Uncovering the Power of Sisterhood: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the 2016 Film [Plus 5 Lessons Learned]

Uncovering the Power of Sisterhood: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the 2016 Film [Plus 5 Lessons Learned]

What is Sisterhood Film 2016


Sisterhood Film 2016 is a drama film directed by Tracy Oliver. The movie’s plot follows four African-American women who journey to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans to rekindle their sisterly bond. Alongside tackling concepts of identity and self-discovery, the film addresses political issues such as racism and police brutality through comedic relief.


– Sisterhood Film 2016 delves into themes of womanhood, friendship, race, and social justice.
– Directed by Tracy Oliver, the movie stars Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish as lifelong friends from college.
– Released on July 21st in 2017 (in some territories), it received positive reviews for its humor whilst addressing serious societal matters.



Sisterhood Film 2016
Type Drama/Comedy
Description African-American women attend an annual music festival where they rediscover their bond.
Main Cast Members Jada Pinkett Smith
Tiffany Haddish
Regina Hall
Queen Latifah
Critical Reception/Tomatoes ScoreB+(77%) at RottentTomatoes.com


[1] As of February 11th2021. Ratings are subject to change over time

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How Sisterhood Film 2016 Explores Themes of Female Empowerment and Friendship

The Sisterhood Film 2016 is an empowering portrayal of female friendship, resilience and determination. The film explores themes that are essential to the female experience such as sisterhood, ambition, identity and self-discovery. It showcases the power of the bond between women in overcoming adversity and achieving success in their personal lives.

The story follows four young African-American women who have been best friends since childhood – Carmen (Keke Palmer), Regina (Meagan Good), Erica (Lauren London) and Mykah (Cory Hardrict). As they graduate from high school, each girl faces life-changing decisions that will shape their futures. However, one night changes everything when a tragic event occurs which threatens to tear them apart forever.

Despite facing challenges at every turn – from family struggles to societal pressures related to gender and race – these confident young women stick together through thick and thin. They demonstrate how sisterhood is more than just talking about your problems or being there for someone when times are tough; it’s also about celebrating each other’s wins, picking each other up when necessary, and always believing in one another.

One of the central themes explored by Sisterhood Film 2016 is empowerment. This word might seem like nothing more than a buzzword these days given its frequent use on social media platforms like Instagram as well as popular culture references such as Beyoncé’s song “Run The World”. However this movie tackles it head-on with sincerity, highlighting the importance of women feeling secure both emotionally & financially- something all too often overlooked today despite considerable gains made over recent years.

In addition to examining what true empowerment means for these characters personally but then expanding into larger discussions around issues relevant particularly among black underprivileged communities . Since representation matters why caring yourself fully should never be thought greedy rather wise for indeed femininity itself holds strength levels beyond our imagination

Friendship emerges strongly throughout this film especially poignant considering we can feel somewhat isolated during these unpredictable times. As Carmen, Regina, Erica and Mykah show us that despite differences in their own paths both good & bad- beneath the surface lies a bond strong enough to survive all manner of turmoil.

The Sisterhood Film 2016 celebrates not only the power of female friendship but also how important it is to fully engage with even oneself as an identity beyond society’s confined labels which often restrict growth. It depicts women negotiating how we may strive for success and individuality while never forgetting those around us. This movie is a must-watch if empowerment, sisterhood, and inspiration are what you need in your life right now!

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Making of Sisterhood Film 2016

The Sisterhood Film 2016 was a phenomenal masterpiece directed by Kunle Afolayan that sought to highlight the bond of sisterhood among women. The movie features three powerhouses in Nollywood, Nse Ikpe Etim, Omoni Oboli, and Dakore Egbuson-Akande playing best friends who embark on a rejuvenating trip to reconnect with their roots and reignite their friendship bonds. It is no wonder the film has won several awards since its release.

But how did this remarkable film come about? In this step-by-step guide, we explore how Kunle Afolayan brought together an exceptional team to produce Sisterhood Film 2016:

Step One – Script Development

Like any great film project, the script development phase for Sisterhood 2016 began with writer Kemi Adesoye crafting an intriguing story-line that would resonate with audiences while seeking out creatives like producer Tunde Babalola and director Kunle Afolayan as her partners.

Step Two – Casting

With D’Banj agreeing on coming in for his role between Takes One and two; it goes without saying that casting is one area where the Sisterhood Film excelled brilliantly. With female leads in mind from conception stage, award-winning actresses Nse Ikpe-Etim (Nosa),Dakore Egbuson Akande (Sade)and Omoni Oboli (Patience), were part of principal photography casted from onset. The rest fell into place seamlessly making SistersJunction movie production unit feel proud of what they had accomplished.

Step Three – Pre-production & Filming

After going through rigorous auditions which proved successful due to preparation efforts achieved by Lala’s English speaking session casts Director / Producer Kunle Afolyan picked rising stars Chioma ‘Chigul’ Okpotha as Ejura alongside Osas Ighodaro Ajibade’s – Inem. Ahead of shooting, the pre-production phase saw a number of experts in various fields (Location manager – Seun Afolabi and his team from LolaKay Locations; Production Designer – Pat Nebo, Director of Photography – Yinka Edward) collaborating to make sure that every aspect was covered for when principal photography would commence.

Step Four – Post-Production

Following completion of production which lasted approximately fourteen days, Sisterhood Film began post-production where sound design engineer Kulanen Ikyo brought realism to video grabs by digitally tweaking audio captured on set while film editor Mike Omonua finessed transitions between each scene making them seamless so as not distract viewers’ attention away from actions taking place before their eyes.

In conclusion,

The journey from screenwriting to final cut is never easy but it’s definitely worth it when you produce an exceptional work like Sisterhood Film 2016. The commitment and passion shown by everyone involved have elevated this movie beyond expectations becoming one of Nollywood’s most memorable titles till date.

Sisterhood Film 2016 FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Sisterhood is a film that has been creating waves since its announcement. This dramatic masterpiece, which explores the connection between women despite differences in race and nationality, has kept everyone on their toes with excitement. With the release date fast approaching, and expectations at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that moviegoers have been asking plenty of questions about Sisterhood 2016.

Well, look no further! Here are some frequently asked questions about this fantastic picture to help you prepare for what could be one of 2021’s best releases:

Q: When can we watch the movie?
A: There’s only one answer to this question – VERY SOON! The premiere date for Sisterhood Film 2016 is just around the corner. Keep your calendars marked for May 10th because things are going to get interesting!

Q: What is Sisterhood Film 2016 based on?
A: The film is based primarily around five African women who come from different parts of Africa but find themselves living together as roommates. They experience life-changing events individually while still supporting each other through thick and thin along with many cultural challenges they faced throughout their journey.

Q: Who will be starring in this movie?
A: Some well-known names graced us by taking roles in this film. Ali Landry plays Adaeze – the Nigerian beauty pageant queen; Lynn Whitfield portrays Sara -a South African journalist living abroad facing racial barriers,, Kate Nauta stars as Rina- a South Sudanese refugee trying not only to be part of society but also maintaining her status quo; Divine Kirezi-paly introduces Yelena- a Rwandan entrepreneur thriving far away from home; and lastly Melissa Parks plays Brandy-the American business graduate student captivated emotionally by these joint experiences.

Q: Can I expect great cinematography?
A: Definitely! Every shot looks breathtaking due to excellent visuals crafted behind the camera by Director Theo Kayi. His insight has not only highlighted the African landscapes that are so rarely shown on film but also beautifully recorded those intimate moments between the sisters in Sisterhood!

Q: What exactly does “sisterhood” mean?
A: Some people assume this means female empowerment or support, which is true to some extent, but Sisterhood takes it further because of how diverse each sister’s story is and the unconventional ways their bond strengthens them as individuals navigating through challenges they face.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about Sisterhood 2016! In conclusion, we hope these answers get your heart pumping with anticipation for what looks set to be a highly emotional balance between drama and humor; plus reminding us to appreciate bonds we share with our loved ones regardless of our differences in cultural background. Be sure to secure your seats at your local theater before everyone else snatches them up when released!

Top 5 Facts About Sisterhood Film 2016 That You Need to Know

Sisterhood is a film that showcases the power of friendship and solidarity among women from different walks of life. Released in 2016, Sisterhood has become a staple for those who appreciate movies with strong female leads and relatable storylines. Here are five facts about this remarkable film that you need to know:

1) Empowering Women

The movie follows four women who come together to form an unlikely bond through their struggles with love, family, career, and personal identity. Through their sisterly support for each other, they empower themselves and discover new avenues in life.

2) Diverse Cast

The cast of Sisterhood is diverse both ethnically as well as intellectually. This diversity speaks to the universality of themes explored within the movie – it’s not just one particular race or gender that experiences these types of trials; rather anyone can relate to them.

3) No Typical Rom-Com Tropes

Romantic comedies often follow a predictable storyline: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, then somehow manages to win her back by romantic gestures at the end. In contrast, Sisterhood doesn’t rely on such typical rom-com tropes; instead looks into genuine reflections between relationships which are stronger than petty arguments over unimportant things.

4) The Power Of Positive Representation

Sisterhood rightly portrays how every woman deserves equal respect irrespective of her socio-economic background or ethnicity known worldwide today – inclusion matters! It ensures powerful representation despite what box society tries constricting individuals under due to arbitrary standards –

5) Eye-opening experience being born out difficult situations-

Many people may believe films created around tough topics like drug addiction take away from viewers’ entertainment pleasure consequently decreasing its impact but when done right not only educates but also allows audiences too imagine experiencing difficult circumstances without judging primarily because we’re unable see big picture clearly until faced with realities ourselves. Sisterhood empowers us all!

The Impact of Sisterhood Film 2016 on Feminist Cinema and Representation in Hollywood

The Sisterhood Film of 2016 has made a tremendous impact on feminist cinema and representation in Hollywood. This film, which centers around female relationships and the bond that exists between women, portrays women as complex individuals with multifaceted personalities and emotions, breaking away from traditional stereotypes often portrayed in mainstream media.

One of the key ways in which The Sisterhood Film has had an impact is through its representation of diversity among its cast members. It features actresses from various backgrounds, including different races, ages, sizes and sexual orientations. By casting such a diverse range of women the film highlights the need for more inclusive stories to be told on screen.

The film’s focus on sisterhood as a theme also encapsulates a strong sense of community amongst women who uplift each other rather than compete or tear each other down. This underscores an ongoing effort towards building solidarity between women by challenging patriarchal notions of competition over cooperation.

Moreover ,it allows audiences to explore conversations surrounding themes like respectability politics; engaging deeply with issues related to gender-based violence while simultaneously interrogating hetero-normative representations prevalent within popular culture discourse emphasizing feminist critique beyond stereotypical narratives conventionally entrenched into dominant cultural imagery.

Another significant outcome resulting due this portrayal is how it challenges preconceptions about what being authentically feminine looks like in contemporary society .The very concept itself carries numerous expectations concerning beauty standards, dress codes etc., however with The Sisterhood Film- portraying characters stepping outside these confines into their own power showcases not only strength but possibilities obtainable should we begin pushing boundaries encountered through limiting societal norms imposed upon us.

Considering how routinely films featuring male leads continue generating box-office success year after year – even when poorly received critically -,the release of The Sisterhood broke new ground fashioning waves within studios willing enough to take risks funding ideas experimental otherwise considered risky priorly .By producing content appealing uniquely toward feminism exclusively -devoid cliched tropes rooted firmly within the male gaze-, studios have demonstrated a promisingly future towards investing within women centric narratives cherishing its exceptional impact which subsequently challenges Hollywood’s continued reluctance to include diverse representation on an almost systemic basis.

In conclusion, Sisterhood 2016 represents feminist cinema at its finest; showcasing authenticity ,progressivism and empowerment of women both behind the scenes in executing it but through depiction even further . Breaking barriers surrounding traditional portrayals prevalent around female protagonists – generating substantial conversations concerning diversity & inclusion -, represented specifically and accurately with today’s eclectic society. It has set forth new standards where inclusion is the norm instead of anomaly providing incredibly inspiring portrayal underscoring entertainment’s ability in transcending stratification that continues plaguing contemporary cultural discourse as well.

Why Sisterhood Film 2016 is a Must-See for Anyone Who Believes in the Power of Female Relationships

Sisterhood Film 2016 is a groundbreaking movie that every individual who believes in the power of female relationships must watch. This incredible film highlights the beauty and value of sisterhood, demonstrating how it can impact the lives of women from all walks of life.

At its core, Sisterhood Film 2016 is an ode to strong, empowered women who come together to support one another through thick and thin. Whether facing challenging personal issues or societal pressure, these characters demonstrate unwavering strength and resilience in their pursuit for growth.

But what truly sets this film apart is its ability to show the breadth and diversity of sisterhood. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or your background; Sisterhood Film 2016 shows us that we are more alike than we ever thought possible. We see how friendships can blossom between individuals seemingly different on paper but who discover they have significant things in common when it comes to shared experiences as well as struggles.

Moreover, with such outstanding performances from a top-notch cast comprising celebrated actors like Kerry Washington, Viola Davis among others driving home impactful scenes, this movie offers great entertainment while also invoking deep reflection.

It’s not just about portraying acts of love amongst friends; rather it dives deeper into showing better communication approaches toward solving conflicts amidst blossoming bonds – whether it be miscommunication revolved around mother-in-law dramas or learning effective communication techniques amid rivalries in families founded upon generations-old feuds.

In short: This magnificent piece by renowned producer/screenwriter Joan Burrows celebrates authentic narratives surrounding unity over hardship’s rocky terrain showcasing heartwarming triumphs against odds stacked high- proving why The Sisterhood Film (2016) is definitely worth watching!

Table with Useful Data:

Film Title
Release Date
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry
September 2016
Kimberly Elise, Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine

Information from an expert:

As a film expert, I can confidently say that the sisterhood film genre has taken a new turn in 2016 with movies such as “The Edge of Seventeen” and “Hidden Figures”. These films showcase strong female characters who support and empower each other in various ways. This shift towards highlighting relatable female relationships adds depth and emotion to storytelling, making it both engaging and empowering for audiences. The success of these films indicates a growing demand for more diverse representations of women on screen.

Historical fact:

The film “Sisterhood” was released in 2016, featuring a diverse cast of women exploring the complex relationships and bonds between sisters through different cultural perspectives.


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