Discover the Current Whereabouts of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Stars: A Must-Read Guide [2021 Update]

Discover the Current Whereabouts of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Stars: A Must-Read Guide [2021 Update]

What is Sisterhood of Hip Hop Where Are They Now

Sisterhood of Hip Hop where are they now is a reality TV show that premiered on Oxygen Network in 2014. The show follows the journey of female hip hop artists as they work to make it in the music industry.

  • Brianna Perry has continued releasing music and also became a co-host for Fox Soul’s “The Mix” alongside Romeo Miller, Jazz Anderson, and Zonnique Pullins.
  • Diamond continues making music and co-hosting her podcast ‘Girl Scouts’ with Neffe Pugh, another former cast member from television sensation ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.’
  • Siya owns the record label Bed-Stuy Do or Die Records.

The sisterhood connected through their love for hip-hop culture and became lifelong friends over the course of four seasons. Although they’ve been off-air since 2016, these women have continued hustling to build empires beyond their cameras.

What Happened to the Cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop? Where are They Now?

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows that feature talented female rappers, then there’s a high chance that you’ve come across ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’. The series which first aired on Oxygen network in 2014 was centered around five women trying to make it big in the male-dominated hip hop industry. Over three seasons, viewers watched as these women navigated their way through various challenges and obstacles while pursuing their dreams.

But what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? Where are the stars of ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ now? Here’s everything we know:

1) Siya:
Siya is an openly gay rapper who rose to fame during her appearance on season one of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. After the show ended, she continued releasing music and collaborating with other artists such as Chris Brown and Tank. In 2018, she landed a recurring role on season two of “The Chi” alongside YouTube star Jacob Latimore.

2) Brianna Perry:
Brianna Perry was already becoming popular within the rap scene before her stint on Sisterhood of Hip Hop. She signed with Atlantic Records after appearing on Rick Ross’s Maybach Music label with their single “Stacks On Deck”. Since then, she has continued to release hit records independently under her self-made label Poe Boy Entertainment labels.

3) Diamond:
Diamond never really needed Sisterhood Of ‌Hip-Hop to succeed since she had already made a name for herself in genre long before being part of this brand new cast member addition team. Diamond recently announced her engagement when Lil Jon asked his girl Tanya ‘diamond’ Watson last year during New Year’s weekend celebrations!

4) Bia:
Bia may have been one less known faces among those from OG cast members list but still managed to prove enough talent & grit can get anyone far into being noticed too – saw some success post-show! Nowhere close by giving up, she went on to sign with record label J Balvin’s management company and has been releasing music that gained wider fan recognition.

5) Audra The Rapper:
Audra is another talented rapper who appeared in the show’s first season. Her rap skills impressed many but unfortunately her journey after the reality series finale was more like a sore thumb sticking out of nowhere; fainting mid-performance became worldwide news when everyone heard about it happening at an event! However, since then she left rapping career pursuits behind for other entrepreneurial outlets including fashion designer niche – maybe some good trade-off there?

It seems that despite their varying degrees of popularity during and after Sisterhood Of Hip Hop aired, all five women have managed to continue pursuing careers within the industry. While Siya appeared in TV shows along with collaborating on tracks with different artists, Brianna got signed onto Atlantic Records further increasing her success metrics based off previous show appearances as well which ultimately showed much potential forward going into future endeavors towards working creatively via continuing collaborative efforts long run.

Diamond didn’t need any lift from this particular series either per se (!) by already always having established presence within its sphere beforehand (and still making noise factoring new engagements opportunities earned following-show), Bia today remains drooping fresh tunes coming out semi-regularly post-conclusion alongside being affiliated with coveted talents team helping steering momentum respectively + Audra perhaps tooka step back from main-stage stardom seeing new horizons found chasing less mainstream creative passions instead investing herself into design elements too!

While they may not be quite as prominent now as they were during their ‘Sisterhood’ days, these ladies are proof that hard work and dedication can help anyone achieve greatness in any field regardless of how tough it might seem initially while refocusing attention elsewhere where truly necessary. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next for them – hopefully something even greater than what they’ve accomplished thus far!

Step by Step Guide: How to Find out Where the Cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop is Now?

Sisterhood of Hip Hop is one of the most entertaining reality TV shows that has aired in recent years. The show revolved around a group of up-and-coming female rappers who were striving to make it big in an industry where the odds are always stacked against them.

The incredibly talented cast took viewers on a wild ride with their music, drama and all-around girl-power attitude. But now that the show has come to an end, many fans are left wondering what happened to their favorite stars from Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

If you’re curious about where they’ve landed, here’s your step-by-step guide for finding out:

1. Start by doing some research

As with any quest for information these days, start with Google and social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook by typing out names of each member onto the search engine’s bar. These networks can be useful tools when trying to locate someone online.

2. Check Out Their Social Media Accounts

Social media should be your go-to place if you want to find out more about past contestants from Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop. Most participants have Instagram profiles where they share photos and update fans about what’s going on in their lives.

From there click on their relevant bios / links and scroll down till you get enough information required from projects accomplished since leaving the reality tv series; which could include endorsements deals while maintaining large followership amongst fans as well as timely post updates .

3. Look Up Any Current Shows And Collaborations They May Have Been Involved In

One great way to keep track of former cast members’ careers is by keeping tabs on any new releases and performances including collaborations involving different artists or groups across various broadcasting mediums such as music videos sometimes announced through conventional promotional channels such as radio stations adverts etc.

4. Catch Interviews Posted By Major Weekly Magazines Online

There are several major weekly magazines worldwide specifically reporting on celebrity gossip / news. If you type “sisterhood of hip-hop” into any search engine or your preferred social media platform, a host of recent interviews along with promotionals could be discovered from which up-to-date news can sometimes be gotten.


At this point we’ve outlined the steps to finding out where members of the Sisterhood Of Hip Hop cast are currently located. It would be wise, therefore, to keep an eye on their activities online as well as subscribing to relevant music blogs that occasionally feature artist profiles and careers updates so as not to miss out in opportune moments; who knows what future musical releases may come about?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop Today

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop has been an important cog in the hip hop music industry since 2014. A reality television show, it follows a group of talented and revolutionary female rappers as they navigate through their music careers.

The trailblazers who are part of this sisterhood have made waves with their infectious beats, sharp lyrics and powerful messages that challenge societal norms. As fans continue to tune in week after week, some questions revolving around these dynamic personalities pop up every now and then. Here we attempt to answer those frequently asked questions:

Q:Who is the cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop?

A: The original cast members included Brianna Perry, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme, Siya and Bia from season one to three while season four had both old school cast members like Siya,Raye6,Suki Hana along side new additions such as Jazz Anderson”.

Q: What makes each member unique?

Brianna Perry – Known for her fluency in Haitian Creole language which she often infuses her raps with also not forgetting her impressive freestyle ability

Diamond – With Trap music dominating most rap industries , Diamond brings some southern spirituality infused into trap sound,she’s definitely a force on all rounds

Nyemiah Supreme- Her lyrical gymnastics always leave you impressed especially when delivered at high speed

Siya- Although called the “unbothered” by many but thats simply because she battles major anxiety disorder,something several people can relate to thus making her perspective more relatable among aspiring female rapper.

Suki Hana – Suki is known for keeping it real so be sure what you see is what you get when dealing with her .

Jazz Anderson also known as “COPASTETIC GANG MUZIK” dopest first lady,hailing all the way from Houston,Texas where everything is bigger including talent level

Raye Six –
Welcome our Boss Queen of our Cast ,raye six is the CEO of an independent music company -her business acumen what stands her out above all things

Bia – She has branded herself as a tough talker with no apologies for it, whether she’s rapping about being from Boston or tackling societal stigmas.

Q: What kind of themes do their songs focus on and why?

A: Their lyrics deal with everything ranging from mental health to black feminine issues. Most rap genres are usually known for outlandish party records but one thing that sets these ladies apart is their ability to use their position in society wisely by addressing major topics affecting them.

Q: Have they collaborated or worked with anyone else in the industry?

A: Yes, In addition to each other’s inclusive collaborations which was witnessed during several episodes ranging down big wigs like Missy Elliot,guest appearances were also made by some heavy wights such as MC Lyte, French Montana and Timbaland who served as executive producer.

In conclusion,the Sisterhood of Hip Hop cast broke down barriers by proving female MCs could sway hip hop culture towards skilled groundbreaking flows while keeping true to sociopolitical views . It would be safe say they unified forces and transformed many young artists making this show a force majeure worthy every cent put into producing such radiantly raw reality shows.

Top 5 Facts about the Current Successes and Accomplishments of Sisterhood of Hip Hop

Sisterhood of Hip Hop has been taking the world by storm, and for good reason. This all-female rap group is making waves in a scene dominated by men with their unique and raw talent. From top-charting singles to sold-out tours, here are the top 5 facts about Sisterhood of Hip Hop’s current successes and accomplishments.


Sisterhood of Hip Hop features some of today’s most talented female rappers from Brianna Perry, Diamond, BIA to Siya. Each rapper in this collective brings something different yet equally powerful to the table when it comes to lyricism, flow or vocal delivery. With each artist adding depth across every Soul-filled bassline that comes out,


The power-packed music on display has garnered critical praise worldwide as well as commercial success going all the way back to Season One; songs like “Underdogs” (Diamond), produced by Grammy-winner Big Tank (James Fountain); “I Won’t Stop” ft Dominique Young Unique & Dana Vaughns smashing over millions streams alone which shows no signs of slowing down.


With television audiences once seeing new episodes premiere on OxygenNnetworks’ Sisterhood Of HipHop reality series week after week faithfully tuning into not only see amazing performances but also understand who these girls were offstage made an impact big time! Whether they’re clashing with their manager Eskay or jamming at rehearsals through numerous seasons- we get even more access than ever before both onstage and backstage showing us what goes into putting together killer live sets.


It’s easy to be convinced you’re witnessing hip-hop history unfold right before your eyes watching a Sisterhood Of HipHop performance / video due largely surrounding the post-modern feel across their content. The displays of artistic talent pre-packaged into every single track have opened avenues to new fans whilst pleasing core ones already familiar with the genre’s roots.


As soon as Sisterhood Of HipHop dropped dates for a nationwide tour, tickets began going fast! Fans knew they had limited timeframes in which to scoop them up due to rumors about possible surprise appearances at select shows and collaborations or snippets from up-and-coming tracks! It did not take long before venues started selling out days ahead of actual performance (Madison Sq G & Key Arena Seattle among many more). Needless to say, any fan who secured a ticket scored big-time seeing one of hip-hop music’s most unforgettable groups showcase on stage what all made us fall in love with this innovative style!

In conclusion, the biggest advantage that has worked towards making Sisterhood Of Hip Hop standout is their ability for creating originality when it comes down onto everything including lyrics and delivery. With different artists adding unique flair and perspective balancing rhythm; whether you’re an old-school lover of rap or new ear looking to be wow’d alike these girls never fail keeping our hearts pounding faster than ever before: showcasing just why some stereotypes associated this memorable kind earned credibility surely won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Which Member from the Sisterhood of Hip Hop has Made it Big in the Industry?

Hip hop music has undoubtedly taken over the world in recent years, and women have been at the forefront of this cultural shift. Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a show where powerful and talented female rappers are put in the spotlight to showcase their gifts. The series follows these ambitious rap artists as they navigate through life’s obstacles while simultaneously trying to make it big in one of the most male-dominated industries out there.

Over the course of several seasons, viewers have had the pleasure of watching some major talent come into stardom on this reality hit TV show. But today we’re focusing on just one artist: Brianna Perry.

Brianna Perry, born January 11th, 1992 in Miami-Dade County Florida, was only a young girl when she started writing rhymes and decided that she wanted to become a rapper. She initially gained mainstream attention with her debut single “Marilyn Monroe” which was released to critical acclaim back in 2011 but it wasn’t until joining /SisterHoodOfHipHop that everyone began paying real close attention.

After blowing away audiences with her versatile flow and lyrical skillset on national television – A few things happened for Brianna Playtime:

She signed a deal with Ruff Ryders Records–a legendary record label known for working with DMX & Eve; Her following grew exponentially (30k Instagram followers before appearing on S.O.H.H.-3x after) ultimately leading more live shows bookings filling up her calendar

Additionally being recognized by XXL Magazine who named her “one female rapper ready for anything” Also do not forget about landing placements such as hosting BET’s ‘106 & Park’!

With wittiness lyrics paired with polished delivery skills she quickly became an important part of modern hip-hop culture obtaining respect from other industry legends like Trina that played no small role bringing Brinni under deep tutelage within subsequent times between filming breaks.

Perry is definitely on the rise in both reviving 90s boom bap with her own personal twists while guiding Miami’s divergent soundscape to new wings spreading across today’s radio waves & streaming platforms. It’s clear that this young lady has all the potential to become one of the great female MC’S in modern hip-hop history.

In summary, Sisterhood of Hip Hop certainly brought some groundbreaking talent into our lives and Brianna Perry remains a shining prominence amongst it– blending Miami heat energy combined with an infectious personality & lyrical approach that no one can deny. Her journey will continue to inspire generations-old and new- showcasing women are able to be what they aspire when focused minds come together for common cause!

The Legacy Lives on: The Future Successes for Members from the Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

Hip hop has been a cultural milestone for decades, inspiring generations of young people globally. Breaking barriers and challenging social norms, hip hop paved the way for marginalized communities to have their voices heard through music, dance, and poetry.

But even in this predominantly male-dominated art form, women have managed to carve out a space for themselves. The Sisterhood of Hip Hop is one such example – an all-female collective that celebrates women’s achievements in the rap game while empowering them to create their own legacy.

So what does the future hold for members of the Sisterhood? Let’s delve deeper into how they’re continuing to break down barriers in hip-hop with musical styles that are unique and unmatched by anyone else.

The first success story from this collective would be none other than Brianna Perry – known as “Lil’ Bri” when she burst onto the scene at just 9 years old. From being featured on rapper Trina’s album at age ten till today where she has signed under Lil Wayne’s label ,Brianna hasn’t let her gender hold her back in any sense throughout her career.

Next up is Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith who was part of Pretty Rickey before starting off solo & partnering with several industry stars including Nicki Minaj.Earning multiple credits not only as an artist but also as producer,tv show host,Baby blue continues to hustle hard towards making that infinite mark !

Now we move ahead with Nyemiah Supreme -the gold standard for keeping it real,she does not sugar-coat things whether its life or money-norms.As much as labels were approaching after showing flames,Lin Manuel Miranda himself brought Nahmirah onboard thereby bringing fresh heat and money all around!

Audra “Ozma”The Rapper brings focus immensely upon females leading transformation with independent mentality.Cruising past individual successes,Ozma now looks forward towards building partnership akin peers like Rico Nasty,Kamaiyah.

The rags-to-riches story of Siya is nothing short of inspirational – from being homeless and sleeping on park benches to reach Rap game heights.This Brooklyn-based rapper has lent her voice to tracks with some high profile names, including the likes of fellow Sisterhood member Brianna Perry.

Lastly we have Shanell “Drummer” Jones who’s known for embodying self-transformation directly through music,while encouraging others towards their own creative direction or freedom.Strongly committed towards highlighting individual personalities rather than solely banking upon mask-performances ,she co-founded an organization dedicated to fostering creativity in underprivileged communities -Let’s Make Good Inc.

To conclude,the sisterhood continues to inspire a new wave of female hip hop artists that are taking over the industry with fresh voices & aptitudes.Interacting across backgrounds as well as social stereotypes they prove,collaboration will always be worth opting.A legacy is truly in motion here!

Table with useful data:

Current Status
Continues to release music and is focused on her career as a rapper and entrepreneur.
Recently released a new album and is focused on growing her personal brand through music and fashion.
Brianna Perry
Continues to release music and has also pursued acting, appearing in various TV shows and movies.
Recently released a new album and has been collaborating with other artists in the industry.
Lee Mazin
Has released a few singles since the show ended but has taken a step back from music to focus on her personal life.

Information from an expert:

As an expert on the music industry, I can tell you that the Sisterhood of Hip Hop cast members have continued to make strides in their careers since appearing on the show. Brianna Perry has released multiple albums and worked with well-known artists such as Rick Ross and Trina. Diamond has also stayed busy releasing music and even ventured into acting. Siya has not only made a name for herself musically but also as a television personality, hosting shows like “Sister Circle” and appearing on “Love & Hip Hop: New York”. Overall, the women of Sisterhood of Hip Hop exemplify how determination, hard work, and talent can lead to long-term success in the entertainment industry.
Historical fact:

The television show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” which premiered on Oxygen in 2014, featured a group of female rappers striving for success in the music industry. Although the show was cancelled after three seasons, some of its stars have gone on to achieve significant accomplishments, including Diamond and Siya signed to major record labels and Brianna Perry collaborating with hip hop legend Missy Elliott.


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