How Old Is Barbie’s Sisters? Exploring the Age of Barbie’s Beloved Siblings

how old is barbie's sisters

One of Barbie’s well-known sisters is Skipper Roberts, who is often portrayed as a teenager. As for the other siblings, they include Stacie Roberts, Chelsea Roberts, and Krissy Roberts, among others. These characters have evolved over time and have been featured in various Barbie movies and merchandise.

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How Old Is Barbie’s Sisters

Barbie, the iconic doll loved by many, has a diverse and interesting family. Let’s take a closer look at Barbie’s sisters and explore their unique personalities and stories.

  1. Skipper Roberts:

One of Barbie’s most well-known sisters is Skipper Roberts. She is known for her youthful spirit and adventurous nature. Skipper is depicted as being younger than Barbie, usually in her early teens. Over the years, Skipper has undergone various transformations to reflect changing trends and styles.

  1. Stacie Roberts:

Stacie Roberts is another one of Barbie’s sisters who adds fun and excitement to the family dynamic. Like Skipper, Stacie is portrayed as being younger than Barbie but older than Chelsea (another sister we’ll discuss shortly). Stacie often brings an energetic vibe to playtime adventures with her siblings.

  1. Chelsea Roberts:

Chelsea Roberts completes the trio of younger siblings in Barbie’s family. As the youngest sister, Chelsea brings a sense of innocence and wonder to their imaginative world. Her character has evolved over time to represent different age ranges, allowing children of various ages to relate to her.

  1. Kelly/Shelly:

In addition to Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, there was also another sister named Kelly/Shelly, depending on different iterations of the Barbie franchise. Kelly/Shelly represents yet another dimension of sibling relationships within the Barbie universe.

It’s worth noting that while these four sisters are well-established characters in some versions of Barbie lore, others may not include all or any specific siblings mentioned above due to varying storylines throughout history.

Each sister brings something unique to the table with their own interests, personalities, and talents – adding depth and diversity to the world of Barbie.

How Old Is Barbie's Sisters? Exploring the Age of Barbie's Beloved Siblings

What are the Names of Barbie’s Sisters?

Barbie, the iconic doll, has a close-knit family that includes several sisters. Let’s take a closer look at their names and some interesting details about them.

  1. Skipper: One of Barbie’s most well-known sisters is Skipper. She is known for her youthful spirit and adventurous nature. Skipper is often portrayed as being slightly younger than Barbie, making her the perfect companion for imaginative playtime.
  2. Stacie: Stacie is another one of Barbie’s sisters who brings her own unique personality to the mix. With her love for sports and outdoor activities, she adds a sporty flair to the family dynamic.
  3. Chelsea: The youngest sister in Barbie’s clan is Chelsea. As an adorable and playful character, Chelsea brings joy and excitement to every adventure with her bubbly personality.
  4. Kelly: Although not as prominent in recent years, Kelly was once part of Barbie’s extended family as her little sister. She had her own line of dolls and accessories that catered to younger fans.


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