Empowering Women: How Hillsong Sisterhood Provides Support and Inspiration [With Stats and Tips]

Empowering Women: How Hillsong Sisterhood Provides Support and Inspiration [With Stats and Tips]

Short answer: Hillsong Sisterhood is a women’s ministry within the larger Hillsong Church organization. It seeks to empower and connect women through events, gatherings, and other initiatives aimed at promoting personal growth and community involvement.

How to Get Involved in Hillsong Sisterhood Step by Step

Hillsong Sisterhood is a women’s ministry within Hillsong Church where women from different backgrounds, ages and walks of life come together to learn, grow and connect in meaningful ways. If you have been looking for a community of Christ-centered women who will support you as you navigate the seasons of life, then joining Hillsong Sisterhood is the perfect place to start.

But how do you get involved? Here are some steps that will help you:

Step 1: Attend a Hillsong Sisterhood Service

The first step is to attend a Hillsong Sisterhood service at your nearest campus. You can find out what’s happening by checking the church website or social media pages. Services typically take place on Wednesday evenings and include worship, inspiring messages and opportunities to connect with other women.

From inspirational guest speakers like Christine Caine to passionate worship led by our gifted musicians, there’s truly something for every woman at Hillsong Sisterhood gatherings. Attending these services regularly will help you feel more connected and plugged into the community.

Step 2: Join a Small Group

Small groups provide an excellent opportunity for women to connect more intimately with one another as they share their stories and lift each other up in prayer. Each small group is led by trained facilitators who are equipped to encourage participants in their spiritual walk.

To join one of these groups, reach out to someone at your campus or send an email through the church website expressing your interest in getting involved with sisterhood small groups.

Step 3: Serve on A Team

Serving on a team provides another great way for women to get involved in Hillsong Sisterhood both locally and globally. Some examples include greeters & ushers at church facilities as well as volunteers supporting international organizations helping underprivileged girls facing gender-based violence around the world through projects like Shine Girl Uganda & Project GRL nights.

Through volunteering, you’ll have countless opportunities to make new friends while also using your unique abilities and talents to make a difference serving the sisterhood community!

Step 4: Attend Sisterhood Special Events

Alongside regular church services and small groups, Sisterhood also hosts special events that take place throughout the year. These can include conferences, concerts, retreats and more. Attending these allows you to meet new people, experience faith-stretching moments with guest speakers, while exploring all that sisterhood has to offer.

To become a part of these events get in touch with your local Hillsong Church schedule or check out their social media pages for announcements on upcoming occasions.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of ways to get involved in Hillsong Sisterhood. Whether it be attending weekly worship services, joining a small group or volunteering one’s time & energy towards our project GRL nights or Shine Girl Uganda initiatives and more. With so many options available it’s easy for women from all walks of life to find meaningful ways to connect with one another through this movement! It is an amazing community where each woman can learn more about love and Christ’s purpose for her life through the supportive sisterhood community around them!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Hillsong Sisterhood

Hillsong Sisterhood is a globally renowned women’s ministry dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and equipping women of all ages to become confident in their faith journey. Founded by Bobbie Houston in 1997, Hillsong Sisterhood has grown into an international movement that spans over 29 countries around the world. Here are the top five facts that you need to know about Hillsong Sisterhood.

1. Empowering Women Through Community

Hillsong Sisterhood is all about empowering women by creating strong communities where women can come together, connect with one another and grow spiritually. These communities aim to provide a safe and supportive space for women from all walks of life. The focus is on building relationships, sharing experiences, and encouraging each other through various events such as conferences, retreats, worship nights, and small groups.

2. Passion Beyond Just Faith

Beyond just faith-based activities like bible studies and prayer groups, Hillsong Sisterhood offers different avenues for women to explore their passions beyond church walls like business ownership seminars or fitness classes among others that fall under faith driven programming themes.

3. A Focus on Global Missions

Hillsong Sisterhood places a high priority on global missions work around the world – from advocating for social justice issues such as ending human trafficking to supporting those affected by natural disasters or poverty crises.

4. Embracing Diversity

Hillsong Sisterhood is committed to fostering diversity among its membership base; the ministry encourages inclusivity of all races, cultures and backgrounds without discrimination being full followers of Christ through acceptance amd fellowship.

5. Influencing Culture

Through music production (such as Let Hope Rise), social media initiatives (with verified accounts reaching thousands on Twitter & Instagram) merchandising tie-ins with fashion brands like Forever21 – just examples – Hillsong sisterhood has penetrated mainstream culture taking leadership mantle so quickly challenged only by decades-old churches across America; quite impressive!

In conclusion Hillsong Sisterhood is about women helping women – this ministry offers a safe space where women can be strengthened, equipped, and empowered to achieve their full potential and be agents of change in their communities. Whoever she may be, from whatever background, every sister who joins the Hillsong Sisterhood movement is welcomed to live out her faith in community with other like-minded women.

Understanding the Vision and Mission of Hillsong Sisterhood

Hillsong Sisterhood is a worldwide movement that empowers and encourages women to know their worth, elevate their purpose and lead meaningfully in every area of life. The Vision and Mission of Hillsong Sisterhood is not only to create a community of strong women but also brings them closer to God, their creator.

The Vision of Hillsong Sisterhood is “to build a company of everyday women who are awakened to the purposes of God and empowered to be all they’re created to be.” This Vision reveals the profound desire that lies within every woman’s heart- that they are inherently valuable, purposeful and capable of living out the purpose which they were created for. It creates a sense of direction for each person who identifies with it while providing guidance on how we can participate in the growth of this community.

The Mission drives this vision further by inspiring women around the world with three main objectives:

1. Connect
Hillsong Sisterhood’s first objective aims at uniting, forming bonds,supports, empowering and encouraging fellowship among women globally. Connect events have been held worldwide as an avenue for this type through various communication tools such as meetings, conferences or social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

2. Equip
Hillsong Sisterhood’s aim here equips women spiritually hence making them effective within themselves through teachings from seasoned pastors, mentorship programs or leadership training.While equip may refer to sharpening skills oneself ,it calls on ladies not only look after themselves but empower others in society.

3. Champion
The final aspect speaks about championing others while serving together as sisters in different fields.What does leading look like? How do we maximize our potential in our businesses? These are some questions similar discussions have taken place within sisterhood circles aimed at impacting other people positively outside their circle as well .

When you understand The Vision Of Hillsong Sisterhood contrasted with its mission statement helps those affiliated appreciate how great these expectations stretch out, but with the slogan-“Better Together,” Hillsong sisterhood has created a safe place for women to achieve those aspirations together.

In summary, Understanding The Vision and Mission of Hillsong Sisterhood provide an impactful structuring that leads any interested person towards personal growth by providing directions on how to connect with other women globally, equip spiritually as well as leading positively in different fields. With inspiring teachings infused with spiritual nourishment that encourages us at every step of our journeys, we can boldly say we are Better Together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hillsong Sisterhood

Hillsong Sisterhood is a community of women within Hillsong Church, who come together to support each other, encourage one another, and grow both spiritually and personally. As with any community or organization, there are often questions that arise. In this blog post, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about Hillsong Sisterhood.

Q: What is Hillsong Sisterhood?

A: Hillsong Sisterhood is a ministry within Hillsong Church that focuses on building relationships between women and empowering them to be all that God has called them to be. The ministry hosts regular events, Bible studies, conferences, and serves the local community.

Q: Who can be a part of Hillsong Sisterhood?

A: Any woman can become a part of Hillsong Sisterhood! Whether you attend Hillsong Church or not, live in the same city as a Hillsong campus or not. We welcome women from every walk of life to join this wonderful sisterhood.

Q: What kind of events does Hillsong Sisterhood host?

A: Our team creates different kinds of events depending on your location, ranging from conferences where we have powerful guest speakers who preach the word to online virtual hangouts hosted only for young mothers or entrepreneurs. From prayer nights where women come together to pray for each other’s needs and finding guidance in community bible study groups; different kinds for different seasons but always looking forward your growth & development!

Q: Do I have to identify as Christian in order to be a part of Hillsong Sisterhood?

A: No! We welcome women from all walks of life regardless if they are Christians or not. Our intention is simply empowering you through our community with love established upon inclusive biblical principles .

Q: Is there a cost associated with joining Hillsong Sisterhood?

A: There isn’t any entry cost for participation; however some special retreats or certain conference sessions may request payment while abiding transparency to provide the utmost value to our attendees and visitors.

Q: How do I get involved with Hillsong Sisterhood?

A: You can simply keep a look out on our official pages such as Facebook (Hillsong Sisterhood), Instagram (@hillsong_sisterhood) or website (hillson.li/sisterhood-worldwide) for updates regarding any upcoming events or gatherings; we welcome you to attend with an open heart – this is just the beginning of your journey!

In summary, Hillsong Sisterhood is a community where women can come together and grow spiritually, emotionally, and personally by building lifelong relationships & support systems enabling growth through a lifestyle found in Christ. We welcome all women from every walk of life- regardless if their personal convictions mirror ours – that’s why it’s more than Women’s ministry but Women’s friendship where you can develop your faith whichever season you’re in.

Building Strong Connections Within the Community: The Importance of Hillsong Sisterhood

Hillsong Sisterhood, a community within the globally-renowned Hillsong Church, has been making waves in the Christian network with their mission to empower women and build strong connections within the community. At its core, Hillsong Sisterhood is more than just a group of women gathering together. It’s a sisterhood that cultivates relationships, fosters growth and creates a safe space for women to be themselves.

At a time when technology is replacing face-to-face communication and human connections are becoming less frequent, it’s vital for communities like Hillsong Sisterhood to exist. The importance of building meaningful relationships is critical in today’s world. Research shows that building strong social ties can lead to better health outcomes, increased productivity, and better overall well-being.

Building relationships through Hillsong Sisterhood goes beyond weekend gatherings or meet-ups for coffee – this community offers small groups where women can connect on a deeper level with others in their local area. These small groups give members an opportunity to share life experiences, struggles and victories. The bonds formed between members of these small groups often extend beyond the meetings; they become lifelong friends who stand by each other through thick and thin.

Hillsong Sisterhood also leads various projects such as charity work aimed at giving back to society while serving those in need or facing difficult situations such as single moms, divorcees or homeless individuals – all socio-economic strata are welcome here! This builds bridges outside the faith circle by creating avenues for wider public engagement– an opportunity that’s usually underrated concerning religious organizations.

Hillsong Sisterhood isn’t just about nurturing personal growth but also encourages skills development through workshops designed for career advancement – from sharpening leadership skills to entrepreneurship – effective communication training classes focused on public speaking by senior speakers serve as series elective courses.

In conclusion

A unique part of Hillsong Sisterhood is its ability to create versatility while remaining consistent in its purpose: empowering women by building trusted relationships within their community beyond faith lines. The importance of building strong connections within any given community cannot be emphasized enough. Hillsong Sisterhood has been able to create and maintain a space where women can uplift each other in all spheres of their lives- personal, social, and professional by sharing experiences and knowledge. This leads to healthier lifestyles, inspiring shared growth moments whilst nurturing an ever-deepening understanding of what sisterhood truly is all about!

Empowering Women and Changing Lives through Hillsong Sisterhood

Hillsong Sisterhood is a global movement dedicated to empowering women and changing lives by providing a platform where women can connect, grow spiritually, and serve their communities. The program aims to create an inclusive environment that encourages women to discover their potential and inspire those around them.

From its inception in 1995, Hillsong Sisterhood has been passionate about transforming the lives of women from all walks of life. Since then, it has grown into a global network with over 10,000 groups spread across different countries.

The mission of Hillsong Sisterhood is simple – to reach out to every woman worldwide with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. This mission drives everything they do from hosting conferences that empower women, small group meetings where they share stories and build relationships, delivering practical resources such as books and podcasts, or simply creating online community platforms for virtual connection during this season.

Through Hillsong Sisterhood’s initiatives such as Colour Conference in Sydney Australia which attracts thousands of women annually or Cherished Nights within Europe –the organization has created a space where women have come together to experience God’s truth which in turn empowers them significantly in their marriages, homes communities or workplaces.

By creating opportunities for mentorship through practical sessions led by experienced leaders around the world who have walked through different phases such as single-ness or marriage/career struggles etc., younger members of the sisterhood find hope that it’s possible to not only achieve what those before them have achieved but ultimately break new ground again themselves.

Hillsong Sisterhood has also fostered strategic partnerships (such as IJM) aimed at eradicating injustices globally including Human trafficking – one horrific element that robs many girls/women around the world of their identity and purpose. Through such initiatives we are beginning to see tangible action with saved lives amidst strong leadership voices calling for change.

Furthermore, Hillsong Sisterhood inspires members to serve their communities through outreach programs like giving food or clothes to those in need, fundraising for charities, running campaigns on health and wellness just to name a few. The motivation being an authentic love of neighbor expressed through good deeds.

Finally, as we navigate the rollercoaster that has been 2020, the spirit of Sisterhood is needed now more than ever. Women face unique challenges especially during times of crisis and the Sisterhood provides a building block for faith support and practical resources such as digital content, tips for staying healthy both physically and emotionally, parenting advice amidst all the uncertainty – even platforms connecting women digitally who are facing similar struggles at this time. All this done with intentionality towards social distancing guidelines and adherence to mandates.

In conclusion, Hillsong Sisterhood is not just about creating another social club but instead an invitation to participate in a life-changing movement where eyes are opened anew towards identity providing opportunities for vulnerability/ courage; elevation/empowerment; service & leadership development affirming equality irrespective of origin or background. That’s how Hillsong Sisterhood has empowered thousands of women and enabled them to change countless lives around them – inspiring many others on this journey too.

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January 12th, 2022
Sisterhood Night
Hillsong Church NYC
February 8th, 2022
Sisterhood Breakfast
Hillsong Church London
March 14th, 2022
Women’s Conference
Hillsong Church Sydney
April 9th, 2022
Sisterhood Workshop
Hillsong Church Miami

Information from an expert:
As someone who has closely followed the Hillsong Sisterhood movement, I can confidently say that it is a powerful force of women supporting and encouraging one another in their faith journeys. Through various events, gatherings, and resources, the Sisterhood creates a safe space for women to connect with each other and grow spiritually. Their emphasis on empowering women to embrace their unique talents and impact their communities is truly inspiring. I highly recommend checking out any of their upcoming events or joining a local Sisterhood group in your area.

Historical fact:

Hillsong Sisterhood was founded in 1998 by Bobbie Houston, the wife of Hillsong Church’s senior pastor Brian Houston, as a network for women to gather, connect and support each other in their faith journey. Today, it is an international movement with local chapters around the world and a yearly conference that attracts thousands of attendees.


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