Experience the Magic of Hocus Pocus: Stay at the Sanderson Sisters’ House Airbnb

Experience the Magic of Hocus Pocus: Stay at the Sanderson Sisters' House Airbnb

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Staying at the Sanderson Sisters House Airbnb

If you’re a fan of the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, then staying at the Sanderson Sisters House Airbnb is an experience like no other! Located in Salem, Massachusetts – known for its spooky history and infamous witch trials – this iconic house provides guests with an enchanting stay complete with all things magical. Here are 5 facts that any guest needs to know before booking their reservation.

1) The Details Are Everything

From velvet drapes adorning every window to antique furniture straight from colonial times – every inch of this bewitching home has been meticulously designed and decorated by your wonderful hosts. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped directly into a scene out of a film set as soon as you cross over the threshold. Every room tells its own story while still maintaining consistency throughout.

2) Each Room Has Special Surprises

As mentioned above each room tells it’s own unique story but they also have fantastical hidden gems awaiting discovery; Our favorite being newly added “Witches’ Brooms” fitted under select bed frames just perfect for those who wish to fly away on broomsticks!

3) Guests Can Put Their Cooking Chops To Work In A Gourmet Kitchen Fit For A Witch’s Brew

The kitchen comes fully equipped so embrace your inner culinary genius or bring some friends along let them cook up spells together; boiling cauldrons not necessary however wine 🍷and cheese platters can add another level magic when entertaining ghoulishly inspiring new headstone epiphanies !

4) Come Prepared With Your Dress-Up On Point
Want that social media ready post? Or even better yet want very special photoshoot memories ? Who doesn’t love dressing up during All Hallows Eve time?! While full costume makeup via professional artist application packages will be available onsite come prepared ,prime yourself beforehand layer sequin capes high atop pointed heels because we guarantee heaping tons candy bowl treats galore each time you visit Trick or Treaters !

5) The Neighborhood Is Also A Scary Good Time

Located in Salem, Massachussetts — known for its spooky history and infamous witch trials–there’s plenty of hauntingly fun activities to partake around the corner like Witch City Ghost Tours,Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre ,Salem Wax Musuem,Spirited Walking Tour options etc. This city is quite proud year round 365 days a year as “The Halloween Capital”.

In conclusion,a stay at Sanderson Sister’s house can make your dreams into reality; creating enchanting memories from luxurious smart gadget amenities (think Alexa commands)to keeping alive that childhood joy we shared during our favorite holiday season with traditions & candy alike! So book now because their spellbinding charm books fast every Halloweentime !

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sanderson Sister’s House Airbnb

If you’re a fan of the classic Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus,” chances are you were thrilled to hear that the Sanderson Sisters’ house in Salem, Massachusetts is available as an Airbnb rental during spooky season. But before booking your stay at this famous abode, there may be some questions on your mind.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about renting out the Sanderson Sister’s House:

What can I expect from my overnight experience?

Your one-night stay will include exclusive access to all three floors and multiple rooms within this historic mansion built in 1870 (don’t worry – it has been updated with modern amenities). The house boasts a fully equipped kitchen for cooking up spells and potions and several living areas perfect for relaxation or conjuring up mischief.

Will any members of Hocus Pocus’ cast drop by unexpectedly during our visit?

As much as we’d love Bette Midler herself showing up unannounced when checking into her fictional film home- but unfortunately no celebrities have planned on stopping by while crossing broomsticks above town! However, fans should keep their eyes peeled; who knows what kindred spirits might pop-up around corners!

Is There A Minimum Age Requirement To Stay At The Rental Home?

All guests must be over twenty-one years old due not only because it helps weed-out underage witches crashing private events without knowing how-to ward-off territorial cats-but also so that everyone can enjoy responsibly provided supplies placed throughout shared spaces like bottles filled with ‘witches brew.’

Are Pets Allowed In This “Witchy” Abode During Our Stay Here & Turn Into Familiars Only Found Within Spooky Legends And Myths

Though pets won’t become familiars upon stepping foot inside these impeccably kept doors-they’re still welcome furry friends on leashes alongside towels they’ll need after bathing outside-of-room cauldrons bubbling onsite-In other words: yes – bring Fido along to make sure your Halloween vacation is even spookier.

What time can we check-in/check-out?

The Sanderson Sister’s House Airbnb has strict guidelines on the timing of when guests are allowed access into and from its’ grounds. Check-ins start at 4pm-just as daylight fades away quicker than expected unexpectedly due Salem’s eerie-yet charming-plentiful nighttime filled attractions home in a city which invites ghosts out for cocktails, First-Breweries offering haunted pub crawls or ghost tours that’ll keep you looking behind until just after midnight!

On departure day itself-make certain all finished brews have been cleaned-up by noon-followed-endless photo opportunities with witches-costumes while walking along nearby streets hoping some unsuspecting passerby will think they’ve spotted Cast members lounging around during movie-set production days-finish luggage packing before heading back onto dark roads leading anywhere but where mythical creatures may be waiting-like Unicorns!

Embrace your Inner Hocus Pocus Fanatic with a Stay at the Iconic Sanderson Sister’s House on Airbnb

It’s that time of year again when people embrace their inner witches and warlocks, donning pointy hats and broomsticks all in the name of Halloween. But what if we told you that this spooky season could be taken to the next level? What if there was a way for you to stay in an actual house made famous by one of our favorite witch-themed movies?

Enter Airbnb.

The popular vacation rental platform has recently added one very special listing — The Sanderson Sister’s House from Hocus Pocus! Yes, THAT movie –the quintessential cult classic that follows three resurrected witches on a mission to suck life force out of children so they can live forever. It may sound creepy but it is entirely tasteful with beautiful aesthetics inspired by your favourite horror comedy flick!

Located just outside Salem (where else?), Massachusetts; friends or family members have the chance at living like Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah) ,Bette Midler(Winnie), Kathy Najimy(Mary) albeit without any magical abilities—but then being surrounded by elegant period furniture, vintage pieces which somehow continues magically enchanting whoever visits even after 300 years since its construction wouldn’t hurt either!

But let’s set aside how cool staying here would be during October only – prepare yourself as hosts offer up several frightfully fun perks for guests: A LIFE-SIZE Winifred statue will greet back each guest upon arrival(the same pose she uses before re-incarnation!), costumed mannequins exactly dressed as per Mary & Sarah alongwith behind-the-scene memorabilia giving us some serious nostalgia trips right away!

Even better than perhaps fangirling over these memories are other accommodations offered within where quirky items exist such as night lights named “Black Flame Candle” lighting rooms showcasing themed pillows including curtains depicting motifs carrying catch phrases included throughout—from MARY’S “another glorious morning” greeting everyone in daylight hours daily– altogether generating awe-inspiring magic & pretty perfect bewitching atmosphere!

But wait, it doesn’t end there. To further up their game—and just in case all the attraction wasn’t enough already—Guests will have access to complementary spirits (of alcohol and non-alcoholic nature), unconventional board games including potions making(for food/potions enthusiasts present too!), fun photo station with props – even customised welcome bags for each person staying over containing ‘Thackery Binx’s immortal vial’ entitling you entry into land of childhood memories marked distinctively by Halloween.

While Hocus Pocus themed attractions maybe time-limited being availed only during Autumnal Equinox , this Airbnb inclusive package is something that’s bound to haunt your memory banks forever! A true must-visit spot for fans of Edgar Allan Poe era-esque supernatural themes or people craving uniquely entertaining getaway from mundane life 😉

So hop on a broomstick and fly—uhh.. Book ASAP—with some luck lingering about who knows what surprises may jump out at us !


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