Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast: Meet the Ladies, Get Insider Info, and Discover the Stats [Ultimate Guide for Fans]

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast: Meet the Ladies, Get Insider Info, and Discover the Stats [Ultimate Guide for Fans]

What is sisterhood of hip hop season 3 cast?

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast is the group of talented female rappers featured in the third season of Oxygen network’s reality television show. The cast includes well-known names in the rap industry such as Brianna Perry, Diamond, and Siya. Viewers get an inside look at their lives as they navigate through their careers, relationships, and personal struggles.





Brianna Perry
Miami rapper who has worked with artists like Trina and Missy Elliott.
A former member of Crime Mob best known for her hit single “Lotta Money.”
A Brooklyn-based rapper who was featured on T.I.’s song “Dope.”

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast features a diverse group of established and up-and-coming female rappers from different parts of the country. Each episode showcases their individual journeys towards success within the music industry while also exploring themes such as sisterhood, friendship, and overcoming obstacles.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting to Know the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of hip hop and get to know some of the most talented women in the game? Then it’s time to tune in to season three of Sisterhood of Hip Hop! This reality show chronicles the lives, struggles, and victories of female rappers as they embark on their journey towards success. If you’re new to the show or just need a refresher on who’s who this season, fear not! Here is your step-by-step guide to getting acquainted with the cast.

Step 1: Meet Brianna Perry

Brianna Perry is a Miami-born rapper who has been making music since she was seven years old. She gained national attention after releasing her debut single “Marilyn Monroe” back in 2011. Since then, she has collaborated with big names like Trina, Pusha T, and Lil Durk. This season we will see Brianna navigating through life as an up-and-coming artist while also dealing with personal issues such as heartbreak.

Step 2: Get Familiar with Diamond White

Diamond White may look familiar to fans because she first rose to fame as a contestant on US X Factor at just thirteen years old. After finishing fifth place on that show she continued pursuing her dream of singing and acting by landing roles on television shows such as Empire and Dear White People. Now nineteen years old, Diamond White is no longer interested in pop music but instead wants us all to hear her spit fire bars.

Step 3: Say Hello To Audra The Rapper

Audra The Rapper hails from New Jersey but now resides in Virginia where she runs her own record label called G-Star Entertainment Company LLC (GEC). As well as being an rap artist herself – having written for artists like Dr Dre., Akon & Trey Songz – Audra seeks out fresh talent which helps give he platform so much diversity within its musical artistry.

Step 4: Follow Lee Mazin

Coming from Philadelphia, Lee Mazin has opened up to being influenced greatly by the likes of Eve, Lil Kim and Remy Ma – pioneers of female rap in their time. She’s now striving to be just like them as she reached for every possible opportunity coming her way. That includes BET’s Hip Hop Awards cyphers where we can see she feels comfortable delivering fire raps while promising fans that with this season of Sisterhood viewers will get an exclusive look at what it takes to ascend towards greatness within the hip-hop industry.

Step 5: Get Acquainted With Siya

Siya is a Brooklyn native whose unique style blends elements of punk rock alongside hard-hitting bars and unforgettable melodies. She cites Eminem as one of her biggest influences however also brings forth strong personal lyrics which deal with topics such mental health issues along drug addiction – all shown on camera this season through transparent conversations between herself and those closest to her in life including girlfriend Renaye Diaz.

So there you have it! A comprehensive guide on the five main cast members featured on Season three Sisterhood Of Hip Hop. Each artist delivers something distinctly different but united they are creating necessary waves within their craft. It’ll be exciting watching these women navigate through both personal and professional paths beginning August 31st so its best not miss out catching each episode Wednesday nights at 9/8 Central only on Oxygen Network wherever available!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast Answered

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop is back for its third season, and fans are excited to see what their favorite rappers have been up to. The cast this year includes some familiar faces from season two as well as new additions, each with unique personalities and styles. As the premier date approaches, questions arise about the upcoming season, and we’ve got answers.

Q: Who’s in the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 cast?

A: This year’s crop features four returnees including Siya, Brianna Perry, Diamond aka Princess Soulaire and Audra The Rapper. New cast members include Lee Mazin of Philadelphia (Meek Mill’s DreamChasers), Nyemiah Supreme (who has worked with Jim Jones) & Oktane (half of Audio Push duo).

Q: What can we expect from Siya this season?

A: Siya will be navigating her way through the music industry by trying out new sounds while staying true to herself. In addition to focusing on her career goals, she also opens up about her personal struggles dealing with mental health issues that have not been easy for her.

Q: Will there be any drama between Brianna Perry and Diamond princess soulaire due to how they handled last seasons’ beef?

A: After a heated battle between them during season two where things almost became physical; both had put an end it all at reunion i.e BET rehearsals was going smooth however knowing these ladies anything could happen!

Q: How does Audra The Rapper plan on standing out in such a crowded space?

A: It looks like she’s taking everything one day at a time while putting faith in her abilities.Some Media reports says She gets attacked personally by someone who is supposedly close confidante.Others might try come off more gimmicky but Adura rather wants focus solely on elevated bars!

Q:Is it weird not having BIA around again this year?

A: Paulina Rubio’s protege and first season’s member, had broken the barrier as she was appreciated for her bilingual skills. However it’d seem Sisterhood girls will just have to do without BIA this year.

Q:What challenges did Lee Mazin face on this show?

A: From Philly streets to Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers music label,Lee brings in a new flavor but journey through record deals will definitely keep you at edge of seats!

The cast members continue to evolve with each passing season as they navigate the rocky landscape of an industry that is notoriously difficult for women—especially those hoping to make their mark in hip-hop. The Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 promises plenty of twists, turns and rhymes, so be sure not to miss out when this girl-power-fueled series returns!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast

Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality TV show that showcases aspiring female rappers and their journey towards stardom. This innovative series has caught the attention of audiences worldwide, particularly women who are interested in hip hop culture or those seeking inspiration to pursue their passion for music.

Now, with the premiere of its third season on Oxygen network, Sisterhood of Hip Hop promises even more nuggets about these outstanding women who are set to take over the rap game. To get you up-to-date quickly, here are some must-know facts about this season’s cast:

1. Brianna Perry – The Industry Vixen

At 25 years old, Brianna Perry hails from Miami and made her debut in hip-hop at just seven years old! She was signed by Missy Elliot when she was only sixteen but had fallen off everyone’s radar until now. Her lyrical prowess shone as Bre-Z joined them as special guests during an episode where she featured behind-the-scenes footage.

2. Diamond – The Queen Bee

Diamond describes herself as “the queen bee” – undeniably confident and driven with an impressive career history in mainstream hip hop such as Crime Mob whose track ‘Knuck If You Buck’ still earns airtime today some thirteen-years later However after taking time out to focus on developing other artists (e.g., Eve) and start motherhood fans can all look forward to catching up again where surely her maturity will be demonstrated further alongside maintaining her authority brings new flow styles keeping it fresh.

3. Siya – The Androgynous Rapper

It soon became clear that rapper “Siya” also possessed compelling qualities outside musical talent e.g wearing clothes traditionally worn by men and proudly referencing this throughout interviews how much her ears contrasted against anything pink or feminine never mattered!. Additionally despite circumstances escalating through arrested early life incidents which impact upon finding steady work not stopping perseverance ultimately earned accolades including Phresher’s OHENYOH! and talented guest spots on the previous two seasons of Sisterhood.

4. Audra The Rapper – Quick-Witted MC

Audra, hailing from Richmond VA – this quick-witted rapper unapologetically puts at blast anyone who tries. She has made a name for herself through her appearances in both season one & 2 but continues to create innovative music despite recent emotional troubles experienced behind-the-scenes as cameras roll.

5. Lee Mazin – “The Golden Girl”

Lee Mazin‘s talent is undeniable; it seems whatever she applies creativity too turns golden! Previous standout releases like “Only”, which incidentally went viral gained multiple track plays; Has opened shows performed alongside Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana plus more!. With such an impressive rap career already it’s worth watching how events unfold especially considering shared history with Brianna Perry that causes tension between the two over time shown in final episodes.

These five memorable female rappers have presented their personal stories showcasing life as females among men determined to be heard throughout something they love: making hip-hop: And what undoubtedly holds back nothing regarding personalities compared to other reality series updates these “Sisters” current professional achievements must-watch content enjoy and tell us your favorites below!

How the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast is Breaking Barriers in the Music Industry

Hip hop music has evolved and grown immensely since its humble beginnings on the streets of New York City in the 1970s. In recent years, female rappers have been making waves in a male-dominated industry, breaking barriers and carving out their own spaces to thrive. The cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 3 is no exception in this movement. This ground-breaking reality series gives us an up-close-and-personal look at some of the most talented women in hip-hop as they navigate their careers while also maintaining personal relationships.

Throughout history, many industries have had a long-standing tradition where men dominate leadership roles and opportunities; but with time things change, new voices arise that push through these age-old boundaries revealing that equality needs to happen universally including within the entertainment world.

The individuals featured on this diverse line-up have all distinguished themselves in one way or another – each bringing something unique and fresh to the hip-hop scene which continue to inspire those around them.

Starting off we have Audra The Rapper from Richmond Virginia known for her clever wordplay ability coupled with impeccable flow delivering provocative yet catchy bars giving audiences food for thought combined with top-notch quality production creating memorable tracks filled with depth linked by various themes like love truth manifestation self-confidence sowing achieving goals among others defined by influences such as Lil Kim Snoop Dogg Jay-Z Nelly Ras Kass Kendrick Lamar Drake Eminem Mos Def Tupac among other great artists who paved the way for greatness beyond passing generations

Next up is Bia formerly signed under Pharrell Williams I am Other label based on Massachusetts recognized trends towards Latino roots melded fluently into current musical landscapes Hailing from Boston Bia’s lyrical content displays pride representation along deep faith systems conveyed through fun danceable anthems connecting people globally contributing towards cultural unity despite differences both in society overall emphasizing hard work commitment given high output creativity producing mega hits hence breaking down walls inhibitions deterring genius creation present in society!!!

Lee Mazin in addition to her incomparable personality most people gravitate towards, this Philly-born female rhyme spitter within the entertainment industry highlights a unique perspective as an independent artist emphasizing work ethic maintaining self-autonomy via innovating marketing strategies aimed for increased engagement amongst supporters rallying behind road moments perseverance refusal giving up even when faced with extreme backlashes such qualities undoubtedly define greatness despite ongoing turmoil apparent within the music business

Siya showcases Brooklyn-bred talent standing out through profound poetic and raw storytelling ability embodying life’s struggles given high demand befalling many young creatives grappling for relevancy deeply resonant amidst contemporary challenges she notes an unorthodox approach providing painful- yet effective music that digs deeper than surface-level themes digging more profoundly towards examining societal plight while urging change towards social structure benefiting specifically underrepresented marginalized communities living within situations made difficult due to systemic oppression.

Chloe Riley from Miami Florida explains how death pushes us onto unfamiliar territories launching us forward into spaces we might not have otherwise considered paved proof lies in its inspiration triggered by early serious loss leading into musical career pursuing success through relatability authenticity showcasing our vulnerabilities knowing oneself is key component product of tragedy being methodical patient consistent resilient creating genuine sincere bonds growth overcoming fear ultimately changing lives transcending beyond passing generations serving higher purpose fulfilling soul-driven mission.

All these incredible women share one common goal: breaking down barriers previously upheld by their male counterparts; they aim to create space, respect, gratitude needed in order flourish sustainably whilst remaining true selves staying present able focus on sustaining long-term careers enriched furthering beauty hip hop offers society overall. Their distinctive messages help listeners feel inspired find solace fight everyday battles push against adversity conveying humanity connection empathy celebrated throughout culture thriving transforming perspectives contributing progressive evolution sharing symbolizing societal growth beyond words innumerable examples encouraging creative expression thus giving birth multitude opportunities representing seminal movement firmly reaching universal heights break free oppressive structures revealing immense power creativity truly holds paving way greatness unified spheres.

Behind-the-Scenes Secrets: Insider Info on the Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 Cast

Are you a die-hard fan of the hit reality TV show, Sisterhood of Hip Hop? Are you curious about how the show is made and what goes on behind-the-scenes? Look no further because we’ve got all the juicy insider info on Season 3!

Let’s start with the cast. This season featured some new faces alongside returning favorite MCs like Brianna Perry, Diamond, Siya, and Bia. But did you know that before filming began, producers held auditions for new talent to join the sisterhood?

After intense rounds of performances and interviews from promising hip hop artists across America, three talented women were chosen to join the cast: rapper Audra The Rapper from Virginia; Bronx native Lee Mazin; and Miami-based artist Nia Kay.

But don’t be fooled by their impressive resumes! Before they even met up with their fellow co-stars, each girl went through an intensive pre-production boot camp where they worked closely with vocal coaches and choreographers to perfect their craft.

Now onto filming! You may think it’s as easy as just showing up in front of a camera crew and spitting rhymes, but there’re many factors at play when producing compelling TV content. It takes extensive planning to make sure everything runs smoothly – from scheduling shoot times in different cities throughout the country (this season was shot in Atlanta), setting up multiple cameras for dynamic shots during performances or drills sessions among others.

Plus keeping track of storylines across individual episodes is key so that viewers stay engaged every week with underlying cohesive theme throughout.

And let’s not forget about wardrobe fittings! From designer dresses to casual streetwear – appearances are important since being able look fly whilst delivering bars isn’t always easy task especially given hectic schedules thus teams work tirelessly over weeks leading into production ensuring everybody looks sharp both on-and-off screen giving their audience something special each episode airs . And while we can’t reveal too much here…let’s just say that the cast looked fresher than ever throughout Season 3!

But it’s not all glitz and glamour on-set. With seven different personalities vying for attention, drama is bound to happen! However, as with any close-knit family dynamics can also make the bond between sisters even stronger.

Whether they’re supporting each other through rough patches or celebrating each other’s successes during rehearsals or shows, these women share an unbreakable bond – a tight knit white hot flame of sisterhood.

In conclusion,—behind-the-scenes secrets of Sisterhood of Hip Hop resonate within experiences both joyful and challenging which makes it great TV by making every moment authentic and relatable thus fans should expect more raw in-camera moments as well from these ladies because at heart we’re still about music but showing substance alongside style matters too.

Why You Need to Tune into Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 and Support These Empowering Artists

As we ring in the third season of Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop, it’s important to recognize the incredible talent and empowering messages that these artists are bringing to the forefront. This show not only celebrates women in hip hop but also sheds light on their struggles in a male-dominated industry.

One artist that stands out among the group is Brianna Perry. She has been rapping since she was just five years old and signed her first record deal at 9. Her drive and work ethic have led her to produce hits like “Marilyn Monroe” and “I’m That B.I.T.C.H.” She uses her platform to speak about important topics like female empowerment, mental health awareness, and gun violence prevention.

Another standout is veteran rapper Lady Luck. With over two decades in the rap game, she has paved the way for women in hip hop with hits like “Neva” and collaborations with Redman and Method Man. On this season of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, we see her mentoring younger artists while still grinding hard on her own music career.

And let’s not forget Siya! This openly gay rapper from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn has long been a fan-favorite for her unapologetic personality and skillful lyricism. She uses her music to talk about everything from heartbreak to social justice issues affecting marginalized communities.

These are just a few examples of why you need to tune into this powerhouse show this season! The sisterhood displayed by these talented women shows that there’s no better time than now for their voices to be heard in hip hop culture as they break down barriers one rhyme at a time while inspiring generations across gender lines all around us – so support them today!

Table with useful data:

Brianna Perry
Brianna the YRB
Miami, Florida
Rapper and performer
Diamond Ortiz
Compton, California
MC and DJ
Sierra Roundtree
Sierra Lundy
Los Angeles, California
Bia Landrau
Boston, Massachusetts
Rapper and singer
Jazmine Sullivan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
R&B and soul singer-songwriter, and record producer

Information from an expert

As a seasoned music industry insider, I can confidently say that the Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 3 cast is one of the most talented and diverse groups to grace reality television. From diamond-selling artist Diamond to up-and-comer Siya, every member brings their own unique flavor to the table. Expect powerful lyrics, innovative beats, and raw emotion as these women navigate the challenges of creating hit records while balancing personal relationships and demanding careers in the male-dominated world of hip hop. Don’t miss out on this explosive season!

Historical fact: The Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality TV series that premiered on Oxygen in 2014. Season 3, which aired in 2016, featured a cast of female hip hop artists including Audra the Rapper, Brianna Perry, Diamond “Lil’ D” White, Siya and Lee Mazin.


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