The Mystical World of the Lemurian Sisterhood: Exploring the Ancient Wisdom and Feminine Power

The Mystical World of the Lemurian Sisterhood: Exploring the Ancient Wisdom and Feminine Power info

Short answer: Lemurian Sisterhood is a spiritual community aimed at empowering women to embrace their divine feminine energy and connect with the ancient wisdom of the lost civilization of Lemuria. It was founded by author, healer and visionary teacher Dr. Amber Wolf in 2012 through her book “The Way of the Oracle” which revealed this sisterhood based on channeling information from an ‘essence’ she called The High Priestess (a female almost angelic being). This concept has gained popularity worldwide spreading its influence across many countries among different people who value spirituality outside religion or traditional dogmas.”

A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining the Lemurian Sisterhood Community

Becoming a part of the Lemurian Sisterhood Community is not about simply joining an organization or club. It’s about being inducted into a powerful network of women who are committed to supporting one another on their spiritual journeys.

Here is your step-by-step guide to becoming a member:


The first and most crucial step towards connecting with the Lemurian Sisterhood involves tuning inwards, recognizing that intuition manifests when you’re relaxed, free from distractions and focused solely on yourself at the moment – it won’t arise if you’re swamped by anxieties & consumed by stress factors!

Take some quiet time out every day- focusing solely for few minutes, allowing intuitive thought process access within through calm breathing exercise which can enhance clarity & conscious thoughts more vividly; enabling via chakra balancing / simple meditation techniques etc – allows views beyond what meets ordinary eyesight range
Believe! Trusting self-guidance (inner compass) power lets individuals accomplish things they never believed was feasible before.


You may have heard people talk passionately demonstrating them having deeply mystic links originating back during ancient times around Earth’s pre-historical era-the lost continent-leaving globes spanning dozens upon dozens kingdoms among many hidden underground realms.LeMurs were revered highly across cultures due to mastery over supernatural practices such as telepathy yielding knowledge surpassing restraint under normal circumstances.
If these legends resonate deep within causing goose bumps then accepting this divine calling becomes fundamental next move?

Then wait no longer get right into action-surrender willingly making firm intention confess so silently yet confidently willing opening doors welcoming guidance paved up ahead continually


Now onto our third Step..

It’s important after acknowledging links personally/ feeling connected includes signing up for ‘Lemueria Student Program.’-recognising it as the very gateway to finally unlocking a mystifying world full of opportunities for spiritual growth and unmatched ancestral guidance. The student program involves taking courses, being part of discussions with other students walking similar path always under mentorship quality professionals via established channels (online interaction).

During this time – great opportunity arise experiencing enchanting powerful meditative recordings; including visualisation excercises alongside teachings connecting clients alignment according highest self interest on earth present day.


Now the pupil is given an invitation join exclusive online society within Lemurian Sisterhood where diverse women from all around connect sharing their stories discover networks fellow sisters also beings having deep sacred love bound by higher connection/ unity vision together.
To become member visit community webpage make application after clearance received promptly upon acceptance welcome aboard one successful candidate towards stepping into more magic!


As can see above guide clear specific steps available paving way special mystical calling evolving beyond threshold our wise ancestors anticipated us in Le-Murs tribe To be able reach elevate will need trust inner instincts passions yearning through open gates

Frequently Asked Questions About The Powerful Practice of the Lemurian Sisterhood

If you are someone who loves to explore different spiritual practices, you may have come across the term “Lemurian Sisterhood.” This powerful practice is becoming increasingly popular among women all over the world. However, if it’s new to you, there might be a lot of questions that pop up in your mind.

In this blog post we will answer some frequently asked questions about Lemurian Sisterhood and help deepen your understanding of its significance:

What Is The Lemurian Sisterhood?

The Lemurians were an ancient civilization believed by many alternative historians and archaeologists alike; they existed approximately 12-34 thousand years ago on Earth before Atlantis or Egypt is known for their advancements in science as well as medicine.

However what still remains unclear today was how advanced spiritually these people truly were–some believe could even fly! And when speaking specifically about education back then just beautiful human beings has been said harnessing celestial energy with meditation-based teachings similar amounts benefits experienced Global Yoga community [source critical speculation]

This sisterhood takes inspiration from this lost culture – grounded within meditating (frequently ‘gazing’ into divine mandalas), spiraling around a central crystal grid-work system which students learn to build themselves.

Is There A Specific Way To Practice It?

There isn’t necessarily one “correct” way on How-to perform but typically lessons incorporate recitation mantras followed together practitioner opening affirmations spoken aloud positive self-talk session group participants) after sharing our emotional energies healing usually moves guided visualization exercises/meditations involving crystals/sheen symbols till concluding long distance intercessory prayer project work through assigned implementation phases found global network alumni sisters support each other accountability further workshops year-round retreats hosted Matagi Centre near Mount Shasta California offering locations various accredited teachers throughout US

How Does It Benefit Women Practicing In Today’s Society?

With moving towards more formal systems like corporations religion politics stripped away barriers access enlightenment high-level growth prosperity allow connection higher selves help realise we all interconnected spirit souls universe. This practice has been found beneficial for women navigating patriarchal systems supporting opening-path inside invite transformation becoming whole gifts sharing nourishing, and facilitate through community healing that extends beyond individual self

Who Can Practice The Lemurian Sisterhood?

The beauty of this ancient yet progressive practice is the inclusivity! Female bodies students from secularly educative spiritual background able to connect when open-hearted willing dive into unknown depths mystical experience existence. With highly trained facilitators guiding you every step way there fluff one-size-fits-all paradigm exclusion principle divisive dogma seen other non-inclusive faiths genders are welcome start journey join thousands who have so already.

How Often Must One Attend Practise?

Typically participants can be on their own schedule free time manage optimize success individuals work different paces times some prefer attending workshops/masterclasses standalone retreat programmes others actively engage Consistently cultivating loving affirming relationship inner-self key unlock deeper levels potential gender roles society transcended; reminders necessary daily employed mantras rituals ways reimag

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about Being a Part of the Ancient Wisdom Within The Lemurian Sisterhood

Are you curious about the ancient wisdom contained within The Lemurian Sisterhood? If so, there are five fascinating facts that you should be aware of before diving into this enchanting world.

1. What is The Lemurian Sisterhood?

The history of The Lemurians goes back to an ancient civilization known as “Lemuria,” which existed long before Atlantis and Egypt. It was a mystical place where magical beings thrived in harmony with nature and each other for thousands of years until ultimately succumbing to natural disasters 26,000 years ago.

Today, some people still believe in the mysteries surrounding these mysterious societies’ spiritual beliefs and their seemingly advanced technology rivaling our modern-day wonders such as GPS or wireless internet connections).

2. Why Join Now?

Perhaps one reason women have always been drawn towards historic goddesses such as Isis/Auset/Mary Magdelene (and more recently includes contemporary equivalents like Oprah Winfrey & Stacey Abrams) due partly because they embody qualities essential emotional intelligence: intuition nurturing,receptivity/empathy problem-solving/negotiation skills), compassion leadership/risk-taking confidence/grit). By being part of this sisterhood today-whether through workshops offered by Kryon team members (or Karen Judson’s custom-made ceremonies)-you can tap into many important aspects while also discovering your unique soul purpose/mission unencumbered from societal/cultural/familial expectations plus connecting/receiving support from enlightened souls worldwide balancing earth energies/giving profound activations helpfully channelled insights catalyzers life-altering change toward greater blissful perception.)

3.What Initiations Await You Within This Circle?
When referring specifically beyond guides angelic guardians share tools promoting inner transformation/mastery provide guidance manifest ideally-aligned future events every woman joining receives invites/initiations focusing self-discovery/self-expression/soul-powers awakening them activate DNA crystals carrying memories/timeless truths relating present puzzles humanity struggles solve! Spiritually inclined/seekers-wonderment rejoice, for joining this powerful group of women shall activate your inner gifts which have been dormant within the past!

4.What are The Benefits Of Being Part Of This Network?
Did you know that by being part Lemurian Sisterhood’s vibrant network consisting spiritually-minded individuals across different geographical locations can offer tremendous benefits? As most people seek connection in some form or through various means like volunteering/dating apps/meetups) yet always find themselves yearning to belong a supportive community without judgement but pure understanding..Such context aims itself at attracting those ready manifest abundance all aspects their life when surrounded non-resistant support guidance elevated frequencies holding space producing shift experiences easily/accessibly).

5. How Do I Join?

Are you curious as to how one becomes initiated into this enchanting codeless language society? Reaching out directly guides on Kryon team members website will answer any additional burning questions & provide access inviting workshops-also upon initiation special symbols revealed signifying soul current path leading toward true grace/har

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