What Happened to Tammy from 1000 lb Sisters -The Latest Updates

what happened to tammy from 1000 lb sisters

What Happened to Tammy from 1000 lb Sisters

Fans of the hit TLC show “1000-Lb Sisters” are no strangers to the inspiring and sometimes tumultuous journey of Tammy Slaton. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, with many asking: what happened to Tammy from 1000 lb sisters?

Well, here’s what I’ve found out. After grappling with her weight for most of her life, Tammy found herself in an especially dire situation recently, which led to some significant changes in her life. Though she strived to lose weight alongside her sister Amy on the reality show, difficulties seemed to persist for Tammy.

In the latest season, viewers saw her health take a critical turn. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized due to complications. This came as a shock not only because of its impact on her personal health but also how it disrupted her ongoing weight loss efforts.

So if you’re wondering about Tammy today – yes, she’s faced some challenging times lately. But don’t count her out just yet! Despite these setbacks, she continues fighting for better days ahead.

Tammy’s Journey on ‘1000 lb Sisters’

I’ve been following the story of Tammy Slaton on TLC’s ‘1000 lb Sisters’ and it’s a journey that’s both inspirational and heartbreaking. For those not in the know, Tammy is one half of the Slaton sisters who started their weight loss journey together. They hoped to shed enough pounds for bariatric surgery, a life-changing decision aimed at improving their health.

Back when we first met Tammy on season one, she was tipping the scales at over 600 lbs. She’d already had multiple hospital visits due to her weight-related health issues. Despite these hurdles, hope wasn’t lost for our gritty heroine. She pledged to work towards losing weight with her sister Amy by her side.

As we progressed into season two, things took a turn for Tammy. Her hopes of qualifying for bariatric surgery hit a roadblock as she gained more weight instead of losing it. The road ahead seemed increasingly daunting with this setback. By season three, viewers witnessed an unfortunate decline in Tammy’s health status. She contracted COVID-19 which further complicated matters as obesity increases the risk factors associated with the virus. It led to her being hospitalized and needing supplemental oxygen even after recovering from COVID-19 itself.

Tammy’s journey has been fraught with challenges so far but it’s clear that she hasn’t given up yet! We can only watch and root for her as she continues her fight against obesity despite all odds stacked against her.

What Happened to Tammy from 1000 lb Sisters -The Latest Updates

The Slaton Family: A Brief Background

I’d love to kick things off by letting you in on the fascinating story behind the Slaton family. Hailing from the small town of Dixon, Kentucky, Tammy and Amy Slaton made their first splash into mainstream media via YouTube. Amy’s channel showcased their daily lives, including everything from cooking segments to comedic skits. Their down-to-earth charm quickly grabbed people’s attention.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just their charisma that caught viewers’ eyes. Both sisters were dealing with severe obesity—Amy weighed around 400 pounds while Tammy tipped the scales at over 600 pounds. Their struggles with weight loss became a central theme in many of their videos.

Now, here’s where things take an unexpected turn. TLC took notice of these unique sisters and offered them a reality TV show called ‘1000 lb Sisters.’ The series followed their journey as they strove to lose weight and qualify for bariatric surgery.

Their loving but complicated relationship also added another layer of intrigue to the show. Tensions often ran high between them due to differing attitudes towards weight loss—Amy was more motivated and committed than Tammy, which led to numerous disagreements.

To sum it all up:

  • The Slatons are popular YouTubers hailing from Dixon, Kentucky.
  • Both sisters suffered severe obesity—Amy weighing around 400 lbs and Tammy exceeding 600 lbs.
  • They rose to fame after landing a reality TV show on TLC titled ‘1000 lb Sisters.’
  • Their bond was both heartwarming and tumultuous due to conflicting views on weight management.

In spite of everything, though, one thing remained clear: no matter what challenges they faced or how heated their arguments got, these sisters always had each other’s backs when push came to shove!


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