How Many Sister Wives Are Left – The Current Cast

how many sister wives are left

How Many Sister Wives Are Left

If you’re curious about the current status of the popular reality TV show “Sister Wives,” you may be wondering how many sister wives are left in the cast. As an avid viewer, I’ve done some research to provide you with the latest updates.

Currently, there are X sister wives remaining in the cast of “Sister Wives.” Over the years, we have seen some changes in the dynamics and number of sister wives within this polygamous family. While it initially started with a larger group, various factors such as personal choices or relationship developments have led to a reduction in the number of sister wives.

It’s important to note that these numbers can fluctuate as time goes on. The dynamic nature of relationships and personal decisions can influence who remains part of the cast. So, if you’re eager to catch up on “Sister Wives” and find out how many sister wives are still involved in this unique family arrangement, stay tuned for more updates.

How Many Sister Wives Are Left - The Current Cast

The Current Status of Sister Wives

The popular reality show “Sister Wives” has captivated audiences with its unique portrayal of a polygamous family. Over the years, viewers have become invested in the lives of the Brown family and their journey through plural marriage. As the show progresses, fans often wonder how many sister wives are left and what their current status is. Let’s delve into the current cast and find out.

The Brown Family: A Quick Recap

Before we dive into the present, let’s take a moment to recap who the main players in the Brown family are:

  1. Kody Brown: The patriarch of the family.
  2. Meri Brown: Kody’s first wife.
  3. Janelle Brown: Kody’s second wife.
  4. Christine Brown: Kody’s third wife.
  5. Robyn Brown: Kody’s fourth and legal wife.

Who Are Still Sister Wives?

As of now, all four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – remain part of the “Sister Wives” series. Each wife brings her own unique perspective to their unconventional lifestyle, creating interesting dynamics within the family.

Recent Developments

In recent seasons, there have been some shifts in relationships within the family:

  • Meri’s relationship with Kody has faced challenges but continues to evolve as they work on rebuilding trust.
  • Janelle remains committed to her marriage with Kody while focusing on personal growth and pursuing her own interests.
  • Christine continues to navigate her role as one of multiple wives while exploring her individuality outside of her marriage.
  • Robyn plays a significant role as she is not only a sister wife but also legally married to Kody.

It is important to note that each sister wife has her own independent life and aspirations alongside their shared commitment to plural marriage.


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