Sisterhood Tarot: Unleashing the Power of Female Connection [A Personal Journey + 5 Tips for a Stronger Bond]

Sisterhood Tarot: Unleashing the Power of Female Connection [A Personal Journey + 5 Tips for a Stronger Bond]

What is Sisterhood Tarot?

Sisterhood tarot is a form of divination that focuses on empowering and connecting women through the use of tarot cards. It emphasizes sisterly support, compassion, and understanding among its practitioners.

  • It celebrates womanhood and femininity as integral parts of spiritual practice.
  • The readings offer guidance for women who may be seeking clarity in their personal lives, relationships or careers.
  • Sisterhood tarot also involves community building where members can seek advice from one another regarding day-to-day issues faced by them.

How to Incorporate Sisterhood Tarot into Your Daily Routine

Tarot cards are more than just a form of divination or predicting the future. They offer insights, guidance, and potential pathways for personal growth and development. Moreover, tarot cards can help you connect with your inner self, gain clarity about your emotions and thoughts, understand your motivations better, and align with your life purpose.

One unique type of tarot deck that has gained popularity in recent years is the Sisterhood Tarot Deck. This deck amplifies sisterhood energy by highlighting female archetypes throughout history, such as goddesses, mythical heroines, and strong women who have made an impact on society. If you’re looking to incorporate this uplifting and empowering energy into your daily routine here’s how:

Start Your Day with A Sisterhood Card

Every morning before starting your day grab one card from the Sisterhood Tarot Deck to start off on a positive note. Ask yourself a question like: “What message does my higher self want me to hear today through the sisterhood deck?” Pick up a card without shuffling too much; then look at it attentively while feeling its energies surround you.

Carry A Sisterhood Card Throughout The Day

Choose one Sisterhood Tarot Card whose archetype resonates deeply with what you need most throughout the day or week – be it courage (Enchantress), compassion (Healer), creativity (Artist) – slip it in your wallet or purse thus keeping it close to hand giving reassurance whenever required.

Reflect With The Help Of Your Cards

At night take out all the sisters from the sister hood tarot read them all once again & contemplate which messages truly stood out since they were picked during different times of day & recall moments where these particular archetypes had their influence over our lives.Successful/Not-So-Successful decisions will show signs deep down inside us if we learn to attentive ourselves reading deeper signs!

Use Them As Inspiration For Journaling And Vision Boards

Sisterhood Tarot cards can help you bring clarity into your feelings, thoughts and values. They give us a new lens to see beyond the surface, deepening our understanding of things that once troubled us/ were beyond comprehension.The powerful archetypes serve as prompts inspiring introspection; create artwork pouring out creativity in any medium & even lead towards manifesting dreams by clarifying visualized aspirations.


Incorporating Sisterhood Tarot Deck into your daily routine is an excellent way to connect with yourself and foster positive energies like empowerment, gratitude, mindfulness & self-belief. Using this deck on day-to-day basis helps in providing guidance for multiple decisions one encounters thereby resulting in making informed choices reflecting positively over time.This is not about seeking warnings predicting future but rather insight to empower unfolding journey!!

Step-by-Step Guide: Performing a Sisterhood Tarot Reading

Tarot reading has been a practice for generations and is now widely accepted as an excellent tool to gain insights into various aspects of life. Tarot cards help you connect with your higher self and offer guidance on how to navigate through day-to-day life. One such type of tarot reading that can bring about a deep sense of connection, healing, and empowerment is sisterhood tarot readings.

A sisterhood tarot reading involves drawing cards to represent each member in the group or circle (just like casting spells), offering insight into their energies, psyche, strengths and weaknesses – all while understanding how they relate to each other within the collective energy field. It offers space for exploration, sharing experiences, honoring feelings and fostering connections between individuals who come together during this time.

Here’s how you can perform a Sisterhood tarot Reading:

Set up

Sisterhood Tarot Readings are best done with trusted people from your inner circle – friends or family members whose relationships you value deeply. Arrange everyone around a table or sitting comfortably in chairs facing one another. You will need a deck of tarot cards (preferably Rider-Waite) which should be shuffled beforehand by the designated reader.

Step 1: Set Intentions

The first thing before any ritualistic gathering is setting intentions – discuss why it feels important for everyone involved to participate in this journey together; what do they hope to get out of it? This process helps set clear guidelines for why we’re here together today while promoting unity amongst participants regardless of differences—with mutual respect at forefront importance throughout proceedings.

Step 2: Ask Questions

Next step is formulating questions that address individual needs without disclosing too much personal information upfront—keeping open-hearted intentions alive whilst being mindful not overstepping boundaries Allowing thoughts/questions surface natural expressions themselves allowing them more love + light shine forth towards answers sought using divination tools available!

• Some good examples could be:
Tell us what we need to know about the upcoming year?
What can you reveal regarding our collective problem?
Please enlighten us on how our actions this season will affect us as a group?

Encourage participants to form their own questions and speak up if they feel hesitant or uncomfortable. Talk through any unclear or vague wordings!

Step 3: Shuffle the deck

The Reader then starts shuffling cards while each participant focuses on one question at a time, setting intentions in that specific area of inquiry whilst silently awaiting bridging + channelling spirits for further interpretations.

Step 4: Lay Out Tarot Cards

Next step involves placing cards face down, representing different components to form part of tarot reading including individual psycho-spiritual journeys interlinked within collective psyche as One – all becoming accessible {through narratives} hence evolving into powerful conduit:

• First card represents Root energies – What are your underlying motivations right now?

• Second card signifies Present circumstances– How do present events affecting your mood/perspective?

• Third Card signified Future Developments / Paths Crossing- What may occur if everything goes accordingly,

• Fourth Card The Advice calls forth coping mechanisms adapting whether challenge ahead makes them stronger/better equipped than before.

Once laid out these ‘positions’ serve markers connecting individuals/places/objects/events peoples’ lives (past + future), making sense everything having greater meaning when appreciated together through communion/shared experience allowing deeper insights unfold offering opportunities personal growth/soul layer healing matter what stage crossed paths united front choosing solidarity rather division.

In conclusion, Sisterhood Tarot Reading is an empowering practice that helps build connections between individuals who share similar experiences and struggles. This holistic approach fosters deep self-awareness, empathy, and creates avenues for heightened intuition amongst sisters empowering as well unifying precious bonds while creating space grow closer more rooted community–weaving unique webbing with each other’s hearts embracing pasts embraced presents shaping futures celebrate their magic, altogether as One.

Sisterhood Tarot FAQ: Common Questions Answered

Tarot is a powerful and transformative tool that has been used for centuries by people all over the world to gain insight, clarity and guidance on their lives. And while it may have its roots steeped in mystery and mysticism, the modern-day approach towards tarot reading focuses more on personal growth rather than predicting one’s future.

The Sisterhood Tarot deck has quickly become one of the most popular decks worldwide due to its unique feminist perspective along with evocative imagery. However as a beginner, you might have some questions about what tarot readings are all about? In this blog post, we will answer some common FAQS related to sisterhood tarots.

1) What exactly are Sisterhood Tarots?

Based on traditional tarots deck structures these cards depict images of historically significant women from various cultural backgrounds like Maya Angelou (the supreme Poetess), Lakeitha Duncan (A victim turned survivor – Domestic abuse counselor & activist based out Louisville Jackie Ormes – First known female African American Cartoonist). This is aimed at creating awareness around important events throughout history relating to feminism empowering women respectively.

2) How do you read Sisterhood Tarots?

There is no right or wrong way to read Sisterhood Tarots as long as your intention behind seeking answers comes from genuine passion for self-development.Aside if you want formal readings then identifying professional readers experienced in using them already would be wise who can get into depth explaining everything ranging from spreads used,cards explained etc.
As amateur beginners familiarising the card types methods becomes crucial,Paying attention such as Major Arcana representing “key” moments decision-making phases in life journey whereas Minor Arcana covers day-to-day challenges within relationships careeers et cetera.

3) Can I use Sisterhood Tarots if I am not part of an association or organisation?

Absolutely Yes! There’s no black-and-white methodological approach when anyone wants consulting.The only requirement is having a connection with oneself during the reading process, understanding what emotions at play opening up to receive guidance.

4) Are the Sisterhood Tarots accurate?

Tarot readings are not like getting mundane advice about something logical. Reading accuracy thus depends on various factors such as Reader’s skill and experience coupled by one’s emotion strength in shaping their future path. So yes they’re spiritually powerful but consistency solely can’t be guaranteed bearing that everyone reacts differently towards distinct situations.

5) How often should I consult Sisterhood Tarots?
There isn’t an alternative method for seeking self development and gaining positive life perspective.Whenever required accessing tarot reader in times of confusion,Fear or Troubled will guide you via helpful strategies to move forward.

6) How long does it take for me get proficient at interpreting my cards?

As it’s dependent upon personal learning pace there aren’t fixed deadlines however conscious effort spent studying foundations Spreads and time devoted interpreting each card can prove rewarding when finally embraced capabilities with sufficient knowledge mastered.

Sisterhood Tarots offer unique feminist perspectives divining inspiration from auspicious female figures around making them especially an effective tool for women who want empower themselves . These cards go beyond mere declamatory statements replacing superficial approach commonly misunderstood aiming primarily toward assisting individuals understand deeper inner-self promoting honest analysis & awareness answering concern queries imparting clarity over decision-making which shall lead every woman down a life filled with positivity!

Top 5 Surprising Facts about Sisterhood Tarot Revealed

As a centuries-old tradition that spans across cultures and continents, the art of tarot reading has always been shrouded in mystery. But have you ever heard about Sisterhood Tarot? This particular deck, created by women for women, is becoming increasingly popular for its unique approach to divination.

But what sets it apart from other decks out there? In this blog post, we’ll reveal 5 surprising facts about Sisterhood Tarot that you might not know yet:

1) The creators are all sisters

Unlike most decks which are usually designed by a single person or company, Sisterhood Tarot was produced through collaboration among five real-life sisters – Briana Saussy, Caitlin Matthews, Cassandra Oswald, Becca Tarnas and MJ Ceres – who each brought their own expertise and vision into the mix. This sisterly bond translates into a powerful energy imbued within the cards themselves.

2) It’s based on medieval mysticism

Sisterhood Tarot draws inspiration from some of the earliest known European tarot traditions dating back to medieval times, such as the Visconti-Sforza deck which features elaborate Italian court scenes. With motifs like dragons and unicorns interspersed with Christian imagery borrowed from illuminated manuscripts , it pays tribute to an era of secrecy when mystical teachings were only available to select initiates.

3) There’s an emphasis on feminine archetypes

While many tarot decks may feature various masculine figures associated with strength or ambition (e.g., Knights), Sisterhood aptly focuses instead on nurturing maternal instincts embodied by female characters like The Empress (representing mother nature), High Priestess (symbolising intuition and hidden knowledge), or Justice (depicted as a wise judge). Woman seeking guidance will find comfort resonating with these meaningful representations.

4) They’re hand-painted

The detail work present within each card truly brings them alive! While most modern decks use digital colouration, Sisterhood Tarot takes the hand-painting route. Painstakingly created in commemoration of ancient craftsmanship, each card is generously filled with intricate artistry and gold adornments. This not only adds an element of uniqueness to this deck but also adds energy put into the creation as well.

5) It celebrates women‘s wisdom

Sisterhood represents a connection to your lineage and womanly roots like no other tarot deck has ever done! Whether you’re seeking guidance regarding one’s career, personal life, or anything else under the sun; its unique pool of elder female figures provides ample research points for contemplation. Amalgamating both patriarchal as well as matriarchal energies can provide insight that encourages growth from all aspects (both spiritual & practical).

In conclusion: Sisterhood Tarot reiterates that divination does not have to be male-centric and rather urges us to ask ourselves what feminine power we should embody during our day-to-day beliefs. By celebrating age-old traditions through goddesses/Venerated Female Figures, it symbolises how sisterly collaboration ultimately leads towards true progress while emphasising a need for transformative inner thought processes. So if you’re looking for an empowering new perspective on things today? Consider giving Sisterhood Tarot a chance!

Celebrating Feminine Energy with Sisterhood Tarot Cards and Meanings

The concept of “feminine energy” has been around for centuries, and it refers to the unique spiritual force that is inherent in women. This energy may take many different forms – intuition, empathy, creativity, nurturing – but one thing remains constant: when we tap into our feminine energy, we are able to access a deep wellspring of power and wisdom.

One powerful tool for accessing this feminine energy is the tarot deck. Tarot cards have been used for divination purposes since the 18th century; today they remain an incredibly popular way of gaining insight into the past, present and future.

The Sisterhood Tarot Deck takes things even further by exploring what happens when you combine tarot with a specifically feminist perspective. Created by artist/author Ellen Lorenzi-Prince in 1998, Sisterhood features beautiful illustrations of goddesses from cultures all over the world (including Persephone, Isis and Oya), each connected to a traditional tarot card archetype like The High Priestess or The Empress.

What sets Sisterhood apart from other decks isn’t just its focus on female-created art; rather it’s how thoroughly Eve integrates her knowledge and insights about women‘s history. These tales provide depth beyond personal experiences within readings while also offering guidance on societal issues such as sexism or exclusion often experienced through marginalization tendencies aimed towards something seen as outside normal oversight bound practices leaving emotional nuance unaddressed systemically.

For example, if someone draws The Star card from Sisterhood during their reading session–which stands for hope–they might feel new optimism underpinned by recirculated community care mechanisms providing fulfillment instead…overall creating an unforgettable experience altogether.

With relevant symbolism present throughout every card’s artwork expertly crafted wittily invoking cultural references not limited only to Western culture drawing inspiration globally reflecting authentic femininity empowering those who seek them out because these symbols cater so personally.To come across something deeply rooted in the history of femininity is extremely significant, as it presents a roadmap to understand and embrace our unique spiritual energy. By incorporating Sisterhood tarot cards into our lives, we are able to cultivate deep connections with ourselves and others while celebrating feminine creativity, intuition, nurturing tendencies— virtues that have always been undervalued but champions in female folklore.


The phenomenon of accessing one’s inner self may be new or uncharted territory for most folks; however Sisterhood Tarot Deck’s profound imagery gives you the exploration tool necessary moving towards understanding not just personal selves but pushing beyond individualistic growths. When next someone struggles with seeking solace in areas reaching outside their normal sphere—they should go out there intrepidly and purchase an engaging feminist-driven tool equipped to bring transformational support lifting up more than themselves resulting in amazing transformations benefiting society ultimately furthering uplifting women empowerment discourse through acknowledging deeply culturally relevant artwork simultaneously cultivating positive change without leaving anyone behind.

Empowering Relationships Through the Magic of Sisterhood Tarot

Tarot cards have been used for a variety of purposes since their origin in the 15th century, including divination and game playing. However, as time has gone on, tarot practitioners have discovered many additional uses for these interesting decks beyond simple fortune telling. One such use is empowering relationships through the magic of sisterhood tarot.

Sisterhood tarot is an approach to using tarot that focuses on building strong connections between women. This can include sisters, friends, mothers and daughters or any other combination of women who want to build stronger bonds with one another. The idea behind sisterhood tarot is that by exploring and understanding ourselves through the lens of the tarot deck we can better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses – thus relieving tension in our relationships while also cultivating deeper connections.

Through shared readings, workshops and discussions centered around card meanings (when looking specifically at queen-focused cards such as Temperance as well), you begin learning about your own intuition – this drives your life journey crossroads ahead clearer than ever before! Through check-ins with your fellow members during shared circ readings allow us all grow more emotionally intelligent; mastering skills necessary both inside & outside partnerships whether through conflict resolution or deepening personal empowerment flows out into our actions toward others too!

One common practice within sisterhood tarot is doing group readings, where everyone selects a card from the deck with a specific question in mind. After revealing their chosen card everyone takes turns discussing what they found significant about it; thereby sharing insights among themselves about its meaning.

But how does then Empowering Relationships happen? By putting aside judgment while pulling wisdom from ancient times contributing newfound strength no matter how varied or different opinion might be compared against people in general areas encouraging wise communication structures foundational pillars which leaderships stand upon worldwide when implementing them right after.

In addition to supporting healthier communication dynamics amongst females- fostering Inner growth includes trust-building exercises provides opportunities whereby those practicing deepen relationships – moving towards true bond, acceptance and meaningful friendships. After participating in sisterhood tarot circles long enough everyone is sure to note the sense of empowerment that takes hold promoting truth & harmony between members; thereby working collaboratively within a more harmonious space.

Sisterhood Tarot brings people together who may never have had the chance to connect otherwise and offers them an opportunity for growth both individually and collectively. From deepening one’s personal wisdom through group interactions fostering high sagacity developing integrity while cultivating bonds built on trust – this practice has proven effective creating stronger bonds enhancing group presences across diverse backgrounds enlightening pathways through times of transition offering insights even when life at its most challenging.

So what are you waiting for? Consider joining a sisterhood tarot circle near you or start your own! The magic of sisterhood tarot can help transform relationships into something even stronger than before – something truly magical.

Table with useful data:

Tarot Card
Emphasis on Sisterhood
The Empress
Feminine power, nurturing, creation
Encourages support and nurturing among sisters
The High Priestess
Intuition, secrets, mystery
The Three of Cups
Celebration, friendship, unity
Reinforces the idea of coming together and celebrating sisterhood
The Ten of Cups
Harmony, family, happiness
The Queen of Cups
Compassion, emotional balance, healing
Highlights the importance of empathy and support within a sisterhood

Information from an expert

As a tarot reader and practitioner, I can attest to the power of sisterhood Tarot readings. Whether with biological or chosen sisters, these readings can offer insight into familial relationships, communication patterns, and support systems. The cards reflect our current path and shed light on areas in need of growth or healing. Sisterhood Tarot allows us to connect with the feminine energy within ourselves and recognize the significance of female friendships. It’s important to seek guidance from trusted sources when exploring this practice, as honest interpretation is key for personal growth.

Historical fact:

Sisterhood Tarot, a feminist tarot deck featuring only women in its illustrations and created by artist Morgan Grey, was first published in 1994. The deck sought to challenge the patriarchal narratives and imagery found in traditional tarot decks, reflecting a growing interest at the time in feminist spirituality and alternative approaches to divination.


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