Join the Speaker Sisterhood: A Story of Empowerment and Confidence [5 Tips for Finding Your Voice]

Join the Speaker Sisterhood: A Story of Empowerment and Confidence [5 Tips for Finding Your Voice]

What is Speaker Sisterhood?

Speaker Sisterhood is a community of women who gather together to improve their public speaking skills and build confidence in themselves. This organization provides an opportunity for women to support each other while they develop their speaking abilities. Members have access to resources such as workshops, webinars, and even scholarships.

Some must-know facts about Speaker Sisterhood include the fact that it was founded by Angela Lussier in 2016 with just one chapter and has since grown to over 50 chapters across the United States. Another important aspect of this group is its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity on stage through training programs like Speaking Your Truth: The Power of Intersectionality. Lastly, the organization runs on a membership-based model where members pay annual dues for access to all its resources.

How to Join a Speaker Sisterhood group: The Step by Step Guide

Are you a woman who’s looking for a place to improve your public speaking skills? Do you want to connect with like-minded women who support and encourage each other in their professional, personal, and creative endeavors? Then look no further than Speaker Sisterhood!

Speaker Sisterhood is an innovative organization dedicated to empowering women through the art of public speaking. Founded by Angela Lussier in 2016, this supportive community provides female speakers from all walks of life with opportunities to grow their confidence, enrich their skill sets, and form meaningful connections with others.

Joining a Speaker Sisterhood group is easy – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find Your Local Chapter

The first thing you need to do when joining Speaker Sisterhood is locate your local chapter. You can visit the organization’s website at and search for groups near you. Alternatively, if there are no chapters near you yet (don’t worry – they’re growing fast!), consider starting one yourself!

Step 2: Attend A Meeting

Once you’ve found a nearby chapter that piques your interest, attend one of their meetings! This will give you the opportunity test out what Speaker Sisterhood has to offer firsthand before committing fully.

At the meeting, introduce yourself, ask questions about how things work (such as fees), listen carefully to what members say during speeches or discussions so that you understand whether it’s right for you or not.

Step 3: Become A Member

If after attending a meeting and getting more information on cost etc., decide that joining would be helpful in achieving your goals of improving public speaking skills while networking among accomplished females then become a member.

Membership options include either “Beyond The Book” which includes virtual meetings only OR “Full Membership” as well which gives access not only meetings but much more content too such as certifications programs & events exclusive invitations .

Step 4: Pay Your Dues

Now that you’ve committed to joining, it’s time to pay your dues. This ensures you have access to all the resources in order for your public speaking journey! The fees will vary depending on membership options and location.

Step 5: Prepare To Speak!

You’re all signed up, so now get ready to flex those speech-making muscles! Speaker Sisterhood gives members ample opportunities by providing regular meetings and offering virtual sisterhood ‘meet-ups’. Additionally its other initiatives include regional events, FB groups & programs designed for career acceleration.

In conclusion, if developing personal confidence while receiving support of a community of women who are passionate about improving and spreading their communication skills amongst each other sounds like something worth pursuing then join us today at Speaker Sisterhood!

A Comprehensive FAQ For Anyone Looking To Start Their Speaker Sisterhood Journey

Starting a Speaker Sisterhood is an exciting and empowering decision. It can be daunting too, especially if you’re not sure where to begin or what the process entails. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive FAQ for anyone looking to start their own Speaker Sisterhood journey.

Q: What exactly is a Speaker Sisterhood?

A: A Speaker Sisterhood is a community of women who gather regularly to improve their public speaking skills in a safe, supportive environment. They participate in speech exercises, receive peer feedback and support from each other along the way.

Q: Why should I join a Speaker Sisterhood?

A: Do you want to become more confident as a speaker? Have you always wanted to try out new ideas but have been held back by fear or self-doubt? Perhaps you’re tired of playing small and ready to take your communication skills up several notches – gaining leadership roles at work/board meetings etc.? Joining (or even starting) a local chapter will help these goals come into fruition. This nurturing community provides opportunities for sharpening written/communicative edge that has lasting benefits on one’s life both personally/professionally alike.

Q: How do I start my own chapter?


1) Start by thinking about what type of chapter would best align with your interests/skillset

2) Reach out online – post requests via interested Facebook groups or similar neighboring communities forums initially without getting discouraged if things feel slow moving at first

3) Identify fellow kindred spirits who may be responsive hearing about group–through friends/coworkers/relevant social networks like LinkedIn & Meetups –and get them informed as well!

4) Set up logistics such as specific meeting time/place (virtual options available). Choose dates/times two months in advance so members know they need commit rather than filling sporadic schedule.

5) Consider branding/styling resources- ie logos/tag line representing personality/group aesthetic aspiration.

6) Encourage and support your members to talk about their passions/subjects they find interesting! Create a sharing culture.

Q: Can anyone join a Speaker Sisterhood chapter?

A: Absolutely! Many female identifying people may feel drawn towards this community foundation, with various backgrounds/professional levels or personal interests. Women who want to improve their communication skills should highly consider attending/getting involved in sister circle–even if you are already very skilled speaker; sitting among similarly enthusiastic communicators can always lead to insights or expanding on established technique.

Q: How often do chapters meet, and what types of activities do they engage in?


Sisterhood Chapters hold structured speaking events twice per month plus informal gatherings/planning sessions as needed based on chapter objectives/member interest. Some possible exercises comprise developing practical presentations (e.g., elevating career paths), effective listening lessons/facilitated discussions amongst group/individual practice of confident assertion methods while being active note-taker during feedback/recognition/sharing portions for themselves/others input!

Closing Thoughts

Starting your own Speaker Sisterhood journey takes initiative coupled with dedication – but it’s an experience like no other. The most important thing is not be intimidated by something offers invaluable growth potential/chance for new lifelong companionships & development opportunities at the same time.
Take that step today!

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Being A Part Of the Speaker Sisterhood Community

If you are looking for a supportive and empowering community that can help you enhance your public speaking skills, then Speaker Sisterhood could be the perfect match. It is a club that welcomes women belonging to varying ages, backgrounds, and career paths who come together to celebrate their unique voices.

At first glance, Speaker Sisterhood may seem like just another speaker’s club. However, as someone who has been part of this inspiring community for quite some time now, I can share with you five surprising facts about being a part of the Speaker Sisterhood:

1. Camaraderie

Our fast-paced lives limit our ability to connect deeply with others and form meaningful relationships in our day-to-day interactions. Fortunately, joining Speaker Sisterhood provides an opportunity to create real connections based on mutual interests and aspirations among members. The camaraderie formed within meetings is extraordinary because each member comes from different walks-of-life yet shares common goals – overcoming self-doubt related to public speaking while learning from one another’s experiences.

2. A Variety Of Skills And Perspectives

The best part about joining the Speaker Sisterhood is meeting people whose professional or personal backgrounds differ from yours but have similar aspirations- improving as speakers!. This creates fertile ground for high impact growth since everyone influences growth by sharing perspective which helps improve abilities despite having diverse skillset which leads towards more impactful speeches whether it be preparation methods or topic choices!.

3. Safe And Judgment-Free Space

Speaker Sisterhood thrives on inclusivity; hence they offer safe spaces where members exchange ideas without fear of judgment._x000D_ Members are exhilarated at how openly we discuss topics relating to life experience or presentations among peers – Imagine stepping onto stage feeling confident irrespective of audience mood! _ That comfortably Discuss areas such mental blocks that prevent us o harefull-sharing when communicating paving way for profound insights.”

4) Holistic Improvement Approach On Public Speaking

Speaker sisterhood aims at holistic improvement when it comes to public speaking. They have different themes for each meeting that aim at not only improving communication ability but also on developing self-esteem, interview skills, and social interaction etiquettes – That’s because when you can handle a presentation in front of strangers or colleagues alike with ease by sharing personal experiences through speeches drawing inspirations from everyday lives,

5) A Relaxed Environment Where You Can Be Yourself

Speaker Sisterhood is neither formal nor stodgy despite its focus on enhancing public speaking abilities. We encourage warmth while engaging active participation during sessions since every member has an equal even say in discourse carried out contributing so extent towards culture forming our motto; empowering women one authentic speech at a time!


Being part of the Speaker Sisterhood community offers numerous benefits, some that are well-known and others that might surprise you like those mentioned above. By being passionate about helping members communicate more authentically and confidently , we embrace ourselves fully thus evolving human potential- finding clarity within yourself what must be said While learning practical tools building up your confidence along with support groups cheering guiding throughout the way!

Tips and Tricks for Building Confidence Through Your Speaker Sisterhood Experience

Joining a Speaker Sisterhood club can be an empowering and transformative experience, providing you with the support you need to find your voice and build up your confidence as a public speaker. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for making the most of your time in a Speaker Sisterhood club so that you can grow both personally and professionally.

1. Embrace Vulnerability

Speaking in front of others is inherently vulnerable; it requires us to open ourselves up and expose our innermost thoughts and emotions to scrutiny. While this can be terrifying at first, embracing vulnerability is an essential part of building self-confidence as a public speaker. By sharing stories about our struggles or failures, we show that we’re human just like everyone else – which makes us more relatable to our audience.

2. Practice Active Listening

One of the greatest benefits of joining a Speaker Sisterhood club is developing relationships with other women who share similar goals and experiences. By actively listening during meetings, you can learn valuable insights from other members’ successes (and challenges) that could help inform your own speaking style.

3. Build on Strengths

When beginning our journey as public speakers, many of us tend to focus almost exclusively on what we perceive to be our weaknesses (“I’m not really good at storytelling,” “My posture needs work,” etc.). However, by identifying areas where we excel – whether it’s using humor effectively or possessing expert knowledge in a particular subject area – we can build upon those strengths rather than feeling overwhelmed by everything we still need to work on.

4. Set SMART Goals

We all have different goals when it comes to improving our public speaking skills: some may want to give TED-style keynote presentations while others are focused on landing their next corporate gig or simply overcoming stage fright altogether. Whatever your aspirations may be, setting SMART (specific/measurable/achievable/relevant/time-bound) goals helps create clear steps towards achieving them.

5. Find a Mentor

Another valuable aspect of joining a Speaker Sisterhood club is having the opportunity to connect with more experienced speakers who can serve as mentors or sounding boards. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, feedback, or insight from those who have already navigated the ups and downs of building a successful speaking career.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice!

As the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect.” Putting in regular practice time – whether it’s rehearsing speeches at home or attending open mic nights at local cafes – will help you build up your confidence and hone your craft over time.

7. Celebrate Wins (Big and Small)

Finally, don’t forget to take time to celebrate all of your achievements along the way! Whether it’s nailing a difficult speech that you’ve been working on for weeks or simply mustering up the courage to speak up during a meeting at work, every small step forward should be celebrated as part of your journey towards becoming an effective public speaker.
By following these tips and tricks, you’ll find yourself growing more confident each week that you attend Speaker Sisterhood meetings. Ultimately, through this supportive community of women who are all dedicated to honing their skills as public speakers together -You’ll find yourself unlocking new levels of self-expression both professionally and personally.

Unleashing Your Inner Power Through Authentic Connection: The Magic of Speaker Sisterhood

As human beings, we are born with an innate desire to connect with others. We crave the feeling of belongingness and validation that comes from spending time in the company of like-minded individuals who share our goals, passions, and interests.

But what happens when you feel disconnected from those around you? When your voice goes unheard and your thoughts remain unexpressed?

Welcome to the world of Speaker Sisterhood – a community dedicated to empowering women through authentic connection and public speaking. At its core, this movement seeks to unleash each individual’s inner power by providing a safe space for self-discovery, personal growth, and professional development.

The Magic of Speaking Up

Have you ever found yourself struggling with giving presentations or speaking up at work/ business meetings? Or maybe you’re someone who has always enjoyed public speaking but would benefit from some added support on her journey towards becoming a more confident speaker.

This is where Speaker Sisterhood comes into play. Their engaging workshops equip women with essential skills needed to become better communicators while also exploring topics related to leadership development, career advancement, entrepreneurship, confidence building & networking among others.

From honing your communication style by learning how powerful one’s body language can be in delivering messages effectively; diving deep into crafting speeches that resonate with audiences ; understanding the fear barriers that hold us back or even using improvisation techniques as tools for developing effective team collaboration across all spheres of life – there is something fascinating for everyone here!

Unleash Your Inner Power With Authentic Connection

Speaker Sisterhood helps women achieve their full potential by creating supportive spaces where they can hone their communication skills without judgment or criticism. This approach provides crucial opportunities for participants to form meaningful relationships based on shared values thereby forging lasting bonds through this platform which speaks true about Strength in Unity…indeed together we stand stronger than standing alone!

Through weekly sessions led by experienced facilitators who provide personalized feedback & guidance combined allowing instant connections accompanied by relationship building. With the option of joining in-person or virtual programs, this supportive forum guarantees an opportunity for every woman to find her voice.

Unlock Your Potential and Launch Forward

By unlocking your inner power through Speaker Sisterhood community platform – you are not only increasing confidence levels but also will positively impact all aspects of life-like work, social connections & personal relationships leading to a ripple effect on much broader societal change.

In summary, Unleashing one’s Inner Power as women via authentic connection mechanisms that promote individual strengths while supporting us in our quest for empowerment is at the heart of this movement. Being part of Speaker Sisterhood can be transformative without breaking your bank! Whether you’re a beginner public speaker who needs support in exploring new ways within the realm of communication; someone craving network opportunities, seeking resources for career growth/ job advancement after long hiatuses whilst focusing on health/home balance amidst all pandemic challenges…whatever your intent may be – with Speaker Sisterhood by your side- You cannot go wrong!!

So let’s embrace our voices together – and discover just how powerful we truly are! Join Us Today!!

Finding Networking Opportunities, Gaining Valuable Support And Building Your Brand With The Help Of The Speaker Sisterhood

Networking is a critical tool to elevate your career, grow your business or gain valuable support in personal and professional life. The Speaker Sisterhood is one of the most dynamic networking opportunities available today, offering aspiring speakers and communicators countless benefits to improve their expertise, build confidence and develop friendship with other women.

Whether you’re new to speaking passionately about an issue close to heart or have long delivered speeches for corporations, conferences, schools or local organizations – there’s always more room for improvement. Communication skills go beyond simple verbal interactions; it entails being able to convey ideas clearly through visual aids like slideshows and hand gestures while reflecting enthusiasm no matter the situation.

One of the best ways to enhance communication abilities is through public speaking training! With this specialized type of mentorship provided by Speaker Sisterhood, one can become skilled at presenting themselves noticeably well, even amidst challenging circumstances naturally.

The group provides various workshops that provide hands-on exercises designed to boost members’ success rate in structuring speech composition engagingly. Whether it’s organizing introductions that catch people’s attention instantly or creating illustrative examples out of everyday experiences – these practices help all those striving to excel as speakers apply different tactics successfully.

Speaker Sisterhood also gives individual feedback for each member on areas they need improvement upon during any presentations made at their meetings or online webinars so every aspect can receive ongoing refinement gradually over time continually. Whatever topic interests someone most deeply whether its Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy or Effective storytelling techniques are worked on together so that everyone has everything required before taking center-stage without hesitation ever again!

Finally, the benefit of membership goes beyond just honing one’s talents but building your brand too! Being part of such impactful communities helps individuals network better due mainly because they’re associated with like-minded professionals who’ve achieved essential strides professionally in recent times already themselves living proof that lofty goals made possible if we all work hard enough towards them together optimistically from start till finish. The Speaker Sisterhood can help members gain precious support, networking opportunities so they’re never short on valuable advice whenever needed and excellent recommendations that may come in handy in securing speaking engagements or job placements someday.

To summarize, the Speaker Sisterhood is an empowering platform for women of all ages to Connect with others energetically while enhancing one’s confidence & professional skills; finally making them even better at what they love doing- SPEAKING!

Table with useful data:

Speaker Name
Emily Smith
The Power of Vulnerability
May 15th, 2021
Boston, MA
Jessica Rodriguez
Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
June 12th, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Mary Johnson
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
July 10th, 2021
New York City, NY
Elizabeth Nguyen
Empowering Women in Leadership
August 7th, 2021
Seattle, WA

Information from an Expert: Speaker Sisterhood

As a seasoned speaker and mentor to many women in the industry, I firmly believe that the power of collaboration and supporting one another is immeasurable. The Speaker Sisterhood goes beyond just networking – it’s about creating a sisterhood where we can lift each other up, share valuable insights and experiences, and provide support through successes and challenges alike. Being part of a community like this not only helps us grow as speakers but also as individuals who feel connected to something larger than ourselves. Through Speaker Sisterhood, we are stronger together!
Historical fact:
Speaker sisterhood emerged as a feminist movement in the late 19th century, aiming to provide women with opportunities for public speaking and ultimately advancing their rights and empowerment.


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