Hillsong Sisterhood 2021: Empowering Women with Inspiring Stories, Practical Tips, and Eye-Opening Stats [Ultimate Guide]

Hillsong Sisterhood 2021: Empowering Women with Inspiring Stories, Practical Tips, and Eye-Opening Stats [Ultimate Guide]

Short answer: Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is the latest iteration of Hillsong Church’s global women’s ministry. It offers a series of events and resources designed to empower women to cultivate deeper relationships with each other and with God. This year’s theme is “Wild Love” and includes online gatherings, local meetups, and an annual conference.

How Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is Transforming Women’s Lives

Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is a revolutionary platform that has taken the world by storm. Founded on the principles of love, community, and empowerment, this program has been transforming women’s lives both mentally and spiritually.

With the challenges that have come with the pandemic, many women have had to face emotional trauma, financial difficulties and even loss of loved ones. Now more than ever before, there was a need for women to come together in sisterhood and support each other.

Hillsong Sisterhood is not just any ordinary religious gathering; it is an experience that truly transforms its attendees from deep within. It provides an opportunity for women to connect with fellow sisters who are facing similar challenges in their daily lives.

During Hillsong Sisterhood gatherings, inspirational speakers impart their knowledge on different topics ranging from spiritual growth, mental health maintenance to career development advice. These speakers give powerful insights that guide attendees towards unlocking their full potential and achieving success in all areas of life.

One key aspect of Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is community work. The program emphasizes that true transformation comes through serving others for the greater good. This platform encourages participants to embody a spirit of service and generosity by giving back to those around them.

Through these various experiences provided by Hillsong Sisterhood, women gain confidence and courage necessary to go out into the world inspiring others with newfound purpose. Women who attend this program report feeling more connected to themselves as well as to God which positively impacts almost every area of their lives!

Hillsong Sisterhood also offers support groups where women can share vulnerabilities concerning personal issues without fear of being judged or ostracized but instead receive encouragement from a network of loving ladies! As they tackle whatever struggle they’re facing with help from one another, healing begins taking place instantaneously!

In summary, Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is doing remarkable things in shaping modern-day spirituality among females globally. This platform has transformed countless women’s lives by fostering love, community, and empowerment necessary for overall well-being. Attending Hillsong Sisterhood is a game-changer leaving ladies feeling renewed, enlightened and ready to conquer whatever challenges their way!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Hillsong Sisterhood 2021

Hillsong Sisterhood is a global community of women who are passionate about Jesus and making a difference in the world. If you’re looking to join this amazing group, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be taking you through a step-by-step guide on how to become a member of Hillsong Sisterhood 2021.

Step 1: Find Your Local Hillsong Church

Hillsong has countless churches around the world, so your first step is to find out which one is closest to you. You can do this easily by visiting their website and using the ‘Find A Location’ tool at the top of the page. Once you have found your local church, make sure to check if they have an active Sisterhood group.

Step 2: Attend Hillsong Sisterhood Events

Joining Hillsong Sisterhood involves connecting with other like-minded women who also love God and want to make a difference. There are always regular events going on such as conferences, bible studies and meetups. Attending these gatherings allows you get to know other members of sisterhood while enjoying eloquent talks and thought-provoking discussions.

Step 3: Get Involved in A Small Group Study

Being part of a small group study provides deeper fellowship experience where questions are asked and relevant topics are discussed every session. Small group sessions helps with personal growth as individuals ask for advice or share their experiences with others within the meeting.

Step 4: Join The Community

In today’s modern era, joining online communities like Facebook groups makes communication easier among members. All official Hillsong sisterhood groups around the globe maintain an online presence that provide support, encouragement plus discussion boards that give members freedom on sharing ideas, asking questions plus discussing various topics relating faith or life in general.

Once membership is granted into any given sisterhood group; there would be very little reason not being involved in most if not all of the activities available online or on-site. It offers individuals a safe place to grow, learn and Fellowship with other like-minded ladies who are chasing after Jesus.

In conclusion, joining Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is as easy as following these simple steps. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you and inspires you to take the next step in your spiritual journey. Remember, Hillsong Sisterhood is all about connection, community and growth – so don’t be afraid to get involved!

Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 FAQ: Common Questions Answered

Hillsong Sisterhood is an annual gathering of women from all walks of life, coming together to connect, learn, and grow in their faith. Each year, thousands of women attend the conference to experience a powerful and transformative event. However, with the ongoing pandemic and various changes to society, you might have some questions about what to expect in 2021.

To help answer some of your burning questions, we’ve compiled this Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 FAQ guide to provide you with all the information you need to know before heading off to the conference.

1. What is the Hillsong Sisterhood Conference?

The Hillsong Sisterhood Conference is a yearly event designed specifically for Christian women that provides a space for gathering and connection. During this amazing event, attendees from around the world come together for an unforgettable experience filled with powerful worship services led by renowned musicians & speakers as well as opportunities for impactful teaching sessions.

2. When is it happening?

This year’s Hillsong Sisterhood Conference takes place on November 4 – November 6th . o don’t forget mark your calendars!

3. Where will it be hosted?

The great news is that this year’s conference will be taking place online! You can easily access everything from anywhere in the world at any time and take part wherever you are able.

4. Who can attend?

Hillsong Sisterhood welcome everyone regardless if they are Christian or not who identify as female (cis/trans/femme). Regardless of whether they’re married or single, young or old – every woman is welcomed wholeheartedly into our community.

5. How do I register for the conference?

Registration should open soon via their website once all information has been finalized; just keep checking back so that you can reserve your spot today!

6: Is there any cost associated with attending the conference?
Yes! While nothing compares to having everyone together under one roof for real life experiences, this year’s conference has a registration fee of for access to all events.

7. What Can I expect from the Program?

You can expect the same excellent entertainment and teaching experience just like in past conference but online! On top of that, personal growth and empowerment opportunities available alongside team sessions that are designed to encourage participants to bond and support one another.

8. Will there be a chance for networking?

Absolutely! One great feature is that we’ll have virtual meet-ups where attendees can connect with others with similar interests as well as chances at Icebreakers before scheduling official meetings.

9. Are workshops and breakout sessions available?

Yes! Detailed information should be available on their website sometime soon once adequately finalized.

10. How can I prepare myself for the event?
Start praying about this amazing time so you’re prepared internally, but also make sure you have everything set up in terms of equipment such as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone ready and up-to-date with any essential apps downloaded – just get ready to experience something wonderful!

The Hillsong Sisterhood Conference is a life-changing event that provides Christian women from around the globe an opportunity for worship, learning, empowerment and community building in ways unlike anything else out there. With many things still uncertain due to the ongoing global pandemic crisis, moving this year’s conference online is wonderful news enabling more people from around the world easier than ever before able to attend regardless of limitations. We hope our FAQ has been helpful if you’re planning on attending virtually in 2021!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Hillsong Sisterhood 2021

Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 has officially kicked off with a bang, and there are five important facts that you simply cannot miss. Founded by Hillsong Church, Sisterhood is a movement of women who believe in empowering each other to reach their full potential in Christ. So, without further ado, here are the top five facts you need to know about Hillsong Sisterhood 2021:

1. Connecting Women Globally: One of the most amazing aspects of Hillsong Sisterhood is its global network of women. This year’s theme “Sisterhood is Global” underscores this effort to connect women all around the world. Through events like the Colour Conference and online community groups, Hillsong Sisterhood brings women closer together, regardless of where they may be geographically located.

2. Empowering Women Mentoring Program: Often times, it’s hard for women to find mentorship opportunities that cater to their specific needs as daughters of God. Fortunately for Sisters in Hill Song churches globally – Hillsong has created an empowerment program known as The Empower Masterclass which features dynamic teaching from leading voices plus life-giving community, designed to empower female leaders wherever you find yourself.

3. Learning & Growth Opportunities: If there’s one thing that’s certain about Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 – it’s providing learning and growth opportunities for its constituents all year round from preaching series hosted by the likes of Bobbie Houston on mastering life skills in midlife such as “Navigating Change”, to fun themed events encouraging self-awareness such as “Dream Hour” which highlight guests sharing personal truths and prophetic words over one another offering essential insights into who they truly are in Christ.

4. Advocacy & Social Justice Initiatives : You can’t talk about empowering sisters without factoring in social justice issues affecting many women today – Hillsongs understands this too well as demonstrated through various advocacy efforts spear-headed by sisterhood team to help raise awareness and alleviate issues affecting women globally. The #ThereIsMore campaign is a great example of their advocacy efforts, which focuses on raising awareness about domestic violence and providing support for those who may need it.

5. Fun-Filled Events: Lastly, Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 would not be complete without events that bring joy and excitement to its members’ lives. Alongside their main conferences sisterhood groups host various social gatherings happening year-round – some of which include hosting paint nights, galas, community service projects or even private cinema screenings through which sisters form life-long friendships with one another thereby solidifying these as safe spaces where they can always let down their hair in fellowship.

In conclusion, Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is poised to do great things this year by creating opportunities for learning and growth while providing a global platform for connection amongst sisters globally while prioritizing advocacy efforts around social justice causes. How exciting!

Empowering Women through Community: Highlights from the Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 Conference

As we navigate through life, we often encounter various obstacles that may hinder our growth and development. For women, these can range from oppressive societal norms to deeply ingrained personal insecurities. To overcome these hurdles and reach our potential, women need the support of a strong community. That’s where Hillsong Sisterhood comes in.

Hillsong Sisterhood is more than just an annual conference or event – it’s a movement that empowers women globally to connect with one another, build meaningful relationships, grow in their faith and purpose, and take actions to make a difference in their communities.

This year’s annual Hillsong Sisterhood conference took place on June 24th-26th with the tagline “Empowerment.” The three-day virtual conference featured powerful speakers such as Bobbie Houston (co-founder of Hillsong Church), Priscilla Shirer (Author and Co-Founder of Going Beyond Ministries), Christine Caine (Founder of A21 and Propel Women) who spoke on various topics like leadership, mental health, social justice issues etcetera. The conference also had events like panel discussions; breakouts sessions focused on specific topics; worship music performances; networking opportunities; and much more!

During the conference, attendees were treated to inspiring stories about how many women have faced challenging circumstances but overcame by leaning into God and relying on the support of other like-minded individuals within the Sisterhood community. One such story was shared by guest speaker Rosario Butterfield who recounted her journey from a tenured English professor advocating for LGBTQ+ rights to becoming a born-again Christian committed to spreading God’s message of love, forgiveness, unity.

The ‘Stronger Together’ panel discussion featuring influential leaders from businesswomen Tasha Smith and Claire Swire-Thompson as well as pastors Charlotte Gambill was especially enlightening as they shared from experiences that led them to success while balancing household roles effectively.

Attendees also participated in live conversations, which provided them with a platform to make practical changes in their lives as well as their communities. The social responsibility breakout sessions highlighted how much of an impact can be made through small changes in your neighborhood or town, such as volunteering at local food banks or handing warm meals. Powerful talks championing these scalable steps from experts like Founder and CEO of ‘Compelled By Love’ Casey Taylor and Co-founder & COO of Airbnb, Nate Blecharczyk just went further to encourage the Sisterhood community.

Empowerment isn’t easy but Hillsong Sisterhood exists to give women the strength, motivation and tools they need to strive towards it. Through events like this conference and other programs available year-round, the Sisterhood fosters a sense of belonging among women irrespective of race or background; providing resources for business networking rather than just socialising and encouraging its members regularly through digital development courses throughout the year.

In conclusion, Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 was an incredible experience that offered attendees an opportunity to not only grow spiritually but also connect with other women who share similar experiences. Through empowering conversations by influential speakers and stories we can relate to on personal levels; actionable steps were suggested. This event has been pivotal towards elevating more females into leadership positions while promoting self-awareness irrespective of our distinct backgrounds. Thanks Hillsong Church for creating such an atmosphere for growth within this community!

Looking Ahead: The Future of Hillsong Sisterhood in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world begins to emerge from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are starting to look ahead and wonder what our new normal will be. At Hillsong Sisterhood, we’re no exception. We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can continue to serve and empower women in this post-pandemic world, while also adapting to the changing landscape.

One thing that’s become clear to us is that the digital sphere is here to stay. Over the past year and a half, we’ve all had to rely on technology for everything from work meetings to virtual hangouts with friends. And while some of us are itching to get back into physical spaces and connect with others in person, there will always be a place for online community.

So what does this mean for Hillsong Sisterhood? It means that we’ll continue to invest in creating valuable digital resources for women around the world. From online courses and Bible studies to virtual events and conferences, we want every woman who wants to be part of our community to have access regardless of her location or schedule.

Of course, there’s still something special about gathering in person. We miss hugging our sisters tightly during worship sets and sharing cups of coffee together after services. And as restrictions lift around the globe, we’re excited to start planning more opportunities for face-to-face connection.

But even when we do meet up in person again, there will likely be some lasting changes. For example, hybrid events (combining both physical and virtual attendance options) may become more prevalent in order to accommodate those who aren’t able or comfortable traveling long distances. Additionally, we’ll continue exploring ways that technology can enhance our in-person gatherings – perhaps by live-streaming sections of conferences or offering interactive elements through an app.

Overall, our mission remains unchanged: To champion women everywhere as they discover their God-given purpose and potential. However that looks going forward – whether it’s through a screen or across a dinner table – we’re excited to continue walking with our sisters and cheering them on every step of the way.

Table with useful data:

Event Name
Registration Link
She Is Conference
April 22-24
7:00 PM
Hillsong Church Sydney
Women’s Breakfast
May 8
9:00 AM
Hillsong Church London
Colour Conference
September 1-4
7:00 PM
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
She Leads Forum
November 12-13
9:00 AM
Hillsong Church New York City

Information from an expert

As an expert, I can confidently say that the Hillsong Sisterhood 2021 is a highly recommended event for women of all ages. This gathering provides an opportunity for women to connect, learn and grow in their faith while building stronger relationships with other women. The Hillsong Sisterhood is known for its inspiring speeches, uplifting music and empowering workshops that contribute to the spiritual growth and personal development of attendees. Women who attend this event can experience authentic community, receive encouragement and be equipped to better serve their families, communities and churches.

Historical fact:

Hillsong Sisterhood, a global women’s ministry founded by Bobbie Houston in 1997 as part of Hillsong Church, continues to inspire and empower women across various cultures and generations through its annual conferences and ongoing community initiatives. The 2021 theme for the Sisterhood is “Our Story, His Glory”, celebrating the unique journey of each woman while acknowledging God’s hand in every aspect of their lives.


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