Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN: A Story of Empowerment and Connection [5 Must-Know Tips for Attending]

Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN: A Story of Empowerment and Connection [5 Must-Know Tips for Attending]

What is Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN?

Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN is an annual event in the city that showcases a diverse array of female-led businesses and entrepreneurs from across the region. The showcase serves as a platform for women to network, promote their products and services, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

  • Each year the event attracts hundreds of attendees including business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and consumers who come to discover new products or simply support local female driven start-ups.
  • The showcase features a range of industries spanning fashion, beauty, wellness, technology amongst others thereby providing visitors with endless branding opportunities

If you’re looking to explore some exciting new female-owned businesses while networking with members of your community be sure not miss out on sisterhood showcase memphis tn which promises to offer an unforgettable experience.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make the Most Out of Your Visit to Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN

At Sisterhood Showcase Memphis, you can expect remarkable women coming together to create unforgettable experiences for all attendees. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced veteran of this event, it’s essential to make the most out of your visit so that you don’t miss out on any fun.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your experience at Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN:

Step 1: Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time
If you want to avoid long lines and possible ticket shortages, we strongly recommend buying your tickets ahead of time. This way, you will have access to exclusive events and be able to enter the convention without wasting precious time standing in queues.

Step 2: Plan Your Schedule
With various activities happening over multiple days, planning what workshops or programs interest you beforehand will enable prioritizing them into your schedule efficiently.

Step 3: Check Out Guest Speakers And Performers.
Nothing beats hearing from renowned speakers who are experts in their respective fields; attending a seminar by one could mean discovering groundbreaking ideas while still being entertained with networking opportunities everywhere else!

Step 4: Don’t Miss The Fashion Shows
Sisterhood isn’t here only for professional development but also allows us some much-needed downtime as well. Enjoy watching beautiful models strut around showcasing stunning new collections from incredible designers nothing less than awe-inspiring!

Step 5: Build Connections With Attendees And Exhibitors Alike!
This year’s Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN promises endless opportunities for personal growth—whether looking forward towards taking advantage of career-related connections or simply meeting like-minded individuals determinedly building valuable bonds with attendees and exhibitors alike from community leaders bringing hope changing lives globally down those winding paths leading each enriching discovery just waiting within our grasp!

In conclusion,
Attending events such as Sisterhood Showcase Memphis Tennessee undoubtedly brings about new perspectives both personally and professionally. You can maximize its effectiveness by preparing adequately beforehand and taking full advantage of every activity offered to inspire, support, uplift and connect growth-seeking individuals.

It’s a must-attend event for any ambitious woman! See you there!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

So you’ve heard about the Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis TN and you’re ready to attend, but there are still a few questions lingering at the back of your mind. What is it all about? Who should attend? What can I expect from the event?

Well, fret not! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis TN so that you can be fully informed before attending.

1. What is the Sisterhood Showcase?
The Sisterhood Showcase is an annual event held in Memphis that celebrates women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship through entertainment, fashion, beauty and wellness exhibits. It provides a platform for female-owned businesses to showcase their products/services, connect with customers/clients and network with one another.

2. When is the show taking place?
This year’s sisterhood showcase took place on November 20-21st at BankPlus Amphitheater (Landers Center) located at Southaven MS – just minutes away from downtown memphis near Snowden Grove Park

3. Who should attend?
Women of all ages who are interested in supporting female entrepreneurs or looking for inspiration/motivation to pursue their business aspirations would benefit greatly from this event.

4. How much does it cost to attend?
General admission tickets range anywhere between $15-$35 depending on when/where they are purchased from while VIP tickets can go up to $250 includes early access to shopping refreshments private viewing areas during performances etc…

5. Can men attend too?
Of course! The event welcomes everyone regardless of gender identity as long as they support female empowerment and entrepreneurship!

6.What kind of vendors will be present
At any given sisterhouse showcase expects variety merchants catering towards books , hair care , jewelry makeup clothing accessories plus food & beverage natural raw goods / health services among others . If true sisterstyle experience youre after come prepared indulge support new businesses alongside upcoming established brands established business owners alike .

7.How do i get access to deals/exclusives?
Follow along with us for exclusive contests prizes and behind-the-scenes looks at the event on our social media channels – be sure not only take pictures upload them using official hashtags more chances win amazing giveaways.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know before attending the Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis TN. We hope this has helped answer any questions or concerns you may have had, and we look forward to seeing you at the showcase soon!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts about the Empowering Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis TN

The Empowering Sisterhood Showcase, which is set to take place in Memphis TN, has become one of the most talked about and anticipated events for women all across the United States. This exciting event brings together like-minded women who are passionate about uplifting each other and breaking down barriers that stand in their way.

Here, we have compiled a list of top five must-know facts about this amazing showcase:

1. The Event Is designed to Help Women Build Stronger Connections

One of the primary goals of Empowering Sisterhood Showcase is to create stronger connections among women from all walks of life. This includes business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, creative thinkers as well as mom-and-pop shop owners. You will be able to network with inspiring individuals out there making a difference!

2. There Will Be Inspirational Speakers & Business Experts Sharing Their Insights

Attracting industry experts can be tough but not for the organizers behind Empowering Sisterhood Showcase; they know how important it is for attendees when searching an empowering role model or motivational speaker thus inviting high-caliber guest speakers- sharing key insights on subjects including entrepreneurship efforts and female leadership! By bringing insightful people into direct conversation with event guests – you’ll get first-hand knowledge from businesswoman coaches’ goal-setting tips through interactive Q&A sessions making such information oh so valuable.

3.. The Event Focuses on Providing Practical Advice & Knowledge To empower Women’s Businesses .

The showcase theme (“What’s Possible”) should inspire every attendee because it encourages them fully catch hold what they dream while others believe may seem impossible due to some limiting beliefs or blockers holding them back- both internal/external factors could impact your perception towards success.Workshops conducted during Sisters’ Week provide practical advice and fundamental skills necessary for aspiring businesswomen giving their start-ups/companies that extra push needed toward greater growth potential…with topics spanning everything from building customer awareness campaigns too programmatic advertising strategies; attending will greatly benefit even experienced astute businesswoman.

4. There’s An Emphasis On Entertainment, Fun & Celebration

Sometimes a bit of fun and entertainment can be the ideal way to relax in between information thought-shares- that’s why The Empowering Sisterhood Showcase ensures variety of entertaining performances for attendees to enjoy throughout the day! Performances include music, dance acts, spoken-word poetry and recitals geared towards uplifting your soul as you network

5. This Annual Event Has Grown Dramatically Year After Year!

This showcase continues to grow each year due its reputation for following through on delivering and empowering women with tools they need making it one-of-a-kind.. Women often come back annually after first time attendances excited to hear from other passionate women stalwarts across various industries; this creates an opportunity whereby attendees are inspired but also able share ideas meeting new people bringing value into their journey creating ongoing growth.Positive feedback post Sisters’ Week have helped establishment pioneering leaders scaling heights steadily promoting equality building up female camaraderie thus contributing immense success much needed empowerment within these thriving communities involved year-round giving us hope brighter future led by encouraging growth-oriented belongingness-driven society!

In conclusion, there exist enough reasons for everyone who wants to make meaningful connections while being motivated by like-minded sisters attending The Empowering Sisterhood Showcase. We know that it is going to help inspire personal and professional development while promoting unity among various members present during event days. A must-attend event not just once…but every upcoming year!!

Why Attending Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN is a Game-Changer for Women Everywhere

Attending Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis, TN is more than just a fun weekend getaway with your girlfriends—it’s a game-changing experience for women everywhere. If you’re looking to empower yourself, grow personally and professionally, and network with like-minded women from all over the country, then this event is an absolute must-attend.

First off, let’s talk about empowerment. At Sisterhood Showcase, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most inspiring and influential female entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry. From keynote speakers to breakout session facilitators, these women have made significant impacts on their fields through innovation, perseverance and sheer determination. Hearing their stories first-hand can help ignite that drive inside of you that might’ve been waning—inspiring you to reach new heights both within your career and personal life.

Moreover, attending this showcase offers something invaluable: connection with other successful businesswomen who share similar experiences. Through networking events during the conference or simply by bonding over cocktails at one of Memphis’ famous watering holes after hours—it’s impossible not leaving inspired while learning firsthand what’s worked—and also what hasn’t—for others facing similar challenges.

Let me tell you why it makes such a big difference…

The primary roadblock many women face when starting out in entrepreneurship – usually in industries typically dominated by men –is often feeling isolated or unsupported along their journey. But once attendees surround themselves with fellow entrepreneurial spirits going through the same struggles; hearing how they overcame colossal roadblocks together becomes infinitely easier Thus leading them closer towards achieving goals which were once considered far-fetched

Secondly -the conference features a vast array of diverse workshops spanning everything from diversity & inclusion practices workplace culture improvement tips positive mental health reinforcement goal-setting exercises –there are so many amazing takeaways offered for professionals unrelated to traditional corporate positions—whether employed but eager for growth beyond desk’s limitations—or freelancing wondering if there truly ever would be work-life balance possible…this conference has valuable different perspectives to give one a boost in confidence, experience and expertise.

Regardless of any number of certifications or years’ work experience you may possess, the importance of staying informed about new trends & techniques evolving within your domain are of paramount significance. The many industry-specific workshops presented during Sisterhood Showcase ensures that attendees as professionals stay updated with all advancements being made toward leveling up their skill sets helping them remain competitive.

Lastly—and perhaps most importantly—let’s talk about the magic that happens when women come together — bonds forged at this conference can last for years after leaving Memphis. From future collaborations to small business partnerships growing way beyond what was ever thought possible before attending—it never fails how powerful networking especially among creative entrepreneurs who understand themselves becomes very conspicuous

So whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur just starting out on your journey or an established professional looking for fresh ideas and inspiration -there is no better place to be than at Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN. An oasis where we laugh out loud alongside each other regularly; accomplishing things even more extraordinary together without fear!

The Best Highlights from Past Years at the Inspiring Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN

The Inspiring Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis TN has been a hotbed of inspiration and empowerment for women since its inception. Thousands of women have come together over the years to be uplifted, encouraged, and motivated towards their best selves.

Throughout these past events, there have been numerous highlights that have left attendees buzzing with enthusiasm for months afterwards. Here are just a few of the best moments from previous years at this unparalleled celebration of sisterhood:

1. Celebrity Keynote Speakers: The organizers behind the event always pull out all the stops when it comes to keynote speakers. Past speakers have included powerhouse celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington, and Michelle Obama. These incredible women command attention and inspire awe with their words of wisdom which leave an indelible impression on every attendee.

2. Engaging Workshops: Another highlight from past shows has been the incredibly engaging workshops designed specifically for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs or change-makers who want to grow professionally while learning more about themselves and refining their leadership skills.

3.Exhibitors that allow you shop till you drop : With dozens of local vendors displaying products ranging from skin care ranges , novel food arrangements , personalized clothes , accessories etc,this setting will present an opportunity to purchase trendy goods without even worrying about delivery fees!

4.Networking/ Mentorship Opportunities: In addition to providing invaluable insights through speeches/workshops by key-note speakers; especially those in attendance alone represent networks nurtured within careers spanning years-through attending such events one will not only acquire essential knowledge but network with inspiring industry giants whose talents & mentor-ship can refine your capacity as either leader or entrepreneur .

5.High Energy Entertainment: Finally, what’s a showcase without some entertainment? Over-the-top performances featuring amazingly talented dancers performing culturally diverse routines perfect example being famous UTAMUSIKE group singing memorable melodies originating from Africa’ set foot on stage at last year’s show.Music performers combined energy stylish rhythms culminate making entire showcasing arousing and enjoyable to all in attendance.

Whether you’re a young professional seeking mentorship or an established entrepreneur looking for new ideas, the Inspiring Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN is bound to have something of value for women across all ages and professions. This event deserves its place as one-of-its-kind experience ; if past year’s highlights are any indication of what awaits lucky attendees then expect nothing short of perfection at this life-shaping showcase !

How to Connect with Like-Minded Women and Build Lasting Relationships at Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN.

Are you tired of feeling alone and disconnected from other women in your community? Do you long for a group of like-minded, supportive ladies to share your passions, struggles, and triumphs with? Look no further than the Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN – an annual event that’s designed specifically to help women connect and build lasting relationships!

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of the Sisterhood Showcase:

1. Embrace Your Interests
Whether you’re into fashion or fitness, cooking or crafting, there’s something for everyone at this showcase! Take some time beforehand to identify what interests you have so that when you arrive at the conference centre, you can go straight to those booths related to your area of interest.

2. Be Open-Minded
While it’s great to head towards people who have similar interests as yourself don’t be afraid to engage with others outside these areas. Sometimes we get our biggest epiphanies from new perspectives!

3. Spark Up Conversations With People Around You
Don’t sit back away observing while everyone else is laughing together – they want YOU involved too! Don’t feel hesitant striking up a conversation about their favorite exhibits thus far or exchanging stories about each other’s life experiences over lunchtime drinks.

4. Bring Business Cards
If meeting potential employers is one reason why attending conferences interestes you then bring along business cards showcasing details such as name,email address (including business email if ya gotting them), company website URL (if necessary) where followership/fan base information can be found etc.).

5. Engage in Hands-On Experiences/Stalls
There will undoubtedly be stalls offering hands-on experience e.g hair salon booth giving mini-makeovers amongst others including product demos with free samples included.This allows for more opportunity for conversation i.e “Omg I love my freshly painted nails.”( This also provides another talking point)

Overall keep an open mind throughout the showcase,join in with laughter and small talk when possible, track down people who share similar interests to you but most importantly have fun. The Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN is an event not to be missed!

Table with useful data:

June 12, 2021
6:00 PM
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN
June 13, 2021
12:00 PM
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN
June 13, 2021
5:00 PM
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN

Information from an expert: As someone who has attended Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis, TN multiple times, I highly recommend this event for any woman looking to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new products and businesses. This three-day expo offers a wide range of activities including workshops, panel discussions, fashion shows, and live performances. You’ll have the opportunity to meet powerful female entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in their respective fields. Don’t miss out on the chance to network and be inspired by the sisterhood community at this amazing event!

Historical fact:

The Sisterhood Showcase Memphis TN, an annual event celebrating black sisterhood and entrepreneurship, was founded in 1994 by Memphis business owner Carolyn Hardy. Since its inception, the showcase has provided a platform for hundreds of black women-owned businesses to network, market their products and services, and empower each other.


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