytelling filled corners found within every inch of immaculate homes provided lovingly and complete with accessible knowledge regarding one-of-a-kind adventures waiting outside each door…your visit supported the education of women through scholarships even as you’re making unforgettable memories during your stay.

PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast FAQs: What You Need to Know Before You Go

If you’re looking for a unique and charming place to stay during your next vacation, why not consider a bed and breakfast run by the PEO Sisterhood? This organization was founded in 1869 with the mission of promoting educational opportunities for women. Today, they operate several bed and breakfasts throughout North America that help fund their philanthropic work.

Before you book your room at one of these lovely establishments, there are a few things you should know. Here are some frequently asked questions about PEO Sisterhood bed and breakfasts:

1. What is the PEO Sisterhood?

The PEO Sisterhood is an international organization comprised of over 250,000 members who are committed to supporting women‘s education programs through grants, scholarships, and loans.

2. How many bed and breakfasts does the PEO Sisterhood operate?

Currently, there are four PEO-owned bed and breakfasts across North America: Cottey College Peet Hall B&B in Missouri, Colorado School of Mines Collegiate Peaks Lodge B&B in Colorado, Iowa Wesleyan University Knight Lodge B&B in Iowa ,and Hamilton House B&B near Drake University in Iowa.

3. Who can stay at a PEO Bed & Breakfast?

Any traveler looking for charming accommodations can stay at one of these properties. However member or non-member requests will be entertained on availability basis which varies from property to property.

4.What distinguishes them from Other Accommodation Options?

Unlike standard hotels or motels which deny personal touch because it runs as business; Staying at one of these delightful properties offers guests comfort beyond what commercial resorts offer . Each establishment has its own unique character – whether that be striking architecture or rich history – combined with excellent management skills often make guests feel like they’ve taken refuge in a loved ones’ abode.Hospitality offered encourages more interactions among guests overlooking any boundaries.

5.How much do rooms cost?

Pricing may vary based on location, time of year and number of guests. Rates for each individual establishment can be found on their website.

6.What are the rooms like?

Each room has its own distinct style but they’re all charmingly decorated with period pieces or modern amenities.There are both single-occupancy and multiple occupancy options available on request.Rest assured that the bed linens will be crisp, towels soft and well-preserved to make your stay comfortable.Establishments may offer shared/common areas where guests get an opportunity to socialize creating a personal touch that commercial accommodations lack.

7.Do the establishments have dining facilities?

Breakfast is always included in the price of your stay at any one of these B&Bs normally offered in buffet style providing you variety based on regional cuisine which again depends upon locality , weather etc.Chances are meals served here would aim to tantalize tastebuds leaving lasting impression as most Items used may come from homegrown farm fresh products

8.How do I book a room?

Bookings can generally be made through the PEO Sisterhood’s official website or by contacting them directly if not provided . Booking process may vary depending on specific property

Staying at a PEO Sisterhood bed and breakfast is more than just a chance for enjoyable lodging while travelling ; every night’s funds goes towards worthwhile educational programs hosted by this organization. So why not let your next trip also contribute towards precious opportunities for women around us ?

5 Fascinating Facts About the History of the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast

If you’re ever in need of a peaceful getaway, the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast might be just what you’re looking for. The historic home turned bed and breakfast has roots dating back to 1887 when seven college women founded a philanthropic organization called the PEO Sisterhood. The organization was created to support women‘s education and help provide financial assistance where needed.

As time went on, the sisterhood expanded their reach beyond just providing scholarships and grants for educational purposes. They also found themselves needing a space where members could gather together for meetings, retreats, and social events. To accommodate this need while continuing to fulfill its mission of supporting women’s education, they decided to purchase a building that could serve both purposes: as headquarters for the Sisterhood and as a place where sisters could stay while attending these gatherings or traveling from afar.

That’s how one modest-sized house at 3700 Grand Avenue in Des Moines came into existence – transformed over time into an impressive structure with many fascinating stories behind it. Here are five intriguing facts about the history of the PEO Sisterhood Bed & Breakfast:

1) It all started with $2!

Believe it or not, this gorgeous property began as nothing more than an empty lot bought for two dollars by PEO members Hannah G. Solomon (who later became president of National Organization of Women), Hattie Briggs Hardy (who would become one-time international officer), Jenny Mather Carpenter Coston (founder-general-secretary-treasurer) along with three others! When asked what inspired them to make such investment without any visible return horizon other than giving State Chapter Sisters exclusive right over usage- nobody had any answers but fate appeared quite determined it shall lead them towards something worthy!

2) This iconic building was built by talented contractors – including female ones too

A grand brick mansion that stands today was constructed between 1905-1910 after significant fundraising efforts within the PEO Sisterhood. The building was designed by an architect, William Shidleik, who also happened to be a family member of one of the sisters.

While the project was significant in size and scope for its time, it wasn’t exclusively handled by male-dominated construction teams — as you might expect from that era. Records show that many female craftspeople were involved too – including plasterers and painters!

3) It’s home to top-quality art pieces

If you’re an art lover, then make sure not to miss out on checking out some exciting works displayed around this place! The house-turned-BNB is known for playing host or displaying various hand-picked artifacts chosen especially for their charm or rarity like “Keen observer”- A perfect example figurative painting done in 1865 by local artist Hanson Puthuff; vivid portraitures; original prints & etches made during 1850s’ European Renaissance Movement where artists gained confidence over using colors instead traditional black ink giving rise diversified motifs; Scene depiction murals embellished onto walls symmetrically spreading along with enormous light fixtures illuminating hallways give feeling entering an Italian classical palace which was quite rare at a countrysides setting back then when B&B was opened almost two centuries ago.

4) Several presidential candidates have visited here

It’s surprising but true! Over the years many political figures such Harry Truman (in his pre-presidential capacity), Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower have all paid a visit to this location while campaigning – thanks partially due much central Des Moines’ buzzing electoral activity throughout modern history.

5) It has earned several notable awards

The beauty and significance of the property don’t go unnoticed: In recognition of its unique architecture as well as philanthropic goals organization had set when starting operations there, American Institute Of Architects awarded with title Iowa Architecture Award after listing into National Registry Historic Places list from Department Interior yearlong back.

The PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast remains a testament to the enduring spirit of sisterhood, philanthropy, and education. A true gem that deserves all accolades received throughout modern history! If you’re ever in Des Moines and appreciate historical significance alongside treasuring coziness- this property is highly recommended inclusion on your travel checklist without any hesitation.

The Meaning Behind Each Quilt at the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast

The PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast is a unique destination for travelers seeking an experience steeped in tradition, beauty, and history. Nestled in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, the bed and breakfast boasts a stunning collection of quilts that adorn each room.

For those unfamiliar with the art form, you might be wondering what makes these quilts so special? Well, each quilt at PEO tells a story – one that’s deeply connected to the Sisterhood’s mission of advancing women through education.

Let’s start with perhaps the most iconic quilt at PEO: The Friendship Quilt. Created by Chapter GJ members in 1930 as part of their fundraising efforts for educational programs for women, this hand-stitched masterpiece features individual squares from chapter members across the United States and Canada. But it’s not just any square; it showcases different symbols representing each member’s state or province such as flags or flowers. It represents not only friendship throughout North America but also solidarity in supporting higher education opportunities for women across borders.

The H.E.L.P. (Higher Education Loan Program) Quilt is another standout piece on display at PEO. This vibrant and modern-looking creation was made by students who received loans under PEO’s HELP program—which provides low-interest bank loans to qualified women pursuing undergraduate studies—who contributed original designs they sketched themselves onto fabric squares.. With its bright colors and bold shapes,, does more than add a pop of color to any space; Instead it illustrates how unconventional methods can be used to pursue academic goals.the perfect illustration

Another noteworthy textile is the Centennial Quilt which contains over 180 signatures from all living International Past Presidents along with colorful personal keepsakes.

This quilt serves as treasure-trove providing glimpses into discussions between formerly unacquainted people based solely out of mutual passion towards progress.

In addition to these must-see pieces there are many other truly remarkable textiles housed within the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast. The Fellows Quilt, for example – which is reserved exclusively for use by recipients of the prestigious P.E.O. Scholar Awards and literally wraps its owner in support from a global sisterhood that stretches over six continents.

The creation of this collection has been enabled through donations , auctioning off quilt items made by members to raise money towards educational opportunities as well serving as an artistic outlet- it’s no wonder why each blanket has so much depth behind its neat stitching.

For those seeking lodging filled with beauty, history, stories, and intrigue look no further than the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast where “a night under one of our quilts” transcends into more than just a good night’s sleep— you will be transported into rich connections between community involvement in artistry advocating education-alongside some great dreams!

A Look Inside: Touring the Cozy Rooms of the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast

When it comes to experiencing a bed and breakfast, few can compare to the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast. Tucked away in beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this gem of accommodations features some of the coziest rooms imaginable.

As you step inside this charming establishment, you’re immediately greeted by its warm and inviting atmosphere. The friendly staff members are always on hand to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Each room within the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast is unique and has been lovingly decorated with an eye for detail. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, you’re sure to find something that suits your style among their six main bedrooms.

From the moment we entered each room during our tour, we felt transported into another world – one which exuded comfort and relaxation at every turn. We especially loved Room #1, which boasts rustic wooden accents that perfectly complemented its vintage furnishings.

Room #2 was just as beautiful with its soft pastel colors combined with clean lines; while Room #3 had us feeling like royalty thanks to its over-sized four-poster bed draped in luxurious bedding topped off with spacious windows designed like ornate picture frames framing delightful views from outside.

The highlight of our tour? That would have to be Rooms 4-6 located upstairs! Apart from providing stunning views overlooking gardens below – they were unequivocally lively accented despite being muted against neutral palettes. Thankfully these rooms boasted plenty of natural light allowing vibrant details such intricate wallpaper patterns along accent walls come alive without overwhelming guests’ senses!

One thing that really stood out about the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast was how mindful they were when it came down making sure their guest feel taken care of every step throughout their visitation– even more so is reflected through booking processes too: personalized touches including casual phone call upon bookings verifications pre arrival notes!. Our group left feeling personally connected beyond reasonably priced cozy lodgings, but as well with the unique experience we inevitably encountered.

So if you’re looking for a charming getaway that is both affordable and comfortable, look no further than the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast. We certainly can’t wait to visit again soon – it truly was an unforgettable experience!

Table with useful data:

Room type Capacity Price per night
Single room 1 person $80
Double room 2 persons $120
Deluxe room 2 persons $150

Note: All rooms come with a complimentary breakfast.

Information from an expert:

As a seasoned hospitality professional, I highly recommend staying at the PEO Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast. Located in historic Fairfield, Iowa, this charming inn boasts comfortable rooms, tasty breakfasts, and friendly service. What sets it apart is its affiliation with the philanthropic organization PEO Sisterhood, which supports women‘s education through scholarships and grants. By choosing to stay here, guests are not only treated to a pleasant lodging experience but also contribute to a worthwhile cause. So if you’re looking for more than just a place to crash during your travels, consider booking at PEO Sisterhood B&B – you won’t regret it!

Historical fact:

The Peo Sisterhood Bed and Breakfast, located in Iowa, was originally built in 1910 as a home for P.E.O. sisterhood members to gather and hold meetings. It wasn’t until the 1990s that it was converted into a bed and breakfast.

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