10 Must-Ask Questions for Sisterhood Round: Finding Your Perfect Fit

10 Must-Ask Questions for Sisterhood Round: Finding Your Perfect Fit info

Short answer what to ask during sisterhood round:

During a sisterhood round, potential new members should ask questions that pertain to the sorority’s values, philanthropy efforts, social events and general expectations of membership. The focus should be on building strong relationships with current sisters and determining if the sorority is a good fit for the individual.

A Step-by-Step Guide: What Questions to Ask During Sisterhood Round

Sisterhood round is a crucial phase of sorority recruitment, where prospective members have the opportunity to get to know the sisters better and vice versa. It’s a time when your confidence, poise, and presence are put to test as you engage in conversations with different sisters from various chapters. The art of conversation can be intimidating, especially when it comes to asking the right questions that will help you bridge common interests with potential sorority sisters.

That said, here is an ultimate step-by-step guide on what questions to ask during Sisterhood Round:

1. Introduction – A first impression matters; make sure to introduce yourself clearly by stating your name and hometown. You might also want to add something interesting about yourself like hobbies or activities that will strike an instant connection.

2. Ask About Sorority Culture – Every chapter has its own culture or vibe unique from others; thus, you should inquire more information regarding their organization’s values and beliefs – e.g., community service involvement/philanthropy events held annually/traditions/trends.

3. Talk About Past Chapter Activities – Asking about past chapter activities gives potential members insight into what kind of community they’re joining & how involved people usually are within this specific organization after formal recruitment weekend has passed.

4. Get Personal- Share Who You Are As Well- Sharing things surrounding who you are such as favorite tv shows / music artists / books read recently etc could aid in having further conversations regarding shared interests which become helpful for future chats going forward!

5.Ask Why They Chose Their Sorority – This allows for discussion on why someone joined this particular sisterhood at their school which generating relatable topics between each sister currently speaking so focus closely while listening based upon these answers!

6.What Made Them Choose Your University?-This question helps draw out reasons why people stayed local versus branching out somewhere else or even committing everything freshman year towards attending school elsewhere only moving back home when not able to keep up with tuition costs or some other external circumstances that arose.

7. Enjoy the Conversation- No matter how well you prepare for Sisterhood Round, remember to enjoy talking to your sisters and take everything slowly– it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Your efforts of getting through this step will create lasting friendships outside its walls; therefore, don’t stress overthinking every word because naturally conversing without trying too hard is always best!

In conclusion, asking questions during sisterhood round after formal recruitment can be nerve-wracking but as stated above conversation wise – tying in shared interests/asking about past chapter activities/etc are all good areas regarding conversations. You needn’t think too much ahead “in case they ask me this” type thoughts since most of the topics discussed come quite naturally anyway-making use of these tips guarantees leaving an impressionable mark compared against close-minded answers devoid of further discussions. Bring confidence & excitement for future memories made alongside newfound friends while gaining insight into potential new chapters now!

Sisterhood Round FAQ: What Should You be Asking?

Sisterhood is a bond that transcends family ties and blood relationships. It’s an unbreakable connection between women who have each other’s backs, no matter what the circumstances may be. Sisterhood round is an opportunity for sorority sisters to learn more about each other, create stronger bonds and become advocates for one another.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of sisterhood rounds, it’s a game in which members sit in a circle and ask questions that help them get to know each other better. This can range from simple icebreaker questions like “what’s your favorite color” to more personal ones like “what are some challenges you’ve had to overcome?”

If you’re planning on hosting or attending a sisterhood round event in the near future, there are probably plenty of things running through your mind. To ease any fears you may have about asking the right kinds of questions, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding sisterhood rounds:

Q: What kind of questions should I ask during sisterhood rounds?

A: There really isn’t one answer fits all type deal when it comes to this question! Get creative with it! Think outside the box–the important thing isn’t necessarily what specifically you’re asking but rather how meaningful answers could be derived from everyone answering

Some examples include:

-What inspired you to apply/pledge at our sorority?
-Who are/were some influential women in your life?
-Do you have any hidden talents people would be surprised by?
-Have you ever traveled out-of-the-country? If so share some highlights.
-Favorite concert(s) attended!
-Something recent that brought pure joy into your day!

The possibilities truly are endless–have fun coming up with questions best suited for those involved.

Q: Should I plan ahead or come prepared only with easy open ended general prompts?

It depends how detailed driven/intentional discussion leader (that’s you) want to be! This can vary with the audience- some may feel more comfortable in general and others would appreciate planning ahead. Think which category applies best generally for your groups energy level/type.

Q: What makes a question “effective” during sisterhood rounds?

A: An effective question is one that helps bring members together by connecting them on an intellectual or emotional level. Quality over quantity never fails–make the questions count!

Try asking thought-provoking prompts everyone have something genuine yet unique to contribute, if possible

While there isn’t necessarily right or wrong way to approach this game event–the heart behind mission of Sisterhood Round remain constant.To foster meaningful connections within fellow sorority sisters.Yearning for deeper connection genuinely among those who are around us day-to-day is what can make all difference in cheering ourselves (and each other!) on toward a lifetime of fulfilling friendship relationships.

Top 5 Facts to Keep in Mind While Deciding What to Ask During Sisterhood Round

As the recruitment season approaches, sorority sisters are racking their brains to come up with the perfect questions to ask during the sisterhood round. After all, this is an exciting stage for both potential new members and the existing sisterhood. If you’re about to embark on this journey or looking for some guidance on choosing your questions wisely, then we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top 5 facts to keep in mind while deciding what to ask during Sisterhood Round:

1) Don’t be too scripted

It’s essential that when it comes time to sit down with a potential new member (PNM), that you don’t just read off a list of pre-determined questions. Not only does it sound impersonal, but it also doesn’t allow for organic conversations and can make PNMs feel like they’re being interrogated rather than welcomed into your sisterhood. Instead, try and create natural conversations by asking open-ended questions such as “What do you enjoy doing outside of school?” or “Tell me something interesting about yourself”.

2) Get personal

Encourage getting more personal with these questions as well – connecting with someone emotionally helps build trust much faster! For example: “How did joining [enter college/major] community benefit you thus far?” Or even sharing one of your own experiences from the same topic.

3) Ask behavioural-based queries

You can find out plenty without quizzing somebody- behaviour-based interview process has become popular nowadays so why not take a page outta Corporates’ employee hiring plans! Here’s how; generate hypothetical scenarios based on multiple topics where clubhouse shares its values around women‘s empowerment/promoting mental health etc., then observe her exchanges/takeaways- Does she cry at answers? Does she score empathy points quickly?

4) Vary between easy-to-answer and thought-provoking dualities like life/day job goals vs fears/insecurities/introspection in mind. It has proven time and again that these questions put individuals on the spot- leading to creative answers, sparking insights into personality traits you might not catch otherwise.

5) Keep it light-hearted

Finally, as much as this is a critical recruitment phase filled with expectations for both parties involved, do remember that laughter can bring people closer too! Instill fun exercises like drawing/pictionary or even designer brag sessions where PNMs present their favorite outfit/styling techniques helps creating friendly atmosphere instantaneously.

Wrap Up

In conclusion; A truly successful Sisterhood Round gives everyone involved an ice-breaking opportunity to determine if there is true potential for long-term friendship. We hope our expertise has helped ensure your next exchange feels more like a spontaneous convo than nerve-wracking competition. This season brings new possibilities and lifelong bonds!

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