Working With Wedding Planners And Vendors: Tips For Collaboration And Networking


Planning a wedding can feel totally overwhelming with the bazillion details involved. But you don’t have to go through it alone! Working with talented wedding planners and vendors can make the whole process smoother and more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll share some tips for collaborating and networking with your dream team to pull off the perfect day. Let’s do this!

Choose Vendors with Shared Values

When looking for vendors, prioritize finding people who really “get” you as a couple. Do they share your aesthetic, priorities, and vision? Vendors who vibe with your style will capture it effortlessly. And shared values build trust so you can relax knowing they’ve got your back.

It’s easy to find your perfect wedding vendors with Wezoree, as it’s a very user-friendly platform that allows you to search based on style, budget, and location. Read reviews from other couples to get insight into vendors’ customer service and reliability. Meet with potential vendors in person if possible to get a feel for their personality and see if your chemistry clicks.

Clearly Communicate Your Needs

Be as specific as possible about what you want to avoid misunderstandings down the road. Create inspiration boards, share meaningful examples, and talk through the overall mood you’re aiming for. Provide details like:

  • Your wedding colors and palette
  • Exact vision for décor and floral arrangements
  • Must-have photos like the first look, family portraits, etc.
  • Special moments you want to be captured on video
  • Song requests and do-not-play list
  • Menu priorities and any food allergies/restrictions
  • Your wedding website and hashtags
  • Guest list and seating chart
  • Venue layout and floor plan
  • Timeline of events

Follow up important conversations in writing to document agreements. Check-in periodically to provide updates and flag any changes. The more details provided, the better vendors can deliver.

Build Personal Connections

Get to know your vendors as people, not just service providers. Ask about their background, passions, and favorite weddings they’ve worked on. When you share laughter and stories, creative collaboration flows more freely. Send handwritten notes to deepen the bond. Introduce them to your wedding party and family so everyone feels comfortable on the big day.


Share your love story and details about your relationship so they understand what’s meaningful. Plan a fun pre-wedding shoot or tasting so you gel as a team. Follow your vendors on social media and engage with their content to strengthen your connection. Send them photos and updates throughout the planning process to keep them in the loop. Consider giving them a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Embrace Flexibility

Be open to vendors’ expertise and suggestions – this is what you hired them for! They may recommend tweaks that take your vision to the next level. For example, experienced LA wedding photographers know how to capture perfect lighting. Trust their experience while voicing your needs. Compromise produces the most outstanding results. Remember that some details won’t go exactly as planned, and that’s okay! Go with the flow when the unexpected occurs. Have a backup plan, but avoid micromanaging. Allow vendors room for creativity and inspiration to flourish. Focus on the big-picture vision rather than fixating on small details.

Express Sincere Gratitude

Show vendors lots of love and appreciation! Recognize their hard work in a heartfelt speech, leave an online review, and send a gift or handwritten card. Spread the word and recommend them to engaged friends.


This positive feedback keeps your relationships strong long after the big day. Follow up after the honeymoon for a nostalgic chat about your amazing wedding journey together. Surprise them with a small thank-you gift after the wedding, like a framed photo, gift card, or home-baked treats. Send a handwritten note sharing your favorite moments they helped create. Expressing gratitude is so important for acknowledging their hard work and devotion.


By choosing vendors who share your values, clearly communicating, building personal connections, embracing flexibility, and expressing gratitude, you can build a dream team to make your wedding day magical. Trust in your vendors and enjoy the journey together! With thoughtful collaboration, your wedding will be uniquely you!


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