The Ultimate Guide to the Talented Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast

The Ultimate Guide to the Talented Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast

How Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast Became a Successful TV Show

Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a successful TV show that follows the lives of five women who are striving to make it big in the hip hop industry. Through their failures, successes, and setbacks, the cast has managed to build a formidable fan base and amassed critical acclaim for their work.

One of the primary reasons why Sisterhood of Hip Hop became so successful is that it taps into an underrepresented demographic in hip hop – female rappers. The show gives viewers an intimate look at the challenges and triumphs faced by women trying to break through in an industry that is heavily male-dominated. This unique perspective struck a chord with audiences, paving the way for the show’s success.

Another key factor that contributed to Sisterhood of Hip Hop’s success is its emphasis on realism. While many reality shows feature over-the-top moments and contrived drama, this series showcases authentic experiences and struggles faced by real people trying to make their dreams come true.

The authenticity present in each episode was possible because of executive producer Mona Scott-Young’s vision for bringing diverse perspectives to mainstream media that never compromises storytelling or identity in conflict without being presented as a circus or sideshow. For example, when cast member Brianna Perry famously clashed with record label executives due to her creative direction, viewers could see how difficult it was for her to stay true to herself while fulfilling expectations from corporate entities.

Beyond simply entertaining viewers and telling compelling stories, Sisterhood of Hip Hop also offers valuable life lessons for aspiring musicians looking to succeed in the hip hop industry. The show educates its audience on things like music marketing strategies, networking practices , navigating industry politics which helped some fans learn what steps can lead them towards becoming solid artists themselves. These lessons have resonated with both fans and critics alike.

Overall, Sisterhood of Hip Hop has become one of televisions most riveting shows by prioritizing authenticity over sensationalism; giving an accurate portrayal of women breaking into the rap industry, highlighting sincere storytelling and setting a standard for future episodes of television. As a result, it has garnered an appreciative audience that enjoys the mix of entertainment and education the show provides.

Step by Step Guide to Understanding the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast

Hip hop as a genre of music is often associated with masculinity and male dominance. However, in recent years, women have been making a name for themselves in the hip hop industry – and Sisterhood of Hip Hop is one show that has been showcasing their talents. It’s a reality TV series that follows the lives of female hip hop artists who are trying to break into the industry. In this step-by-step guide, we’re going to help you understand some of the prominent members of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop cast.


Bia is one woman on this show who definitely knows how to spit bars! She’s originally from Boston and got her first big break when she was signed by Pharrell Williams’ record label. Bia has also worked with well-known artists like J Balvin and Ariana Grande. On Sisterhood of Hip Hop, she is regularly seen showcasing her skills in freestyle battles with other cast members.

Audra The Rapper

As her name suggests, Audra The Rapper has an undeniable talent for rapping. But what makes her stand out on this show is her determination to make it big while staying true to herself as an artist. Audra previously toured with J.Cole and signed a distribution deal with Rick Ross’s record label before being featured on Sisterhood of Hip Hop where she brought viewers up close and personal with her life both in and out of the studios.

Kristen ‘Kris’ Kelly

Kristen is known as “The Detroit Lioness” due to her birthplace in Detroit, Michigan but currently resides in Los Angeles California alongside other famous rap artists such as Lil Wayne, Wale or Nicki Minaj recently signed on Kris Kelly’s newly founded KC Management imprint named after Kris Kel,Kelly focuses mainly on developing new talent but also works on releasing records herself under KC management records growing into an unstoppable force dominating social media platforms as well as mainstream music productions.

Lee Mazin

Lee Mazin represents the Philadelphia hip hop scene and has been making a name for herself in the industry from an early age. She’s been recognized by fellow musicians such as Meek Mill and has even been featured on BET’s cypher. Her rap style is known to be aggressive yet soulful, which makes her stand out from other artists.


Known for her unique voice and style, Siya brings a fresh energy to Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Growing up in Brooklyn New York made it necessary for Siya to hone her lyrical talent being amongst one of America’s most significant sources of social commentary within music; it only seemed fit that she would pursue hip hop artist aspirations with vigor. She was once signed with R&B singer Tank’s label but struck out on her own more recently.

In conclusion, Sisterhood of Hip Hop showcases some of the most talented women in the hip hop industry who are determined to rise above all odds placed against them through sheer dedication, grit and raw talent that proves gender doesn’t limit creativity or success in this male dominated market – this show will certainly bring you along for the ride whether you’re casually stepping in to enjoy who’s fighting for top spot or discovering a new generation breaking into mainstream activities gradually implanting their own mark into youth culture today!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast

As a fan of the hit TV show, Sisterhood of Hip Hop, you may have experienced moments of curiosity or confusion regarding its cast. If so, you’re not alone! In this article, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Sisterhood of Hip Hop’s stars.

Q: Who are the main cast members?

A: The show follows five female hip-hop artists as they navigate their personal and professional lives in pursuit of success in the male-dominated music industry. The cast includes Brianna Perry, Diamond, Siya, Bia, and Nyemiah Supreme.

Q: Have any of them had major success in their careers?

A: Some of them have achieved varying degrees of success in their careers. Diamond was previously part of Crime Mob, a popular Atlanta-based group who had hits like “Knuck If You Buck” and “Rock Yo Hips.” Brianna Perry has also released several successful mixtapes and EPs. Several other cast members have collaborated with well-known artists such as Tank and Timbaland.

Q: Is Sisterhood Of Hip Hop real or scripted?

A: While there certainly is an element of scripting involved in reality TV programming, most events portrayed on-camera are authentic moments captured during filming. With that said, it’s important to remember that producers do want to craft a compelling narrative for viewers – some scenes may be edited or staged to heighten drama or tension.

Q: Are the women friends off-camera?

A: It seems like there is genuine camaraderie between the stars both on and off camera (as evidenced by their presence at each other’s shows/events on social media). However debates over career goals can sometimes put friendships tested even among colleagues who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves close friends.

Q: How long has Sisterhood Of Hip Hop been airing?

A: The show premiered in August 2014 and ran for three seasons before being cancelled due to low ratings.

Q: What are some of the show’s most memorable moments?

A: Some of the most memorable moments on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop include Siya coming out as a lesbian, Nyemiah Supreme collaborating with Timbaland, Diamond’s tearful confession about wanting to quit music after her grandmother’s passing and Brianna Perry’s fiery personality shining while everyone is trying to establish their own paths in the game.

Q: Will there be a season 4?

A: Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official word confirming or denying plans for a fourth season. We can only hope that this talented group of women will have another opportunity to showcase their skills and continue their stories!

Top 5 Fascinating Facts about the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast

Hip hop is one of the most popular music genres that has taken over the world by storm, and with the rise of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, a reality television series on Oxygen Network that follows the lives and careers of some of the best emerging female hip-hop artists. This show was a groundbreaking move in many ways as it gave an unprecedented platform to women who have been continuously overlooked in this male-dominated industry. Here are five fascinating facts about the Sisterhood of Hip Hop cast which makes this reality show even more compelling.

1. Siya’s Remarkable Beginning:

The rapper Siya is known for her impressive lyrical skills and aggressive style, but before making it big in the rap scene, she had a tough beginning. Born during Hurricane Ione in Brooklyn, New York she had to move around from shelter to shelter until her family settled down in California. During her teenage years, she struggled with her sexuality while working odd jobs to support herself such as washing cars and selling drugs which had landed her a sentence in jail. It was only after meeting Tank at one of his shows where he invited her onstage that Siya realized her true calling for rapping.

2. Diamond’s Passion for Music:

Diamond (also known as Miss 32 Flavors) has always had an immense passion for music since childhood; she would often create songs about relevant topics such as society’s issues or happiness drawing inspiration from different genres like country music to Sade tunes. The Louisiana native started rapping seriously when she was only ten years old and through hard work and dedication became one of the most promising stars on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop today.

3. Bia’s Collaborations:

Bia is one rapper whose star power extends beyond just words alone; it’s also due to collaborations with notable names like J Balvin, Pharrell Williams among others cementing her into becoming an industry heavyweight contender despite being relatively new to international fans.

4. Brianna’s Sense of Style:

Brianna Perry’s sense of style is as impressive as her rap skills. Being a discerning fashionista, Brianna started designing clothing since the age of six years old, something she picked up from her mother who was a seamstress. Her unique taste in fashion has earned her credits in Essence and Vogue magazines while also serving as inspiration for upcoming designers.

5. Lee Mazin’s Unique Sound

Philadelphia native musician Lee Mazin has been in the game for more than 10 years and as such, this sisterhood OG knows a thing or two about evolving with music trends without sacrificing too much integrity for success. Since joining the cast of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, Mazin has kept pushing herself beyond limits creating fresh yet relatable tunes that have earned her an ever-growing fan base.

In conclusion, the Sisterhood Of Hip Hop reality series is not only entertaining to watch but it also highlights the struggles and triumphs that these women are facing in their respective journeys to become top hip-hop artists- something which resonates strongly with fans around the world. The show’s diverse cast brings compelling stories worth following, and seeing them overcome obstacles proves they’re forces to be reckoned with on any given day!

Behind-the-Scenes Look into the Lives and Careers of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast Members

The world of hip hop is often perceived to be dominated by male artists, but the reality is that there has always been a strong presence of women within this genre – and they are damn good at what they do. Enter “Sisterhood of Hip Hop”, a reality television show featuring up-and-coming female rappers who are making waves in the industry.

What makes Sisterhood of Hip Hop unique is that it offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives and careers of these female MCs. We get to see their struggles, their triumphs, and everything in between. It’s a raw and honest portrayal that showcases just how hard it can be to make it in the music business – regardless of gender.

One member of the Sisterhood cast that has captured audiences’ attention is Brianna Perry. The Miami-native began rapping at just 7 years old and by age 10 had already caught the attention of superstar Missy Elliot. Despite early success, Perry still faced setbacks – including being dropped from her record label before securing a new deal with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

Then there’s Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith, whose journey took her from being part of one all-female group (Crime Mob) to becoming an independent artist with her own record label (BlueMoneyRecords). Along the way she learned vital lessons about perseverance and staying true to herself.

Of course, no discussion about Sisterhood would be complete without mentioning its breakout star: Taliwhoah. The British singer/songwriter has managed to carve out her own niche in both hip hop and R&B with deeply personal lyrics and infectious melodies. Plus she brings some much-needed diversity to the table as one of only two non-American cast members.

As we watch these women navigate the obstacles that come with pursuing their passions, we can’t help but root for them every step of the way. And while there may have been times when they’ve been underestimated or dismissed, they continue to prove that they’re here to stay – and that the hip hop industry is all the better for it.

Get to Know Your Favorite Sisterhood of Hip Hop Cast Members – Profiles and Backstories

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality show that has made waves across music and reality television. The show features talented female rappers as they navigate their way through the male-dominated hip hop industry, trying to break through against all odds. From aspiring artists to established industry veterans, the cast members of Sisterhood of Hip Hop each have their own unique story that has made them stand out in this tough and competitive field.

In this blog post, we are going to delve into the profiles and backstories of some of our favorite Sisterhood of Hip Hop cast members.

1. Diamond White

Diamond White aka Siya is a native New Yorker with a lot to prove. Aged 29 years old, Siya came out during her time on season one but still had gritty lyrics reminiscent of Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. She has already featured heavyweights such as Chris Brown and Sage The Gemini and boasts nearly 200k YouTube subs thanks in part to viral hits such as “I Know I Know” featuring Remy Ma.

2. Bia Landrau

Bia Landrau may have only just now become mainstream-facing on Chance The Rapper’s “D.R.A.M Sings Special”..but she’s far from new face when it comes to rapping or being famous-adjacent; she once dated Drake while interning at Diplo’s Mad Decent label before her appearances on shows like Oxygen’s Sisterhood by association with BSL rapper Nyemiah Supreme (more on her later). Outside work being championed by Pharrell Williams earned her promise after signing with his i am OTHER imprint deal; since then she has dropped various projects including ‘For Certain’, which saw guest features from featured Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Jon: highlighting just how far removed she can be from other novice acts far removed from anything iconic beyond selling an image.

3. Brianna Perry

One particular contestant whom there’s a lot of buzz with is Brianna Perry. At 28, the Miami-raised MC was mentored by Trina just as she was entering her career prime begins to make a comeback following a quiet spell since 2015 project “Fortune Cookie”. her debut single “Mackin”, features Florida-natives like Rick Ross on the remix has been described as raw and personal- which is an approach not often seen among fellow rappers these days.

4. Nyemiah Supreme

Nyemiah Supreme had quite some time being associated with Bia except for when they appeared on both Seasons 1 and 2 of Sisterhood mentioned earlier; however, now on this season she certainly has stepped out of Bia’s shadow. She came from Queens where mentor Timbaland continues working through her career post-one-time position but it didn’t mean that was enough to acquire mainstream notability following breakout projects featuring Action Bronson uptempo collaborations with Busta Rhymes before showing you can be both hard and humorous via social media outlets.

In essence, each cast member holds their own unique intricacies and demons – whether they’re seeking acceptance from peers due to sexuality, needing faithful management or gaining unbiased respect in a male-dominated industry despite their evident talent being more than equal; everyone who watches can find something to relate while experiencing growth themselves whilst watching others reach success in one form or another one.


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