Unlocking the Power of Sisterhood: How Bannerlord Followers Can Build Strong Bonds [Expert Tips and Stats]

Unlocking the Power of Sisterhood: How Bannerlord Followers Can Build Strong Bonds [Expert Tips and Stats]

What is Sisterhood Followers Bannerlord

Sisterhood followers bannerlord is a feature in the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord that allows players to recruit female warriors who are part of an all-female clan called the “Sisterhood.” Unlike other troops in the game, these soldiers have unique skills and attributes that make them valuable additions to any player’s army.

  • The Sisterhood followers have a higher level of skill when it comes to archery and horses
  • Players can only recruit Sisterhood followers if they complete a specific questline in the game
  • These units also carry bows that shoot arrows with added effects such as poison or fire, which makes them particularly lethal on the battlefield.

If you’re looking for skilled female fighters for your army in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, recruiting Sisterhood followers might be just what you need!

Step-by-Step Guide: Recruiting and Training Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord

Recruiting and training your army is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, especially if you’re looking to build a formidable sisterhood. Fortunately for players who want to join the fairer sex in their conquests, there are many different strategies available when it comes to recruiting and training Sisterhood followers.

Step 1: Identify potential recruits

Before you start building your all-female army, you’ll need to identify candidates that have the skills and experience necessary to succeed on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for women with high combat stats, leadership qualities or other positive traits that make them stand out as potentially useful companions. Recruitment can be done through town centers or by defeating enemy armies and either capturing prisoners or inviting those who wish to pledge themselves.

Step 2: Providing proper equipment

Once new recruits have been found, they will require gear suitable for wartime conditions. Weapons such as swords or bows should be provided along with shields as well as helmets which provide adequate protection from both ranged fire (arrows bolts) and direct attacks alike.

Step 3: Train hard

Training is key when preparing any army unit for battle. This means giving regular time each day or week dedicated solely towards bringing these soldiers up-to-scratch regarding their character-specific attributes (such as strength!) while also providing them practical exercises designed specifically around mounting horseback maneuvers – essential considering how much bloodshed typically occurs amidst mounted armored units!

The best place anyone seeking improvement could go would perhaps be one-on-one tutoring provided at local military academies catering exclusively toward creating elite female commanders among different mediaeval kingdoms encompassing the fluid Map of Calradia

Step 4: Make use of perks

Sisterhood followers offer several unique benefits over traditional male counterparts besides amplifying morale bonus from influential females within Constituents allocated per kingdom across its towns like Hakkon’s Conquest located Southwest direction center-North area of the nation. It is therefore essential to make use of these differences by choosing perks that are tailored specifically for female characters and taking advantage of their strengths when in combat as well.

Step 5: Formulate tactical plans

The final step in creating an unbeatable sisterhood army requires assembling a team capable of winning battles through strategic thinking – this can be accomplished via careful planning or proper scouting ahead into enemies’ territory prior to carrying out utter bloodshed on enemy troops! Luckily, with stamina draining beasts like camels, you will never run short of agility during maneuvers!

In summary, there are many different things you can do if considering building your own all-female army within Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord universe. But focus on recruitment strategies along with training drills designed exclusively around rough-and-tumble horseback warfare underneath all manner of equipment while utilizing character-oriented benefits found only among Sisterhood followers available for enlistment from respective Kingdom constituents should help ensure success at every turn. Remember always prioritizing battle tactics over random brute strength alone will bring paramount results towards overcoming challenges laying beforehand that would inevitably otherwise lead to defeat at times even exhaustion without based training foundations set amidst sturdy minds destined towards war immersed decision-making processes without delay likewise hesitation embedded inside them yielding solid win ratio proportions supporting any potential action taken upon Calradia’s rich terrain including its different populations seen throughout its various corners within each kingdom present whether it be Vlandians Swadian Rhodoks Aserai Sturgians Empire nor Khuzait Nation across east side boundaries defining economic forecasts encompassing living conditions- soldiers under skilled leadership meanwhile representing themselves alongside those highly respected women incorporating political influence mingled among group enlisting aids nothing less than prosperous outcomes thus making reliable units being apart of common daily occurrences noticed far and wide amongst local provinces alike

Common FAQs About Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord

Are you new to the world of Bannerlord and curious about sisterhood followers? If so, read on to learn more about these formidable fighters.

What is a Sisterhood Follower?

A sisterhood follower is a member of an all-female group called The Sisters of Death. This group can be found in various locations throughout Calradia and their members are fierce warriors skilled in archery and close combat. They wear distinctive armor featuring the signature skull mask that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

How do I Recruit Sisterhood Followers?

Recruiting a sisterhood follower requires some specific conditions to be met. Firstly, your leadership skill needs to reach at least 60 points as stated by Mount and Blade fandom. Secondly, location plays a crucial role in teaming up with any loyal female warrior out there; you need to visit settlements or hideouts where they reside like Botinople and Baravenos respectively.

Are Sisterhood Followers Good Fighters?

Sisterhood followers are excellent fighters! They have high stats in agility, dexterity, and ranged skills which makes them deadly with both bows and melee weapons such as swords or axes. Additionally, they are proficient at horseback riding – allowing them greater mobility on the battlefield.

Can I Customize Their Armor?

Yes! One great feature that sets Bannerlord apart from other games is its level of customization for armaments- even for this elite band’s unique style iconography shown by their fearsome masks that scare off many would-be attackers who disagree with your party goals.

How do I Increase My Relationship With Them?

Earning trust takes time but it pays off well if you stick around long enough: A golden ‘relationship arrow’ prompts extensive dialogue between comrades nodding positively over mutual battles against same enemy factions whatsoever.

In conclusion, sisterhood followers play an essential role once recruited into your campaign army thanks to their impressive range of fighting perspectives boosted by customization options as required along the way. Looking forward to leading them someday? Who knows, maybe you’ll even get your hands on their distinctive helmet mask!

The Importance of Sisterhood Followers in Your Bannerlord Army

Sisterhood followers have been a buzzword in the gaming world of Bannerlord lately, and for good reason. These fierce women fighters not only add diversity to your army but also provide valuable benefits that can make all the difference on the battlefield.

Firstly, sisterhood followers are skilled in combat and can hold their own against any enemy. They are trained in archery, sword fighting or polearm handling, making them useful assets when it comes to attacking or defending a castle or town.Veterans who have played Mount & Blade games would likely already know how useful having some ranged troops could be.

Moreover, their presence boosts morale within the ranks of your armies. When they shout war cries, especially during intense battles with intimidating foes such as cavalry units armed with long-lances you can bet that this braveness will lift everyone’s spirits up and give a winning boost to your army’s mood!

Secondly, these warriors aren’t intimidated easily – they will never cower or flee from danger like lesser soldiers might do! Sisterhood followers’ badass attitude is second-to-none; they’ll stand their ground even if heavily outnumbered by enemy forces so it makes sense to always let them occupy strategic positions while protecting vulnerable sides !

Furthermore,such female force provides an excellent opportunity for diplomacy between rivaling factions- this is because many lords carry sexist biases against females leaderships hence defying expectations may earn soft spots.From gifting high-ranking lords sisters from other clans (or even marrying one yourself)may sway allegiance representation-wise.Also,rejecting marriage offers powerfully show asserts autonomy.These actions gradually warm relations towards maximum choices at a point where opposing factions unfold alliance support.

Lastly,you don’t want to lose out again on opportunities provided by faction-exclusive quests offered through dialogue thrice everyday.The tasks often entail beatings bandits,persuading nobles,and gathering information which gears progress.Your clan’s adventurous spirit inspires trust in guild-houses and garner more knowledge.The revered completion status of said quests also trigger positive relationship modifiers from your followers which greatly eases sieging certain settlements.

In conclusion, having sisterhood followers is not only a matter of coolness but their presence could mean the difference between victory and defeat on Bannerlord’s battlefields. They are skilled fighters whose ferocity can boost morale, they will never back down when things get tough;they present viable diplomatic opportunities for alliance forging by shattering societal norms plus come with exclusive quest lines bonuses! Don’t dismiss these sword-wielding heroines as anything lesser than what they really offer – exceptional power to dominate any battlefield at every step of the way.

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord

Sisterhood Followers, also known as the Khuzait Khans Guard, are a formidable force to be reckoned with in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. These elite cavalry units hail from the eastern steppes of Calradia and are notorious for their speed, agility, and deadly accuracy with a bow. Here are the top five facts you should know about Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord.

1. They Are All Women

One of the most unique features of Sisterhood Followers is that they’re all women. In a game where men typically dominate military leadership roles, it’s refreshing to see an all-female unit take center stage. According to lore, these women were outcasts who banded together under a single banner to regain control over their own lives.

2. They Excel in Horseback Archery

Sisterhood Followers are infamous for their skill on horseback when wielding bows or crossbows against enemies. This mobility allows them to dart around battlefields at high speeds while raining arrows down upon hapless foes below. Because of this expertise, they make excellent scouting units and can decimate enemy formations before closing in for melee combat.

3.They Hold Their Own Against Armor-clad Foes

While mounted archers don’t always fare well against heavily armored opponents in medieval warfare titles like Bannerlord specifically; The powerful arrows used by sisterhood followers cut through armor almost easily due to superior design and prowess gained throughout many years fighting only with horses which makes even armored nobles balk at engaging them head-on -rather opting strategic engagements after said foe has dismounted .

4 .They Have a Unique Weapon Set

In addition to their ranged abilities , Sisterhood Employ both two-handed spears- making them effective anti-cavalry units-which happensto complement cavalry archer tactics quite nicely!

5.Their Background Is Deeply Rooted In Lore

As mentioned earlier,Sistership Folowers have an extremely rich back story, , thanks to which players can dive deeply into their origins. Interestingly enough they first began realising the importance of fighting for thier own rights after barbarian invasions and thus developedtheir very specialised set of combat techniques that still hold relevance in a rapidly changing Calradian continent .Altogether this makes Sisterhood Followers one of the most fascinating units in Bannerlord and perfect to lure you further into playing the game!

There’s something inherently satisfying about leading an all-female unit across the battlefields of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. With their unparalleled skill on horseback, potent arrows capable piercing through armor, unique weapons, and deep dramatic backstory – there’s no denying that Sisterhood Followers represent one of the best formations available in-game.If your play-style incorporates area control or strategic flanking manoeuvres; She’ll make for an indestructible shieldmaidens phalanx withwhichyou will decimate massive hordes churned up by bandits or enemy armies with ease! Needless to say,sisterbs not nosy neighbours but formidable forcesto be reckoned within any battlefield engagement insidethefiefdoms-of Calradia.Thatsaid ifloyalty is what you seek then earn her trust,and she’ll repay youtenfoldon each field where our banners are raised against tyrants-and even when facing other competitors vying for dominance over these territories.This undoubtedly earns them a spot n having some ofthe coolest featuresnot just within Mount &Blade banner lord but gaming industry wide as well.Highfivesbfor being elites only seenin Calradia; A cult favourite amongst fans all aroundtheworld –indie gamesat its finest- Now let’hunt down elusive dragons guarding untold treasures buried deep beneath ancient ruins scattered throughoutCaliradia ,shall we?

Mastering the Art of Commanding Sisterhood Troops in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is an open-world action role-playing video game that enables players to create and lead their army or group of fighters into battles. With its engaging narrative, vast storyline, and immersive gameplay mechanics, the game has become quite popular among gamers worldwide. However, commanding your sisterhood troops may seem a bit challenging initially but mastering this art can make you unstoppable on the battlefield.

Here are some tips for effectively leading your sisterhood troops in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

1) Choose Your Troops Wisely

The first step towards successfully leading your sisterhood troops is choosing them wisely. In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, there are numerous types of troops available with different skill sets that would contribute differently during battles depending on what kind of opposition you face. Understanding these differences will help you know which combination of soldiers best suit different combat scenarios ahead.

For instance, take advantage of melee-based soldiers when facing enemies who have ranged weapons like bows or crossbows- where they won’t need to be concerned about enemy fire as they move closer. Ranged units work better against heavily armored foes- such as knights or infantry wearing more significant armor plates head-to-toe.

2) Train Your Sisterhoods Regularly

A critical part of being able to command your sisterhood troop efficiently requires regular training exercises! You need to put effort into improving each one’s skills so that they eventually reach their full potential – regularly conducting trainings helps ensure they’re always ready for battle whenever called upon.
While it takes time before particular members started levelling up based on experience earned from various tasks (Killing non-player characters), holding sparring events between potentially leveled recruits/soldiers can improve their stats without risking battles’ dire consequences surprisingly quickly

3) Plan Strategically

At times when in-depth planning isn’t possible due to unforeseen circumstances arising unpredictably amidst encounters with adversaries – a well-executed plan can be the difference between defeat or victory. Strategic combat planning takes into account enemy strengths/weaknesses, your soldiers’ skill level, and resource availability.

For example, let’s assume we’re facing an onslaught composed of heavily armored infantry units- which would pose a high risk to lightly-armored ranged fighters; in such cases where the opponent advances over open terrain fields as their starting point – arranging our troops divide them into two squads: one of distant archers on either side with swift-moving cavalry backing up each against incoming enemies charging from both sides simultaneously before regrouping to face them head-on at center ground where proceeding supersedes among foot-soldiers already engaged in close-quarters combat.

4) Use Terrain To Your Advantage

An often-overlooked aspect of leading any army is using available areas/town maps environments to their groups’ advantage. In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord this requires warriors positioning themselves behind natural cover such as trees/bushes during battles making it difficult for enemies standing out in the open area without regard not just alive but perhaps win fights based solely on novelty concerns’ distance visibility rather than who reigns supreme position-wise


In conclusion, mastering commanding sisterhood troops is essential towards ensuring success during intense battles throughout Mount & Blade II – effective leadership depends on wisely selecting troops best suited to various engagements ahead while regurlary training+min-maxing experience helps elevate each soldier’s potential coupled with strategic decisions implemented entirely regarding detailed map awareness facilitate encouragement when executing clever maneuvers particularbathjng gains formidable advantages over opponents who do not have such foresights stragety wise gaining early advantages that ultimately decide tenuous games outcome regardless backstory depth!

Creating a Formidable Force with Your Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord’s Battlefields

When it comes to dominating the battlefields of Bannerlord, having a strong sisterhood bond can make all the difference. With your fellow female warriors by your side, you can create a formidable force that can take on any enemy and emerge victorious.

But how exactly do you build this sisterhood following and ensure everyone is working together seamlessly? There are several key tactics you should consider implementing:

1. Communication is Key
Effective communication is vital in any team-based game or activity, and Bannerlord is no exception. Make sure that everyone knows what their role is on the battlefield, and assign specific tasks accordingly. This could mean designating someone to protect the archers or assigning another person to lead a cavalry charge.

2. Build Comradery
Knowing your sisters’ strengths (and weaknesses) as well as their fighting style will help develop bonds which ultimately forms trust in one anther when facing superior enemies on the battlefield

3.Be Prepared to Adjust
Every battle presents unique challenges so being prepared mentally for changes can be beneficial

4.Give Credit Where it’s Due
It takes effort creating unity within sistersso be sure recognize people who went above-and-beyond throughout particularly intensive battles along with ways they helped positively impact morale

5.Have Fun!
Building lasting attributes like games even outside of video-gaming sessions will continue building relationships leading into future battles.

With these strategies in place, you’ll be able to rally your sisters behind a common goal – emerging victorious on Bannerlord’s fierce battlefields!

Table with useful data:

Sisterhood Followers in Bannerlord
Number of Followers
Shamshir bandit leader
Town of Ortysia in the Western Empire
Town of Lageta in the Southern Empire
Town of Lycaron in the Aserai Caliphate
Villages in the Vlandia Kingdom
Town of Sanala in the Battania Kingdom

Information from an Expert:

As someone who has played Bannerlord extensively, I can say that sisterhood followers are a valuable asset in any army. Not only do they have high skills in archery and medicine, but they bring a unique fighting style to the battlefield. Their ability to mount horses while firing arrows makes them powerful ranged attackers, and their proficiency with javelins allows them to engage enemies at close range as well. Additionally, many sisterhood followers possess useful perks such as increased party size or bonus damage against bandits. If you come across these skilled warriors during your travels in Calradia, I suggest recruiting them into your warband without hesitation.

Historical Fact:

The Sisterhood Followers were a prominent faction in the world of Bannerlord, known for their skilled archers and fierce devotion to their matron deities.


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