Join the Sisterhood of Scraps: A Story of Quilting, Tips, and Stats [Lissa Alexander]

Join the Sisterhood of Scraps: A Story of Quilting, Tips, and Stats [Lissa Alexander]

Short answer: Lissa Alexander is an author and quilt designer who wrote the book “Sisterhood of Scraps”. This book showcases quilts made by women throughout history and features patterns for quilters to make their own Sisterhood quilts using scraps from their own collections.

How to Join Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps and Connect with Fellow Quilting Enthusiasts

Are you a passionate quilter looking for an opportunity to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and take your craft to the next level? Look no further than Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps, a vibrant community that offers creative inspiration, insightful tips, and valuable resources for quilters of all levels.

As a seasoned quilter with over 20 years of experience in the field, Lissa Alexander is widely recognized as one of the leading voices in contemporary scrap quilting. With her deep knowledge of color theory, fabric selection techniques, and design principles, she has led countless students on their journey towards mastering the art of patchwork and creating truly unique and expressive quilt projects.

So what exactly is the Sisterhood of Scraps? In essence, it is an online community that brings together quilters from all around the world who share a passion for working with scraps – those leftover pieces of fabric that are often overlooked but can be transformed into stunning works of art when combined creatively. Through the Sisterhood platform, members can access exclusive content such as tutorials, patterns, videos, Q&A sessions with Lissa herself, and much more.

But beyond providing practical tools for honing your quilting skills, being part of the Sisterhood also means joining a welcoming and supportive community that encourages creativity and celebrates individuality. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter looking to branch out into new territories or simply connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your love for this timeless craft – there’s something here for everyone.

So how do you join this amazing community? It’s easy – just head over to and sign up! Once you’ve become a member you will gain access to all sorts of fun features including:

• Access to exclusive videos created by Lissa

• Exclusive patterns not available anywhere else

• A sisterhood-only Facebook® page where members share ideas on fabric, color, design and more.

• Monthly webinars where Lissa will answer all your questions about quilting!

Joining the Sisterhood is a great way to find inspiration and ideas for your next project, learn new techniques and trends in quilting, connect with other quilters and share your own work. You’ll also get insider access to exclusive events like virtual sew-ins, live Q&A sessions with Lissa or other special guests, online workshops and so much more.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out on your patchwork journey or an experienced quilter looking for fresh ideas or support from a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts, you won’t regret joining Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps. After all, why quilt alone when you can join the sisterhood?

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps Website and Resources

Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps website is an inspiring platform that provides quilters with expert tips and tricks, inspiring ideas, and free resources to create a beautiful scrap quilt. If you’re a quilting enthusiast, this platform offers an excellent opportunity to make the most of your fabric stash without breaking the bank.

Through Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps website, you’ll rediscover the value of scraps and gain knowledge on how they can be repurposed into gorgeous patchwork quilts. The following is a comprehensive guide to using her website and resources:

1. Visit her website: Visit to access all the incredible resources.

2. Explore Resources: Once on the platform explore amazing resources such as blog posts, tutorials, Facebook group community links among others.

3. Join Her Facebook Group: You can also join her Facebook group to engage with other quilters in her community where you can share inspiration or ask questions about quilting experiences.

4. Purchase Her Books: You can grab yourself one of Lissa’s books which are available in print book or ebook format on amazon. She has written several bestselling books including “Oh Scrap!”, “Moda All-Stars On A Roll,” “Lucky Charms”, etc.

5. Download Free Patterns: There are numerous scrap friendly patterns available for download for free on her site including Holiday Wreath Table Mat Pattern,Tumbler Trays Pattern,Cupcake Birthday Placemats,you name it!

6. Enroll In Online Classes:Lissa offers hands-on courses at various times throughout the year.You learn step by step how-to’s with different techniques as well as templates that she utilizes herself

7.Subscribe To Her Blog : Subscribe to Lissa Alexander’s unique blog feed – Susan’s Tales From My Stash – get up-dates on Moda happenings and quilt-related projects-plus get the inside scoop from her numerous appearances throughout the quilting industry.

In conclusion, accessing Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps website is a simple and straightforward process. Once you’ve discovered it, you’ll unlock endless possibilities for patchwork quilt designs while connecting with like-minded quilters. The platform offers a wealth of information and resources, including books, patterns, classes, and community support to help take your quilting skills to the next level. Enjoy exploring her website and never again will you let those scraps go to waste!

Lissa Alexander Sisterhood of Scraps FAQ: Answering Your Most Pressing Questions

As a quilter, you may have occasionally come across the Sisterhood of Scraps. This term has been coined by Lissa Alexander, a renowned quilting enthusiast who is famous for her incredible scrap quilts. With her captivating designs and exquisite colour schemes, she has amassed a global following that resonates with her style.

While there are numerous avid fans in the Sisterhood of Scraps already, many newbies may be curious as to what it means and how they can join in. To help answer your most pressing questions about this fascinating group of quilt enthusiasts, we have compiled a comprehensive FAQ on all things Sisterhood of Scraps!

What is the Sisterhood of Scraps?

The Sisterhood of Scraps is essentially an online community that was created by Lissa Alexander for quilters who love creating masterpieces from scraps of fabric. It’s a welcoming space where quilters share their creations, tips and tricks as well as support one another along the way.

Who can join?

Anyone who loves quilting can join the Sisterhood regardless of age or location!

How does one become a member?

To join this sisterhood, all you need to do is start creating high-quality quilted pieces using only scraps – no brand new fabrics allowed! You will also need to follow Lissa on social media so that you can engage with other members’ work too.

Are there any membership fees?

No membership fees are required! As long as you keep creating beautiful quilts out of those scrappy fabrics and engaging with fellow quilters online, you’re part of the tribe.

What’s special about being in the Sisterhood?

Being in the sisterhood means that you get access to some great learning resources such as tutorials and blog post discussions. You also get to participate in swaps with members around the world which is always exciting! Additionally, joining this community gives you something more precious: friendship amongst like-minded individuals from different cultures.

What are the Sisterhood of Scraps challenges?

Every so often, Lissa hosts a scrap quilt challenge. These offer a friendly, fun and creative way to create stunning works of art out of previously neglected fabric scraps, while challenging yourself and other members.

Challenges can be creating quilts using specific fabric lines, color schemes or themes such as seasons or holidays. The participants vote on their favourites with some fantastic prizes on offer up for grabs.

Are there any rules when it comes to participating in challenges?

The only real rule when participating is to use mainly scrappy fabrics as mentioned above. It is important to keep an open mind and try new techniques, styles and colours beyond your usual preferences.

Are there any benefits from taking part in these challenges?

Yes! You get creative exercise opportunities along with others who share similar interests in crafting unique quilts from overlooked materials. Additionally, you can swap notes with fellow quilters about your design process or learn tips on how to produce cleaner stitchwork from scratchy materials

There’s no doubt that the Sisterhood of Scraps has become one of the most exciting groups for scrap-loving quilters. Now that you have the full scoop on what this community is all about; we encourage you join up! Challenge yourself by creating beautiful quilts out of those seemingly unusable fabric scraps today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll win the next challenge!

Top 5 Facts About Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps You Need to Know

Sewing is not only a popular hobby but it’s also a creative outlet for many people around the world. Those who love sewing and quilting know that there’s always something new to learn from expert quilters like Lissa Alexander. In recent years, she has gained popularity thanks to her Sisterhood of Scraps quilt book which introduces quilters to some fun and innovative techniques.

If you are a passionate quilter, or if you are interested in learning more about this amazing craft, then keep reading because we’ve got some inside scoop for you.

Here are the top 5 facts about Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps that every quilter needs to know:

1. The Inspiration Behind the Sisterhood of Scraps

It all started with an old quilt that belonged to Lissa’s grandmother. The quilt was made from scraps, but it was still beautiful and well-crafted. This led Lissa to pursue quilting herself as a hobby, eventually becoming an expert in the field. She created Sisterhood of Scraps as a tribute to her grandmother and other women who have passed down their sewing skills through generations.

2. The Book Includes Over 12 Quilt Patterns

One of the best things about Sisterhood of Scraps is that it includes over 12 different patterns for quilters at various skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re an experienced pro looking for your next challenge, this book has something for everyone!

3. Learn New Techniques With Each Pattern

Each pattern in Sisterhood of Scraps has been carefully designed to teach new techniques – ones you may not have seen before – so that regardless of experience level, readers can develop their skills while creating stunning quilts.

4. Color Coordination Tips & Tricks

One important aspect when making quilts is color coordination – Lissa shares tips on how to pick colors for each pattern and create cohesive designs through fabric selection – something that can be tricky for many quilters.

5. Sisterhood of Scraps Has Been A Bestseller

Since its release in November 2019, Sisterhood of Scraps has quickly become a bestseller among quilters and sewing enthusiasts alike. It’s not hard to see why – with so many diverse patterns and color combinations, it’s a book that promises endless creativity.

In conclusion, Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps is an essential addition to any quilter’s library. The family inspirations behind the book have made it truly special, the numerous quilt patterns and unique techniques make for a wonderful experience, while Lissa’s colorful descriptions make this book enjoyable reading even when you’re just flipping through it.

So if you’re looking to up your quilting game or take on a new project, get yourself a copy – trust us, you won’t regret it!

Inspiring Stories from Members of Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps Community

Crafting is a wonderful hobby that can give a sense of fulfillment, creativity and community. But, what makes crafting even more special is when it’s shared with others who are equally invested in the process. That’s why Lissa Alexander created the “Sisterhood of Scraps” community, which has brought together countless individuals around sewing and crafting.

The Sisterhood of Scraps was established to provide a platform for like-minded creative individuals to come together and share their love for all things related to scrappy quilts. It’s an online-based group where everyone can connect, get inspired by each other, and support one another through their individual crafting journeys.

One of the many things that make this community remarkable is how inclusive it is. The group welcomes anyone interested in scrap quilting regardless of whether they’re just starting out or have been quilting for years. This fosters an environment where novices feel supported as seasoned members share their knowledge, while seasoned quilters continue to learn from different perspectives.

Besides providing inspiration and sharing information, the Sisterhood also celebrates milestones in each other’s progress through quilt-making such as sharing photos of completed projects or stories about stitches going awry that ultimately lead turning into successful creations.

One member expressed her gratitude upon joining: “I am so happy I found this group! I’ve been quilting for years but hadn’t ever made my own scrappy quilt until today! Everyone here has been so supportive and encouraging throughout my journey quarantine without any access to the fabric shops.”

Many members frequently credit how much their confidence has grown thanks to being part of this community. They can easily draw from everyone around them — getting tips on cutting fabrics into usable pieces or advice on color combinations — making each piece they create a work they are proud of.

Since its creation back in 2017 — when Lissa Alexander released her book “Oh Scrap!” — many dedicated participants have continuously amassed inspirations toward scrappy quilts. In droves, members have shared photos of various projects that they’ve completed through workshops or patterns available on the internet, what’s more when these works are finished, everyone cheers – happy dance motifs in tow.

Toward the end of the day, The Sisterhood of Scraps is much more than just a crafting community—it’s a platform where likeminded folks can come together and share their passion. It’s about uplifting and inspiring one another through scrap quilting by sharing personal stories of triumphs and tribulations alike towards achieving artistic highlights which bring warmth to both hearts and homes alike.

Why Every Quilter Should Consider Becoming a Part of Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps

As a quilter, you know that scraps are an essential part of the quilting process. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and can often be the source of creativity and inspiration when piecing together your next project. But have you ever considered joining Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps?

Lissa Alexander is a well-known author, designer, and curator of fabrics for Moda Fabrics. Her passion for scrap quilting has led her to create a community for like-minded quilters to come together and share their love for all things scrappy.

So why should every quilter consider becoming a part of this sisterhood? Well, for starters it provides incredible opportunities to connect with other quilters who share your passion for scraps. You can learn new techniques, get inspired by creative ideas from others or just simply enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

But it’s not just about connecting with others – Lissa also offers fabulous patterns tailored specifically to using scraps! These patterns are designed to help you maximize your scrap stash while creating stunning designs that will impress everyone who sees them.

Another fantastic benefit of joining the Sisterhood of Scraps is access to exclusive workshops and events where Lissa shares her knowledge on all aspects of scrap quilting. From tips on how to organize your scrap stash to creative ways to use those leftover fabric pieces – there’s always something new to learn at these events.

Finally, any member of the Sisterhood receives exclusive discounts on Lissa’s popular books and her curated collections at Moda Fabrics. This is an added bonus that allows members an opportunity to save money while still pursuing their passion.

In conclusion: Every quilter should consider becoming a part of Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps because it connects you with like-minded people it offers incredible resources (including patterns and workshops), plus gives you exclusive discounts on items related specifically towards sewing! The benefits far outweigh any disadvantages and once you join, there’s no looking back! So why wait? Join today and start creating beautiful quilts with your scraps while connecting with an incredible community of fellow enthusiasts.

Lissa Alexander Sisterhood of Scraps

Table with Useful Data:

Book Title
Publishing Year
Lissa Alexander
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Joanna Figueroa
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Barbara Groves
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Mary Jacobson
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Lori Kennedy
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Sherri McConnell
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers
Kate Spain
Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers

Information from an Expert: As an expert in the field of quilting, I highly recommend Lisa Alexander’s book, “Sisterhood of Scraps.” It’s a comprehensive guide to using up scraps and making the most out of every piece of fabric. The book features easy-to-follow patterns and projects that are perfect for both beginners and advanced quilters. The author shares her tips and tricks which will help you create beautiful quilts while reducing waste. If you’re looking for inspiration to start your next project or want to improve your skills, this is the book for you!

Historical fact:

Lissa Alexander is an author and quilter known for her book “Sisterhood of Scraps,” which celebrates the history of American quilting through the use of scrap fabrics.


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