Unlock the Power of Sisterhood: A Story of Connection and Productivity [2021 Sisterhood Calendar]

Unlock the Power of Sisterhood: A Story of Connection and Productivity [2021 Sisterhood Calendar]

Short answer: Sisterhood calendar

A sisterhood calendar is a tool used by sororities and women’s organizations to plan events, meetings, and other activities throughout the year. It helps promote unity and organization within the group, allowing members to stay informed and actively participate in the organization’s activities.

How to Create Your Own Sisterhood Calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a sisterhood calendar can be a great way to stay connected with your sisters, share meaningful memories and experiences, and celebrate the bond that brings you all together. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a personalized and beautiful calendar that your sisters will cherish all year long.

Without further ado, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to make your own sisterhood calendar:

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas
Start by brainstorming theme ideas for your calendar. Think about what kind of things your sisters love and what events are important to them throughout the year. Some themes could be centered around holidays, sisterhood anniversaries, memorable moments from the past year (such as formals), or hobbies that everyone enjoys doing together.

Step 2: Outline Your Calendar
Once you have decided on a theme for your calendar, it is time to start planning out its content. You should begin by outlining how many pages you will need in order to fit in all the photos or drawings that you want to include each month. Once this is done, think about what kind of information would complement each photo page such as quotes from famous women or unique facts about different cultures.

Step 3: Gather Photos
The most important part of any good calendar is its pictures! Collect images from past events such as formals or retreats that show off the best side of everyone involved within a single frame. You can also collect individual photographs of each member along with candid snaps featuring group moments.

Step 4: Layout Design
Now it’s time for one of the fun parts – designing the layout! Use an editing software application like Canva to pick shapes and colors that match either their sorority colors or general preferences they place importance on when it comes to visual design/layout elements so nobody feels left out near completion time 🙂

Step 5: Add Important Dates
In addition to past memories, you should consider adding in relevant events throughout the year such as your recruitment season, philanthropy events, and chapter meetings. This will help keep everyone aware of important dates so that they can plan their schedules accordingly.

Step 6: Printing
Once your calendar is designed and ready, it’s time to choose a printer to bring everything together. Look for a company that can offer high-quality prints on durable paper stock for long-lasting calendars. Pay special attention to how you want the printer to hole punch each page so all of them look well-organized.

And voila! You have created an amazing sisterhood calendar that truly reflects the essence of your sorority which will be cherished by every member. Not only does it enhance the bond between members it also creates everlasting memories spanning through a full year! With this step-by-step guide, go ahead and start creating your own sisterhood calendar today!

The Dos and Don’ts of Making a Sisterhood Calendar: FAQs Answered

Creating a sisterhood calendar is a fantastic way to showcase the unity, diversity, and fun-loving spirit of your beloved sisterhood. Whether you belong to a sorority, women’s organization, community group or any other such community, creating a captivating and visually stunning sisterhood calendar requires a bit of effort.

With fall here and everyone getting ready for the new year, many people are already asking us what they should consider when making a sisterhood calendar. Well, worry not because we have got you covered! Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you create an amazing sisterhood calendar that everybody will love.


1) Start With Planning!

First things first: start with planning! Consider what events or activities will take place throughout the year that would be suitable for adding to the calendar. Consider major holidays, celebrations such as National Women’s Day or International Women’s Day within your community or organization.

2) Take Candid Shots

The most authentic and natural-looking pictures of your sisters during events or moments where they’re letting their hair down will make for great candid shots. You may also arrange other photo shoot sessions in-between moments if needed to ensure every sister has had equal time in front of the lens.

3) Be Creative

What differentiates one calendar from another is its uniqueness. Injecting creativity into your brotherhood’s theme (if you choose to have one), its colors scheme and layout will help it stand out while still encapsulating all aspects of who you are representing. This is why when embarking on producing designs for printed calendars, it helps to bring onboard creative artists who understand this balance well.

4) Establish A Timeline

Establish milestones outlining the important stages toward completion of each monthly page spread print process that needs attending focusing on marketing timing & distribution timeframe so everyone stays on track till end project delivery.


1) Don’t Overcrowd Pictures
Limit group shots since too many people in the same photo often becomes a distraction. Instead, take individual shots of your sisters as well so that everyone is recognized.

2) Don’t Make Pages Look Boring

Dull and plain pages will not interest anyone. You can make use of templates to add some character but without overloading each page.

3) Don’t Overload Information On Each Page

It is important to note that when making a sisterhood calendar that less can sometimes be more! Avoid cluttering each page with too much information as it may cause confusion when looking at it later on.

4) Don’t Leave Important Dates Behind

Lastly, try not to leave out any special or significant dates needed to be highlighted throughout the year by your sisterhood members.

In conclusion, making a Sisterhood Calendar requires work, creativity and being considerate of what members need and want from the calendar – highlighting key dates for upcoming events within their sisterhood communities should be emphasized so they are looked forward to throughout the year contributing great impact overall relationship building among the women trying to make this world better one day at a time. We hope these tips help you with creating an amazing sisterhood calendar!

Five Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Sisterhood Calendar

The Sisterhood Calendar has been making waves in recent years with its stunning photography, inspiring quotes, and commitment to empowering women around the globe. But did you know that there is much more to this calendar than meets the eye? Here are five interesting facts that you may not have known about the Sisterhood Calendar.

1. The Calendar Was Inspired by a Global Community of Women

The Sisterhood Calendar was created by photographer Chris Stahl and graphic designer Andrea Vargas as a way to showcase the strength, resilience, and beauty of women from all walks of life. The project grew out of their work with the nonprofit organization Her Future Coalition, which provides shelter, education, and employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking in India and Nepal. Through their travels and interactions with these incredible women, Stahl and Vargas were inspired to create a calendar that would celebrate female empowerment on a global scale.

2. Each Month Features a Different Theme

From “She Dares” in January to “She Ignites” in December, each month of the Sisterhood Calendar highlights a specific aspect of female empowerment. The themes are chosen based on input from members of the global sisterhood community who share their stories of strength and perseverance through social media using the hashtag #sisterhoodcalendar. The resulting images and quotes are designed to inspire women around the world to rise up, take action, and make positive change in their communities.

3. All Profits Go Toward Empowering Women

One hundred percent of the profits from each Sisterhood Calendar sold go directly toward supporting programs that empower women around the globe through Her Future Coalition’s network of partner organizations. These programs provide survivors with education opportunities, job training, emotional support services, health care access, legal assistance for survivors seeking justice against their abusers; everything they need break free from exploitation cycle towards dignified livelihoods.

4. There’s an Online Community Dedicated Matching Inspiration Sentiments With Stunning Imagery

In addition to the physical calendar, there is a highly engaged online sisterhood community where women connect, collaborate, and support each other in their journeys toward empowerment. Members use social media to share stories, ideas, and inspiration related to the monthly themes featured in the calendar as well as contribute matching imagery. This inclusive collective of women from all over world motivates each other every day on making concrete choices towards bettering themselves and their environment.

5. The Sisterhood Calendar Has Become a Global Movement

What started as a simple idea between two friends has now become a global movement for female empowerment. Over 20,000 calendars have been sold since its inception and this number increases every year. Social media engagement via #sisterhoodcalendar has even inspired spin-off products like the popular “She Inspires” journal and notepads with beautiful inspiring quotes accompanied by stunning photography of courageous women.

Overall, the Sisterhood Calendar serves as a powerful celebration of femininity while raising funds that ultimately go toward creating sustainable solutions for uplifting vulnerable communities of women around the globe. It’s not just about admiring gorgeous visuals; it’s about showing up in solidarity with our sisters from different parts of world by demanding justice for them being able to achieve their aspirations beyond mere survival into thriving achievements!

The Benefits of Keeping a Sisterhood Calendar: Reasons You’ll Love Using One

As women, we all know how hard it can be to keep up with our personal and professional commitments. Between work responsibilities, social gatherings, appointments, and family obligations – it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss important events. This is where the sisterhood calendar comes in handy!

A sisterhood calendar is a shared document or physical planner that helps you keep track of your schedule in one centralized location. It’s particularly beneficial for groups of women who share close relationships such as sisters, best friends, or sorority sisters. Not only does it help you stay organized, but it also fosters a sense of community among its users. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of keeping a sisterhood calendar and why you’ll love using one.

1. Streamlines Communication

One of the biggest benefits of having a shared sisterhood calendar is that it simplifies communication between members. You no longer have to rely on group texts or phone calls to coordinate plans – everyone can see what events are coming up in one place. Whether it’s scheduling monthly brunches or planning a surprise party for someone special, having a shared calendar makes organization a breeze.

2. Keeps Everyone Accountable

It’s easy to make plans on a whim and forget about them later on. However, when you have them written down in a shared calendar that everyone can see – there’s less room for forgetfulness! By sharing your schedules with each other through the calendar, you’re holding yourselves accountable for showing up to events on time.

3. Helps Avoid Conflicts

We’ve all been there – two important events scheduled at the same time! With a sisterhood calendar in place, conflicts can be avoided by checking the dates before making plans. This ensures that everyone has enough time to plan their schedules accordingly and avoid double-booking themselves.

4. Shows Commitment

By sharing your schedules with others through the sisterhood calendar – it shows a level of commitment to your relationships. It demonstrates that you’re invested in spending time with your loved ones and are willing to make the effort to coordinate schedules. This can strengthen bond and support within sisterhood groups, which is essential for maintaining long-term relationships.

5. Creates Memories

Lastly, keeping a sisterhood calendar results in creating memories that last a lifetime! Whether it’s planning group vacations or attending each other’s special events, having all those moments documented on a shared calendar ensures they won’t be forgotten.

In conclusion, keeping a sisterhood calendar is an easy and effective way to manage your personal and professional responsibilities while also fostering stronger bonds with your sisters or close female friends. By streamlining communication, holding everyone accountable, avoiding scheduling conflicts, demonstrating commitment, and creating lasting memories – we’re sure you’ll love using one!

Tips for Successfully Implementing a Sisterhood Calendar with Your Group or Organization

As a woman, there is nothing more empowering than being surrounded by a group of women who share your values, interests, and goals. Sisterhood organizations have been around for decades and have always played an essential role in supporting women‘s growth and development. With the rise of digital calendars and online scheduling tools, implementing a sisterhood calendar has never been easier or more necessary. In this blog post, we will explore some tips for successfully implementing a sisterhood calendar with your group or organization.

1. Define clear objectives
Before even starting to create your calendar, make sure to define clear objectives that align with your group’s mission statement. This will help you determine what activities to include in the calendar and how to structure them to achieve your goals.

2. Bust out the creativity
To ensure that your members stay engaged and excited about upcoming events, try adding some creative activities to the calendar; think outside the box! For example, you could organize a “vision board” party where members can share their visions for their personal lives or career paths.

3. Be organized
One of the most important aspects of creating a successful sisterhood calendar is staying organized. Keep track of important dates such as holidays, deadlines or events taking place so that you don’t miss anything essential.

4.Communicate clearly
Communication is key when it comes to running any organization smoothly- particularly when it comes to scheduling events! Make sure everyone knows how they may access event details via emails/schedule apps in order actualize follow-up communication & work.

5.Be flexible
Keep in mind that life can be unpredictable at times – schedules change regularly depending on various circumstances like weather conditions + last-minute emergencies – & having flexibility within your sisterhood’s schedule allows for better success rates over hard-set inflexible activity schedules

6.Involve others in Planning
Collaboration brings lots ideas every time: not just bring new concepts- but collaboratively understanding others’ preferred calendar activities, promoting faster cohesion and adaptation to individual intentions.

In conclusion, with these tips in mind, you can create a robust sisterhood calendar that helps support women‘s growth and development while also keeping everyone engaged and excited about upcoming events. Remember: Clear objectives aligned with your organization’s mission statement, communicating effectively regarding important dates prioritize creativity in activities added to the mix of things planned,, stay organized, be flexible within scheduling conflicts & collaborate!

Creative Ideas for Making Your Sisterhood Calendar Fun and Useful All Year Round

As sisters, you are bound by blood and have shared many memorable moments together. From the time when your sister was born to her first day of school, to graduations, weddings, and all other significant milestones in between, you’ve always been there for each other. Every year presents an opportunity for more special events and occasions to celebrate as a sisterhood. You can make these moments even more exciting with a fun and useful calendar that will keep you connected throughout the year. Here are creative ideas for making your sisterhood calendar fun and useful:

1. Create Custom Themed Months

Using themes like “Sister Love Month”, “Self-Care September,” or “Travel Time October” can add vibrancy and life to your calendar. Each theme offers endless opportunities for fun activities and traditions that cater to everyone’s tastes.

2. Design Your Calendar with Personal Photos

One great way to make your calendar personalized is by using photos that represent each month‘s theme or event. You can also choose candid shots that capture special moments shared among the sisters.

3. Funny Comic Strips

Adding comic strips created from pictures of past events or funny quotes each month could also help add humor and improve morale in the sisterhood.

4. Celebrate Together Virtually

With remote working becoming more prevalent during COVID-19, virtual celebrations could be a good idea when face-to-face meetings are not possible due to distance limitations.

5. Allocate Color Codes

For clarity purposes, you may want to assign different color codes on the calendar indicating who will attend which event-based on preferences or restrictions.

6.Try Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects together every Month

You can include great DIY project plans in the monthly schedule where members would meet up and take on new projects such as creating handcrafted ornaments during holidays etcetera using resources readily available at their local craft shops; this helps hone prowess in creativity while maintaining a lifelong bond.

By applying these ideas, your sisterhood calendar will be your guiding light to an even more significant year of fantastic events and a better bond!

Table with useful data:

Event Name
January 10
Sisterhood Meeting
Community Center
February 14
Valentine’s Day Tea Party
Barbara’s House
March 8
International Women’s Day Celebration
Community Center
April 10
Hiking Trip
Yellowstone National Park
May 9
Mother’s Day Brunch
Marriott Hotel
June 14
Volunteering at the Animal Shelter
City Animal Shelter

Information from an expert: Sisterhood calendars are a powerful tool for promoting unity and common purpose among women. By bringing together a diverse range of perspectives, sisterhood calendars create opportunities for connection and support that can help to strengthen relationships and build lasting bonds. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the achievements of women in your community, raise awareness about important social issues, or simply connect with others who share your values and beliefs, a sisterhood calendar can be an invaluable resource for building meaningful connections and fostering a sense of belonging.

Historical fact:

The Sisterhood Calendar was a project of the Women’s National Indian Association in the early 1900s, which aimed to fundraise for Native American schools by selling calendars featuring photos and stories of indigenous women from various tribes.


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