Experience the Magic of the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage with this Enchanting Airbnb Stay

Experience the Magic of the Sanderson Sisters' Cottage with this Enchanting Airbnb Stay

Short Answer Sanderson Sisters Cottage Airbnb:

The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage Airbnb refers to a Fan-made replica of the iconic home from Hocus Pocus. Located in upstate New York, this unique rental is filled with references and details that pay homage to the beloved Halloween movie. However, it’s important to note that Disney has no involvement with this property or its owners.

Step-by-Step Guide for Booking Your Stay at Sanderson Sisters Cottage on Airbnb

Looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation spot that will transport you to another world? Look no further than the Sanderson Sisters Cottage on Airbnb!

Located in beautiful Salem, Massachusetts (yes, THAT Salem!), this charming cottage pays homage to everyone’s favorite witches with its spooky decor and all-around magical atmosphere. Booking your stay at Sanderson Sisters Cottage is easy – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an Airbnb account

If you haven’t already signed up for an Airbnb account, now’s the time! It takes just minutes to create an account using either your Facebook or Google credentials.

Step 2: Start Your Search

Navigate over towards AirBnBs search menu which has various filters like destination where users can add location of target area by searching through specific zip codes/City Area/State name etc., Dates when user wants accommodation option available within specified dates range along-with other amenities options set according their preferences such as Wifi availability; place type includes cottages/houses/room rentals shared /private places- so choose wisely based upon requirements

In our case explicitly used “Salem” & nearby city areas

For those looking solely specifically Halloween-themed rental properties make sure chosen month should be around October

Step3:- Explore Available Rental Properties Specific Options

After finding matching result list from above two categories respectively we decided browsing scroll down toward “Unique Stays” section under Homes.

If there were too many listings then smart idea would’ve been narrowing it more criteria while selecting individual Homes likes sorting by price/rating/reviews/shared peculiarities included Glasshouse or Kid-Friendly etc,.

But since here our focus was ‘Sanderson Sister’ wanted only check-back overall experiential details offered about listing before booking next step :

Reviews —what customers have said previously who had stayed exactly same place.

Amenities Offered At/Between A Place being Rented Out

Photos both Interior & Exterior depicting its overall curb appeal along with mention other quirks such as themed outdoor decoration / neighbor festivity decorations etc;

Step4: Booking The Stay

After limiting search results to ‘Sanderson Sister’ property accordingly on last step now we could finally proceed answering specific details where needful, select desired dates/number of guests (always check availability beforehand) and finalize by clicking “Book” button.

Once done pay the total rental amount using payment options like Paypal/Credit Cards or make use promotional codes for an attractive discount.

And that’s it – you’re all set to enjoy a spell-binding stay at Sanderson Sisters Cottage! Whether you’re looking for adventurous weekend getaway or simply wish experience Halloween atmosphere is unique way, this Airbnb has everything dreamt about. So what are waiting- book your spot today before someone else takes advantage special get away opportunity too!!

Sanderson Sister Cottage FAQs Answered: What to Expect When Staying in Salem’s Most Famous Home Rental

Sanderson Sister Cottage FAQs Answered: What to Expect When Staying in Salem’s Most Famous Home Rental

If you’re a fan of the Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus,” then it’s safe to say that staying at the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage would be a dream come true. And now, thanks to Airbnb and its enthusiastic hosts – we can! The historic home located on Ocean Avenue has been transformed into one of Salem Massachusetts’ top-rated vacation rentals with all kinds history hiding between its walls.

But before booking your stay for this upcoming spooky season or festive holiday period, let’s take some time out answering some frequently asked questions about what exactly awaits guests who have always dreamed of experiencing life as part-spooky but full-on amazing witches!

What is the Cost Per Night?

First off- prices are subject change depending per sleep arrangements and dates which reflect demand spikes throughout peak periods such as October weekends often having higher rates. As an average across different seasons ranging from 0-0 (excluding taxes/fees), this may not suit everyone traveling solo making sharing rooms advisable if trying save money while still enjoying priceless memories likely ghosts included)

How Many Guests Can Stay At Once?

The house sleeps up-to eight people comfortably so there no need fretting over fitting smaller sized groups inside given how much space-cushioning exists around each room inch available here; Each bedroom offers ample sleeping quarters without any potential awkwardness like those condos where friends end-up air-matressing after agreeing share / splitting getaway costs-saving efforts down middle regardless individual budgetary constraints by group members-not worries keeping spirits high when chillier nights arrive despite mild outside weather conditions, getting tucked cosily under thick covers resembling cobweb threads woven together naturally comforting visitors amidst surrounding witchy décor accents arched windows similar paintings known hang along hallways leading bedrooms offering ambience boosted foot torch lighting-enjoy moments cuddled dust bunny free surroundings too sparingly seen or felt that often!

Is Parking Available?

Pro tip: Salem is a one-way system which means parking could become tricky! But then, the Sanderson Sister Cottage provides private off-street parking in their driveway ensuring harmony with locals as well other drivers across neighboring streets area-wide.

What kind of amenities are available?

The Inn has wireless internet for seamless communication beyond snail-mail like Pamphlets distributed within (which they include speaking tips & tricks no less), fully-equipped kitchen including coffee maker ready-to-go morning routines. You’ll have access to multiple smart TVs enhancing convivial cobweb aesthetic present throughout each room-separately styled quirky whatnots lending adaptability prowess communal living spaces conjuring comfy feel factor befitting spooky-themed guests too. Bathrooms come equipped modern sundries apothecary providing supplies potions familiar resembling those helping our favorite witches remain ageless during movie Hocus Pocus while meeting your needs at every turn being whisked away by youthful exuberance invoked long before checking-in even occurs-forgets lugging travel-sized essential products anymore it

Top 5 Facts About the Enchanting Experience Offered by Sanderson Sisters Cottage Airbnb

If you’re a fan of the cult classic film “Hocus Pocus,” then you’ll be delighted to learn that there’s an enchanting Airbnb experience in New York inspired by the Sanderson Sisters, Winifred, Sarah and Mary. The Sanderson Sisters Cottage is located right next to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where Washington Irving himself rests along with many other historic figures.

Here are five facts about this immersive getaway:

1) Step into Hocus Pocus – Fans of the movie will feel like they stepped inside their favourite Halloween flick as soon as they enter. From authentic props from the set scattered throughout including costumes worn on screen by Bette Midler (Winifred), Kathy Najimy (Mary) & more! To all sorts of spooky decor items strategically placed around each nook and cranny.

2) Themed Bedrooms – Each bedroom has its o wn magical theme complete with unique ornaments giving it ultimate character inspiring guests imagination whilst having fun exploring.

3 ) Interact With Familiar Characters– Expect appearances from our resident Trick or Treater/ Horror films expert John Campopiano.! He brings his love for these terrifying tales alive conducting themed quizzes, scavenger hunts tips before checking out local haunts worth visiting,w hile nothing beats sitting down watching some horror together… but do mute those screams…it can get pretty intense!

4 ) A Secret Room–For any curious cats looking for adventure,you may just find yourself at one point unlocking a secret room hidden within bedrooms filled eerily exciting evidence enhancing anyone’s Staycation / Spooky escapade worthwhile—you definitely won’t disappointed

5 ) Complete Privacy without letting go convenience-With full access Guests stay completely undisturbed during heir journey however hosts leave contact Info nearby incase assistance needed while emphasising safe distancing protocols so don’t hesitate reach them when necessary

Sanderson Sister cottage offers up something different than most especially if trying planning Fall travel plans too. The ultimate goal of this unique, theatrical rental is letting visitors immerse themselves in a completely different world while making unforgettable memories and we believe that’s what everyone wants!


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