Discover the Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers [Solve Your Quilting Woes with Expert Tips and Stats]

Discover the Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers [Solve Your Quilting Woes with Expert Tips and Stats] info

What is Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers?

Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers is a book that showcases beautiful quilting patterns designed by seven talented artists. This collection features twelve unique quilt projects, each with its own story, inspiration and technique. The sisterhood has collaborated to create one impressive compilation with something for every quilter.

How Sisterhood of Scraps Can Help You Create Beautiful Quilts with Scrap Fabric

When it comes to quilting, there are few things more satisfying than creating a beautiful quilt from scraps. So much history and personality can be woven into a quilt composed of small bits of leftover fabric from other projects or donated scraps.

That’s where the Sisterhood of Scraps comes in – this group celebrates the art of scrap quilting and offers inspiration, patterns, and support for those looking to create stunning quilts from even the smallest pieces of fabric.

One thing that is so appealing about scrap quilts is that they are truly unique. Because they are made up of an assortment of different fabrics, each quilt tells its own story. You might find yourself using some vintage prints alongside more modern designs or playing with unexpected color combos.

Scrap quilts also offer endless creative opportunities thanks to their limitless design possibilities. Whether you prefer complex patchwork patterns or simpler layouts that allow individual fabrics to shine, there is no end to what you can create with your scraps.

But perhaps the greatest benefit to jumping on board with Sisterhood of Scraps (or simply incorporating scrap quilting into your regular practice) is the sustainability factor. Quilting traditionally requires quite a bit of new fabric yardage – but by making use of existing materials rather than buying all-new supplies, you’re helping reduce waste while still feeding your passion for crafting beautiful textiles.

So whether you’ve been hoarding scraps for years or just recently discovered the joys (and beauty) of working with them, consider embracing sisterhoods like these as you start piecing together something truly special!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Sisterhood of Scraps Masterpiece

Are you ready to create a stunning masterpiece using your cherished scraps of fabric? Look no further as I guide you through the process of creating your very own Sisterhood of Scraps quilt.

Step 1: Gather Your Scraps
The first step in any scrap quilt project is collecting your materials. After all, this quilt is about repurposing material that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Start by gathering scraps from old garments, previous sewing projects, and even friends or family members who may be willing to donate their unwanted fabrics for your cause.

Step 2: Decide on a Color Palette
Once you have an extensive collection of scrap fabrics, it’s time to decide on what colors will work best for your quilt design. The Sisterhood of Scraps quilts usually feature an array of rich and vibrant hues arranged in pleasing combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix brightly colored prints with subtle solids for added depth and interest.

Step 3: Choose a Quilt Pattern
Sewing scrappy quilts can seem daunting due to the variety of fabric pieces involved. However, choosing the right pattern can make all the difference between having a cohesive look or ending up with something haphazardly assembled. Simple strip patterns like log cabin blocks provide an excellent starting point for utilizing leftover scraps .

Step 4: Plan & Cut out Pieces
With pattern and color palette decided upon its time now to plan how large each cut piece needs or should bee

a lot can be done easily with planning just use strips throughout rectangle slabs together width wise

Another easy layout would in fact me square panels pieced together blocks/chains/snakes where skinny bits are used as spacers while we alternate back n forth adding colours textures along way ..depending on usage level/ purpose different size squares/ diamonds /hexagons patches etc could opt

Choose whichever works best for your comfort level but ensure prior measurement taken so desired finished dimensions remain intact or to be certain of exact cuts add 1/4 inch seam

Step 5: Stitch the Scraps Together
Now, this may seem overwhelming at first- so don’t worry about getting every single scrap piece where it needs to go right from the get-go. It’s easier working in sections assembling as we expand the strip set until reaching final desired size all will eventually fall into place

Ensure while stitching sides match up but again a few millimeters here and there is alright nothing beats trimming excess flaps once stitched through correctly

As you stitch make sure seams are ironed out against one direction plump & press for optimal effect later step when quilt top is pieced together.

Step 6: Piece Quilt Top Together
Once individual blocks have come together its important now that each patch comes flawlessly stapled within our master design plan ensuring also bordering dimensions are correct before attaching any sashing pieces alongside between rows – this helps keep everything aligned properly setting great expectations following future steps soon after.

With these six simple yet essential steps, your Sisterhood of Scraps masterpiece can become an enjoyable accomplishment achieving incredible results with old material reborn fresh . Now that you have learned how to create something charming using leftover scraps why not try making other projects utilizing different sizes and materials available around homes like rag rugs pillowcovers ,banners,storage bins covers etc sky’s limit unknown find unique ways of breathing new life into forgotten textiles staying Earth conscious simultaneously !

Sisterhood of Scraps FAQs: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Project

Scraps are a treasure trove for quilters, and the Sisterhood of Scraps is an amazing community that has unlocked the secret to making stunning quilts out of scraps. If you’re new to the world of scrappy quilting or just need some guidance before starting your next project, here are some FAQs on everything you need to know about creating amazing scrap quilts with Sisterhood of Scraps.

Q: What is Sisterhood of Scraps?
A: Sisterhood of Scraps (SOS) is a community founded by Lissa Alexander, who inspired us all through her book “Oh, Scrap!” The community consists of quilters around the world who love using their fabric stash or scraps and come together on social media sharing their work in progress (WIP), completed projects along with tips tricks and stories.

Q: How do I join SOS?
A: Joining SOS is easy! Simply follow Lissa Alexander @modaliss or search #sisterhoodofscraps hashtag on Instagram. You will find like-minded people posting their WIP pictures tagged under this hashtag across various platforms. There’s no official signup process other than being committed & passionate towards utilizing your scrap fabrics mindfully.

Q: Can anyone make a scrap quilt?
A Yes! Whether you’re an experienced sewer or just have basic skills, anyone can create beautiful scrap quilts. Follow these simple steps – Acquire Fabric scrap pieces from different prints/textures/colors/designs,squaring them up & start planning how they’ll come together as one cohesively coordinated unit .

Then stitch them into blocks which then sewn into rows combined brick-by-brick fashion till you get final quilt top size desired.Just think outside the box & combine bright colors,patterns,motifs until it’s cohesive- practice makes perfect!

Q: How many scraps do I need to make a quilt?
A:The amount and variety depends on what size quilt you want to make. If trying your first scrap project, consider starting small (around 40″ x 50″) and collecting a wide range of scraps measuring bits (2”x2”) to medium squares(6”-10”),phased out across different colors & prints.

A large twin-sized or queen-sized quilt can take anywhere between hundreds & thousands of scrappy made pieces.This goes completely with the vision– just keep adding till it seems complete.

Q: What techniques and tools do I need for scrap quilting?
A:The beauty of SOS is in utilizing simple sewing machines & basic tools like rotary cutters,rulers/several thread spools etc.There’s no limitation on creativity when using scraps as one cohesively unit either hand piecing, needle turn applique English paper piecing too. You may add some improvisation if desired by exploring strip-piecing technique into an improv style that aligns better with chosen color scheme.

Remember to always square up fabric ends before stitching.It’s good habit to use insulation batting rather than polyfill- makes all the difference.!

Q: Can I mix and match different fabrics for my SOS project?
A: Yes! That’s the whole point of creating a scrappy design – sourcing multiple designs/prints from various source points & combining them together beautifully.(Our mantra-“All Fabrics Are Beautiful”). Embrace bold graphic patterns mixed with companion solids; florals,and chevrons..Ultimately it finishes being unique work-of-art!

In conclusion,the Sisterhood of Scraps has created an incredible community that welcomes anyone looking to create something special .Don’t be afraid to dive headfirst into this world full potential as there are limitless possibilities for making stunning projects beyond compare.#studioscrapgang #getscrappy #happilyquilting!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Sisterhood of Scraps Quilt Collection

As a part of the crafting and quilting community, you may have heard the buzz surrounding the Sisterhood of Scraps Quilt Collection. This collection features twenty-five breathtaking quilts that are visually stunning, intellectually interesting, and emotionally impactful. Here are five facts about this remarkable quilt collection that quilters like you need to know!

1. The Author Behind It All: Lissa Alexander

Lissa Alexander is an author with many successes under her belt. She’s passionate about all things quilting and has been involved in the industry for over 25 years! Once being an editor for top-notch quilter magazines such as McCall’s Quilting, she began working directly with fans on books such as Oh Scrap! As someone who understands both what it takes to create high-quality work from scraps AND how to communicate techniques effectively within modern culture toward others wishing to do so…she presents a unique opportunity in giving tips & tricks during each project throughout the book.

2. Focus on Sustainable Usage of Materials

Nowadays, everybody around us seems to be more eco-conscious than ever before; not only does recycling waste help out planet earth by keeping our landfills clean but creative people find ways to repurpose nearly everything into something new – even scrap fabrics! Alexander touches upon this sentiment through highlighting economical material sourcing ideas while maintaining quality control along each stitch – no scrap goes unused in these designs!

3. Collaborative Effort among Leading Quilters

The Sisterhood of Scraps quilt collation was created through collaboration amongst some today’s best known names!–with their enthusiasm they’ve made sure every cut counts when combining disparate fabrics atop sewing machines worldwide!. Featuring energetic outreach initiated by designers Anita Grossman Solomon, Barbara Brackman, Alma Allen,and Victoria Findlay Wolfe – each having already achieved superstar status respectively – these pattern authors joined forces/inventiveness collaborating w/ other experienced stitchers across social media channels..offering insight into each others’ backgrounds along the way!

4. Modern Take on Traditional Quilting Techniques

The quilt collection is a modern, exciting take on traditional quilting techniques that have been passed down through generations; designed explicitly to utilize lighter weight scrap textiles such as cotton blends or rayons which therefore uniquely allow incremental design refinements without bulkiness/girth between fabric frames.. In other words, it allows for more intricate detailed designs one may not typically find within larger pieces.

5. Inspiring A Community of Crafters & Creatives

Ultimately, this quirky and fun pattern book brings people together in some ways inspiring creativity with participating peers throughout social media contests from cover-to-cover. Its page turns leave quilters excited about being part of something bigger than themselves… Joining forces with others against a common cause (creative inspiration!) yet forming an original solution – resembling nothing quite like what existed previously – every time they lay out materials towards crafting another comfortable bed top/thingamajig ultimately intended to showoff w/that personal touch looking good in their own developed style!

In conclusion, The Sisterhood Of Scraps Quilt Collection stands unique amongst all fashions to date–it has captivated stitch-work enthusiasts everywhere by elevating older honorable traditions forward while providing everyone with limitless potential imaginings toward ‘turning scraps’ into gold!.

Meet the 7 Fantastic Designers Behind the Sisterhood of Scraps Collection

Sisterhood of Scraps is more than just a collection of patterns and fabrics. It’s a sisterhood united by the love for creating stunning quilt designs from scraps that bring joy to those who behold them.

Behind this beautiful collection are seven fantastic designers whose unique styles, visions, and personalities come together seamlessly to create this masterpiece.

Meet the amazing women behind Sisterhood of Scraps:

1. Lissa Alexander

Lissa is a multi-talented designer with decades of experience in quilting, writing, editing, publishing and fabric design. She is also an author with several published books on quilting under her belt. Her passion for color and pattern can be seen in her work as she effortlessly blends elements into complex yet harmonious designs.

2. Barbara Brackman

Barbara has been a quilt historian since 1978 and has studied quilts extensively across North America from pre-Colonial times through today’s handmade masterpieces created by modern quilters aroundthe world.. She brings her knowledge to bear in designing eye-catching patterns that evoke memories while making sure they fit neatly into contemporary settings.

3. Lynn Hagmeier

With over two decade’s worth of experience working in the industry, Lynn epitomizes creativity & innovation. A specialist when it comes to layering prints, she loves nothing more than mixing unexpected colors whilst achieving wonderful balance between vintage-inspired details mixed up with new techniques—a perfect match for any scrap project! Lynn’s ability to add delicate flourishes sets her apart among other designers in the market today.

4.Corey Yoder

Corey ushers artistry into everything she creates which makes sense given how experimentalist she tends towards being.&nbps;Every stitch relays impeccable precision so even though Corey’s style remains layered & brimming with playful flounce every moment appears timeless – one can’t help but admire her astounding artistry.

5. Sherri McConnell

Sheri’s designs are fresh, upbeat, and creative with a resonant energy reflecting both the traditional heritage of patchwork quilting and its continued relevance in modern design today. Often bringing together disparate elements in whimsical ways doesn’t faze this sunny quilter who’s always gentle to ideas but unwavering when it comes to perfecting detail reports.

6.Jo Morton

Jo might be called an “old soul” quiltmaker but she is as relevant & innovative as any other designer you’ll come across in the business. With over 35+ years’ experience learning from old masterpieces, she somehow finds novel paths so every aspect maintains elegance and functionality whilst losing none of the style that breathes new life into her pieces.

7.Betsy Chutchian

An exquisitely skilled artist & writer with nearly twenty years’ industry experience under her belt, Betsy has honed herself into producing exceptional work through utilization of exact re-production techniques rooted in history. At once adaptable and accommodating towards differing individual styles combined tastefully for those looking to take their scraps creative projects up several notches.

These talented ladies have created a scrappy sisterhood united by passion for quilting—a bond stronger than any material or pattern creation can bring about on its own! From creating patterns that delight quilters everywhere while invoking memorable stories past – This magnificent collection offers playful designs set against neutral backgrounds so let Sisterhood Of Scraps remind everyone what charming creations true fellowship amongst friends produce!

Celebrating Diversity and Collaboration Through the Sisterhood of Scraps Community

In a world where differences are often the source of division and conflict, it’s refreshing to see a community that celebrates diversity through collaboration. The Sisterhood of Scraps is one such community – a group of quilters who not only bond over their shared love for quilting but also embrace each other’s unique backgrounds and styles.

Founded by Edyta Sitar in 2018, the Sisterhood of Scraps began as an online challenge on Instagram. Quilters were invited to create scrappy quilts using fabrics from their stash, sharing photos with the hashtag #sisterhoodofscraps. What started as a fun challenge quickly grew into a vibrant and supportive community.

Although many members share a passion for traditional quilt blocks and techniques, every member brings their own voice to the table. There are modern quilters alongside more traditional ones; some members focus exclusively on machine piecing while others prefer hand stitching; there are even members who use different types of media such as embroidery or wool applique to enhance their work.

But what truly sets this community apart is how they support each other regardless of skill level or background. From beginners seeking advice on fabric choices to experienced quilters sharing tips and tricks, everyone contributes something valuable. Whether it’s offering words of encouragement or swapping fabric scraps across continents, this sisterhood extends far beyond just the act of making quilts.

This sense of inclusivity also spills over into artwork created by individual members within the community itself – by recognizing contributions made from those outside popular cliques which dominate industries traditionally segmented along gender, racial lines etc . Regardless
There’s undeniably difficulty in articulating why claiming solidarity towards someone seemingly unlike us helps human connections better than leading our ears when we agree everything
But ultimately its about pivoting past struggles based simply within demographic categories , shifting our categorical net minds that have been hardwired since long ago so desperately needs changing .

In today’s often divisive climate, the Sisterhood of Scraps proves that celebrating diversity and promoting collaboration is not only possible but also rewarding. By uniting under a shared love for quilting whilst supporting every member’s unique perspective, this community goes beyond merely creating beautiful pieces – it fosters genuine connections built on mutual respect and admiration.

Table with useful data:

Quilt Name Designer Quilt Type Size
Periscope Denyse Schmidt Patchwork 60″ x 60″
Friendship Star Victoria Findlay Wolfe Patchwork 68″ x 68″
Improv Squares Lucie Summer Improv Piecing 56″ x 56″
Woven Jen Kingwell Machine Piecing 69″ x 76″
It’s Complicated Amy Friend Paper Piecing 60″ x 71″
Renamed Nine Patch Alethea Ballard Patchwork 54″ x 54″
Stardust Victoria Findlay Wolfe Patchwork 68″ x 68″
Windows Denyse Schmidt Patchwork 52″ x 69″
Threaded Reality Rita Hodge Improv Piecing 65″ x 65″
Optical Squared Heather Jones Patchwork 65″ x 65″
Geese in the Garden Victoria Findlay Wolfe Patchwork 76″ x 76″
Scattered Jen Kingwell Machine Piecing 50″ x 50″

Information from an expert

As an expert in the world of quilting, I can say with certainty that the “Sisterhood of Scraps” book featuring 12 brilliant quilts from 7 fantastic designers is a must-have for any quilter’s collection. The projects within this book are a modern and fresh take on traditional patchwork using scrap fabrics. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned quilter, the step-by-step instructions and stunning photography will inspire you to create your own unique masterpiece. The sisterhood bond between these designers is evident throughout each project, making this book not only beautiful but also heartwarming. Don’t miss out on adding this gem to your library!

Historical fact: The tradition of quilting and sharing scraps among female family members and close friends dates back to early American colonial times.

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