How To Say Sister In Arabic – The Different Ways

how to say sister in arabic

How To Say Sister In Arabic

If you’re interested in learning how to say sister in Arabic, you’ve come to the right place! Arabic, being a diverse and rich language, offers several different ways to refer to a sister. In this article, I’ll guide you through the various terms used to express this familial relationship in Arabic.

One of the most common ways to say sister in Arabic is “ukht” (أخت). This term is widely used across different dialects and regions. However, it’s important to note that there are other words that can be used as well, depending on the context and personal preference.

In some dialects, you may also come across the word “sahba” (صحبة), which specifically refers to a female sibling or companion. Additionally, the term “khood” (خوذ) is occasionally used in certain dialects as an alternative for sister.

Learning these variations will not only expand your vocabulary but also help you better understand and communicate with Arabic speakers when discussing family relationships. So let’s dive deeper into each term and explore their nuances together!

How To Say Sister In Arabic - The Different Ways

Different Words for Sister in Arabic

When it comes to expressing the word “sister” in Arabic, there are several different ways to convey this familial relationship. Let’s explore some of the common terms used for sister in Arabic.

  1. أُخْت (Ukht): This is the standard term used to refer to a biological sister in Arabic. It can be used when talking about both older and younger sisters.
  2. شَقِيقة (Shaqiqa): This term is also commonly used to mean “sister” in Arabic and is often interchangeable with “أُخْت”. It can be used when referring to blood-related sisters as well as close female friends who are like sisters.
  3. أُخْتُ الأب (Ukhtu al-Ab): This phrase translates to “paternal aunt.” In certain contexts, it may also be used to refer to an older woman who is regarded as a respected figure within the family or community, similar to an elder sister.
  4. المَرْأَة (Al-Mar’a): While not specific to siblings, this term means “woman” and can be used colloquially among Arab speakers as a way of addressing or referring to someone they consider as a sister figure.

It’s important to note that the usage of these terms may vary depending on cultural and regional differences within the Arab-speaking world. Some regions may have additional dialect-specific words for sister, while others may use different variations of the aforementioned terms.

In conclusion, there are various ways to express the concept of “sister” in Arabic, including “أُخْت,” “شَقِيقة,” “أُخْتُ الأب,” and even broader terms like “المَرْأَة.” Understanding these different words can help foster clearer communication and stronger connections when discussing familial relationships in Arabic-speaking contexts.


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