The Blackfyre Rebellion – What Happened to Blackfyre and Dark Sister

what happened to blackfyre and dark sister

What Happened to Blackfyre and Dark Sister

In the grand tapestry of Westerosi history, few events hold as much intrigue and consequence as The Blackfyre Rebellion. This pivotal war of succession, sparked by a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne yet steeped in treachery and deceit, forever altered the landscape of Seven Kingdoms.

At the heart of this rebellion were two legendary swords: Blackfyre and Dark Sister, each carrying its own weighty legacy. The former was wielded by King Aegon I Targaryen himself, while the latter found its home with many notable figures throughout history.

So what exactly happened to these fabled blades? Over time, both swords have disappeared into the annals of history, their whereabouts shrouded in mystery. As we delve deeper into their storied pasts and speculate on their current locations, it’s clear that these are more than mere weapons—they’re potent symbols of power and legitimacy that played crucial roles in shaping Westeros’ turbulent history.

Understanding the Blackfyre Rebellion

Diving headfirst into the enthralling world of Westeros, it’s impossible to ignore the impact of one pivotal event – The Blackfyre Rebellion. This was a civil war that effectively divided the Seven Kingdoms, and its ripples are felt even in current storylines.

We’re looking at a rebellion led by Daemon Blackfyre, legitimized bastard son of King Aegon IV Targaryen. It all kicked off when he laid claim to the Iron Throne, contesting his half-brother Daeron II’s rule. Now you might be wondering “What happened to Blackfyre and Dark Sister?”, two swords that played significant roles during this tumultuous period.

Blackfyre was handed down by Aegon IV to his favorite son Daemon on his deathbed – an act viewed by many as symbolic legitimization and endorsement for succession. After all, Blackfyre wasn’t just any sword; it was the ancestral weapon of House Targaryen held by kings!

On the other hand, Dark Sister had quite an intriguing journey as well. It belonged to Visenya Targaryen initially but later found its way into Daemon’s hands thanks to Bloodraven – another bastard son who remained loyal to King Daeron II.

Bloodraven used Dark Sister in key battles during the rebellion, most notably in single combat against Daemon himself at Redgrass Field – where both brothers meet their ends.

The aftermath of these events left both swords with uncertain fates. While there are rumors about their whereabouts (and we do love a good rumor in Westeros!), nothing has been confirmed till date.

So there you have it! The saga behind The Blackfyre Rebellion and what possibly happened to those legendary swords – a tale steeped in intrigue and power play indeed! As we move forward with our story exploration though, remember that history often repeats itself. After all, in the words of George R.R Martin himself, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or die.”

The Blackfyre Rebellion - What Happened to Blackfyre and Dark Sister

Key Players in the Rebellion

Diving into the Blackfyre Rebellion, it’s impossible to overlook the pivotal roles played by certain characters. I’ll introduce you to some of these key players, who shaped the course of this historic revolt.

First on our list is Daemon Blackfyre. Once acknowledged as a bastard son of King Aegon IV Targaryen, Daemon was gifted with the sword Blackfyre – a symbol that arguably sparked his claim for the throne. His charisma and martial prowess won him many followers, turning him from an illegitimate son into a legitimate contender.

Alyn Oakenfist stands out next, loyal to House Targaryen through and through. He served as Hand of The King during this tumultuous period and used his strategic intelligence to keep the rebellion at bay. It’s easy to credit much of House Targaryen’s success in quelling this uprising to Alyn’s efforts.

Next up? Bittersteel. Born Aegor Rivers, he sided with his half-brother Daemon during the rebellion against their trueborn brother Daeron II. Not only did Bittersteel fight alongside Daemon but he also fled with Blackfyre after their defeat.

Last but certainly not least we have Bloodraven – Brynden Rivers by birth name – another one of King Aegon IV bastards who stayed fiercely loyal to Daeron II throughout all chaos. Armed with Dark Sister, another ancestral sword of House Targaryen, Bloodraven proved instrumental in maintaining control over the Iron Throne.

  • Daemon Blackfyre
  • Alyn Oakenfist
  • Bittersteel (Aegor Rivers)
  • Bloodraven (Brynden Rivers)

These folks were key figures during The Blackfyre Rebellion and had profound impacts on what happened to both symbolic swords – Blackfyre and Dark Sister.


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