What Nationality Are The Kardashians? Unveiling Their Ethnic Background

what nationality are the kardashians

The Kardashian family, widely known for their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” has sparked curiosity about their nationality. So, what is the nationality of the Kardashians? Well, they are American.

Although the Kardashian heritage includes different ethnic backgrounds, their nationality is primarily American. The family’s matriarch, Kris Jenner, and her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian Sr., who was of Armenian descent, raised their children in Los Angeles. As a result, Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner all grew up as American citizens.

What Nationality Are the Kardashians

The Kardashian family is of Armenian descent. The late Robert Kardashian, patriarch of the family, was born to Armenian-American parents. He gained prominence as an attorney, most notably for his involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial. Robert’s heritage played a significant role in shaping the cultural background of his children—Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob Kardashian.

While their father provided a connection to their Armenian roots, it is essential to mention that through marriage and relationships, the Kardashians are also connected to other nationalities. For instance, Kim Kardashian married rapper Kanye West (now divorced), who is African American. This union further adds diversity to their family dynamic.

Over time, the Kardashians have embraced their heritage and expressed pride in their Armenian roots. In 2015, they embarked on a trip to Armenia as part of an effort to connect with their ancestral homeland. During this visit, they met with government officials and explored historical sites while documenting their experiences on social media.

With millions of followers around the globe and numerous business ventures under their belt, the Kardashians have undoubtedly become influential figures in popular culture. They have managed to use their platform not only for personal gain but also for shedding light on important issues such as activism and raising awareness about various causes close to them.

What Nationality Are The Kardashians? Unveiling Their Ethnic Background

Kardashian Nationalities: Exploring their Ethnic Backgrounds

When it comes to the Kardashian family, one question that often arises is, “What nationality are the Kardashians?” With their unique appearances and diverse backgrounds, it’s no wonder people are curious about their ethnic heritage. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Kardashian nationalities and explore their diverse ethnic backgrounds.

  1. Armenian Roots: The Kardashian family proudly traces its roots back to Armenia. Their late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., was of Armenian descent. The Kardashians have always embraced their Armenian heritage with pride, even visiting the country to connect with their ancestral roots. They have been vocal about raising awareness of Armenian culture and history.
  2. Scottish and Dutch Ancestry: Apart from their Armenian heritage, the Kardashians also have Scottish and Dutch ancestry through their mother Kris Jenner. Kris’ maiden name is Houghton, which has Scottish origins. Additionally, her mother Mary Jo Shannon has Dutch roots. These ancestral connections contribute to the rich tapestry of ethnic diversity within the Kardashian family.
  3. American Melting Pot: As true Americans, the Kardashians embody the cultural melting pot that defines this nation. They embrace a mix of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds that reflect America’s multicultural society at large.
  4. Cultural Influences: Through various aspects of their lives, such as fashion choices or business ventures, we can observe how each Kardashian sibling expresses different cultural influences inspired by their diverse heritage. For instance, Kim has been known to incorporate elements of Middle Eastern fashion in her style choices after marrying rapper Kanye West.
  5. Embracing Diversity: The Kardashians have become global icons who celebrate diversity and inclusivity in many forms beyond just ethnicity or nationality.They use their platform to promote acceptance and understanding among different cultures worldwide.

In conclusion, the Kardashians’ nationality is primarily rooted in Armenian heritage from their father’s side while embracing Scottish and Dutch ancestry from their mother’s side. Their cultural influences and commitment to embracing diversity make them a true reflection of the modern, multicultural world we live in today. As we continue to follow their lives, it’s evident that the Kardashians take pride in their rich ethnic backgrounds and use their influence to promote cultural awareness and acceptance. Cultural Influences on the Kardashians’ Identity


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