The Pointer Sisters: The Story Behind Their Iconic Hit ‘I’m So Excited’

The Pointer Sisters: The Story Behind Their Iconic Hit 'I'm So Excited'

Short answer: The Pointer Sisters’ hit song “I’m So Excited” was released in 1982 and became a top ten pop hit. It remains one of their most popular songs, known for its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus.

Step-by-Step Breakdown: How Did I’m So Excited Become a Hit Song?

I’m So Excited is a hit song that has remained popular since its release in 1982. It was performed by The Pointer Sisters, an all-girl band originally from Oakland, California. After the success of their previous album Break Out! which featured hits like Jump (For My Love), Automatic and Neutron Dance – the group wanted to push themselves creatively with their new project.

So how did this infectious dance tune become such a massive hit? Let’s break it down step-by-step.

Step One: Songwriting

The writing credits for I’m So Excited go to June Pointer along with keyboardist Anita and her husband David Lasley who helped co-write some of the lyrics. They had no idea at the time what would be created out of those first few drafts.…

Being singers they were able to come across different tunes where one caught them off guard making them realize something special could happen if focused upon rightly.

Step Two: Recording Process

Once they had written most parts together during jam sessions or on-the-road feel-outs; it was then sent over to producers Richard Perry & Bumpus Jones studio completed with instrumentation included mainly guitars/drums/keyboards/synthesizer programming/bass work…everything needed creating layers as well individual tracks cut formed into collective pieces forming complete masterpiece piece heard today.*

There are many creative decisions made throughout recording process including choosing specific instruments resulting working smoothly alongside others oozing quality vibes filling up room while mastering finessed audio equipments added sparkly edge optimising final output lead single becoming smash USA action blockbuster soundtrack hot point everyone dancing!

Step Three: Release Plan

After completing production stages finding particular sound capturing moodiness uplifting mind-blowingly catchy sing-along style we hear every day nowadays finally queued track-listings precisely prior releasing awe-inspiring next level record setting hipness landmarks standard viewers audiences expect these days requiring more creativity authentic execution earning actual money via sales/streams/radio play performances.

It’s interesting to see all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a hit song. From collaboration and creativity in writing, instrumentation choices during production stages or marketing plans designed to get your product out there…it’s certainly not an easy task!

Overall with “I’m So Excited,” you can hear how everything came together perfectly; from catchy vocal hooks and funky basslines, driving beat created resulting massive floor burner mixed energetic feel-good vibe evoking happiness within listener – it’s no wonder this classic tune still remains on heavy rotation today.

Its timeless energy crosses boundaries of age/gender/race/genres- many covers being done since initial release across wide spectrum musicians along pop/funk/disco/metal/punk realm further spreading universal message fun-loving inspirational lively dance-floor anthem standing test time credible stamp approval having become legend-status worldwide!

FAQs About the Iconic Track, I’m So Excited, and Its Enduring Legacy

“I’m So Excited” is one of the catchiest and most loved pop songs in modern history. Written by legendary music duo, The Pointer Sisters, it first made its appearance on their 1982 album “So Excited!”, before going on to become an instant success globally.

With such enduring popularity among audiences both young and old alike over several decades now since it was released, this iconic track has inevitably spawned a number of questions about various aspects related to musicianship as well as listeners themselves. And here are some answers:

1) What makes I’m so excited stand out from other greatest hits?

The high energy beats that keep people grooving with the song’s pulsating rhythm make “I’m so excited” unique compared to any chartbuster hit ever produced.

Additionally, apart from just being another dance banger or catchy tune people enjoy listening-to; ‘‘I am s͟o̲ e͟xci̼téd’’ carries a message within itself: enthusiasm mixed with anticipation for good times ahead can be supremely infectious! A legitimately optimistic force capable enough even today if we consider our current situation around us where positively lingers low all through-out!

2) Who were/are The Pointer Sisters?

An American Pop group consisting originally of four sisters – Ruth (1946–2020), Anita born June Pinsker but also known professionally under her married name Walsh (born January 23rd ,1948), Bonnie –(1950-2006); & June later re-christened Allyson -(b.June11th ,1953). While they gained widespread appreciation across English language speaking nations throughout existence until late nineties when aged sibling rivals ceased recording together due artistic differences .

A huge influence upon dance-pop during early eighties thanks partly due frequent appearances amongst international top charts who continued making new albums beyond personal disagreements between these naturally gifted ladies . Their eclectic styles included but not limited to R&B, Jazz, Disco and Funk musical genres which earned them four Grammy Awards including Best Country Vocal Collaboration in 2015 for ‘Fairytale’

3) What inspired the song‘s creation?

“I’m So Excited” was initially intended as a slow ballad called “Jesse”, but when producer Richard Perry sped up its tempo while searching for songs that would fit with The Pointer Sisters’ dancefloor-ready sound at the time – voila! One of their most enduring hits was born almost under-the-radar.

Lyrically speaking, sisters Ruth & Anita recount an exciting rendezvous between two people; one partner reassuring other about cares being held off reason enough see future together. Complete sensory overload is evident within “I’m so excited”, offering rejoicing abandon capable churning-up such attitude never thought possible pre-introduction iconic track themselves like no others since!

4) Is there any particular story behind those signature opening lines: ‘Tonight’s gonna be a good night…’

As often happens during music production phase where creative energy coupled using colliding

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about The Pointer Sisters’ Classic Hit – I’m so excited

The Pointer Sisters’ classic hit – “I’m So Excited” is a timeless track that has been danced to, played at parties and blared through countless headphones since its release in 1982. The song’s infectious rhythm, upbeat lyrics and powerful vocals continue to captivate fans both young and old. But there are some interesting facts about this legendary tune that you may not know yet!

1) Inspiration for the Song: Believe it or not but “I’m so excited” was initially written as a sultry love ballad titled “Save This Night For Love”. However after hearing the original demo version of the song recorded by songwriter Trevor Lawrence Jr., producer Richard Perry decided he wanted something more upbeat with full on party vibes.

2) Top-notch Recording Musicians: Did you know that studio artists Nathan East (bass), Michael Boddicker (synthesizer programming), Paulinho da Costa (percussionist ) were among those who worked behind-the-scenes instrumental magic? Not only did their contributions lend musical depth , they also elevated up production value giving birth an all time favorite dance floor filler .

3) TV Legacy : Diehard Classic Hollywood Studio System-fans might be able recall where one particular scene involving Jessie Spano fromSaved By bell when she found herself completely strung out on caffeine pills singing “ I’m So Excited”. Younger generations though will recognize how Superstore’s Glenn discovered his true talent while boogying down to – yes!- ” I’M SO EXCITED” blast over grocery speakers.

4) Pop Culture References : With memorable references in pop culture like Drew Barrymore lip-synching this anthem into her hairbrush microphone during Peyton Manning-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live alongside co-stars Rachel Dratch Maya Rudolph– highlighting latest incarnation spiking entertainment memes across social media platforms further cementing just why people can’t get enough of ‘I’m So Excited.’

5) A Song for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a wedding, road trip or simply getting ready to tackle the day ahead – “I’m So Excited” is always the tune that can put you in an upbeat mood and make things feel brighter. From its happy-go-lucky lyrics about going dancing with friends (“And I just-can’t-hide-it”) to a beat designedto get your toes tapping along- these factors culminates making this classic gem as remix-ready today as was before!

In conclusion, Pointer Sisters’ – “I’m so excited” will forever be immortalized across generations of music lovers , no other song quite gets us singing at top voice all while still feeling uplifted & carefree than this special dance floor anthem-by clicking on replay over-and-over again… till dawn breaks! Do not hold yourself back go enjoy one more time by allowingyourself breakthrough into freedom-inducing catharsis through unbridled excitement now !!


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