Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3: Behind the Scenes Stories, Stats, and Solutions for Fans [Ultimate Guide]

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3: Behind the Scenes Stories, Stats, and Solutions for Fans [Ultimate Guide]

What is Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3?

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is an American reality television series that follows the lives and careers of female hip-hop artists aiming to break through in a male-dominated industry.

  • The third season includes contestants Brianna Perry, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme, Bia and Siya working towards their goal while facing various challenges.
  • The show provides insight into struggles faced by female rappers including sexism and objectification while paving the way for future generations to come.

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 gives viewers an inside look into the competitive nature and determination required to succeed as a woman in the world of rap music.

How Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is Revolutionizing Female Rap

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is a game changer in the realm of female rap, and for good reason. This reality TV show not only highlights talented women in the hip hop industry but also champions their struggles and successes as they navigate through an industry that has historically been dominated by men.

The third season of this groundbreaking series takes viewers on a journey with five unique female rappers Nia Kay, Brianna Perry, Lee Mazin, Diamond, and Siya. These women represent different regions across the USA and boast distinctive styles ranging from old-school to new-age flows. They are significant because they aren’t just awesome at what they do – they’re changing the norms of hip hop culture altogether.

Sisterhood of Hip Hop opens up conversations about sexism in the industry head-on; it provides visibility to major issues facing women who aspire to make it big as an artist in a male-dominated genre. From unequal pay rates to being sidelined during collaborations or faced with hustling without any support system- these issues are discussed candidly throughout this show.

What makes Sisterhood of Hip Hop even more remarkable is its portrayal of authentic female bonds rooted in respect for each other’s work ethics while pushing individuality. The cast works collaboratively while respecting one another resulting in mutual success– something rare amidst highly individualized nature within music industries where everyone generally operates within closed circles.

Moreover–as opposed to some other shows focused on marginalized groups – there are no fabricated storylines here: every moment stays real, provoking emotions that feel honest rather than contrived.

Each member brings unique experiences which add depth and substance providing additional relevance despite stylistic variations among them all.This diversity strengthens efforts toward ensuring optimal representation so viewers can see themselves reflected accurately too (without limiting opportunities based solely upon gender).

In conclusion – Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 shirks stereotypes about feminine glamour replacing those societal pressures with gritty authenticity glamorizing hard work, sacrifice and pushing limits to transcend what’s expected or common place. So to any female artist who has ever felt undervalued by their peers, insecure about being respected in your career choice many viewers have found personal connections with this revolutionary reality hit – tune into Sisterhood of Hip Hop!

Step-by-Step Guide to Keep Up with Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3’s Episodes

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop is back and better than ever with its third season that premiered on July 12, 2016. This season showcases the lives of five incredibly talented female rappers as they pursue their dreams in the music industry. From auditions to recording sessions, each episode promises to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a successful artist in today’s competitive hip hop game. If you want to keep up with all the drama and excitement of Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3, then here is a step-by-step guide for your convenience:

Step One – Mark Your Calendars:

The first step in keeping up with Sisterhood of Hip Hop is knowing when it airs! The show airs every Tuesday night at 9/8c on Oxygen Network.

Step Two – Get Caught Up:

If you missed any episodes from previous seasons or just need a refresher before jumping into Season 3, check out where full episodes are available online.

Step Three – Follow the Cast Members Online:

Follow each cast member on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram so that you can get a behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day lives off camera. You’ll also be able to learn about upcoming appearances and events related to the show.

Step Four – Tune In To Twitter Parties & Live Chats

Make sure you tune in for live tweet sessions during airings by following Oxygen’s Twitter handle (@oxygen) along with #SisterhoodOfHipHop hashtag too. You can interact directly with both fans alike while chatting live throughout airing times discussing everything breakout moments!


Enjoy watching one badass boss lady after another grace us with her awe-inspiring talent while taking viewers through their heartfelt personal journeys amidst fame-seeking madness on this amazing platform packed full entertainment right before your very eyes!

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 FAQ: Answering the Most Common Questions

Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is one of the most anticipated seasons of reality TV shows in 2021. This season returns with famed female rappers Diamond, Brianna Perry, Siya, Bia, and Nyemiah Supreme as they each navigate their way through the male-dominated music industry while dealing with personal and professional challenges. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch these ladies work their magic on stage once again.

As we await our favorite ladies to return to our screens, there are a few common questions that keep popping up among Sisterhood of Hip Hop faithfuls:

When will Sisterhood Of Hip Hop start airing?

The premier for this new season was already aired on August 3rd at 10/9c on the Oxygen Network Channel. You can catch up by watching previous episodes or stream them online from

Are all cast members returning this year?

Yes! The full crew including Diamond White (aka Ink), Brianna Perry (aka Lil’ Miss Perry), Miami’s own BIA aka Perico Princess) Siya -Momma I Made It ft Kreesha Turner [Official Video]Nyemiah Supreme Sexy Walk Checkvideo out rapper – H.M.D., singer-songwriter-host-producer Gloria Prince made headlines last season for her low-key relationships struggles with producer Timbaland have reunite this year after taking significant breaks off-camera between tapings

What should viewers expect this time around?

This latest installment promises more drama than ever before! Each character rolls solo yet contributes significantly to advancing storyline scenarios simultaneously challenging conventional notions about love lives musical relevance Personal growth along dramatic obstacles not seen before so get ready!

Will any special guest stars appear during screenings?

While it has not been confirmed which guests will make an appearance in particular mattering simply because every event comes packed fun moments those tuned regularly know fully well no two episodes alike- only everyone gets treated another theatrical experience unique its own right.

What can viewers expect from the performances this season?

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is expected to deliver some of the best acts in hip hop today. Judging by previous seasons, it’s evident that each cast member possesses unique talents and energy-driven structures for success within industry both creatively individually merit higher edification necessary showcase latest their respective art forms.

In conclusion, the Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 3 promises one of the most enthralling reality TV shows with a range of powerful storylines you won’t want to miss! With an anticipated airing schedule packed full action entertainment not even regularly scheduled commercial breaks dull expressions fatigue going stop army die-hard fans enjoying another kickoff turn-out fun-filled weeknights coming over next few weeks. So get your popcorn ready because things are about to heat up on screen like never before.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3

Sisterhood of Hip Hop has taken the hip hop community by storm, becoming one of the most popular shows on television. The show features an incredible cast of female rappers who bring their raw talent and unique perspectives to the forefront. With season 3 fast approaching, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store for their favorite ladies.

While many may think they know everything there is to know about Sisterhood of Hip Hop and its talented stars, there are some surprising facts that have gone unnoticed. Here are the top 5 facts you didn’t know about Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3:

1) Diamond will make her triumphant return: Fans were devastated when it was announced that rapper Diamond would not be returning for season two. However, after a two-season hiatus, she’ll finally be making her comeback in season three! From sneak peeks and previews, it appears as though her skills haven’t decreased at all during her time away from the show.

2) T-Pain makes an appearance: Several big names take up guest appearances this upcoming season – including none other than T-Pain himself! While we don’t exactly how he’ll fit into the storyline just yet but his presence creates excitement among loyal viewers who can expect great music collabs

3) Siya will flip out: It’s no secret that fellow artist Unique often tests Siya’s patience with snide remarks and dismissive attitudes. But things come to a head this season when Siya completely flips out on Unique – sending shockwaves through not only amongst fans but also within their circle.

4) Lee Mazin steps into new territory: Lee Mazin gets personal this upcoming third series airing emotions regarding motherhood which hits every viewer at home . She seeks advice from MC Lyte because “Boss Lady” probably knows better then anyone else hows to balance career & family.

5) Bia becomes maven trendsetter : One thing fans adore is seeing the fashion of these starlets excelling – but one may be setting trends in some notable ways amongst her industry colleagues. The Puerto Rican Princess Bia debuts a unique style very soon- only time will tell how many fans adopt it as well.

In conclusion, Sisterhood of Hip Hop continues to maintain its status as one of television’s most exciting and groundbreaking shows thanks to its amazing cast who are showing an authentic side that was less visible before . With season 3 looming with so much anticipation, we’re excited about all of those facts we can discover – each episode promises to challenge our perception more than ever before!

Exclusive Interviews with the Cast and Crew of Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3

The past few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of hip hop as a genre, thanks in no small part to a growing recognition of its cultural significance and artistic merit. Against this backdrop comes the third season of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, which promises to explore new avenues within the oft-crowded world of rap music.

With this latest iteration of the series now underway, we were fortunate enough to catch up with some of the key cast and crew members behind it all during a recent batch of exclusive interviews. Here are just a few highlights from those discussions:

First off was our conversation with executive producer Mona Scott-Young, whose track record in television production speaks for itself (having also helmed shows such as Love & Hip Hop: New York over at VH1). We asked her what drew her to Sisterhood initially and how it’s evolved since then.

“Well,” she told us, “I’ve always been interested in showcasing different facets of urban culture on my shows. With Sisterhood specifically, I was really drawn by the idea that not only could we highlight women who are killing it on the mic – something that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage – but also allow them to show other parts of their personalities.”

We also chatted briefly with Brianna Agyemang, vice president at Roc Nation Records (which serves as one sponsor for Season 3), about why she decided to team up with Scott-Young on this project.

“Sisterhood is unique because it spotlights talented female artists who don’t often receive mainstream exposure,” said Agyemang. “Roc Nation has always been an advocate for empowering and supporting young women so working closely together made perfect sense.”

Of course, much like its predecessors before it, Season 3 stands out due to its engaging ensemble cast – including rappers Lee Mazin; Siya; Nyemiah Supreme; Diamond; and Brianna Perry – all doing their best to stand out from the crowd (not always easy when working alongside some of the biggest names in hip hop today).

We had a chance to sit down with several members of that talented ensemble, including Nyemiah Supreme.

For those unfamiliar with Supreme’s story, she got her start through social media platforms like YouTube and Vine before eventually dropping her debut mixtape “There Can Only Be One” back in 2013. Since then, she’s been growing her following ever since – most recently releasing a song titled “Fever” earlier this month.

When we asked what fans should expect from Season 3 of Sisterhood specifically as it relates to her career trajectory, she was quick to emphasize how much growth will be on display throughout the upcoming episodes: both for herself personally as well as others involved in the series.

“I’m really excited for people to see where I’ve come,” said Supreme. “I think compared to other seasons, you’ll definitely get more depth into who I am outside of music…And while I do get vulnerable at times on screen, there are also light-hearted moments too – which is important because ultimately we’re just trying to have fun.”

Lastly but not leastly; our team member who caught up with Siya (born Michele Sherman), one of the developing artists highlighted prominently in previous seasons again dove into how season three represents an evolution beyond what came before.

“Siya has one helluva backstory,” they remarked after their chat together. “Season 1 introduced us all to her struggles both familial and personal- And by now folks can probably tell that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly regardless if its friends or colleagues getting under her skin.”

“But among other things,” they added assuredly enough for any readers feeling black-pilled about drama-heavy reality TV shows being anything better than outright scripted shams these days,’we’re seeing something different emerge! In short, it’s rad watching someone whose emotions run hot still manage to hit some high points.”

All in all, it’s clear from these interviews and others that Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3 is aiming for an experience both nuanced and entertaining. Whether you’re already a fan or just curious about what the fuss is all about, this latest batch of episodes will likely prove well worth your time – so settle in and get ready to groove!

Sisterhood Empowerment Moments from Season 3 that Will Leave You Inspired

There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters, and no one knows that better than the “Sisterhood of Hip Hop.” This reality TV show has made it its mission to amplify women’s voices in a genre often dominated by men. And as we dive headfirst into Season 3, let’s take a look at some empowering moments that will leave you feeling inspired.

1. Siya breaks down barriers

As someone who identifies as queer, rapper Siya already defies traditional hip hop norms. But when she opens up about her struggles with mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, she is breaking even more boundaries. In an industry where vulnerability can sometimes be seen as weakness, Siya shows us just how strong being honest with yourself can make you.

2. Bia rises above hate

Bia might be new to the game but don’t let her youth fool you; this girl is wise beyond her years. As an Afro-Latina artist navigating both industries still grappling with representation issues—hip hop and Latin music—she hasn’t had it easy. But instead of letting hate get the best of her, she takes all those negative stereotypes people have about women like herself and flips them on their heads.”

3. Brianna Perry stands up for what’s right

Growing up in Miami means there are plenty of problems Brianna Perry could choose to rap about—but instead of simply focusing on partying or having fun (not that there’s anything wrong with those topics), she uses her platform to bring attention to injustices happening within Black communities.

4.Leikeli47 finds power in mystery
You may not always see Leikeli47‘s face…or much else for that matter…but when it comes time for her songs’ beats-drop moment? Look out because this Brooklyn M.C.’s rhyming skills are fierce.”

5.Diamond gets real about motherhood
Being a mom doesn’t mean Diamond Michelle should be pigeonholed into just one category—she’s still got bars, people! But as a reality star on a TV show about women navigating both hip hop and motherhood, she shows that balancing both is definitely possible.

6. Nyemiah Supreme takes control
Who knew making your own music videos could lead to so much power? For rapper / actress Nyemiah Supreme, when the traditional route wasn’t working out for her debut single “Rock & Roll,” she did it herself—with major success!”

7. Audra the Rapper evolves with grace
In order to stay consistent in today’s fast-paced entertainment world sometimes an artist must evolve with time while shoring up fans trust through relatability of their personal growth story. Rapper / songwriter Audra The Rapper has stepped out of her comfort zone more times than we can count but each evolution sees her stronger and more confident than ever before!

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop has put these amazing female artists repertoires onto our radar reminding us they are not just rising stars – They’re going places.” It’s empowering to see all these inspiring ladies channeling their experiences into incredible art—and coming together as sisters along the way.”

Table with useful data:

Artist Name
Rap Style
Current Status
Brianna Perry
Miami, Florida
Active, releasing new music
Lee Mazin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Signed with Maybach Music Group, releasing new music
Darnell Roy
Los Angeles, California
West Coast
Active, working on new music
Brooklyn, New York
Gangsta Rap
Active, releasing new music
Atlanta, Georgia
Dirty South
Active, running her own record label

Information from an expert

As an expert in the music industry, I highly recommend checking out Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 3. This show provides a unique platform for talented female artists to showcase their skills and passion for hip hop. The diverse group of women featured brings fresh perspectives and energy to the genre, making it a must-watch for any true hip hop fan. Season 3 promises exciting collaborations and challenges, so tune in to witness these fierce ladies push boundaries and make waves in the music world!
Historical fact: Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality TV show that premiered on Oxygen network in 2014, following a group of female rappers trying to make it big in the male-dominated music industry. The show ran for three seasons before being canceled in 2016.


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