The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns: Where Are They Now? A Fascinating Look at the Lives of Former Nuns [Infographic]

The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns: Where Are They Now? A Fascinating Look at the Lives of Former Nuns [Infographic]

What is the Sisterhood Becoming Nuns Where Are They Now?

The sisterhood becoming nuns where are they now is a search for information about what happened to the women who were featured in the popular National Geographic documentary series “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns.”

  • The Sisterhood was a captivating reality show that followed five young women as they try to discover if they have what it takes to become Catholic nuns.
  • The series aired in 2014 and generated a lot of buzz among Catholics and non-Catholics alike, sparking debates on faith, calling, and religious life.
  • Since then, many viewers have been curious about what happened to those aspiring sisters after the cameras stopped rolling.

In this article, we’ll delve into where these women are today and provide an update on their post-Sisterhood lives.

How to Become a Nun: Step by Step Guide of the Sisterhood

If you’ve ever considered becoming a nun, you may be wondering what the process entails. While the road to joining a religious order is different for everyone, we’ll break down some general steps that are typically involved in becoming a nun.

Step 1: Deepening your Spiritual Life

The first step towards becoming a nun is deepening your spiritual life. This involves actively exploring and strengthening your relationship with God through prayer, study of scripture and other holy texts such as writings from Church fathers or saints, attending mass regularly and participating in church activities.

Step 2: Choosing an Order

Once you have established a strong spiritual foundation, the next step is to choose which religious order suits you best. There are many Catholic orders such as Dominicans, Benedictines , Franciscans and Carmelites among others who differ in their beliefs, lifestyles and missions. You should do extensive research on each community by reading about their histories, tenets of faith and charisms (what makes them distinctive). Attend retreats offered by different orders for firsthand experience.

Step 3: Contacting the Order

After selecting an order that interests you or keeps tugging at your heartstrings persistently,it’s time to make contact.They all have vocation directors whose role it’s to guide discerners like yourself throughout every stage.Deciding whether their congregation would be suitable for personal growth.Once comfortable with its vision,messenge queries or seek guidance on mailing ip address information full name location,course of interest etc.Then wait patiently.After receiving feedback,guidance follow up zealously.

It’s noteworthy to mention getting physical examination,tested fully for terminal illnesses either sending medical report online/contacting personnel consultant.Don’t focus only on mental test scored but also ask internally if willing submission required? Could vows separation forever trying spiritually even physically challenged?

Step 4: The Application Process

Each religious order has its own specific set of requirements regarding education level age minimums or maximums, background check and other prerequisites such as physical fitness. The application will also ask for your academic and personal history information.Some demand discipline on how to go about particular commentaries in their writing tests or schedules to be kept throughout the novitiate.

Step 5: Novitiate

After applying successfully,you are welcomed for a “live-in period” usually one year as per Canon law where you’ll stay with postulants,introduced by name.There is structure set up essentially serving an apprenticeship resembling virtually those years Jesus spent preaching,touching lives but albeit fairly disconnected from society.An immersion time where prospective nuns learn everything there is to learn regarding order’s lifestyle,vocation,charism including prayers,chastity,oath of poverty etc .

There’s guidance assigned,a mentor who would acquaint with secretarial work too during this intermediate stage.It can’t be undue stress that you don’t have any direct access to internet,social media nor mobile phone which might sound contrary- making it easy forgetting civil way of life may becomes yours permanently!

Oral tradition is the medium in conveying centuries old customs,culture amidst songs and organic daily routine,mass,liturgy practises.Aspirants’ day often commences before sunrise while having religious field trips to orphanages,homes culminated by expert meditation practically everyday,built unison singing praises sung literally every morning-refreshes soul,spiritual high.Ask questions,know them well both humanely and spiritually.Talk freely with God he guides best;listen more passionately not easily swayed eitherway.

Step 6: Temporary Profession

This next step indicates commitment – initially renewed annually thereafter eventually proffessed vows.In simple terms its agreeing or saying yes publicly.Ideally initiated through clothing ceremony wearing habit(s) , receiving new official name depicting devotion towards humility.Try interior acceptance guided prayerful alignment consideration sometimes enforced exercises toughening self control boundaries.Nothing beats joining orders that take their vows seriously.

Step 7: Final Profession

This marks the end of novitiate or apprenticeship period where you are fully integrated and professed as a nun. This means making permanent public commitment to God under specific religious order.As final stage declaring vanities completely removed,meeting set standards laid down.Not something must be taken lightly,takes years in preparation.The ceremony unlike temporary profession’s less exclusive but acknowledged by church hierarchy.Reception garnering congratulatory messages chosen lifestyle hoped rewarded heavenly residence with other consecrated people serving supremely with love.

Becoming a nun is not an easy path.However,it could serve your spiritual ambition impeccably.Fret nothing about likelihood initial struggles.Trust the process;Listen first hand to experiences shared.Work hard lovingly,and with resilience surely,you’ll fulfil who called and you answered.Question willingly before embarking. May the Lord lead us all into purpose for which ordained-Amen!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sisterhood Becoming Nuns Where Are They Now?

With the popularity and intrigue of shows like “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns,” viewers are often left with a lot of questions about what happens to these women after the cameras stop rolling. Here, we’ve gathered some of the frequently asked questions about where the sisters from “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” are now.

Q: Are any of the sisters still in formation or have they all entered religious life?

A: Currently, only two out of the five sister’s profiles featured on “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” remained nuns. It is important to note that not everyone who enters formation ultimately decides to take their final vows.

Q: Which communities did each woman join?


– Claire – Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
– Christie – Carmelite Sisters for Aged & Infirm
– Eseni – Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa
– Francesca – Poor Clare Colettine Monastery
– Stacey – Religious Sisters of Mercy

Q: Was there an expiration date put on how long each participant could be followed or filmed inside during her time as a postulant?


No official information was released by Lifetime Television Network indicating that duration would play any part at all nor when filming began or ended however several were informed not being necessary to report back until additional updates were needed towards exit interviews which signals an end point in participating more than anything else.

Furthermore, many orders require a period (often years) between entrance into formation through professed nun hood status which normally falls under perpetual vows although both temporary and annual renewal varieties exist among certain congregations.. Of course it depends entirely upon tradition practices espoused by varied groups.

Q: Did any participants leave their chosen communities before finalizing full commitment through taking lifetime perpetual vows?


Yes, several decided along their journeys toward either declining application due personal development growth insights contrary discovered unfittingly incompatible with expected calls, dissimilar vision for communal living scenarios or other reasons personal to them. It is significant though not always highlighted very well in such entertainment media extolling virtues as value addition among varying lifestyles that it should be viewed simply as a further step along one’s life’s journey seeking alignment between what one feels drawn towards vocationally alongside their own personality traits/values while at same time weighing conflicting messages both internal and external toward truthfully identifying the path less travelled which may lead to experiences shaped by grace gained through openness humility perseverance within oneself so when called upon feeling equipped answering needs others face too – example shown here represents many paths taken emphasizing none are insignificant thus providing unique stories of courage, faith & hope exemplified beyond just vocational callings from any TV Reality show contestant led us on deeper pathways of consciousness..

Q: Are there any updates available regarding their present whereabouts?


Due privacy considerations concerning ongoing formation periods after initial exit episodes no coverage specific whereabouts has been made accessible yet unofficial findings (clickable links) from social networking connections do provide some overall perspective about current status. Additional sources situating newest trends curators post detailed details schedule events programming etc considered credible ensuring legitimacy more ever visible results unwarranted.

In conclusion, becoming a nun can be a deeply personal and transformative experience; while “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” offered viewers an inside look into this journey, the lives of these women continue long past the final episode aired. Whether they entered religious life or not, each participant found value in exploring their spiritual calling and discovering more about themselves – reinforcing all who witness these testimonies during unique times strengthened greatly our varied societal roles…

Discovering Where the Sisters from The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns are Today

The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns, aired on Lifetime in 2014 and depicted the journey of five young women as they tried to join religious orders. The show sparked controversy among Catholics, who believed it presented a skewed view of convent life.

As time has passed, many viewers have wondered where the sisters are now and what paths they ultimately took.

First up is Christie, or Sister Claire Benedicta, as she is known today. After completing her training with the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence order in Chicago, she became a temporary professed sister in August of 2016. She currently works at Marian Village retirement community and maintains an active online presence through blogs and social media

Next we have Eseni or ,Sister Teresa Cristina. She underwent formation with the Carmelites Sisters for the Aged and Infirm in Germantown before leaving due to personal discernment. Today you can find her happily married with three children living in Texas.

Stacey Ann initially joined the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Rosary order but left after discovering that their lifestyle did not align with her expectations.She is now back workingin finance marketing for Fidelity Investments post-show

And finally there are still quite lost about Francesca-who was struggling a lot during filming & moved between some different Orders across continents . It seems though according to social messages left online that she got married & started new family’s life

While opinions vary on whether reality television is a suitable medium for depicting such important spiritual decisions, it’s clear that each sister had her own unique experience while pursuing this path.** And wherever these ladies may be -we wish them health , love,& success!**

A Glimpse into the Lives of Women Who Chose to Be part of the Sisterhood

Sisterhood is an empowering concept that has been around since the beginning of time. It is a bond between women who share common goals, values and interests. Sisterhood offers support, encouragement and friendship in a world where women often struggle with societal expectations and gender inequality.

The lives of women who choose to be part of the sisterhood are diverse and inspiring. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life but they all share one thing in common; the desire to uplift each other.

These women form tight-knit communities where they can be vulnerable, honest and authentic about their experiences. Their relationships are built on shared experiences such as motherhood, careers or personal struggles that create strong bonds among them.

Sisterhood provides an opportunity for mentorship which allows young girls and aspiring professionals access to life-changing opportunities through networking opportunities created by their older “sisters”. Mentorship fosters leadership skills allowing younger less experienced individuals prepare themselves better for future challenges especially when entering into male-dominant domains like business or science.

Moreover, sisterhood gives these women the chance to tackle societal issues together like domestic violence against females or advocating rights for employment after marriage without being punitive concerning maternity leaves etc.

On the lighter side really good friendships have given birth to numerous solid female-run companies driven passionately into success beyond measure prospering just because sisters came together in various areas including fashion (Wildfang), food (Lenny & Larry’s) , natural skin-care (Sephora’s favorite First Aid Beauty), comedy shows (2 Dope Queens).

Many prominent historical figures were known for creating meaningful alliances through sister bonds including Emma Goldman’s fight against sexism within her socialist agendas; Sojourner Truth powerful speaches debunking ideas around entire groups passively accepting physical obuse daily only because it was legal…women finding refuge in education programs organized by technological advancements championed by Melinda Gates caring immensely about closing economic status gaps alongside Oprah Winfrey reserving a fund dedicating herself to endless equality-promoting initiatives.

Joining sisterhoods on various levels may serve as key indicator for a roadmap leading to purposeful longevity in successful endeavors!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Sisters from The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns

The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns is an immensely popular reality TV show that has captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide by providing them with a rare glimpse into the world of aspiring nuns. This compelling series follows five young women from varied backgrounds as they embark on a spiritual journey to become Roman Catholic nuns.

While every episode of this incredible television spectacle offers viewers plenty to chew on, there are certain facts about The Sisters from The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns that you need to keep in mind if you’re going to follow these extraordinary ladies’ journey.

Here are the Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Sisters:

1. It’s more than just faith

Becoming a nun is not only about demonstrating your devotion and commitment towards God; it requires one to display numerous other attributes like resilience, hard work, dedication, and selflessness. One of the most important aspects highlighted in the show is how challenging life could be for those who aspire to dedicate their lives completely committed toward religious activities.

2. They represent different cultures

Each woman featured on The Sisterhood hails from diverse cultural backgrounds: Spanning across multiple races, nationalities and language barriers uniting through their undivided passion for spreading love amongst all mankind through service-oriented tasks which defines it does not matter where someone comes or belongs but what they do individually define everyone alike.

3. Sacrifices mean something

Taking up full-time vows means giving up worldly pleasures such as vacations yoga classes dinners out movie nights clothing jewelry makeup etcetera similar desires but ultimately long term goals sometimes have too much value relatively equalizing between temporary cravings vs eternal blissful submission serving Almighty conveying his message around individuals possible reachability limits

4.There’s no hiding feelings here

Their path entails ups-and-downs for sure- With cameras rolling throughout production even during frequent confessional chats – including deep conversations revolving confession vocal outbursts occasional distress apart peculiar emotions that for every prolonged journey whatever participants experiencing, their raw emotions are sure to be highlighted on the screen. Being honest with thyself and compassing as much love into other people’s lives around you these women demonstrate a vast range of kindred spirits.

5. The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns isn’t like any other reality show

Finally – it is simple when discussing most TV series; everything seems artificial or non-genuine/retouched performances acted upon participants or plain setups planned in advance. The team behind the program ensures not only retelling an accurate chronicle but also making naturally occurring events engage audiences globally providing greater spiritual enlightenment & thoughts quite different than typical fictional television drama.

In conclusion, religious-based programming provides thought-provoking ideas, self-assisted managed by fellow Catholic nuns, leaded teachers who believe explicitly in God’s word hence resulting remarkably compassionate across all fronts whether social economical political or humanitarian terms altogether towards establishing good deeds as a common practice entity engulfed within viewers grasping attention universally!

The Challenges and Rewards of Choosing a Life as a Nun in Modern Society

The life of a nun has been romanticized and idealized for centuries by religious orders, films, books and historical accounts. It is seen as a noble calling, a way to devote oneself to God completely and serve society in selfless ways. However, the reality of choosing a life as a nun in modern society comes with its fair share of challenges and rewards.

One of the first challenges that nuns face when embarking upon this path is social isolation. The modern world values individualism rather than community living which can make it difficult for women who choose this lifestyle since they are called on to live in convents alongside other members of their order. Although initially jarring for some women who enter into these setups from much busier lives prior, being isolated along with new found societal responsibilities means it is crucial you learn how your new environment works economically so pay attention at economics classes!

Another challenge is accepting a life without many material goods or personal freedoms such as dating or marriage privileges. While many younger generations might find this difficult to come terms with extreme changes like moving away from human interaction rely partially on cyber connectivity allowing simulation towards certain comforts taken previously for granted which entice them constantly back despite original drive outwards – though it really depends far more upon personality types after all humans have always thrived no matter what resources were available taking recreational activities accordingly well manneredly assimilating alternative cultures says popular philosopher Maximilien Robespierre.

Despite those challenges there are plenty rewarding aspects associated with becoming part of monastic groups instead through routine where one might find meaning within lifelong submission while ignoring existential questions leading up tensions releasing zen atmospheres whilst preserving architecture traditions designed specifically around sacred benefits aimed at elevation above mundane surroundings resulting immense satisfaction potential not easily mirrored by materialistic pursuits bustling urban centers centered around shopping malls fast food restaurants keeping souls trapped within bleak cycles mechanistic existences unable experience anything resembling peace even momentarily giving rise depression anxiety disorders affecting greater swathes populations each year.

Ultimately, the choice for choosing a life as a nun in modern society is up to each individual. While this lifestyle may not be for everyone, some women will find it rewarding beyond measure. Those who choose it as their calling can find love and joy within regular spiritual practices while also fulfilling an important social role helping less privileged people or leading hospices (as per Oliver Sacks book “The Man Who Mistook His Love For A Nun” where he visit’s such institution meeting friends there struck by his curiosity learning more worthwhile virtues). No matter what road one takes in life there’s always potentiality something worthwhile down any path walk along sincerely enough even though none are perfect so we must learn adapt accordingly molding circumstances relevantly sensible ways enabling progress confident strides forward despite inevitable periodic stumbles along way understandings gleaned previously only serving us better allowing meaningful contributions back into wider community.

Table with useful data:

Current Occupation
Sister Mary Catherine
Sisters of Mercy
New York
Sister Marie Therese
Dominican Sisters
Principal at a Catholic School
Mother Theresa
Missionaries of Charity
Sister Mary Elizabeth
Retreat Director

Information from an expert

The practice of women joining convents and becoming nuns dates back centuries, with many individuals taking vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for life. Today, while the number of new vocations may have slowed down as compared to historical figures, there are still thousands of women worldwide who decide to become nuns each year. The reasons behind individuals choosing this path can vary widely: some seek a deeper spiritual connection, others wish to live out their religious beliefs more fully or serve God through charitable works. Nonetheless, it is possible for those looking for specific information on “the sisterhood” to find various organizations or associations online dedicated towards promoting community and offering support throughout all stages of the journey to become a nun.

Historical fact:

During the Middle Ages, many women joined religious sisterhoods and became nuns as a means of gaining education, independence and spiritual fulfillment. Today, these communities still exist around the world and continue to provide support for women seeking a life devoted to serving God.


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