Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast: Meet the Ladies, Get Insider Info, and Discover the Stats [Ultimate Guide for Fans]

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast: Meet the Ladies, Get Insider Info, and Discover the Stats [Ultimate Guide for Fans]

What is sisterhood of hip hop season 2 cast?

  • The sisterhood of hip hop season 2 cast is an ensemble of female rappers, including Bia, Brianna Perry, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme and Siya.
  • This reality TV show follows the personal and professional lives of these women as they pursue their dreams in the music industry.
  • Season two features appearances from guest stars such as Timbaland and Snoop Dogg.

In summary, Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast refers to a group of female rappers who star in a reality tv series exploring their journey to success in the rap industry. The members include: Bia, Brianna Perry, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme and Siya. It showcases their personal life story along with their pursuit towards achieving greatness.The second season comes packed with many exciting guest stars like Timbaland and Snoop Dogg!

How the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast is Elevating Women in Rap Music

The world of hip-hop music has always been dominated by male artists, but in recent years there has been a surge in talented women entering this male-dominated industry. Leading the way is Oxygen’s hit reality television show ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ that follows the lives and careers of some powerful female rappers.

The second season brings together an incredible cast consisting of Siya, Diamond White, Bia Landrau, Brianna Perry and Nyemiah Supreme. These fierce ladies are not only pushing boundaries with their rap skills but they are changing the game for all aspiring females who want to make it big in the hip hop industry.

One aspect that is clearly evident from watching these amazing women on screen is their unwavering determination and dedication to perfecting their craft. These ladies work tirelessly day in and day out practicing their flow, writing more rhymes and recording non-stop till they get it right –and when they do…we’re left speechless! It’s this kind of inspiring attitude towards hard work and diligence that makes them stand apart as strong role models for anyone looking to follow a career path as a rapper or musician.

In addition to honing their artistic abilities, these inspirational young women also provide representation for various underrepresented groups such as LGBTQ+ community members like Siya -who happens to be one herself- along with African-American women like Diamond White & Nyemiah Supreme showcasing how diverse talents can bring so much flavor into this music genre which was previously regarded as exclusive.

What sets Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop Season 2 apart from other shows within its category though is how influential it has become beyond just entertainment purposes; through all 5 seasons each year thus far we see these impressive women tackling complex topics including social issues among others while highlighting important conversations concerning being black or queer yet finding new ways to accurately showcase diversity along with change narratives one episode at time after capturing audiences hearts week after week especially given where we are in 2021.

It’s pretty clear that these ladies of the cast aren’t just making music, but they’re also paving the way for an entire generation of aspiring female musicians who want to make a name and add their own narratives to hip-hop culture. By showcasing their amazing talents on ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop season 2’ -break through innovative beats across albums- they’ve managed to elevate women’s position within this genre by breaking down barriers, shattering perceptions and challenging stereotypes about Female MCs as though it were second nature!

In conclusion, The Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast has done a remarkable job in shaking up the scene by making changes that needed to be made where encouragement counts greatly not only for themselves but also other talented women out there striving for representation regardless of background or orientation—proving once-and-for-all true talent nurtured with positivity shines brighter than anything else. So we say well done!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Each Member of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 2 has hit the screens and it’s time for us to get to know each member that deserves our attention. This show is a celebration of some seriously talented female artists, playing on their presence in hip hop music and how they’re making strides in an industry that can be notoriously difficult to penetrate for anyone outside of the male gender.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these queens!

1. Brianna Perry
Brianna started writing rhymes at just seven years old and received her big break when Missy Elliott discovered her talent when she was nine! Since then, she’s continued honing her craft by rapping about real-life experiences mixed with contagious beats. She founded “I Am Entertainment LLC” back in 2015 and released her first album “Girl Talk” during the same year.

2. Diamond
Diamond AKA Ms32Flavaz made huge waves as part of Atlanta-based group Crime Mob but left after realizing the direction wasn’t aligned properly with hers leading a solo career ever since where she proves herself through cunning lyrics inspired directly from life lessons you’ll love hearing overtop booming bass lines.

3. Nyemiah Supreme
Nyemiah entered into the competitive world of hip hop after finishing musical education program LaGuardia High School Arts Talent program drawing inspiration straight from femcee powerhouse Missy Elliot thanks to collaborations done together via production company “Demevolist”. She broke out onto The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop scene getting recognized by Timberland who signed her up under his Mosley Music Group lable showing off vocal chops & onstage energy full throttle ready contending towards top dog status.

4. Bia
After choosing rap music as a way of expression early on, former Oxygen reality TV stars managed turn nearly impossible dreams into realities; Instead moving forward breaking-out After being noticed singing freestyle cover songs from Macy Gray which lead Marcus Damien to sign Bia under his iAMOTHER record label. With a fire in her eyes Bia quickly became known for being one of the most talented female MCs around.

5. Lee Mazin
Lee was born and raised in North Philly, ultimately tipping off with freestyle battles at nineteen years old where she really started shining singing live shows modeled after hometown hero Meek Mill. She uses hip hop music as an outlet to express herself freely, whether it’s braggadocious bars based on life or deep introspective pieces exploring deeper parts of who she is inside – all while always keeping us entertained!

We can’t wait to see what these ladies have got up their sleeves but regardless, we know that they’re going places! Treat yourself to some amazing rhythms and heartfelt stories from each Sisterhood Of Hip Hop artist ASAP – trust us when we say you won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast Answered

Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 2 has hit the screens with a bang, and fans are incredibly hyped to know more about their favorite cast members. As we take you through some of the most frequently asked questions about the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 cast, prepare yourself for an exciting journey filled with witty insights and clever explanations.

Who is Diamond White?

Diamond White needs no introduction as she’s already made her mark in music history. The teen sensation has taken over Hollywood world by storm with her incredible voice acting credits (such as X-Men), top-tier modeling gigs, leading roles on children’s TV shows – but don’t let that fool you – Diamond can rap too! Her talent and unique sound are what makes her stand out in this captivating reality show.

Who Is Siya?

Siya is a New York-born rapper known for being brutally honest both lyrically and personally. Fans appreciate her true-to-life account of rugged upbringings coupled with raw yet catchy verses throughout each performance- they just cannot get enough!

How Did Brianna Perry Get Discovered?

Brianna “BB” Perry is one talented lady who was discovered at an early age. Denzel Washington himself introduced Perry to Missy Elliot when he got a chance to see a portion of her work while browsing online videos one day. Since then, BB found herself under Elliot’s wing learning how to master various elements within entertainment from production secrets all down through perfecting lyrics.

What Happened To Somaya Reece On The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop?

Somaya Reece left audiences heartbroken after revealing that she would not be returning back for another season due to personal reasons; however, although it wasn’t easy leaving behind such great memories built between friends/family during filming time frames – life goes on! She will always be remembered among the brilliant entertainers from previous seasons towards helping bring hip-hop culture alive today despite any obstacles.

What Makes Diamond White Stand Out?

Well, her stage name – “Diamond” says it all! This girl’s persistence in chasing goals has proven to the world time and again that she truly is a diamond. As an actress, model, and now rapper showcasing impeccable skill within those settings; making no exceptions on being unmistakably unique from any other artist out there today– what else could we say? She stands out like well… a shiny rock!

Who Is Nyemiah Supreme Dating Currently?

Nyemiah “NY” Supreme keeps us guessing as the rumors bounce back and forth but don’t worry… she’s still single. Her music career demands most of her attention producing too much work for anything worth taking time away.

To sum up :

In conclusion, Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 2 has brought new exciting cast members with incredible stories to share about their journey into stardom. Kaylin Garcia brings a fresh face to the show having traded gymnastics for dance after breaking both feet either side one year apart- dedicating herself wholeheartedly toward this pursuit makes her worthy of admiration amongst viewership.
Between Siya’s classic hip-hop feel Brianna Perry’s experimental approach towards bringing versatility soundscape-wise alongside Diamond White’s talent shining through various fields when not focusing solely upon rap ventures – you can’t help but ask yourself which extraordinary artist will ignite your interest first?! Tune in and see who leaves their mark on this exhilarating reality series Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Season 2!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Talented Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast

Hip hop music and culture have been an important part of our lives since the late 1970s, when it first emerged from the streets of New York City. Over the years, many talented artists have made their mark on this genre, inspiring generations with their unique styles and stories.

One such platform that has helped bring some phenomenal female hip-hop artists to light is Oxygen Network’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop”. It is a reality TV show that follows six rising stars in the music industry as they navigate through the cutthroat world of entertainment.

With Season 2 set to premiere soon, fans are eagerly waiting for what these ladies will bring to our screens. Here are five facts you need to know about the talented Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast:

1) Siya
Brooklyn born rapper – Siya hails from Bed-Stuy where she began her path in rap music at a very young age. She was featured prominently throughout season one and also played guest roles in movies like “Straight Outta Compton.” Her rapping skills are fierce; keep an eye out for smooth beats, intense lyrics loaded with emotion and catchy hooks!

2) Lee Mazin
Philadelphia lady boss- Lee Mazin is no stranger to spotlight room being love by Glambassadors worldwide. We saw glimpses last season’s power moves between her duet singles like Young Savage all while featuring MMG rapper Rick Ross’. Branded as Philly ‘trill princess’ soundproofing hers delivering powerhouse bars and mixing them well-matured melodies together! All hail her most recent EP entitled “Big Boss Business.”

3) Diamond
Atlanta’s rebel child genius – From Crime Mobz cameo appearance we knew DIAMOND could turn up any crowd respectably but never expected straightforward autobiography series like The CHRONICLES OF QUEEN KONG showcasing why shes not just here still relevant today but incredibly transformative over others who’ve faded. She is one of the original cast members and continues to be a fan favourite for her spunky personality and storytelling abilities.

4) Bia
Boston-based breakout star- Although not an original cast member in Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 1, Bianca Landrau aka “BIA” came on strong with her spitfire lyrics along with welcomingly fresh style. Her sudden rise has been swift since her first feature on Oxygen Network’s sister series TI & Tiny: Family Hustle bringing mainstream appeal which skyrocketed after Ariana Grande’s smash hit single ‘Pink Champagne’ where she featured perfectly!

5) Brianna Perry
Miami rap sensation – Brianna Perry, hailing from Florida signed to Poe Boy Entertainment notably under the mentor Kanye West; we already know it will come heavy course themes like success, resilience in competitive industry or topics involving societal inequalities using clever wordplay! We can expect even more amazing lyrical magic this season as well as intriguing behind-the-scenes sneak-peeks at how these talented women are making their way to the top.

At its core, “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” celebrates diversity within the hip-hop community while putting spotlight on female talent that often goes unnoticed. It serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for upcoming artists who want to make their mark in this fast-paced world.

This second set promises another roller-coaster ride full of highs and lows showcase new stunning visuals steeped deeper into each performer’s artistry introducing us further than before something we thought was impossible- but boy does it bring some serious entertainment value which just proves stories about struggle from passion remain equally compelling no matter our age group or gender identity. If you aren’t watching yet be sure catch up-before Episode 1 drops!!!!!

Behind-the-Scenes with the Promising Stars of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2 Cast

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop has returned with its second season, and this time around the show promises to be even more electrifying than before. The all-female cast is made up of aspiring rappers and producers who are determined to make it big in the hip-hop industry.

But what really goes on behind-the-scenes? What do these promising stars do when they’re not performing for the cameras? We decided to take a closer look at some of the most captivating members of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop family.

First up is Audra The Rapper, one of the show’s veterans who returns as a mentor to a few new faces. Her talent as a rapper has never been in doubt, but her ability to inspire others is equally impressive. She spends much of her time providing guidance and advice to those trying to break through into the hip hop scene.

Likewise Brianna Perry brings out her natural charisma both on and off camera while remaining focused throughout her journey. Brianna opened many doors during Season 1 that led her straight towards making good music with Timbaland -including being featured in his whole discography’s beats!

Diamond may have originally brought us uncontrollable fun LAHH style over cocktails however In STHH now we get an even deeper insight into what Miss Xclusive herself can accomplish by relentlessly seizing opportunities with strength plus self-determination becoming key assets under Diamond’s wing.

In conclusion, there’s no question that each member of this year’s dazzling lineup provides their own unique twist on how they want define themselves within America’s rap culture legacy- staying true simultaneously bringing something special unmatched anywhere today such as friendship filled shows like The Sisterhood of Hip Hop. There’s just something remarkable about watching these talented women; they’re the epitome of overcoming boundaries within a typically male-dominated industry, all while staying true to their struggles and aspirations that we are extremely excited to see on this season’s show!

The Empowering Message Behind the Making and Casting Choices in Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 2

Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality television show that follows the lives and careers of female hip-hop artists. The show focuses on how these women navigate through this male-dominated industry while facing various challenges such as sexism, racism, and lack of representation.

One thing that makes Sisterhood of Hip Hop unique is the diverse range of talent showcased. Season 2 specifically highlighted emerging African-American, Latina, Caucasian and LGBTQ+ rappers with different backgrounds and experiences in the music world.

However, what many viewers might not realize is that behind each making and casting choice lies an empowering message –one centered around diversity, inclusivity, creativity, resilience and self-expression.

Another cornerstone theme observed was spreading awareness against toxic masculinity.One standout case study would-be-Siya; a Brooklyn-bred openly lesbian MC known for ripping mics apart with no apologies – primarily expressing how gay black men especially experience hypermascunilty bias implying they must present themselves aggressively as means to counteract homophobia created cracks within communities internalizing such thoughts resulting high depression rate amongst this demographic.To Siya, music is not only a form of art but also an extension to inspire those who may still be struggling with their authentic selves or were taught to suppress self-expression because society deems it as “unacceptable.” By featuring Siya in SOC Season 2 alongside talented & strong women we observe how the show shifted perceptions on gender roles and orientation which someday could lead to a world where being oneself regardless of sex, race or orientation won’t raise eyebrows anymore.

In conclusion, the soulful Sisterhood of Hip Hop season two goes beyond just entertainment. The diverse cast members serve as inspiring models encouraging us all to embrace our differences, aspire for heights beyond any limitations created by external forces et al ultimately striving towards creating abundant opportunities paving the way for one’s inner potential by candidly speaking through limitless song expressions. Such kindred spirited shows are critical now more than ever when uncertain times surround us – when people often feel discouraged from expressing themselves freely.The power behind showcasing multiple underrepresented musicians echoes well outside television screens stimulating curiosity in people who desire redefined possibilities that will come forth once diversity and acceptance prevail.Commendably producers have clearly planted seeds representative of empowerment while offering personal growth opportunities especially amongst minority communities tying them further betterment within wider social circles.Interested minds should tune into these stories about hopes dreams perseverance creativity and achievements aiming at assuring you that you can achieve whatever goals you set your mind onto irrespective of backgrounds whilst reminding some barriers must fall so everyone gets help climbing uphill instead whatsoever reason thereof!

Table with useful data:

Cast Member
Stage Name
Twitter Handle
Brianna Perry
Brianna Perry
Miami, FL
Bed-Stuy, NY
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Lee Mazin
Lee Mazin
Philadelphia, PA

Information from an expert: The cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 2 brings a unique blend of talent and diversity to the show. From the fierce and confident Bia, to the experienced veteran Siya, each member of this all-female cast adds something special to the mix. Diamond’s southern charm is infectious while Nyemiah Supreme’s lyrical prowess leaves fans in awe. As an expert in hip hop culture, I can assure you that this season promises to be unforgettable. Stay tuned as these ladies showcase their skills and sisterhood on stage and off!
Historical fact: The Sisterhood of Hip Hop TV show, which premiered in 2014 and ran for three seasons, featured an all-female cast of up-and-coming rap artists including Diamond, Brianna Perry, Siya, Nyemiah Supreme, and Bia.


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