The Schuyler Sisters: The Women Who Stole the Show in Hamilton

The Schuyler Sisters: The Women Who Stole the Show in Hamilton

Short answer: The Schuyler Sisters are characters in the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. They are based on real-life sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler, who were prominent socialites during the American Revolution and played a key role in Alexander Hamilton’s life.

Following in the Footsteps of the Schuyler Sisters: A Step-by-Step Analysis of Their Role in Hamilton

Hamilton, the hit Broadway musical, has become a cultural phenomenon that has captivated audiences around the world. One of the standout characters in the show is Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, who plays an integral role in Alexander Hamilton’s life and legacy. However, it’s not just Eliza who gets to shine – her two sisters, Angelica and Peggy Schuyler, also play important roles in the story.

In this article, we will take a step-by-step analysis of the Schuyler Sisters’ role in Hamilton and explore why they are such important characters.

Angelica Schuyler: The Social Butterfly

Angelica Schuyler is the oldest of the three sisters. She’s intelligent, witty, and charming. Throughout the show, we see her as something of a social butterfly – someone who knows everyone (including famous historical figures like Benjamin Franklin) and can navigate any social situation with ease.

One of Angelica’s biggest moments comes early on in Act One during “The Schuyler Sisters” where she sings about wanting more for herself than just being a wife. This song perfectly introduces us to Angelica’s character and sets up her motivations for everything else she does later on.

She also plays a pivotal role in introducing Alexander Hamilton to her sister Eliza at a ball – leading to their eventual marriage. But perhaps one of Angelica’s most memorable moments comes during “Satisfied,” where we get to experience her emotions regarding losing out on Hamilton because he chose Eliza over her – even though there is obvious chemistry between them.

Angelica serves as both an ally and foil to Alexander throughout their interactions together. Despite holding feelings for him herself – which are made all too clear by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ingenious use of repetition in “Helpless” – she prioritizes his happiness above hers when it counts.

Peggy Schuyler: The Quiet Sister

Peggy is often overlooked amongst the sisters, but her role in Hamilton is no less important. She’s the youngest sister, and often portrayed as shy and reserved – a stark contrast to Angelica’s outgoing personality.

However, despite her quiet demeanor, Peggy has her own standout moment when she delivers the line “and Peggy” during “The Schuyler Sisters.” It’s such a small line, but it speaks volumes about how Peggy feels as though she constantly gets lost in the shuffle of her sisters’ personalities.

Peggy’s character development is brief but impactful. When we see her again later on in Act Two during “The Reynolds Pamphlet”, she delivers another powerful line – “I’ll leave you to it” – before walking out on her disgraced brother-in-law. This shows that although she may be quieter than Angelica or Eliza, Peggy still has a strong sense of right and wrong and won’t stand by silently while someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Eliza Schuyler: The Heart of the Show

Last but not least comes Eliza Schulyer

The Schuyler Sisters Hamilton FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about These Iconic Characters

If you are a fan of Broadway musicals (or even if you’re not), chances are that you have already heard of ‘Hamilton’. This sensational Tony award-winning musical has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. The show tells the story of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton through rap music, catchy tunes and incredible performances.

One of the most beloved characters in ‘Hamilton’ are the Schuyler Sisters – Angelica, Eliza and Peggy. These three beautiful and talented women play an integral role in shaping Hamilton’s story and adding depth to his character arc. Here’s everything you need to know about these iconic characters:

Who Are They?

The Schuyler Sisters are daughters of wealthy General Philip Schuyler, who played a significant role in the American Revolution. Angelica is the oldest sister, followed by Eliza and their younger sister Peggy. The sisters were known for their intellect and beauty; they were educated in various fields including literature, science, mathematics and music.

What is Their Role in ‘Hamilton’?

Angelica is initially introduced as a confidant to Alexander Hamilton. She is witty, intelligent and worldly-wise – characteristics that immediately draw Hamilton towards her. However, due to societal norms she cannot marry him because of his social status (he was born into poverty). Despite this barrier to their relationship, Angelica remains a strong friend to Hamilton throughout the show.

Eliza is portrayed as sweet-natured and gentle-hearted; she becomes Hamilton’s wife after winning his affections with her wit and intelligence. Unlike Angelica who had reservations about marrying someone beneath her station, Eliza was able to see past their economic differences.

Peggy may be the youngest sibling but she makes up for it by being outspoken with sass! Her role does not feature much in ‘Hamilton,’ but still leaves her mark on stage through confident posturing usually toward Hamilton himself!

What Makes Them Iconic?

One of the most striking features about the Schuyler Sisters is their feminist inclination. They challenge Hamilton’s male-dominated world by making a statement with an unforgettable line: “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now”. These powerful lines encapsulate their overall strength and autonomy that are rarely seen in portrayals of women.

Additionally, the songs featuring the Schuyler sisters have become some of the most popular tracks in ‘Hamilton’. “The Schuyler Sisters” in particular, is a show-stopping number that introduces them in an upbeat and catchy rhythm. Furthermore, Angelica’s show-stopping solo “Satisfied” where she expresses her conflicted emotions towards Hamilton has earned widespread acclaim for its artistic complexity.


The Schuyler Sisters were much more nuanced than you may initially assume from first glance. They are strong and independent women who refused to be limited by societal norms or expectations that had been imposed upon their gender. Every time they appeared on stage they made a mark not only on Hamilton’s story, but also on Broadway as

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the Schuyler Sisters and their Impact on Hamilton

There is no question that the Broadway hit musical “Hamilton” has become a cultural sensation since its debut in 2015. At the heart of the show are three real-life women known as the Schuyler Sisters – Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy – who played a pivotal role in Alexander Hamilton’s life. Beyond their portrayal in the musical, there are several fascinating facts about these sisters that deserve recognition for their impact on Hamilton’s story and American history. Here are five of them:

1. Angelica Schuyler was not just an intelligent woman but also a feminist icon.

When Lin Manuel Miranda wrote Angelica’s character into Hamilton, he made sure to highlight her intelligence and wit – traits she modeled in real life too! Angelica was not just a privileged socialite but also an accomplished intellectual who spoke multiple languages fluently and was highly educated on topics like politics, economics, and philosophy. Furthermore, she was vocal about her stance on women’s rights and gender equality. In one letter to John Adams, she famously asked him, “Remember the ladies?” which became an early battle cry for feminists across America.

2. Eliza Schuyler was instrumental to Hamilton’s legacy

Eliza is perhaps best known for being Hamilton’s devoted wife who outlived him by 50 years and spent much of those years preserving his legacy through letters, documents, and charitable work. However, it is often overlooked how much she contributed to his political career while he was alive too! Eliza regularly served as his secretary during important meetings where she would take notes or translate French documents that were essential to his diplomatic duties.

3. Peggy Schuyler might have been more than a background character

While Peggy arguably has less time written into both history books and “Hamilton” itself compared to her sisters Eliza and Angelica (and even received negative attention from Aaron Burr at one point), she still made tremendous contributions to the American Revolution in both small and large ways. One example of her dedication was when she and Eliza rolled bandages for Revolutionary War soldiers. Peggy’s absence is noticed at times, but fans have learn to appreciate all three sisters in their own way.

4. The Schuyler Sisters were socialites with a purpose

The Schuyler family were some of New York City’s most prominent socialites and Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were part of that haute couture lifestyle (if you have seen Hamilton’s “The Schuyler Sisters” song, this will resonate!). However, there was more here than just vanity or wealth – the Schuylers used their status to advance a variety of causes they believed in such as empowering women through education and providing aid to the less fortunate.

5. Their contributions continued after Hamilton passed away

In addition to preserving Hamilton’s legacy after his death, the Schuyler Sisters did not slow down on their efforts for what they believed in. For instance, Angelica helped coordinate fundraisers for orphanages where she personally


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