Jackie Collins: Who is Joan Collins Sister

who is joan collins sister

Who is Joan Collins Sister

When you hear the name Joan Collins, you’re likely to think of her iconic roles in Hollywood. Yet, there’s another star in the Collins family, Jackie Collins. Jackie, Joan’s younger sister, was an equally impressive figure in the entertainment industry, albeit in a different field.

Jackie Collins was a renowned British novelist, best known for her romance novels. She was a powerhouse in her own right, penning over 30 best-selling novels throughout her career. Her books, filled with tales of glitz, glamour, and scandal, have sold over 500 million copies in more than 40 countries.

Though Joan and Jackie Collins pursued different paths, they both left indelible marks on the entertainment industry. Their combined talents showcased the diverse strengths of the Collins family, making them a true Hollywood dynasty.

Joan Collins’s Sister: Jackie Collins

Under the shadow of the Hollywood lights, one star shines a bit differently—Joan Collins. Let’s turn our attention to another star, albeit from a different universe, her sister, Jackie Collins.

Early Life and Background

Born in 1937, Jacqueline Jill Collins was the younger sibling of Joan Collins, a name synonymous with Hollywood glamour. However, Jackie carved a very different path from her sister.

Educated in England, Jackie was known to be an independent spirit from an early age. By sixteen, she’d left school and set her sights on the world of storytelling.


Jackie Collins! A name that rings synonymous with best-selling romance novels. Her foray into the world of writing commenced in the 1960s, and until her last breath in 2015, she never put down her pen.

It all started with “The World is Full of Married Men,” a breakout novel that shook the literary world. It was the steppingstone to her escalating career, and Jackie found her calling between the pages of romance, drama, and high-life Hollywood.

Popularity and Success

Success is measurable, and for Jackie, the figures speak volumes. Reflect on this: Over 30 novels, each a best-seller, with more than 500 million copies sold in 40 countries. How’s that for global fame?

While Joan mesmerized audiences on the silver screen, Jackie captivated readers worldwide, with her dynamic characters and spicy romances. She brought an unmatched freshness to the romance genre, a testament to the power of the Collins family in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Many believe that the zest and flamboyance of Jackie’s characters spilled over into her personal life, adding an unmatchable flair to her persona. A private person in essence, Jackie chose to live her life away from the glitzy glare of Hollywood. Despite battling breast cancer for over six years, she maintained her radiant personality and continued to write, showcasing resilience and strength.

Shedding light on Joan Collins’s sister, Jackie Collins, we delve deeper into a family that has left indelible marks on the TV screens and the pages of our favorite novels. As we continue to explore this fascinating powerhouse family, let’s remember that they’re not just celebrities, but individuals who’ve excelled in their respective fields, leaving a legacy beyond the glamorous facade.

Jackie Collins: Who is Joan Collins Sister

Joan Collins and Jackie Collins: Sibling Relationship

Joan Collins’ sister, Jackie Collins, was more than just a sibling to her. She was a prolific British author who penned over 30 best-selling romance novels, captivating readers in more than 40 countries. Jackie began her writing journey in the swinging 60s, and her debut novel, “The World is Full of Married Men,” set the stage for a successful career. She wrote until her last breath, even while bravely battling breast cancer for over six years. The Collins sisters, each in their own right, have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. They’ve shown us the power of resilience, the beauty of creativity, and the impact of leaving a legacy beyond the glitz and glamour. Through their individual careers, they’ve both left a lasting imprint on TV screens and our favorite book pages. Truly, the Collins family’s influence extends far beyond their Hollywood fame.


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