Meet Sharlee Jeter: Who is Derek Jeter’s Sister?

who is derek jeter's sister?

Who is Derek Jeter’s Sister?

In my years of following baseball, I’ve come to know many players. One such player who’s always intrigued me is Derek Jeter. As a former professional baseball shortstop, Jeter’s career with the New York Yankees was nothing short of stellar. But today, I’m not here to talk about his baseball career. I’m here to shed some light on his lesser-known sibling, his sister.

Sharlee Jeter is the name that might not ring a bell as loud as Derek Jeter, but she’s made significant strides in her own right. Being the sibling of a famous athlete can often overshadow one’s own achievements, but Sharlee’s accomplishments stand tall.

Sharlee Jeter, a successful businesswoman and philanthropist, is a force to be reckoned with. She’s not just Derek Jeter’s sister; she’s an influential figure who’s made a name for herself. Stay tuned as I delve deeper into the life and achievements of Sharlee Jeter.


Derek Jeter’s sister, Sharlee Jeter, has always been the quieter sibling. She’s been out of the spotlight unlike her famous brother but her achievements and contributions to the community shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Sharlee spent her early years in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She actively participated in various sports activities in her early school days showing a keen interest in sports just like her brother. But her story took a turn when she chose a completely different career path for herself.

Sharlee started her profession in the non-profit sector. In fact, she’s the president of the Turn 2 Foundation. The foundation which was started by Derek Jeter in 1996 focuses on:

  • Helping young people avoid drug and alcohol addiction
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Academic success
  • Social change

Her role as president involves managing foundation operations nationwide. Her leadership has turned the foundation into a robust organization that’s helped countless young people. Moreover, she’s also co-authored a book. Named The Stuff, it’s about people overcoming adversities and how they triumphed despite the challenges they faced.

It’s her commitment, focus, and drive towards making a difference in the lives of young people that truly sets her apart. She might be known as Derek Jeter’s sister but Sharlee has become a force to reckon with in the non-profit world.

Sharlee Jeter

Derek Jeter’s sister, Sharlee Jeter, is a woman of substance who sets a high bar in her own right. Often overshadowed by her brother’s extraordinary fame, Sharlee has always been more than just ‘Derek Jeter’s sister’. Over time, she dazzled the world with her exceptional dedication to business, philanthropy and leadership skills.

She is the president of the Turn 2 Foundation. More than just her title, it’s a role Sharlee deeply cherishes. This non-profit, initiated by her brother Derek, strives to guide young individuals towards a life of accomplishment. Their mission? Encourage youth to stay clear of substance addiction, lead healthy lives, prioritize academic success, and advocate social change.

Meet Sharlee Jeter: Who is Derek Jeter's Sister?

Early Life of Derek Jeter’s Sister

If you’re wondering who Derek Jeter’s sister is, it’s Sharlee Jeter. Before Sharlee became a known force in the non-profit world, her story began more commonly with a tight-knit family and shared years of collective struggle and triumph.

Family Background

Born into an athletic family, Sharlee’s journey had fortitude written all over it. Her father, Sanderson Charles Jeter, was an alcohol and drug abuse counselor, while her mother, Dorothy Jeter, was an accountant. Dorothy was an integral force driving her children towards athletic pursuits, having herself played shortstop in softball during her college years.

Raised in a bi-racial family, Sharlee and her brother were taught the importance of respect for all people – a value that she carries into her work with young people today. Sharlee’s parents constantly emphasized the significance of hard work and dedication – values that have evidently taken root in her adult life.

Childhood and Upbringing

Sharing a roof with Derek, who was four years older, meant that Sharlee spent her early years in the shadow of her brother’s success. Despite this, Sharlee never harbored any resentment. Instead, she grasped the opportunity to learn from Derek’s diligence and determination.

Their childhood wasn’t all about baseball. Their parents, keen on instilling a balanced lifestyle, insisted the siblings focus on academics as heavily as athletics. They inculcated a no pass, no play rule. As a result, both Derek and Sharlee grew up knowing education had a high place in their household.

This upbringing played a critical role in shaping Sharlee’s bright future. These early experiences would later contribute to the integral part she’d come to play in the Turn 2 Foundation, where she continues to impact many lives.


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