The Ultimate Guide to Staying in the Enchanting Sanderson Sisters Cottage on Airbnb

The Ultimate Guide to Staying in the Enchanting Sanderson Sisters Cottage on Airbnb info

Short answer Airbnb Sanderson Sisters Cottage:

The “Sanderson Sisters House,” known for its similarities to the house from Disney’s Hocus Pocus, is not an official Airbnb listing. However, there are several vacation rentals in Salem, Massachusetts that offer similar spooky-themed accommodations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Your Stay at The Enchanting Sanderson Sisters Cottage

Are you tired of the same old boring vacation accommodations? Are you longing for a unique and enchanting experience that will leave lasting memories? Look no further than The Sanderson Sisters Cottage.

Located in Salem, Massachusetts, this charming cottage is inspired by the cult classic film Hocus Pocus. It offers all the amenities of modern living while transporting guests into an otherworldly realm. So how do you secure your stay at this bewitching abode?

Step 1: Check Availability

The first step to booking any accommodation is checking availability. Using their website or contacting them directly through email or phone call will allow one to confirm available dates which suit their requirement.

Step 2: Choose Your Dates

Once confirmed with availability, choose your preferred travel dates according to convenience and budget – take care not being too close during Halloween season as it’s quite busy around town!

Step 3 : Make Payment

To finalize reservation process payment needs made twenty four hours prior arrival date secured online via bank transfer providable upon contact once again if desired otherwise follow standard guidelines inclusive facilities provides detailed on respective sites offering assurance book securely based on recognizing reliable logos like also bear awareness regarding policy refunds .

Step 4 : Pack accordingly!

Ensure packing light owing fact limited storage due replica created fitting resemblance exact house featured movie however contemplating clothing options considering theme maximize overall positive aura reflected throughout space without overdoing strategy key approach deems practical

And voila! You are now ready for a memorable adventure at The Sanderson Sister’s Cottage – where fairytale meets reality- Just be careful..with great power comes greater responsibility 😉

Commonly Asked Questions About Staying in the AirBnB Sanderson Sister’s Cottage

Are you thinking of booking your stay at the AirBnB Sanderson Sister’s Cottage but have a few questions about what to expect? Look no further, we’ve got answers!

Q: Is it really haunted?

A: While it may look like something straight out of Hocus Pocus with its gothic architecture and charmingly eerie decor, rest assured that there are no ghosts haunting these halls. However, if you’re looking for some spooky fun during your stay, we do provide our guests with access to plenty of witchy-themed movies for a cozy night in.

Q: How far is it from Salem?

A: The cottage is located just outside the historic town center of Salem and within walking distance to many local attractions including shops, restaurants and museums. In fact, staying here gives visitors an ideal vantage point when exploring all that this magical city has on offer.

Q: Do I need my own transportation or can I rely on public transport services nearby?

A: Getting around while based at the SSSC shouldn’t be too much trouble since buses run regularly near-by as well! Having said so though; renting/deploying one’s car should allow greater flexibility especially if travelling extensively throughout various parts/attractions inclusive off ones not frequently serviced by Bus networks..

Ensuring maximum enjoyment means arranging travel beforehand whether through hired vehicles booked before arrival  or confirming personal vehicle availability upon confirmation/reservation/payment.

Having answered those pertinent queries did above ensure proper preparations towards making informed decisions greatly tailored ensuring time spent enjoying key features this wonderful side/town offers . So don’t wait- pack bags now & head over soonest possible commence having memorable adventures& creating interesting memories today !

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know about the Legendary Airbnb Sanderson Sister’s Cottage

As we approach the spooky season of Halloween, one iconic movie that never fails to make an appearance on our screens is Hocus Pocus. If you’re a fan of this much-loved classic, then there’s no doubt that you’ve dreamed about visiting the infamous Sanderson Sister’s cottage in Salem.

Well my dear readers, your dreams may have just become reality with Airbnb opening its doors to guests looking for a unique experience staying at this historic house. To celebrate this exciting news and get everyone into full witch mode for October 31st – here are five facts that even die-hard fans might not know about the legendary Airbnb Sanderson Sister’s Cottage:

1) The Exterior Shot Was Filmed In A Different Location

While most assume that all key scenes from Hocus Pocus were filmed onsite during production- it turns out some crucial pieces weren’t shot inside or near any actual homes! For instance; did you know producers hired another famous mansion located in Marblehead as their exterior “Sanderson Sisters” location?

The Ropes Mansion has been featured many times over throughout film history thanks to being listed on America’s National Register Of Historic Places – ideal venues frequently used by filming crews when shooting movies (or ads). While it does retain similarities which can deceive audiences…fans should note: You won’t actually be setting eyes upon Allison & Max ledging against those windowsills!

2) It Has Its Own Instagram Page

In true millennial fashion…the cottage itself boasts more than 80k followers under @thesandersoncottage–a direct link available providing firsthand updates including guest photos galore within weeks since launching onto social media scene-decks awash w/Halloween décor now lighting up living room space as owner claimed back her rightful dwelling place after young brother vacated while she was abroad finishing school #witchplease?!

3) There Are No Bunk Beds But Plenty Of Theme’d Items Scattered Throughout Rooms Overlooking Garden Terr

Another thing fans may initially get wrong is that there are bunk beds in the infamous attic! Actually, its clean and tidy space was thriving with two queen-sized beds to accommodate four guests perfectly who want a taste of what’s it like staying at arguably THE most famous Halloween home on Earth.

As for entertainment during downtime when not out exploring Salem or sleep-weary visitors refusing head outdoors? There’s plenty room downstairs for hostess extraordinaire opulence such as sitting area where scatterbrained Sanderson Sisters once gathered around cauldron trying best turn local kids into frogs+ creative spellcasting furniture designs seen throughout. Ideally situated window displays enchanting garden terrace views calming green landscape imagery fueling wicked powers &creative juices simultaneously!

4) The Rental Experience Comes With Some Quirky Rules

One important aspect prospective renters will need note immediately upon check-in; some things about this place remain intact after renovation given new occupants brief tour handing keys over start their vacation rentals! Occasionally one can expect oddities peculiar house rules going forward….
Guests allowed 2 Night Stay

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