How Do You Say Sister in French – A Quick Guide

how do you say sister in french

How do You Say Sister in French

Wondering how to say “sister” in French? Well, the word you’re looking for is “sœur.” In French, we pronounce it as “seur,” with a silent final consonant. Sœur is a feminine noun that refers to a female sibling.

In the French language, gender plays an important role in determining the appropriate word to use when referring to family members. So if you have a brother and sister, you would refer to them as “frère et sœur.” It’s worth noting that unlike some languages where there are different words for older and younger siblings, French uses the same term regardless of birth order.

If you want to mention your sister specifically, you can use possessive pronouns like “ma sœur” (my sister) or “ta sœur” (your sister). These pronouns help specify the relationship between yourself and your sibling.

Now that you know how to say “sister” in French, you can confidently refer to your sibling or talk about familial relationships in conversations with native speakers. So go ahead and impress others with your knowledge of this basic but essential vocabulary!

How Do You Say Sister in French - A Quick Guide

Understanding the concept of ‘sister’ in French

When it comes to expressing the word “sister” in French, there are a few important things to understand. In French, the word for sister is “sœur”. Here’s a breakdown of some key points:

  1. Translation: The literal translation of “sister” from English to French is “sœur”. It’s pronounced as “seur”.
  2. Gender and Number Agreement: Like many words in French, the noun “sœur” needs to agree with other parts of speech in terms of gender and number. For example:
    • To refer to one sister, you would say “une sœur”.
    • To talk about multiple sisters, you would use the plural form: “des sœurs”.
  1. Formal vs Informal Address:
    • When addressing your sister directly or referring to her informally, you can simply use “sœur”.
    • However, if you want to address someone else’s sister formally or politely, you can use the term “la sœur de [someone]” which means “[someone]’s sister”.
  1. Family Relationships:
    • If you want to talk about other family relationships related to sisters, here are a few common terms:
      • Brother and Sister: Frère et Sœur
      • Older Sister: Grande Sœur
      • Younger Sister: Petite Sœur
      • Half-Sister: Demi-sœur

Remember that pronunciation plays an important role when speaking in French. Pay attention to accents and liaisons while pronouncing these words.

Understanding how to say “sister” in French involves recognizing that it is translated as “sœur”, taking into account gender and number agreements, and being aware of formal versus informal address options. Additionally, knowing related family relationship terms can enhance your understanding of familial connections in French. So, whether you’re talking about your own sister or referring to someone else’s, you now have the knowledge to express this concept accurately in French.


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