The Journey of Coffee Beans: Los Granos de Café Son de Color Verde y

los granos de café son de color verde y

The Origin of Coffee Beans

Let’s rewind time and fetch the woven story of our beloved coffee beans. You might be used to your dark roasted morning savior but the tale starts way before that. It begins with the unassuming green coffee beans.

Coffee – It’s a global sensation. But have you ever stopped and pondered its roots? Originating from the tropical regions of Africa specifically Ethiopia coffee turned from a regional plant to a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a journey from the humble cherries on Coffea trees to the energizing cups we know today.

These Coffea trees bear fruits cherries which house the precious green coffee beans. Each cherry usually contains two beans encased in a shell called endosperm. The cherries are handpicked and the beans within are laid out for drying. It’s crucial to the coffee production process and requires a keen eye to make sure the beans reach the optimum dryness level. The dried beans are then stored until further processing.

It’s fascinating how the green coffee beans go through various stages to become the rich brown goodness we adore. The roasting process brings out the robust flavors making each sip a celebration. Nonetheless green coffee beans are intriguing on their own too. They offer a different perspective that’s a departure from the traditional coffee notes. Green beans infuse our cuppas with a natural raw taste that’s unique and invigorating. But hold that thought for a moment – we’ll dive deep into the world of green coffee beans in the following sections.

It’s worth appreciating the intricate journey our coffee beans embark from its origin to our coffee mugs. Each step is a testament to the meticulous craft that results in the beautifully brewed coffee that’s a part of our daily lives. So next time you sip your lovingly prepared cup of coffee take a moment to appreciate the elaborate process that makes it possible.

We often overlook the origins and the process of everyday items. In the case of coffee the journey is long arduous and filled with interesting steps before it hits our cups. And while green coffee beans may seem alien to some they are in fact the original form of one of the most popular beverages. The story of coffee is indeed a fascinating one and it promises to make your next coffee break even more engaging.

The Journey of Coffee Beans: Los Granos de Café Son de Color Verde y

Los Granos de Café Son de Color Verde y

Navigating through the intricate journey of coffee beans, it’s crucial to get into the nitty-gritty. This section will dig deeper into their processing, understanding every minute step taken before these beans quench your caffeine thirst.

Harvesting Coffee Cherries

Coffee beans aren’t ready to pick off the rack! They undergo a slow transformation on Coffea trees. Picture the beans as they begin their journey – green and raw, encapsulated within vibrant cherries. During harvest season – usually once a year – pickers skillfully reach out to pluck these cherries, ensuring no twig or leaf is left behind. It’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the labor these farmers allocate, handpicking each cherry one by one.

Sorting and Removing Pulp

Once the coffee cherries are picked, the sorting process begins. This is a crucial step, as uneven ripeness can profoundly influence the final taste of the brew. The cherries are passed through a series of sieves, separating them based on size and weight. Cherries that don’t meet the grade are removed via floatation. They are then pulped, deseeded, while ensuring the beans remain intact. The beans are then immersed in water, where the fermentation process removes any remaining pulp or residue.

Drying the Beans

After fermentation is completed, it’s time for the green beans to dry. The beans are either sun-dried – spread out on large surfaces, and left to dry under the sun for up to 2 weeks – or mechanically dried in large tumblers. The final moisture level should be about 11%, ensuring the beans don’t crack or twist during roasting. Your coffee bean’s journey from the field still has strides to go before reaching your cup. But, each step and every minute spent in its processing shapes its character, decides its taste, and enhances its unique aroma.


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