Does Aegon Marry His Sister – The Shocking Truth Revealed!

does aegon marry his sister

Does Aegon marry his sister? This question has been a subject of intrigue and speculation among fans of the popular book series “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin, as well as its television adaptation. Let’s delve into the lore and explore this captivating topic.

In the world of Westeros, where the story takes place, it is not uncommon for noble families to engage in intermarriage to preserve bloodlines and alliances. Aegon Targaryen, also known as Aegon the Conqueror, was one of the most influential figures in Westerosi history. He conquered six out of seven kingdoms and established the Targaryen dynasty.

Now, when it comes to Aegon marrying his sister, there is indeed some truth to this claim. Aegon Targaryen married both Visenya and Rhaenys, who were his sisters. This practice of sibling marriage was not unheard of in ancient Valyria, from where House Targaryen originated. It was believed that marrying within their family would help maintain their distinct Valyrian features and powerful dragon-riding abilities.

So yes, Aegon did marry his sisters as part of a strategic decision to solidify their rule over Westeros. This unconventional marital arrangement played a significant role in shaping the future events in the Seven Kingdoms and further added to the complex dynamics within House Targaryen.

Does Aegon Marry His Sister

The Targaryen Family: A Brief Overview

To understand the dynamics surrounding Aegon Targaryen and his sister, we must first delve into the history of the Targaryen family. The Targaryens are a noble house hailing from the ancient land of Valyria. Known for their distinct features and powerful dragon-riding abilities, they established their rule in Westeros after fleeing the Doom of Valyria.

Throughout their lineage, the Targaryens had a tradition of intermarriage to maintain their pure bloodline and keep their Valyrian heritage intact. This practice was not uncommon among noble families during those times, as it allowed them to consolidate power and strengthen alliances.

Aegon and Daenerys: Siblings or Lovers?

One cannot discuss Aegon Targaryen without mentioning his sister Daenerys. Rumors have circulated regarding the nature of their relationship, with some suggesting that it went beyond sibling affection. However, these rumors are based on speculation rather than concrete evidence.

It is important to note that while there were instances of incestuous relationships within the Targaryen family tree, such unions were not universally accepted nor practiced by all members. While some siblings did marry each other, others followed more conventional paths when it came to marriage.

Targaryen Tradition: Marrying Within the Family

The tradition of marrying within the family was deeply rooted in Targaryen culture due to their beliefs about preserving their unique bloodline traits. By marrying close relatives, such as siblings or cousins, they aimed to keep their dragon-riding abilities strong and preserve other desirable qualities associated with being a Dragonlord.

Does Aegon Marry His Sister - The Shocking Truth Revealed!

Controversies Surrounding the Targaryen Union

Let’s delve into the controversies surrounding this intriguing aspect of Targaryen history.

  1. The Tradition of Sibling Marriages: In order to maintain their Valyrian bloodline and preserve their dragon-riding abilities, the Targaryens practiced sibling marriages for generations. This tradition allowed them to keep their noble lineage intact but raised eyebrows among other houses in Westeros.
  2. Historical Accounts: Historical accounts vary regarding whether Aegon actually married his sister or not. Some suggest that he did marry both Visenya and Rhaenys, while others argue that they were only his sisters and not wives. The lack of concrete evidence further fuels speculation and debate among historians.
  3. Moral and Ethical Concerns: Critics argue that sibling marriages are morally questionable due to potential health risks associated with a limited gene pool. Inbreeding can lead to increased vulnerability to genetic disorders and reduced fertility rates over time. This ethical dilemma adds another layer of controversy surrounding the Targaryen unions.
  4. Cultural Relativism: To fully understand these controversies, we must consider the cultural context within which the Targaryens operated. It’s important to remember that Westerosi society had different norms compared to our own world today. Relativizing their practices helps us analyze these unions from a more objective standpoint.
  5. Impact on Succession: Another point of contention lies in how sibling marriages affected succession within House Targaryen. By marrying siblings, power remained concentrated within one family line, often leading to disputes over who would inherit the Iron Throne. This, in turn, had far-reaching consequences for the stability of the realm.

The controversies surrounding whether Aegon Targaryen married his sister are deeply intertwined with the unique marital traditions of House Targaryen. The ethical concerns and impact on succession add further complexity to this debate. While historical accounts may differ, it is clear that these unions played a significant role in shaping the Targaryen dynasty and its place within Westerosi history.


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