Myths and Reality of Motherhood: Perspectives of Modern Mothers



Motherhood is a beautiful and complex experience that has been shrouded in myths for centuries. These myths often create unrealistic expectations that can lead to feelings of guilt, disappointment, and even depression in mothers.

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In this article, we will explore some common myths about motherhood and contrast them with the reality based on the perspectives of modern mothers.

Myth #1: Motherhood Is Natural And Easy


● While the maternal instinct exists, it doesn’t mean everything will be easy.

● Caring for a newborn is a round-the-clock job that requires significant physical and emotional effort from mothers.

● Mastering the skills of motherhood is a process that takes time, patience, and support.

Myth #2: Mothers Should Always Be Happy



● Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs.

● Feeling tired, irritated, sad, and anxious are normal parts of the maternal experience.

● It is important to take care of your mental health and not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Myth #3: Mothers Should Sacrifice Everything For Their Children


● A happy and fulfilled mother is the key to the well-being of the whole family.

● It is important to take care of yourself, your needs, and your interests to have the resources to care for your children.

● Maintaining a balance between motherhood and other aspects of life is key to long-term happiness and success.

Myth #4: Breastfeeding Is Always Easy And Perfect


● Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it can be challenging.

● There may be difficulties with latching, lactation, and colic in the baby.

● You should not hesitate to ask for help from lactation consultants or other mothers.

Myth #5: Mothers Should Do Everything Themselves


● Asking for help is normal and even necessary.

● Delegating responsibilities, using various support services, and help from loved ones is a sensible approach to motherhood.

● Saving energy and time for yourself is an investment in the future of the whole family.

Myth #6: All Children Are The Same


● Each child is unique, with their own pace of development, needs, and characteristics.

● Comparing children to each other is incorrect and can lead to unnecessary worries.

● It is important to appreciate the individuality of each child and create conditions for their harmonious development.

Myth #7: Mothers Should Always Know The Answers



● Motherhood is a constant learning experience.

● It is impossible to know all the answers and always do the perfect thing.

● It is important not to be afraid of mistakes, learn from them, and be open to new experiences.

Myth #8: Balancing Motherhood And Career Is Impossible


● Balancing motherhood and career is a choice for every woman.

● With support, determination, and proper time management, it is possible to achieve success in both motherhood and your professional field.

● It is important to find a balance that works for you.

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Modern mothers are breaking down the myths of motherhood by sharing their experiences on social media, blogs, and books.

Influence Of Social Media:

● Social media has created a space for honest and open dialogue about motherhood.

● Mothers can share their experiences and get support and advice from other mothers.

● The diversity of voices and experiences helps to break down stereotypes and create a more realistic picture of motherhood.

Important To Remember:

●     There is no such thing as perfect motherhood.

●     Comparing yourself to other mothers is a recipe for disappointment.

●     Motherhood is a journey to be cherished, with all its ups and downs.


Motherhood is a beautiful and complex experience that should be embraced and celebrated. By dispelling the myths and embracing the realities of motherhood, we can create a more supportive environment for mothers and families.


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