10 Conversation Starters for a Successful Sisterhood Round

10 Conversation Starters for a Successful Sisterhood Round info

Short answer what to say during sisterhood round: During the sisterhood round of sorority recruitment, be genuine and ask questions about common interests, hobbies, and goals. Share personal experiences while being respectful and courteous. Remember, this is an opportunity to learn more about the organization’s values and culture.

Step by Step Guide: What to Say During Your Sisterhood Round

As the excitement of college recruitment starts to build up, going through each round can be nerve-wracking and stressful. Fortunately, Sisterhood Round—sometimes referred to as Philanthropy or Values—gives you a chance to connect with sisters on a personal level. Here’s your step by step guide on what to say during this round:

Step 1: Research Sorority’s Outstanding Values

Before the Sisterhood Round begins, take some time to learn more about each sorority’s outstanding values and causes they support. This will allow you not only to establish topics for discussion but also fall back on harmless conversations like “Tell me more about X organization.”

Having knowledge of their pursuits is very admirable and shows that you have done your homework.

Step 2: Be Honest About Yourself

You want real sisterly essence when looking for an organization; honesty should always be part of any conversation. Focus on discussing things about yourself that allows them in having decisions whether if there would be compatibility between you two.

When did you become interested in joining a sorority? What are activities outside school that make life exciting? These questions give way into furthering relationships.

Step 3: Ask Open-Ended Questions

Showing interest beyond surface-level subjects injects personality onto the conversation table enough for great conversations. Instead of asking yes/no-kind-of-questions ask something open-ended (i.e., “What kind of leadership opportunities are prevalent among new members?” Or, “Can you describe how Phi Sigma supports social activism events across campus?”)

This can lead discussions into intriguing venues where admirable quality cuts above all else because it allows room for deeper thought-driven interactions between parties involved.

Step 4: Talk About Your Expectations Outside School

Since SJW movement intensifies today, just talking solely academic-related content might result in one-dimensional impromptu chats—nevertheless leading towards building rapport thoroughly while showing interesting sides outside school allows for authenticity.

What are some of your career goals? Do you have a passion project or something that motivates you beyond school?

Step 5: Challenge Their Expectations

If an organization only focuses on fashion and Instagrammable moments, then it’s not the right one. No matter what their branding may be, challenging them with well-thought-out questions about the kind of impact they make offscreen whether positively or negatively helps build up greater respect.

In contrast, if their mission statement aligns to the interests and principles in life you advocate for, show your curiosity more proactively – find out other crucial details (e.g., current charity work projects) as opposed to ‘So…you really like Harry Styles?’ small talk discussions.

Remember–the Sisterhood Round is all about showcasing personality traits which can potentially connect with fellow sorority sisters while also figuring out which organization embodies things alike most done outside educational establishment.If mutual fanaticism exists between sisterly organizations going through recruitment at campus level—hell yeah success awaits!!

Sisterhood Round FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Are you planning to take part in a Sisterhood Round for your sorority but don’t quite understand what it is all about? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Below are some of the burning questions you might be having and their respective answers:

1. What is a Sisterhood Round?

A Sisterhood Round is an event that typically takes place during sorority recruitment. During this round, potential new members (PNMs) meet with sisters in an informal setting, such as a picnic or ice cream social to get to know each other better.

2. How long does a typical Sisterhood Round last?

The length of time will depend on each individual sorority and how many PNMs they are hosting. They usually last anywhere from one hour up to two hours.

3. What should I wear for a Sisterhood Round event?

It’s always best to look comfortable yet stylish during any recruitment events, so stick with something that represents your personal style but also fits into the theme of the event if there is one. For instance, if the gathering will be outdoors at a park, dress accordingly; think sundresses or nice shorts paired with cute tops.

4. Is food served at these events?

Yes! In fact, it is customary for Sisters to provide refreshments like snacks and drinks as they spend time getting to know PNMs over casual conversations.

5. Are there activities planned out during these events?

Sisters may plan games or other forms of entertainment during these gatherings but most likely they’ll leave plenty open space just hanging out together too!

6.What type of questions do I ask my potential sister(s)?

In preparing yourself before taking part in this round,it could help seek few useful ideas on really interesting conversation starters or good icebreaker questions while speaking informally with current sisters – however,rather than scripted Qs try being social especially through warm greetings up until organic conversations start developing around interests , likes and shared values with your new friends!

We hope these answers to some of the most common Sisterhood Round questions provide you a better understanding of what to expect from this event. Just remember to be yourself, have fun and enjoy meeting new people! Best of luck..

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About What to Say During Sisterhood Round

Sisterhood round is an exciting time for sorority recruits. It’s a chance to get to know the sisters of each sorority chapter, learn about their values and traditions, and ultimately decide which house feels like home. But as with any social event, figuring out what to say can be nerve-wracking. To help make things easier, here are five facts you need to know about what to say during sisterhood round.

1. Be prepared

Before heading into sisterhood round, it’s important that you do your research on each sorority chapter. Check out their website or social media pages to get an idea of their values and personality. This will allow you to come up with questions that show your interest in the organization and prove that you’ve done your homework.

2. Connect with common interests

Finding something in common with the sisters can make conversation flow more easily. You may have noticed from previous rounds that certain chapters emphasized philanthropy while others focused on academic achievement or leadership development opportunities; use these topics as an opening line if appropriate!

3. Ask open-ended questions

It’s ok not being able to think of anything clever – but try avoiding yes/no question traps! Instead of asking “Do you like being in this sorority?” (to which they would reply yes) ask something like: “What made YOU want join?” Asking engaging questions allows them space give personal insights rather than reserved one-word answers!

4 Emphasize energy over resume

While academics scores matter significantly for some organizations yet having expressive personalities at events go beyond impressive achievements listed on a transcript will impress the members better!. Talk about ways how YOU contribute through hobbies , sports or clubs outside the academia!

5 . Most importantly – Be yourself!

There’s no magic formula for ‘what girls appreciate’ because compatibility goes beyond qualifications – act natural instead trying too hard conforming : best relationships form when both parties are themselves! It’s important to remember that you’re not trying to impress anyone – the goal is to find the chapter where you feel most comfortable and connected. So be genuine, honest, and true to yourself.

Sisterhood Round should be fun -a memorable time for both recruits & sorority sisters as they would look forward continuing their affiliation post recruitment days. By using these tips above , make it a priority to have meaningful conversations with chapters that catch your interest!

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