How to Write a Good Analysis Essay on Political Science


Writing an analysis essay has always been a challenging task for most students. With the emergence of writing centers across the United States, students can access assistance through tutors and materials on how to write a good analysis essay on political science. Political science encompasses multidimensional components, and students can rely on various concepts to write good analysis essays. Essentially, writing a good analysis essay on political science requires students to explore democracy, authority, freedom, equality, and power and examine how they intersect.

First Step: Explore the Concept of Democracy

Democracy refers to how people govern themselves through their representatives. The study of political science considers this a crucial element as it explores the concept by describing what a democratic political landscape looks like. Although the idea seems straightforward, it includes complex sub-concepts requiring an in-depth approach to differentiate some political practices that appear democratic when they are not.

Second Step: Explore the Concept of Authority

Students who write a good analysis essay also incorporate the concept of authority. While exploring the idea, they identify the factors that make some leaders more authoritative than others and what they do best to attract greater followership. Similarly, while the concept might seem straightforward, a good exploration incorporates how wealth and education can be factors in acquiring authority, how they can differ significantly, and how the authority is sustained.

Third Step: Explore the Concept of Freedom

Freedom is a fundamental aspect of human life beyond the political scope. Students writing analysis essays and including this concept describe how freedom varies across different people of distinct levels of political influence.


For instance, a president may have more political freedom to discuss matters concerning the government while restraining other political leaders from doing so. In this case, political interests supersede issues of national importance that a student needs to consider in the essay.

Fourth Step: Explore the Concept of Equality

While students recall the previous concepts, they need to explore how equality is created by political factors and how it influences governance structures. For example, a student might explore how wealth creates inequality and how the latter is sustained through political and economic barriers. Equality is a concept that discusses why leaders might want to discourage it since they want to remain in power for the longest time possible.

Fifth Step: Explore the Concept of Power

A good analysis essay also examines how power is acquired, maintained, and distributed. Power is the capacity to influence people and change their behaviors, beliefs, and actions. While writing an analysis essay on political science, students can consult a writing center like the Wr1ter for assistance in organizing ideas on the concepts of power and authority.

Last Step: Examining How the Five Concepts Intersect

The last step involves an examination of how the five concepts intersect with each other. For example, democracy allows people to be more authoritative than their leaders in decision-making. Authority and power intersect as people can use their power to gain the legitimacy of their political dominance. Finally, equality and freedom intersect because inequalities are created where people lack the freedom to access resources equally.


In conclusion, the concepts of democracy, authority, freedom, equality, and power are essential in writing a comprehensive analysis essay in political science. Students can use writing centers to learn how the concepts intersect and how they influence politics. With such an approach, one can easily write a detailed analysis essay that explores different dimensions of political components.


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