What Downtime Can do For Your Mental Health


With so much to do and so much to worry about in a daily context, it’s easy to put your own mental health on the backburner. Even when you do find the time to focus on it, it’s easy to do so in a context that feels more dedicated – using techniques like meditation or mindfulness. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these approaches, but it’s easy to forget how beneficial it can be to simply unwind with activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

Downtime can sometimes feel like a distraction – like you’re procrastinating. However, it can serve a much more beneficial purpose than that if you allow it.


 This is another term that can often have negative connotations due to the detachment that it implies from the real world in front of you. On the contrary, when applied in moderation, you might find escapism to be an effective way of finding relief from your stress. There are a couple of popular methods here that might immediately jump to mind. Books can offer you a way of getting lost in your imagination with some encouragement from the words in front of you, but gaming can arguably take this further due to what it’s able to depict.


Immersive games, such as role-playing titles, might be what you think of first here, but gaming is a vast medium, and you might find this applies sometimes more than others. If you find casino games enjoyable, for example, you can see this page to find examples, but it’s also worth being aware of how important it is to apply moderation in order to avoid the risks associated with gambling.

A Different Kind of Escape

 Perhaps you’ve had enough screens for one day, though. Maybe your downtime is a chance to get away from everything that you normally spend so much time with, especially when it comes to screens. This is why you might find reading to be a favorable form of escapism to gaming, allowing you a break from the screens that you spend so much time with either at work or even in your downtime. That’s not your only option, though, and if you find that you need an escape from being inside all day, making a dedicated effort to go on nature walks might provide you with the relief that you’re looking for.

Friendship And Mental Health

 Of course, the time that you spend with your social group can’t be ignored either. While it’s going to be difficult for some people due to the physical distance between them and their friends, making an effort to keep in touch and meet up when you can might provide you with the relief that you’re looking for.


It can be calming to simply detach from what’s causing you stress and laugh with people whose company you enjoy. If you are finding that the physical distance is too large, you might make an effort to have occasional virtual gatherings, perhaps with the foundational activity of online gaming or something similar to keep it focused.


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