The Inspiring Journey of the 1,000 Pound Sisters: Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Health Goals

The Inspiring Journey of the 1,000 Pound Sisters: Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Health Goals

Short answer: 1,000 Pound Sisters are reality TV stars known for their extreme weight and efforts to lose it.

Step by step: A closer look at the weight loss journey of the 1,000 Pound Sisters.

The journey to losing weight is not an easy one, especially when you have accumulated over 1,000 pounds of body mass like the sisters from TLC’s show “1,000 Pound Sisters.”

Tammy and Amy Slaton are two siblings who took on this difficult task in front of millions as they shared their struggles with obesity. Their goal was clear: to shed off excess fat that had been detrimental to their physical health.

But what does it really take for someone weighing above a thousand pounds just dropping some pounds? How did these ladies manage such extensive transformations?

Let’s break down each step or action taken by them in minute detail so we can understand precisely how everyone else struggling with weight loss might follow suit:

Step One – Decide To Lose Weight

Before embarking on any challenging endeavor- including shedding away kilos –it all starts mentally. In many cases for people carrying around excessive weights along with lots of social stigma/emotional baggage attached therewith deciding first genuinely helps kick start things unambiguously.

For the 1000-pound-plus Sister duo Tammy and Amy Slaton whose morbid (extreme) obsesity came interely at different ages made significant lifestyle changes before doing anything professional physically-wise regarding getting help outside themselves entirely.,’decide if I wanna live long enough-was my important decision,” says Tamy during episode three).

Their focus wasn’t then about counting calories but rather coming out as positively committed towards living healthier lifestyles overall no matter whatever means required grabbing upemerging opportunities within reach whereas giving bad habits deservingly try-ding dismissals without hesitation which didn’t serve achieving desired results/fitting form shape initially set out upon backwall(some kindish patience doubtless needed though).

It meant re-evaluating old eating patterns/habits entrenched into psyche while mulling activities rarely seen folks normally execute(as opposed sitting-around-all-day-on-couch syndrome), starting with small manageable steps: tracking food intake different varieties in personal journal; finding passionable exercises enlisting family/friend supports even experimenting lesser-known paths if need be, like bariatric surgery(which Tammy eventually went for) or anything deemed practical. This sincerity towards regaining control shines pretty bright throughout their undertaking

Step Two – Seek Support When You’re Ready.

Many often tend to downplay the power of walking together when working hard trying achieving any goal- let’s call it a moral support system that helps you keep up your momentum during those dark and harder times.

And this is where Tammy And Amy Slaton’s biggest asset came into play by seeking professional guidance on losing weight while exploring possible options available along getting encouraging backings from each other plus immediate people around them(like mom Ms.Virginia Faulkner).

Earlier seen episodes displayed how challenging it was both physically/emotionally communicating/discussing these goals(as well as efficient approaches thereof), with loved ones seemingly less supportive/understanding at early stages(including themselves). But they held-through securely

FAQ about TLC’s hit show ‘1000LB Sisters’ answered!

The phenomenon that is TLC’s hit show ‘1000LB Sisters’ has taken the world by storm. The reality TV series follows sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton on their journey to lose weight in order to qualify for life-saving bariatric surgery. As a result, many fans have questions about this much-loved duo as well as certain aspects of the show itself.

Let’s jump right into some common FAQ’s regarding 1000 LB Sisters!

Q: Who are Tammy and Amy Slaton?
A: They are two larger-than-life personalities from Kentucky who gained fame through social media platforms before landing their own television program on TLC.

Q: How heavy are they exactly?
A:The last officially reported numbers reveal they both weighed over 1,000 pounds together at one point but since then little information has been disclosed other than videos or photos showing progress every once in awhile

Q: What kind of health problems do the sisters suffer from due to obesity?
A:Tammy suffers with issues related diabetes while additionally suffering with medical concerns like mobility difficulties whereas her sister battles polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) but battling similar obstacles when it comes to movement ability

Q :What motivates them for losing weight?
A – In pursuit toward better health condition which ultimately can lead them towards more opportunities such looking after themselves easier plus going out , being free whenever required.

Q-How does “Buddy” fit within this picture & what role he plays ?
Buddy Bell joins forces with amy slaton; supporting each step forward she takes no matter how difficult those steps may seem along way – whether emotionally there when times get tough challenging remaining optimistic even amid uphill struggles

These were just a few frequently asked question we’ve encountered online pertaining our beloved “ sassy” siblings defying all oddities making strides towards leading healthy happy lifestyles . Overall keep rooting for continuous positive changes!

Top 5 surprising facts you didn’t know about Amy and Tammy Slaton from ‘1000LB sisters’

Amy and Tammy Slaton are the stars of ‘1000LB sisters’ – a popular reality show on TLC that follows their weight loss journey. While many fans tune in to see how they’re doing with shedding pounds, there is so much more behind this duo than meets the eye.

Here are five surprising facts about Amy and Tammy:

1. They’ve been YouTubers for years
Before making it big on television, Amy and Tammy have had a YouTube channel since 2015 where they shared hauls, taste tests, challenges as well as updates regarding their lives which gradually included documenting life at increasing weights after operations or diagnoses.Their loyal fan base helped them gain attention from producers who eventually offered them an entire series dedicated to showcasing their ups-and-downs.

2. Their real-life family dynamics can be tense
While viewers get glimpses into snippets of familial drama between both women’s husbands (Tammys got married recently)and siblings on screen,the gravity was apparent when one sibling went missing for several months without siding anyone where he might be located causing emotional strain among everyone.Something else you may not know: Both women also feel deeply inadequate comparedto other close-related Family members;which takes incessant effort(some episodes show elaborate preparations/generosityof meals prior “release-of-the-beast” type anger episode) just prove themselves equally lovable/devoted/funny etc..

3.AN angry moment occurred over Chipotle Bowls
When watching Season One,you undoubtedly saw those moments were Any felt jealous whenever her sister would lose more poundage during weigh-ins despite allocating similar resources/lifestyle changes.It’s clear Weight issues underline deeper sentimental,insecurities ;but nobody could predict what happens next.They will take turns releasing ‘comebacks’at each another until sure enough,Tammy exploded.At least,it didn’t end up being violent …just unexpected,bizarre,&well something we’d typically witness from obviously stressed/amateur actors!

4. Tammy’s medical problems have been more serious than viewers realized
Struggling with weight has consequences beyond the superficial, and for Tammy that includes having cerebral palsy in addition to other complications stemming from excess poundage.One incident stood out when she had a few intense seizures as her roommates were rushing toward an ambulance on TV but some scenes edited/purposely left untold are so impactful/heartbreaking they may never make it release without ever knowing how real this content can be.

5. Fans Drove 16 hours just to take selfies
If you’re watching their show or following them online (they each boast over one million followers at the time of writing),it means you already know there’s something unique about these two women.So much so; A fan who lived all the way down South drove allllthe way up North where Amy &Tammys house is located(which turned intoa total chaos/craze)just on whimsical grounds -by his admission- ‘to get pictures with “amy


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