The Path to Euro 2025 for Women: How Qualification and Playoffs Will Unfold, Group Lineups


The group stage of the Euro 2025 women’s qualification kicks off in April and concludes in July. Playoff matches for the remaining spots will take place from October to December. The group draw was conducted by the tournament ambassador Gaël Tellement and UEFA’s director of women’s football, Nadine Kessler. As a result, group lineups were determined, direct qualifiers were identified, and playoff participants were chosen. Against the backdrop of the development and popularization of women’s football, betting on women’s football is becoming increasingly popular among bettors. Euro 2025 qualifiers will undoubtedly be covered by bookmakers. So, if you’re into betting professionally or for fun, you can download and install the Melbet Apps for quality and profitable play. This is a reliable bookmaker with good odds and bonuses.

Qualification and Playoff Matches

Sixteen teams will play in the final stage of Euro 2025 in Switzerland. The hosts have already secured their place automatically. Another eight direct qualifiers will be the winners of the League A groups. The remaining seven vacant spots will be contested in a two-round playoff tournament from October to December 2024.

In the first round of playoffs, teams finishing 3rd and 4th in the League A groups will play transitional matches against the winners of the League C groups and the top three second-place finishers. The winners of these matches will advance to the second round. In the second round, they will be joined by six teams from League B – four group winners and the two best runners-up. They will be drawn into pairs and compete for the remaining seven spots for Euro 2025.

The schedule for the qualifying matches is as follows:

  • Qualification Rounds 1-2: April 3-9, 2024.
  • Qualification Rounds 3-4: May 29 – June 4, 2024.
  • Qualification Rounds 5-6: July 10-16, 2024.
  • Playoff Draw: July 19, 2024.
  • First Round of Playoffs: October 23-29, 2024.
  • Second Round of Playoffs: November 27 – December 3, 2024.
  • Final Tournament Draw: December 16, 2024.
  • Euro 2025 Final Stage: July 2-27, 2025 (Switzerland).

Distribution of Places in the Nations League

In addition to Euro 2025 spots, the qualification will determine the teams’ placements in the following Nations League season of 2025-2027.

  • In League A, group winners and teams finishing 2nd and 3rd will continue. 4th placeholders will move to League B.
  • In League B, teams finishing 1st to 3rd will retain their positions. Group winners will move up to the top division, while 4th place teams will drop to League C.
  • In League C, group winners and teams finishing 2nd to 4th will remain. Only the worst 3rd place team will be relegated.

Thus, the Euro 2025 qualification will determine not only the participants of the final tournament but also the final balance of power before the start of the new Nations League cycle of 2025-2027 for women’s teams.

Tournament Format

In the group stage, teams will play six rounds in a round-robin format. In April-July 2024, each team will play one home and one away match against all opponents in their group.

In League A, the top two teams from each group will directly advance to the Euro 2025 final stage alongside the already qualified Switzerland. The battle for the remaining 7 spots will intensify in the playoff matches with two rounds.

In the first stage of playoffs, teams finishing 3rd and 4th in League A will play transitional matches against the winners of League C groups and the three best second-place finishers in that league. Eight winners will proceed to the second round. At this stage, they will be joined by 6 teams from League B – 4 group winners and 2 best second-placed teams. They will be drawn into pairs and compete for the last 7 spots at Euro 2025 in Switzerland.


Undoubtedly, the fight for a place in the final stage promises to be intense and unpredictable. Much will be decided in the closing stages of the qualifying campaign and dramatic playoff battles. Who will emerge as the strongest and earn the right to play at the women’s Euro 2025? We’ll find out very soon!

Euro 2025 Qualification Groups

Finally, let’s consider all the groups of the Euro 2025 qualifying stage.

League A

  • Group A1: Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland.
  • Group A2: Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic.
  • Group A3: France, England (current European champion), Sweden, Ireland.
  • Group A4: Germany, Austria, Iceland, Poland.

League B

  • Group B1: Switzerland (Euro 2025 host), Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan.
  • Group B2: Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Israel.
  • Group B3: Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Malta.
  • Group B4: Wales, Croatia, Ukraine, Kosovo.

League C

  • Group C1: Belarus, Lithuania, Cyprus, Georgia.
  • Group C2: Slovenia, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova.
  • Group C3: Greece, Montenegro, Andorra, Faroe Islands.
  • Group C4: Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Armenia.
  • Group C5: Albania, Estonia, Luxembourg.

The draw has provided serious opponents for the favorites. For instance, England, the current European champions, will have to battle it out with France, Sweden, and Ireland. Spanish champions of the World Cup 2023 and the Nations League will face Denmark, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. It won’t be easy for the German machine to progress through the group with Austria, Iceland, and Poland.


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