How To Get Sisters Of Parvos And What Are The Benefits

how to get sisters of parvos

How To Get Sisters Of Parvos

Are you curious about how to obtain the Sisters of Parvos and what benefits they bring? Well, I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps on how to acquire these formidable allies and highlight the advantages they offer.

To begin your journey in acquiring the Sisters of Parvos, you’ll first need to engage with the Corpus Proxima and Railjack missions. These missions will immerse you in intense space battles as you face off against Corpus forces. By successfully completing these challenging encounters, you have a chance to encounter Sister Beacons.

Once you’ve obtained a Sister Beacon, it’s time to track down your potential Sister of Parvos. You can do this by equipping the beacon in your gear wheel and activating it during a Grineer mission. This will summon your prospective sister into battle. Defeating her is essential if you want to claim her as your own companion.

Now that we’ve covered how to get Sisters of Parvos, let’s talk about their benefits. These fierce warriors come with unique abilities and powerful weaponry that can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness. Additionally, each Sister has her own distinct personality and backstory, adding depth and immersion to your gameplay experience.

So there you have it! With this knowledge on how to obtain Sisters of Parvos and an understanding of their benefits, you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey alongside these formidable allies. Get ready for thrilling battles and newfound power as you forge strong alliances in Warframe’s universe!

How To Get Sisters Of Parvos And What Are The Benefits

What Are Sisters Of Parvos?

The Sisters of Parvos is a new system introduced in Warframe, offering players exciting gameplay opportunities and unique rewards. If you’re wondering how to get Sisters of Parvos and what benefits they bring, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Introduction to the Sisters: The Sisters of Parvos are powerful female adversaries that players can encounter during their missions in Warframe. These formidable foes possess enhanced abilities and formidable weaponry, making them a thrilling challenge for even the most experienced Tenno.
  2. Obtaining a Sister: To acquire your own Sister of Parvos, you’ll need to complete specific tasks known as “Lich Missions.” These missions involve hunting down and defeating Liches, which are essentially the male counterparts to the Sisters. By successfully vanquishing a Lich, you’ll have a chance to convert them into your very own Sister.
  3. Bonding with your Sister: Once you’ve converted a Lich into a Sister, she becomes an ally rather than an enemy. You can interact with her within your Orbiter and engage in various activities together. This bonding process unlocks additional benefits such as access to exclusive weapons, mods, cosmetics, and even special missions.
  4. Unique Rewards: One of the main attractions of acquiring Sisters of Parvos is gaining access to exclusive rewards. As you progress in your bond with your Sister, she will offer tradeable items called “Kuva Weapons” that pack quite a punch on the battlefield. These weapons possess unique stats and can be upgraded using Kuva resources obtained from Kuva Siphon or Kuva Flood missions.
  5. Continued Adventure: The addition of the Sisters of Parvos system adds another layer of depth and excitement to Warframe’s ever-expanding universe. By collecting different Sisters with varying abilities and personalities, players can embark on thrilling adventures alongside their newfound allies, enhancing their Warframe experience.

In conclusion, the Sisters of Parvos introduce a thrilling new gameplay mechanic in Warframe. Obtaining and bonding with these powerful allies opens up a world of unique rewards and exciting missions. So gear up, face the challenge, and dive into the realm of Sisters of Parvos to enhance your Warframe journey.


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