Discovering the Stunning Filming Locations of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in Santorini

Discovering the Stunning Filming Locations of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in Santorini

Short answer where in santorini was sisterhood of the traveling pants filmed: The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants was partially shot on location at Oia village, located on Santorini Island. Several scenes were also filmed in Athens and other Greek Islands.

A Comprehensive Guide to Discovering Where In santorini was sisterhood of the traveling pants filmed

Are you a fan of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and have always admired the stunning backdrop that takes place throughout the film? Well, we’ve got great news! Much of this movie was actually filmed on location in beautiful Santorini Greece!

Santorini is located within an archipelago just off southwestern coastlines near Athens. Though various destinations around Europe claim to be “the” spot where filming took place for popular movies or TV series alike (just like King’s Landing from Game Of Thrones!), there are several locations across Santorini worthy showing up here.

So without further ado – let us give you a comprehensive guide to discovering Where In santorini Was SisterHood Of The traveling PaNts Filmed?

1. Oia Village:

This picturesque town possesses trademark blue-domed churches/shops which can surely make it more famous amongst wandering tourists than any other holiday destination ever will.
In fact, if I had one tip here – likely would bemy suggesting is getting lost with your gang members all over its neighborhood lanes/walkways whilst touring everything [on foot] prior stopping by iconic hotspot Café Bar Chutzis’ rooftop viewing area boasting commanding panoramic visions onto alternative sides such as Caldera islands & Aegean Sea etc., absolutely anyone visiting must experience seeing what comprises much sought-after views capturing scenes utilized heavily during production

2.Kamari Beach

A stone’s throw away paradise-like setting perfects each discovery venturedwhen Following Journeys for summer travelers descending upon Kamari beach spots easily situated right south-easternmost corner Greek island nestled smoothly against stretchy shorelines harboring contrasting sand dunes/blue saltwater sea awaiting enthusiastic visitors looking tired recharging batteries weather/sightseeing overcome them quickly when soaking highlights awe-inspiring ‘The Comedy Cave.’

3.Red Sand Beaches:

Definitely not only about sightseeing but further accentuating most spectacularly-present day/famous beaches found nowhere else along with same beautiful views that Papi’s family would indeed have witnessed before, The Red Beach is a must-visit stop on your Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants tour. Known for its unique red sand and dramatic cliffs rising out from crystalline waters below.

4.Akrotiri Excavation & Ancient City:

For those who love architecture or history regarding ancient cities former civilized human tribes occupied long time ago territories still remain highly popular amongst visitors.Tour package deals linked to Akrotiri featuring impeccable exhibit displays works about historical ruins abandoned beneath lava vents filling place worth seeing prior leaving

Throughout filming, Santorini’s stunning weather offered some exceptional scenery – reflecting gorgeous sunrises/sunsets across Aegean Sea waves clashing alongside white sandy shores essentially making already phenomenal surroundings even lovelier.

All in all there are several locations around this Greek island where various scenes throughout the movie were filmed! So whether it be exploring Oia Village viewpoints overlooking spectacular panoramic vistas surveyable right above water level rocks (”The Stairs To Paradise” set), scrambling over

Step-by-Step: How To Follow Paths Of Lena and Kostas From Sisterhood On Your Next Trip

If you’re a fan of the popular young adult novel, Sisterhood by author Alexandra Bullen, then it’s highly likely that you’ve fantasized about following in Lena and Kostas’ footsteps on their Greece trip.

Fortunately for all die-hard fans out there, we have taken it upon ourselves to prepare an easy-to-follow guide which will help turn those dreams into reality. Are You Ready?

Step 1: Decide on your Travel Itinerary

The first step is to finalize where exactly do you want to go during your Greek tour? The book mentions both Athens and Santorini as beautiful vacation spots; however, don’t forget that Greece has much more than just these two places!

Thessaloniki or Crete might cater better since they provide scenic beaches and ancient ruins just like how Kostas brings her around many small islands along with historical sites. So choose wisely!

Step 2: Visit Ancient Ruins

Sisterhood beautifully portrays Lena exploring various iconic locations such as Acropolis located in Athens or Knossos Palace present at the island of Crete would leave anyone awe-struck! Furthermore visiting contemporary art museums exhibiting paintings done back from past centuries could also be considered picking up some essence similar as written throughout story books too!.

Make sure not only visit but let yourself immersed fully within each place. Who knows what surprises may come across…

Step 3 : Food Exploration

Greek cuisine plays an important role throughout The Sisterhood series so make sure when looking through potential restaurants keep aside ample time catering this area well (Just Like Jambalaya – A must-visit food stop – depicted between pages ). While travelling get ready though because trying different foods can surely become risky specially once explored new scrumptiousness waiting down every street corner!)

Try saganaki cheese flamed tablesides indulge kalamari dishes tenderly fried perfectly garlicky taste alongside famous potato salad choice adding extra oomph whilst travelling through different places.

Step 4 : Enjoy the Scenic Beauty

Of course, it’s not a proper Greek trip without taking in all its natural beauty. Lena and Kostas are shown walking around picturesque streets lined with white-washed houses on cobblestone detailed paths of calm sunrise settings mesmerizing us as if we were right there alongside them!

Take opportunities to indulge chill margaritas next to deep blue beaches or eternal sunshine along panoramic trails overlooking lovely ocean backdrop unmatched experience surely worth trying once! (Hint: Hiking up Mount Lycabettus for Athenian sunset views is highly recommended!)

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve got an idea about planning your own Sisterhood-inspired Greek itinerary, Get ready because these recommendations will lead towards creating unforgettable moments throughout ones vacation journey awaiting ahead.
So pack appropriate gear & start hitting roads find each adventure waiting to be explored; making beautiful memories which breathe life into long charming story sequence from book translated perfectly in real-life experiences too!.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About The Iconic Venues From ‘Sisterhood’ Which Were Shot In Santorini

Santorini, the picturesque Greek Island known for its white washed houses and stunning views of Aegean Sea has often been a popular destination for filmmakers. The iconic Sisterhood movie had also shot some crucial sequences in this beautiful island.

Here are five interesting facts about the Venues from ‘Sisterhood’ which were Shot In Santorini that you might not know:

1) Ammoudi Bay- A Local Fisherman’s Haven

The scene where Lena (played by Amber Tamblyn) is jumping off a cliff into crystal clear water was filmed at Ammoudi bay! Located under Oia village and giving access to one of two ports on cliffs above it, ferry an array of fish directly onto your plate or take them back with you.

2) Kamari Beach – Black Sandy Shoreline Helping To Recover Some Crushed Hearts

One stop recognizable as Love-Lane involving Carmen( America Ferrera), who had grown tired leading her double life like Cinderella between claiming no responsibility while burdening others to pick up after her then showing love responsibly; walking towards us crashed against waves dressed all innocent-white bikini top & sarong matching converse they call out …but Thalia bites: “someday isn’t happening!” This momentous sequence took place here!

3)Villa Galinia – Minimalist And Elegant Architecture Against Nature’s Front-Side Sensations During Vacation..

Villa Galinia acted as Bridget’s retreat location throughout most parts kept running off-screen When she discovered Tibby failed Cam McDaniel romantically distraught finding solace multiple starts binging junk food relatable feely side begins unravel moments organized around laughter/funny endeavors activities shared amongst sister Nicky(April Bowlby).

4) Paradisos Hills Hotel- Luxury Is All It Takes To Heal One Damaged Heart Fate Has Been Continuing Demolishing Shredder Style…But Evolving Oneself From Within Can Bring Clarity And True Serenity

Tibby (played by Amber Tamblyn) stayed in the luxurious Paradisos Hills Hotel during her trip to Greece and watching Johnny Depp films, she found true serendipity walking through historic museums admiring art produced throughout ages always grounding herself on morals far ahead of time. Presented a picture-perfect view paired with infinity pools surrounded by rich green nature all dissolved into one.

5) Oia – That Beautiful Fall Scene When Lena Falls In Love With Kostos

This beautiful cliffside town is where we saw Kostos( played Michael Rady), sweeping feet under everyone said he’s trouble except for Annette who lived there really understands him? Across sequence costarring glittering Aegean sea framed behind tall rugged rocks overlooking shaped balcony giving platform enjoy SUNSET views iconic Santorini sunsets that leave you speechless filled them up secrets embraced their paths moving forwards together forever![referring to finalized proposal scene between characters].

In conclusion…..

Santorini remains an epitome of summer solstice having multiple beaches


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