Who Is LaTocha Scott Sister – Unveiling the Family Ties of This R&B Star

who is latocha scott sister

Who Is LaTocha Scott Sister

When we dive into the world of music, especially R&B and hip-hop, it’s hard to miss the name LaTocha Scott. Known for her soulful voice and dynamic performances as a member of the multi-platinum selling girl group Xscape, LaTocha is no stranger to the spotlight. However, did you know this talented songstress isn’t the only one in her family with vocal chops?

Tamika Scott, LaTocha’s younger sister, is an equally gifted singer who also graced the stages as part of Xscape. Born just two years apart, these sisters have shared their journey through stardom together, creating some truly memorable songs along the way.

The Scott sisters’ bond goes far beyond their shared musical talent; they’re inseparable both on and off stage. Their familial connection has played a significant role in shaping their careers and individual identities within the music industry.

Early Life and Family Background

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I was born into a family that lived and breathed music. It’s no surprise then, that my younger sister Tamika Scott and I became members of the multi-platinum selling R&B group Xscape. Our love for music began at an early age, thanks to our mother Gloria McFarlin, a teacher who had a strong passion for music herself.

Our upbringing was immersed in song and rhythm. Mom had us joining the church choir when we were just wee ones barely able to reach the microphone stand. It wasn’t long before Tamika and I started harmonizing together at home, finding joy in blending our voices.

But it wasn’t all about music. We also had a normal childhood filled with schoolwork, friends, and sibling squabbles. Tamika is not my only sibling though; there’s also our brother Randell Scott who has mostly stayed away from the limelight.

When we weren’t singing or arguing about who got to use the bathroom first in the morning (I usually won), we were learning valuable life lessons from our parents – primarily about hard work and perseverance.

In summary:

  • My sister is Tamika Scott
  • We are both members of Xscape
  • Our mom Gloria McFarlin inspired our love for music
  • Besides Tamika, I have another sibling named Randell Scott

Who Is LaTocha Scott Sister - Unveiling the Family Ties of This R&B Star

The Formation of the Group Xscape

In the early days of my research into LaTocha Scott and her sister, I stumbled upon a fascinating story that’s worth sharing. It involves their journey to fame as part of the R&B group Xscape. Now, if you’re wondering how this all came about, let me take you back to the late 1980s.

It all started in College Park, Georgia. We’re talking about an era when R&B was taking a new turn and groups were making big waves in the music industry. LaTocha and her younger sister Tamika Scott had always loved singing since they were young girls. They’d often be found showcasing their talent at local events or even family gatherings.

Tamika and LaTocha decided to form a group with friends Kandi Burruss and Tamera Coggins-Wynn – thus began the formation of Xscape. However, it wasn’t until they met Jermaine Dupri that things really took off for them.

Dupri saw potential in this quartet and decided to sign them under his label So So Def Recordings. This partnership led to their debut album “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha” which became certified Platinum – quite an achievement for a newly formed group, wouldn’t you say?

Their unique blend of soulful harmonies mixed with street-smart sensibilities made them stand out amongst other girl groups during that time period. And it’s no surprise they went on to produce three more successful albums together before eventually disbanding in 2005.

So there you have it! A look into how LaTocha Scott’s musical journey started alongside her sister Tamika and their friends as part of one unforgettable group – Xscape! Stay tuned as we delve deeper into each member’s individual career post-Xscape in upcoming sections.


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